Chapter 124 – Ascending The Mountain

Chapter 124 – Ascending The Mountain

Yan Qingni was an extremely beautiful young woman, without a doubt. She had long hair that was jet-black like ink, arched brows and cherry lips, and white and tender skin, causing her to be a feast for the eyes.

But Chen Xi’s perception of her wasn’t good. When Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei were pressured step by step by Xie Zhan, this woman’s attitude of avoidance was fully noticed by him. He understood in his heart that this woman was extremely calculative and adept in weighing the advantages and disadvantages, and she wasn’t as simple as she seemed on the surface.

“Big Sister Qingni.” Mu Yao called out from  the side while her little brother Mu Wenfei pursed his lips instead. Obviously, the little fellow had sensed the change in Yan Qingni’s attitude earlier.

“Come with me, doesn’t Wenfei want to join the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect?” Yan Qingni wouldn’t fuss about it with a little kid, she lightly smiled and gave out her invitation.

With regards to Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei, Chen Xi did indeed not know how he should arrange a place for them. Presently, he was all alone as well, and he’d completely offended the Su Clan as well. Bringing the pair of brother and sister along would obviously involve them in his troubles.

“No, I want to take Big Brother Chen Xi as my Master.” Mu Wenfei raised his little face as he spoke with a loud voice.

Take me as Master?

Chen Xi was exceedingly astounded, and at the same time that he felt it to be amusing, he felt a trace of being moved from being trusted by someone. But he was absolutely unable to agree to it. He knew extremely clearly in his heart of how much ability he had, and taking Mu Wenfei as his disciple was leading a young man astray.

However, when he looked at the firmness and hope in the little fellow’s eyes, Chen Xi didn’t know what excuse he should use in reply. Especially when the little fellow had a big sister beside him that possessed eyes that were like the stars in the night sky and caused others to be enchanted by them, was also staring at him with a hopeful expression, It caused Chen Xi to feel the pressure on him increase greatly.

“Since you’re unwilling to go to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, then come to my clan.” Du Qingxi glanced at Mu Yao, then pretended to unintentionally glance at Chen Xi, before giving out her invitation, and she said complacently in her heart. This little girl has obviously fallen for Chen Xi as well. Dragging the two of them into my clan will allow me to prevent her from getting a step closer to Chen Xi…

Du Qingxi’s heart jerked when she thought up to here, and her beautiful face blushed. What’s wrong with me? Why am I always thinking of being on guard against all women that come close to Chen Xi?

Chen Xi didn’t know that countless amounts of tiny thoughts had spun within Du Qingxi’s heart, and he smiled as he nodded to Mu Wenfei and said, “That suggestion isn’t bad. The Du Clan is one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City, and so long as you cultivate bitterly and diligently, you’ll surely be able to become formidable.”

“But…” Mu Wenfei was still not resigned, but he was slapped on the head by Mu Yao, and she said, “Listen to Big Brother Chen, it surely won’t be wrong.”

“Alas, alright.” Mu Wenfei was depressed.

Chen Xi smiled then casually withdrew an armor type Magic Treasure that flowed with bright lights and was only the size of a palm. Runes appear indistinctly on its surface as the aura of a treasure suffused it, and even when looked at from afar, one would know that it was of extraordinary quality. Chen Xi passed it over to Mu Wenfei and said, “This Darkcloud Armor is for you to protect yourself.”

Intermediate-grade yellow-rank defensive Magic Treasure?

When she was refused by Mu Wenfei, Yan Qingni felt slightly depressed, but when she saw Chen Xi taking out a defensive Magic Treasure and gifting it away, the depression in her heart vanished completely.

Although she was able to produce yellow-rank Magic Treasures, she wasn’t willing to give it away so easily. Not to mention she’d already discerned that after this pair of brother and sister went to the Du Clan, they would obtain extremely great care, and it would be much better than being introduced into the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect by her and becoming an Outer Court disciple.

At this moment, even she was slightly envious of the luck of this pair of brother and sister.

“Hmm? Right, this storage belt’s style is exquisite, its form is elegant and simple, and it’s extremely suitable for Mu Yao. It’s for you.” Chen Xi withdrew a storage belt and passed it over to Mu Yao.

