Chapter 1241 – Subduing The Fish King, Capturing Precious Treasures

The battle instantly erupted.

Chen Xi soared into the sky while emanating boundless divine radiance, and he executed numerous supreme Sword Dao techniques that contained the terrifying might of the Five Element Divine Crest with Starclasp.

His Sword Dao was on the verge of attaining the realm of Sword God!

At this moment, he’d utilized his full strength, and it was the first time since advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm that he’d been forced to hold nothing back. When looked at from afar, his entire body emanated an oppressive, arrogant imposing aura that seemed like a powerful dragon leaving its lair.


Various immortal treasures collided in midair and emanated a myriad of divine glows that enveloped the entire Bridge to the Deep. If such a terrifying battle were to occur in the outside world, then it would be sufficient to incinerate oceans and cause rivers of blood to flow!

Needlessly to say, practically none of the students from the other academies that had entered Nightmare Battlefield this time were weak. Conversely, all of them were top figures in the younger generation that had experienced countless rounds of selections, they were geniuses that were pillars in their respective academies.

At this moment, when they attacked along with the three ancient immortal treasures, they truly caused Chen Xi to be unable to gain the slightest advantage.

But obviously, the stalemate before their eyes was something they were absolutely unwilling to see happen.

Or perhaps, they’d never imagined that they would actually be unable to suppress Chen Xi under the circumstances that there were so many of them. Besides causing them to be shocking, all of this caused the killing intent in their hearts to blaze.

This kid has just entered Dao Emperor Academy for two years, yet his cultivation has broken through to the Golden Immortal Realm while the combat strength he has revealed is so freakish and heaven defying. How formidable would he become if he’s given time to grow?

All those years ago, there was Yun Fusheng, and now, they were unwilling to see another Yun Fusheng appear!

So at this moment, all of them executed their entire abilities and didn’t hold back at all. They’d decided that they would kill Chen Xi no matter what!

This was the Immortal King’s tomb, so even if one crushed the message talisman, the Half-step Immortal King Realm experts that led their groups wouldn’t be able to arrive here at all. Thus, it was naturally impossible for them to assist Chen Xi.

As for the other students of Dao Emperor Academy, there was no need to mention them at all. Merely based on their attitudes of watching idly from the side, everyone knew that even if Chen Xi were to die, these students from Dao Emperor Academy would absolutely not become enraged and make a move against them.

It was precisely out of such considerations that these students from the three academies had made a move against Chen Xi, and it was also because of this that they acted fearless while filled with killing intent. They revealed ruthless appearances that seemed as if they wanted to annihilate Chen Xi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle was extremely intense, and they were all locked in battle. The heavens and the earth dimmed down while terrifying waves of aftershock from the battle shook the entire bridge to the point of trembling and droning.

Fortunately, the bridge was suffused with a shapeless force field that dissipated most of the aftershock from the battle, otherwise they would have probably fallen into the River of Fiery Refinement.

Under such circumstances, the strain and pressure Chen Xi felt was enormous. He was clearly aware that if it wasn’t for those three ancient immortal treasures, then his strength would be sufficient to crush all of them. Unfortunately, even though he was clearly aware of this, he was temporarily unable to change this situation.

Because he didn’t possess such an ancient immortal treasure to collide head-on with them, and he could only rely on the advantage he possessed in terms of combat strength to fight them.

This was also because the tiny cauldron was capturing the Yin Yang Fish King with all its might right now, otherwise if he possessed the assistance of the tiny cauldron, then everyone here could dream of escaping.


The Bloodmaster Sword that was mottled with rust tore through the sky and assaulted Chen Xi from behind. The shadow of the sword was red like blood, and it seemed as if it intended to swallow its enemy. Moreover, it was suffused with a terrifying aura that belonged to immortal treasures from the primeval times.

Chen Xi executed a backhanded strike and blasted the Bloodmaster Sword back. However, his entire body shook slightly as well, allowing the Greensilk Palace Lantern to emit a strand of crimson flames that scraped past his neck and left behind a terrifying scorched scar.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, he would have almost had his throat incinerated!

These bastards really intend to kill me! Chen Xi gritted his teeth while killing intent surged within his eyes. He still had a trace of reservation earlier because he was worried that killing them would bring some unnecessary trouble to Dao Emperor Academy, yet now, he’d tossed all these reservations to the back of his mind.


He stopped hesitating and suddenly executed the Sword of Space. In the next moment, a young man in the crowd was slashed into two from behind, causing blood to spray as he perished on the spot.

“Junior Brother Zhu!” Someone roared with shock and sorrow.

The others were horrified as well. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to kill a companion of theirs under such circumstances. Moreover, that sort of attack… they actually didn’t notice when he’d executed it!

“Watch out! This kid seems to have grasped the insight of space. Quickly execute your secret techniques to solidify the space around you. Don’t give him an opportunity to take advantage of!” Someone warned in a grim voice, and his expression was extremely solemn.

The insight of space?

The hearts of everyone jerked as they came to complete understanding, and then their expressions changed indeterminately. The Spatial Laws! One of the three supreme Laws in the three dimensions that only existences at the Immortal King Realm are capable of grasping.

This caused all of them to be unable to help but recall Yun Fusheng once more. All those years ago, the reason Yun Fusheng was able to sweep through all the experts of the same generation within the three academies was because he relied on a branch of the Temporal Grand Dao, the Shadow of Time!

Yet now, even though Chen Xi hasn’t grasped the Shadow of Time, he’d grasped the profundities of space that could compare with the Shadow of Time. So how could they not be shocked by this discovery?


