Chapter 1239 – Vying Domineeringly

The waves of fire were split apart and surged to the side, and they revealed the backbone of a large bright red fish. Even though its true appearance hadn’t been revealed, yet an extremely terrifying aura swept out from it.

Its aura was vast and perfect, it seemed like Yin and Yang had been fused and could crush the world!

It was definitely the Yin Yang Fish King because only it was capable of possessing such a monstrous aura. It was utterly not something an existence at the Golden Immortal Realm could compare to.


A strange whistling sound erupted and caused layer upon layer of fiery waves of lava to arise. It seemed as if a rain of fire was about to shoot into the sky. However, a large fish that was 6m long, completely covered in dense bright red scales, had a golden and brilliant head, and had a tail that was covered in dazzling scales suddenly charged out from the surface of the river and instantly arrived beneath the bridge!

At that instant, Chen Xi’s heart twitched fiercely while he was shocked to the point of flashing backwards. Its imposing aura was too terrifying, and it was like an immovable divine mountain crushing down towards him, causing Chen Xi to feel suffocated.

“Let’s begin!” Right at this moment, the tiny cauldron whistled up while dragging along a myriad of strands of divine radiance behind it, and it swiftly appeared above the river of lava and smashed down.


The Yin Yan Fish King was alarmed and let out a furious roar that shook the heavens. Its tail tore through the sky and caused a myriad of enormous waves of lava to arise as it resisted the tiny cauldron.


It was like two volcanoes colliding. A thousand layers of waves splashed out from the River of Fiery Refinement, and the tarrying fluctuation raged through the surroundings and enveloped the heavens and the earth.

Such an attack had exceeded the scope of Chen Xi’s understanding because with a single move, the heavens and the earth were overturned, and the sky had gone dim! It caused others to suspect that even the combat strength of Saint Immortal Realm experts was probably unable to possess such might.


Chen Xi didn’t dare think any further and practically at the same instant that the tiny cauldron made a move, he raised his hand and formed a seal before scooping up the Yin Yang Fish within the river below.

This seal covered an area of 3km and was suffused with the energy of the Five Element Divine Crest. It seemed to be a casual scooping action, yet Chen Xi’s entire strength was circulating within it, causing even space to shatter like paper before it.


Unlike the Yin Yang Fish King that the tiny cauldron was fighting, it could be said to have gone extremely smoothly for Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that it slightly seemed as if he’d exerted too much strength for a simple task. Without practically any obstruction, he scooped up the entire group of Yin Yang Fish that he’d locked onto since the beginning and caught them at once.

This was very understandable because the Yin Yang Fish had been assaulted by the aura of the Heaven Dance flowers, causing their minds to be dazed. They were like numerous frozen puppets, so they naturally couldn’t bring forth much resistance.

Nineteen of them! Chen Xi was delighted in his heart and hurriedly confined these Yin Yang Fish with the Grand Confinement Dao Arts. After that, he casually wiped out their mental ability before placing them in the Buddha’s Pagoda. In this way, even if they were to wake up, it would be impossible for them to kill themselves.

After he finished all of this, Chen Xi raised his eyes and sized up the battlefield above the river.

The Bridge to the Deep was extremely miraculous indeed. The battle between the tiny cauldron and the Yin Yang Fish King was extraordinarily intense, yet it was actually unable to damage the bridge in the slightest.

Besides that, as Chen Xi stood on the bridge, he was similarly able to avoid being affected by the aftershock of the terrifying battle. Otherwise, if he merely relied on his current strength, then he would have no choice but to move aside a long time ago and not dare approach this area at all.


At this moment, the tiny cauldron had transformed into a 27m tall ancient jade cauldron. It was completely suffused with Primordial Chaotic Qi, and every single strike it executed carried an imposing aura of supremacy and domination. Even space was smashed apart into pieces by it, causing terrifying scars to be fully revealed in space.

Compared to this, the strength of the Yin Yang Fish King wasn’t much inferior. Its tail waved through the air like a sharp blade tearing through the sky, and it threw the heavens and the earth into chaos while emanating the supreme profundities of Taichi!

Yes, it was indeed the aura of the Grand Dao of Taichi!

Chen Xi noticed it very clearly. Every single attack of the Yin Yang Fish King was flawless and perfect. The tiny cauldrons attacks were extremely formidable, yet it was actually unable to suppress the Yin Yang Fish King in a short period of time.

Early on in the Primeval Battlefield, Chen Xi had witnessed the formidableness of the Grand Dao of Taichi when Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi joined forces. But that was Dao Insight, whereas the Yin Yang Fish King was executing the Laws of Taichi!

What was Taichi?

It was Yin and Yang fused together, darkness and light placed together. It revealed the perfectness and flawlessness of the Heaven Dao. When Taichi is born, the four symbols are born, and they circulate without end to bright forth boundless profundity.

This was a type of rare Grand Dao Law. Strictly speaking, it was a Golden Immortal Law that contained the Grand Dao Laws of Yin, Yang, Darkness, and Light!

Only Golden Immortal Laws were able to accommodate and condense numerous Grand Dao Laws into one.

A primeval variant beast actually possesses the might of Taichi. If it’s in the outside world, it would have probably become an overlord level existence in a continent… Besides exclaiming with admiration in his heart, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be extremely worried for the tiny cauldron.

This was the territory of the Yin Yang Fish King. If it was to escape, then all their efforts would have been for nothing. Unfortunately, with Chen Xi’s current ability, he could only watch from the sidelines and was utterly unable to interfere in a battle of such level.