Amongst the storage type Magic Treasures, storage pouches were the most inferior. Whereas storage Magic Treasures that were able to be refined into rings, jade bracelets, belts, or arm guards possess a value that wasn’t inferior to a low-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure.

When she saw Chen Xi casually giving away a storage belt next, Yan Qingni recalled the first time when she met Chen Xi, and she’d thrown over a bottle of 50 kgs of spirit liquid as if giving alms to a beggar. In her heart, she felt both ashamed and regretful, and she had a feeling of being conceited.

Immediately, Yan Qingni bid her farewells and left. She didn’t dare stay here any longer as she was afraid of becoming upset from something else.

Mu Yao was fearful and uneasy as she held the storage belt. When she saw Yan Qingni turn around and leave, she was slightly troubled and uneasy for a time, then her pretty little face looked at Chen Xi, and she seemed to want to acquire some consolation from Chen Xi. “Big Brother Chen, are my little brother and I slightly snobbish?”

Chen Xi smiled as she said. “This is your responsibility towards yourself and your little brother. I believe that so long as both of you live well and become strong, your Big Sister Qingni will surely look at the both of you in a new light, and she won’t fuss about these trivial things.”

If Yan Qingni heard Chen Xi’s assessment of her, she would probably have the feeling of having her heart being see through before covering her face and leaving. Because she was indeed a person that was extremely adept in differentiating between advantage and disadvantage.

“Oh, I’ll listen to Big Brother Chen.” Mu Yao fiercely clenched her small fists as she laughed happily, and her pair of eyes that were bright like the stars became two crescents from laughing, and she seemed especially pure and innocent.

The resolution in Du Qingxi’s heart to drag this pair of brother and sister into her clan became even firmer when she saw this scene. This little girl is virtually a dangerous beauty as she knows how to enchant men at such a young age. How much better would she be once another few years passed?

“Let’s go to my clan.” Duanmu Ze sat in the Six Unicorn Treasured Carriage and shouted out.

“No! Chen Xi must go to my clan!” Du Qingxi refuted right away. She noticed it was inappropriate as soon as she finished speaking, and a wisp of a blush abruptly tainted her beautiful face that was usually chilly like snow, causing her to look indescribably delicate and charming. At that instant, the heaven and earth seemed to be overshadowed by her drop dead gorgeous appearance.

Chen Xi was stunned.

Song Lin was stunned.

Duanmu Ze instead had an overcast expression, and he wanted to drink even more.

“I didn’t mean it that way, I…” The more Du Qingxi wanted to explain, the flurried she was in her heart, and she directly shut her mouth. But her eyes didn’t dare glance at Chen Xi again as she was extremely afraid that this fellow would laugh at her.

Chen Xi said with a smile, “I’m not going to any of your clans. Find a free vacant place and we’ll have some food and wine.”

He’d thought it over before saying this. After all, there was an enormous clan behind each of the three of them, and right now he’d already completely become enemies with the Su Clan. Although the three of them wouldn’t feel anything wrong with it, going to any one of their clans would draw the discrimination of their other clansmen, and it would successively affect the impression their clansmen had of each of them. Moreover, if he did this, it would seem that he, Chen Xi, was afraid of the Su Clan and had sought protection.

So, it was most appropriate to not go to their clans. If he wanted to go, then he would go after he dealt with the calamity that was the Su Clan.

As disciples of great powers, Du Qingxi’s group of three were influenced by tactics and politics since they were young, and their thoughts were extremely quick in picking things up. They instantly guessed Chen Xi’s scruples and it wasn’t good for them to say anything further.

Because if they said anything further, it would seem too fake, and too aloof.


Dragon Lake City’s western suburbs.

This place was densely covered with almost 50km of various types of courtyards that were far away from the busy area of the city, and the environment was quiet and elegant. Many rich merchants and disciples of clans in Dragon Lake City would buy a mansion and courtyard here as their own place of leisure and recreation.

At this moment, within a hidden courtyard that was concealed by trees.

