Chapter 1240 – Fighting All By Himself

This shout hadn’t finished resounding through the air when numerous figures charged towards Chen Xi.

It was the students of Bitter Silence Academy. Besides the student in the lead who was controlling the ancient immortal treasure to deal with the Yin Yang Fish King, the rest of the students had charged out in unison.

Instantly, numerous figures tore through the sky and approached Chen Xi from all directions in an extremely domineering manner.

Just like Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence academy had been challenged by Yun Fusheng all those years ago, and the outcome was the same. Yun Fusheng made a clean sweep of all the experts of the same generation, causing their reputation to sweep the floor.

This caused them to innately feel hatred towards students of Dao Emperor Academy, whereas Chen Xi’s actions of blasting back a companion of theirs was like a fuse that completely lit their rage ablaze!


Numerous terrifying techniques tore through the sky and converged into a torrent that sprayed down towards Chen Xi from afar while carrying an extremely oppressive impetus.

“Don’t do anything. Chen Xi brought this onto himself. Didn’t all of you hear that he asked us to fuck off as well?” Many senior students from Dao Emperor Academy frowned when they saw this scene, and they intended to make a move and stop this, yet they were stopped by Zuoqiu Jun. “It won’t...

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