We must kill this kid! The enmity between us has already been sowed. If we’re unable to eliminate him, then we’ll absolutely be unable to sleep in peace from now on!

The battle grew in intensity, and it could even be considered as horrifying.

The students of the other academies didn’t just give it their all, they even put their lives on the time!

However, they’d underestimated the might of the Spatial Divine Crest that Chen Xi possessed. Since he’d exposed this trump card, Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Every single sword strike he executed was imperceptible and impossible to detect. He struck left yet hit right, struck up yet hit down. Every single strand of Spatial Sword Qi appeared out of thin air from all around them as he attacked, and it seemed like a peerless assassin executing a lethal strike. It was unfathomable, untraceable, and impossible to guard against.


It wasn’t long before the head of another young man was penetrated, causing his skull, brain, and blood to spray into the sky while he left out a shrill cry before falling to the ground.

The situation was faintly moving towards Chen Xi.

“Thousand Decimation — Soul Seal!” Suddenly, Xue Lianqiong spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto the Heaven Hatred Seal, and then his countenance swiftly turned ghastly pale while his aura dropped disastrously. Moreover, he seemed as if he’d aged greatly in an instant.

Obviously, this attack was too terrifying, and it caused him to have no choice but to damage his own quintessence in order to execute it.


The Heaven Hatred Seal erupted with a jet black and dark red murderous glow before it smashed towards Chen Xi with a bang, and it caused Chen Xi to be blasted back by an entire thirty plus meters.


Chen Xi’s figure shook while he repeatedly coughed out blood. He’d suffered a great injury. How formidable! There really are no ordinary people amongst those that entered the tomb this time.

Fortunately, even though this strike was terrifying, it didn’t inflict a lethal injury upon him.

So all of you intend to put your lives on the line? Since it’s like this, then we’ll see who dies first today! Chen Xi’s eyes surged with a frenzied glow, and he was like a trapped and injured beast that had been enraged and intended to fight to the death.

He did indeed hate them to the bone because not only had they tried to rob him, they even intended to kill him. No matter who it was, that person would probably go berserk.

“He actually survived…” Xue Lianqiong was stunned. This was the strongest attack he was capable of executing, and it was his greatest trump card. He originally thought that even if it was unable to kill Chen Xi, it would at least heavily injure Chen Xi. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi would only be injured and cough up blood.

“Seize this opportunity to kill him quickly! Quickly!” At practically the exact same time that Chen Xi was injured, the others shouted explosively and seized this opportunity to swarm towards him.


But right at this moment, a matchlessly terrifying fluctuation suddenly arose from the sky above the River of Fiery Refinement, and then the shocked and furious roars of Ao Zhanbei and the others resounded.

“Dammit! Return it to me!”

“How could this be possible! How could this be possible? What exactly is this jade cauldron? How could it be so formidable?”

It turned out that the tiny cauldron had completely captured the Yin Yang Fish King at this moment, and it had actually seized the opportunity to take the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram away as well!

This unexpected even drew the attention of everyone, and the battle paused for a moment.


It was at this moment that Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he was carried by a shapeless force and was uncontrollably pulled towards the other side of the Bridge to the Deep.

At the same time, the tiny cauldron’s anxious voice resounded by his ears. “It isn’t the time to fight desperately yet. I’m suppressing the Yin Yang Fish King with all my strength right now. It won’t be too late to seek revenge from them after I absorb this beast!”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he awakened from his berserk battle intent. When he raised his eyes to look over once more, he noticed the tiny cauldron had already brought him out of the battlefield and was whistling towards the distance.

“He actually…fled?” The students of the other academies were stunned. Never had they imagined that in a moment of carelessness, Chen Xi’s figure had flashed towards the distance, and he was moving even faster than teleportation!

“Pursue him! We must pursue him and reclaim the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram!” Ao Zhanbei was in a frenzy of rage, and he was on the verge of going berserk. The Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram was extremely important later on, and if he were to lose it, then even if they were able to arrive at the core of the tomb, they would be unable to obtain the fortune within it!

“That damnable bastard seized the Yin Yang Fish King away and even took the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram. I’ll kill him! I’ll fucking kill him!” Zuoqiu Jun was angered to the point his eyes almost split apart. They’d been watching idly from the sidelines since the beginning, and they originally thought that it was a superb opportunity to capture the Yin Yang Fish King, yet never had they imagined that they would go for wool yet come home shorn!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Without practically any hesitation, all the senior students of Dao Emperor Academy set out with a murderous aura, and they pursued Chen Xi with all their might.

Needless to say, this was an extreme shame.

They’d watched idly from the sidelines and didn’t assist their companion earlier, and now that they’d lost their treasure, they blamed and pursued their own companion instead. If Zhou Zhili and the other Half-step Immortal King Realm seniors were to find out about this, the outcome was truly thought provoking.

The students of the other academies didn’t have the time to laugh at these students from Dao Emperor Academy, and their expressions had become extremely gloomy when they saw Chen Xi had fled.

At practically the exact same instant that the students from Dao Emperor Academy set out in pursuit, all of them set out successively as well. It was still for the same reason, if they were unable to kill Chen Xi within the tomb today, then they would absolutely be unable to sleep in peace from now on.

After all, the combat strength and natural talent Chen Xi revealed earlier was too heaven defying, and it was even on par with Yun Fusheng from all those years ago. Once such a young man matured, then there would be absolutely no end to their future troubles!

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