After drinking wine and chatting for a long time, Du Qingxi and the others had already left, and only Chen Xi, Ling Bai, and Bai Kui remained within the extremely big courtyard.

When he rescued Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei, Chen Xi had thrown the two little fellows into his storage ring. Although the space within it wasn’t large, there were numerous Magic Treasures and spirit materials within, and it was sufficient for the two little gluttons to happily eat them for some time.

But it was too depressing in there after all. So after Chen Xi let the two little fellows out, they were extremely lively, and they bounced up and down within the courtyard. Plucking the fruits on the tree, digging out the worms in the ground, taking out the bird eggs in the bird nests below the eaves… In any case, he couldn’t be at peace for even a moment.

When Chen Xi saw this, he didn’t interfere with them, and he only instructed little Ling Bai to watch his room door properly before walking into the room.

“Hu~” Chen Xi didn’t delay the slightest bit of time, and he sat cross-legged on the bed before starting to circulate his cultivation technique and cultivate.

The words Xie Meng said before he left the Immortal Assembling Pavilion today caused him to start worrying about his younger brother’s safety. Since a young age, Chen Hao had a firm and stubborn disposition and was only focused on his own path of the sword, causing him to be utterly ignorant of the ways of the world, and such a disposition probably wouldn’t be well received within the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

This was still nothing, what Chen Xi was worried about the most was still the revenge of the Su Clan.

Presently, Su Jiao’s elder brother, Su Chan, was the closed door disciple of a great Rebirth Realm cultivator in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and his status in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect would surely be extremely lofty. A figure like this didn’t have to make a move himself at all. Su Chan only had to slightly reveal a trace of dissatisfaction towards Chen Hao and there would be countless people that were adept at observing the expression of others and wanted to curry favor with him that would look for trouble with Chen Hao.

If this type of troubles were to occur one after the other, it was extremely difficult to guarantee that Chen Hao’s safety wouldn’t be harmed.

This was something that Chen Xi was absolutely unwilling to see.

Because his only remaining relative in this world was Chen Hao, and Chen Hao had already lost an arm previously because of the Li Clan’s ambush. If any mishap were to happen to him once again, Chen Xi would absolutely not forgive himself for his entire lifetime.

So, Chen Xi intended to go see Chen Hao tonight.

It was advisable to be early and inadvisable to be late on many things. Instead of believing that everything wouldn’t occur, wasn’t it better to make a move in advanced himself and kill all sources of disaster in their cradle?


Deep in the night in the few hours before dawn, a figure used the cover of the night sky to vanish into the boundless night sky like a strand of drifting and light wind.

The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect at the southeast of Dragon Lake City was atop Wanderingcloud Mountain. Wanderingcloud Mountain occupied an extremely large area, and a group of mountains stood within it. There were 100,000 disciples in the sect, and if there wasn’t someone familiar with it leading the way, it was utterly impossible to find someone.

Moreover, there were numerous Sect Guarding Grand Formations covering all around the entrance to the mountain. Once an outsider sneaking in was noticed, then not to mention a cultivator at the Violet Palace Realm, even if it was a Golden Core Realm cultivator, the person would still die a graveless death.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi stood before a towering and majestic mountain range, and in his brain, Duanmu Ze’s introduction to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect when they were drinking wine sounded out once again.

“The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect is formidable indeed, as they were actually able to set up a few thousand sword formations. The might of every sword formation is sufficient to annihilate a Golden Core Realm cultivator, and when activated at full force, even a Rebirth Realm cultivator didn’t dare trespass a single step.” Little Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder, and his eyes looked around the towering and majestic mountain range as he praised repeatedly.

“Do you have a way to unlock it? Chen Xi suddenly recalled that this little fellow was a sword soul that had lived for over 10,000 years, and the Master he followed was a formidable figure that had comprehended the supreme Nirvana Sword Dao. Since he was able to recognize the sword formations of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he naturally might possess the way to unlock it.

“I’m unable to unlock it with my current strength. But it’s extremely easy for me if I want to avoid these grand formations.” Little Ling Bai crossed his arms before his chest as he looked down at the formations and spoke proudly, and his white clothed fluttered, causing him to have an appearance like a sovereign looking down at the world.

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