Chapter 1240 – Fighting All By Himself

This shout hadn’t finished resounding through the air when numerous figures charged towards Chen Xi.

It was the students of Bitter Silence Academy. Besides the student in the lead who was controlling the ancient immortal treasure to deal with the Yin Yang Fish King, the rest of the students had charged out in unison.

Instantly, numerous figures tore through the sky and approached Chen Xi from all directions in an extremely domineering manner.

Just like Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence academy had been challenged by Yun Fusheng all those years ago, and the outcome was the same. Yun Fusheng made a clean sweep of all the experts of the same generation, causing their reputation to sweep the floor.

This caused them to innately feel hatred towards students of Dao Emperor Academy, whereas Chen Xi’s actions of blasting back a companion of theirs was like a fuse that completely lit their rage ablaze!


Numerous terrifying techniques tore through the sky and converged into a torrent that sprayed down towards Chen Xi from afar while carrying an extremely oppressive impetus.

“Don’t do anything. Chen Xi brought this onto himself. Didn’t all of you hear that he asked us to fuck off as well?” Many senior students from Dao Emperor Academy frowned when they saw this scene, and they intended to make a move and stop this, yet they were stopped by Zuoqiu Jun. “It won’t be too late to make a move after he suffers and has no choice but to seek help from us. This is also a painful lesson for him so that he won’t be so arrogant in the future.”

The others instantly went silent when they heard this, and they tacitly approved of Zuoqiu Jun’s actions because Chen Xi’s reproach from before caused them to feel embarrassed as well. Since Zuoqiu Jun had said this, they were naturally happy to make use of this opportunity.

On the other hand, the students of the other academies who were on guard heaved sighs of relief when they saw this, and then a wisp of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune arose in their hearts. Chen Xi’s relations with others are really terrifying. Even the students from his own academy aren’t willing to help him.

Perhaps it’s because he’s too arrogant!

However, to the surprise of everyone present here, right at the moment those students from Bitter Silence Academy made a move, Chen Xi actually made a move before them, and he was even more domineering than they’d expected.

Chen Xi had really erupted. He’d had enough of these people long ago. Not only had they disturbed the tiny cauldron from capturing the Yin Yang Fish King, they even desired to take advantage of the situation. They were simply going too far.

Most importantly, he wanted to help the tiny cauldron!

Those ancient immortal treasures were controlled by those students before him, and so long as he forced them to have no choice but to fight him, then the pressure those four ancient immortal treasures gave the tiny cauldron would be resolved.


The techniques of those students from Bitter Silence Academy soared through the sky and converged together like a fiery red mountain before crushing down at Chen Xi. Numerous strands of crimson flames with terrifying auras shot out from the mountain, and they perfectly fused with the Laws of Fire in the surroundings.

This showed that these students from Bitter Silence Academy weren’t ordinary people, and they were still able to fully utilize the surrounding environment in such a sudden battle.

Unfortunately, even though they hadn’t overestimated themselves, they’d underestimated their opponent this time.

Chen Xi’s expression was cold and indifferent while his entire body was suffused with the brilliant gold radiance of a Golden Immortal. His slender and fair palm held Starclasp, and then it flashed casually before causing a myriad of sword waves to whistle over!

This was the Sword of Water — Boundless Ocean!

The only difference was that this strike contained the might of the Five Element Divine Crest!


The fiery red mountain was crushed into pieces by this strike, and it transformed into sparks that covered the sky as they poured down. It caused everyone to wonder if that fiery red mountain was made of paper because it couldn’t even withstand a single strike.


Everyone was shocked.

Subsequently, sword qi shot out horizontally and vertically from Chen Xi while the five elements circulated, and then Immortal Force that was an entire hundred times plus greater than his peers erupted. Instantly, it enveloped every single person before him.

“No!” Those students from Bitter Silence Academy were astounded and resisted with everything they had. They circulated their Immortal Force with all their might and executed various formidable techniques, yet it was utterly useless before Chen Xi’s sword qi that contained the might of the Five Element Divine Crest.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In practically an instant, numerous figures let out shrill cries while being blasted flying. They were scattered all over the ground and were either spitting out blood, had broken bones, or suffered a heavy injury to the soul. Not a single one of them was unharmed.

This scene just happened to seem like autumn wind sweeping away dry leaves. It was completed in one go and made an overbearing clean sweep of them. No one could bear the brunt of his might!

This scene astounded the students from the other academies to the point of feeling extremely horrified. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually reveal such abnormal combat strength while all alone, and as he stood on the Bridge to the Deep, he seemed to reveal the arrogant aura of one who could hold back all of them.

It was even to the extent that a thought couldn’t help but float up into their minds. When Yun Fusheng challenged the three academies by himself while at the Golden Immortal Realm, was his combat strength so heaven defying as well?

How did this damnable bastard’s combat strength become so formidable!? Zuoqiu Jun’s heart jerked while his expression was extremely gloomy.

Ao Zhanbei and the others were surprised and bewildered as well. The combat strength Chen Xi revealed was so formidable that it exceeded their expectations as well.

“Junior Brothers!!!” When he saw the defeat of all the students from his academy, the expression of the young man who was controlling the ancient immortal treasure to seize the Yin Yang Fish King turned grim, and his eyes almost split apart as he shouted explosively.

In the next moment, he suddenly withdrew the ancient immortal treasure, and it rumbled as it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

The ancient immortal treasure was an ancient perfectly square shaped seal. It was completely suffused with dark green radiance, and its surface was inscribed with a layer of obscure and profound striations. The aura it emanated was extremely violent and seemed capable of splitting apart the heavens and the earth, and even smash a hole in the Grand Dao!

This was the Heaven Hatred Seal!

A precious treasure passed down in Bitter Silence Academy that was on par with the Skyearth Gourd. According to legend, there were altogether four immortal seals called Heaven Hatred, Heaven Overturn, Heaven Incineration, and Heaven Destruction. All of them were formidable immortal treasures that shook the three dimensions.

However, along with the passage of time, only the Heaven Hatred Seal still remained in Bitter Silence Academy, whereas the other three ancient immortal seals had vanished in the Immortal Dimension and had never made an appearance.

At this moment, as soon as the Heaven Hatred Seal was utilized, a violent force tore through the sky while emanating rumbling that sounded like thunderclaps, and its dark green glow illuminated the heavens and the earth while the impetus it revealed was terrifying to the extreme.

“Heaven Hatred Seal. Boundless hatred that even the heavens are unable to resist, and the earth is unable to block. It’s peerlessly violent. This might really is shocking!” The others in the surroundings exclaimed with shock.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his expression was composed as before. Only Starclasp that lay in his hand erupted with a myriad of rays of starlight, and when he swung it, it seemed to carry countless stars as it moved.


Heaven Hatred Seal collided with Starclasp, and the sound of the collision was like thunder that descended from the nine heavens. It was a deafening sound that caused the auras of many students present here to roil without end.

On the other hand, the aftershock caused by the collision was even more terrifying. It swept towards the surroundings and enveloped the entire bridge. If it wasn’t for this bridge possessing a shapeless force field of its own that protected it, merely this strike would have probably been sufficient to transform it into powder.

However, this wasn’t what made everyone astounded, and it was instead because the Heaven Hatred Seal was actually struck back a few meters from the collision with Chen Xi’s sword. Moreover, it trembled violently and almost escaped the control of that young man!

On the other hand, Chen Xi had merely taken three steps back, and besides this, he was actually completely unharmed to the point even his aura remained the same.

“Isn’t this fellow a bit too strong!”

“Even an ancient immortal treasure is unable to suppress him. Obviously, it’s because his strength is too formidable.”

“Unfortunately, Xue Lianqiong is unable to bring forth the entire might of the Heaven Hatred Seal, otherwise merely this strike would be able to smash that kid into a biscuit.”

Everyone present here frowned, and they felt that Chen Xi’s combat strength was too formidable.

On the other hand, the expression of the young man from Bitter Silence Academy called Xue Lianqiong was surprised and bewildered while he calmed down greatly from his explosive rage. He was clearly aware of how formidable his attack was because even a top figure amongst his peers would find it extremely difficult to resist, yet now, Chen Xi hadn’t just resisted this strike, Chen Xi had even blasted the Heaven Hatred Seal back!

What did this prove?

This proved that if he didn’t rely on the might of the Heaven Hatred Seal, merely this attack would cause him to directly lose to Chen Xi!


Chen Xi remained utterly indifferent towards all of this. After he blasted the Heaven Hatred Seal back, he practically didn’t delay at all before charging once more.

“This kid’s combat strength is too terrifying. Let’s join forces against him, otherwise if he’s allowed to grow, then he’s bound to become the second Yun Fusheng!” When they saw Chen Xi charge over towards them in such a domineering manner, it wasn’t just Xue Lianqiong’s face that turned gloomy, the expressions of the students from the other academies turned gloomy as well while one of them suggested that they joined forces.

After practically zero contemplation, the students of the other academies agreed to this.

The reason was very simple. Based on the domineering and oppressive manner Chen Xi acted, it was obviously impossible for him to stop just like this. In other words, if they continued watching from the sidelines, then Chen Xi would come looking for trouble for them in the end.


A shimmering glass palace lantern flew up.


A bronze sword that was mottled with rust rose into the sky. The body of the sword emanated a murderous aura that minced space apart.

These were two ancient immortal treasures called Greensilk Palace Lantern and Bloodmaster Sword, they were respectively from Great Desolation Academy and Dao Secret Academy. They were ancient immortal treasures on par with the Skyearth Gourd and Heaven Hatred Seal, and they each had profundities and abilities of their own.

In other words, at this instant, the students of Great Desolation Academy and Dao Secret Academy had withdrawn their ancient immortal treasures and stopped fighting for the Yin Yang Fish King, and they’d locked onto Chen Xi instead!

This obviously showed how great the pressure they felt from witnessing Chen Xi’s terrifying combat strength was.

“Heh, that kid is dead for sure now.” Zuoqiu Jun laughed coldly and still watched idly from the side, and he instructed the other senior students from Dao Emperor Academy. “Everyone, please don’t stop them. Junior Brother Chen Xi is creating an enormous opportunity for all of us. We must seize this opportunity to cooperate with Senior Brother Ao Zhanbei and capture the Yin Yang Fish King with all our might. Otherwise, we’ll let Junior Brother Chen Xi down, HAHAHA!!!”

As he finished speaking, he couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter because he’d never expected that Chen Xi would indirectly help them so greatly.

Even though the others felt sorry in their hearts, when they thought about how there was no one fighting for the Yin Yang Fish King besides the mysterious jade cauldron at this moment, they accepted Zuoqiu Jun’s suggestion.

Actually, no matter who it was that saw the scene at this moment, they would definitely think Chen Xi was in a situation where danger was imminent.

But Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart instead because in this way, the pressure he faced would increase greatly, yet it would also relieve the pressure the tiny cauldron as facing. In his opinion, this was more than enough.

Hmph! It’s fine if all of you look on indifferently from the side. I never hoped that all of you would help me sincerely! Chen Xi glanced out of the corner of his eyes and instantly saw the expressions of Zuoqiu Jun and the others clearly. Besides laughing coldly in his heart, his movements weren’t slow at all as his figure tore through the sky and charged forward with sword in hand.

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