“Eh! Ancestor was right, a Yin Yang Fish King really does exist within this River of Fiery Refinement!”

“Quickly make a move. We must capture this beast. It’s a precious treasure that can only be chanced upon by luck, and it’s impossible to find in the three dimensions!”

“Quickly utilize the ancient immortal treasure!”

Right at this moment, a wave of bustling noise sounded out from the depths of the passageway, and it caused Chen Xi’s expression to instantly sink. Never had he expected that others would come disturb the tiny cauldron at this moment.

Before Chen Xi could stop them, a wave of terrifying fluctuations of immortal treasure swarmed over and tore through space while emanating various terrifying divine radiances. They shot successively towards the Yin Yang Fish King in the distance.

The impetus of these attacks was simply terrifying to the extreme, and it caused Chen Xi’s scalp to go numb because it was numerous ancient immortal treasures that had attacked in unison. Every single one of them was on par with the Skyearth Gourd’s might, and when utilized in unison, they were naturally terrifying to the extreme.

These bastards! Chen Xi’s expressions instantly became extremely gloomy while killing intent shot out from his black eyes. At the instant he saw those ancient immortal treasures, Chen Xi finally recognized who they were.

The Great Desolation Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, Dao Secret Academy…and Dao Emperor Academy!

Because those four ancient immortal treasures came from these academies. Especially the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram, it was a precious treasure Taba Tianxi had given to Ao Zhanbei, so how could Chen Xi not recognize it?

Very good. Besides the students of Cloudmist Academy, Windstream Academy, and Vastsky Academy. Everyone else has converged here now! Ao Zhanbei and the others are really capable. They turned a blind eye to someone from their own academy and are taking advantage of the situation I’m in as well! Chen Xi gnashed his teeth with hatred. The Yin Yang Fish King was a primeval variant beast that was even rarer than Yin Yang Fish, and it was extinct in the three dimensions since a long time ago. How could he have imagined that others would come and try to take advantage of him at a time like this?!


In the sky above the River of Fiery Refinement, the battle erupted. The ancient immortal treasures fluttered through the sky and encircled the Yin Yang Fish King, causing the advantageous position the tiny cauldron occupied earlier to be instantly destroyed.

However, the tiny cauldron was extremely composed and didn’t give in at all.

“Hmm? Whose treasure is that jade cauldron? It’s actually on par with our ancient immortal treasures.”

“I don’t know, it’s probably the treasure of one of the seven academies.”

“Could it be that there’s someone else nearby?”

“Over there! At the center of the bridge… So it’s him, that student from Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi!”

“Chen Xi?”

“He actually really came in by himself?”

A wave of clamorous noise sounded out from afar, and then numerous figures flashed over. All of them were students from the academies, and the figures of Ao Zhanbei and Zuoqiu Jun were shockingly amongst them.

However, he didn’t notice Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing.

When they noticed Chen Xi, the students from the other academies were stunned before revealing vigilant and cautious expressions, whereas the faces of Zuoqiu Jun and the others sank while a wisp of hatred surged onto the space between their brows.

“Everyone, all of you have noticed as well that this Yin Yang Fish King was noticed by the student of our Dao Emperor Academy. So please leave as soon as possible!” Ao Zhanbei suddenly roared loudly, and it shook through the surroundings like a thunderclap.

Chen Xi started laughing from extreme rage when he heard this because Ao Zhanbei seemed as if he intended to protect Chen Xi, yet Ao Zhanbei had utilized the name of Dao Emperor Academy to do it, and he was actually doing this for the sake of seizing the Yin Yang Fish King!

“Hmph! The fortune of the heavens and the earth belong to those who’re destined to obtain them. This Yin Yang Fish King doesn’t belong to your Dao Emperor Academy!”

“Exactly, we fight for treasures by relying on our own strength, so on what basis should we withdraw for your Dao Emperor Academy?”

“Simply absurd!”

The students of the other academies instantly grouped together to resist Ao Zhanbei and the others.

At this moment, both their sides had disregarded Chen Xi’s existence!

The scene was instantly filled with a confrontational atmosphere and was completely chaotic. However, even at this moment, none of them had stopped their attacks to seize the Yin Yang Fish King.

“Fuck off!” Suddenly, Chen Xi shouted loudly, and it reverberated through the world like a thunderclap, causing the both sides that were in confrontation to be stunned.

“Kid, what did you say?” The expressions of the students from the other academies turned grim, and they look at Chen Xi with hostile gazes.

“Chen Xi, quickly come over here and we’ll deal with these bastards together!” Ao Zhanbei and the others hadn’t realized the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words, and they tried to make Chen Xi join them.

“I said all of you should fuck off right now! Immediately!” An icy cold and indifferent voice instantly left Chen Xi’s mouth, and it revealed a wisp of murderous intent. It instantly resounded throughout the surroundings, and it caused the expressions of both Ao Zhanbei’s group and the students of the other academies to turn gloomy.

No one had expected that Chen Xi who was all alone would actually dare speak such words at this moment. This had exceeded their expectations, and it caused them to feel that their pride had been insulted.

Especially Ao Zhanbei’s group. All of them felt Chen Xi was truly insensible and was running wild!

“You actually dare speak so arrogantly? You’re simply courting death! Allow me to teach you a lesson!” A young man from Bitter Silence Academy was unable to restrain himself and charged out abruptly. He instantly teleported to arrive before Chen Xi, and then his palm slapped down towards Chen Xi’s forehead.

His palm carried a powerful force and seemed like a falling sun.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak about teaching me a lesson?” A wisp of an icy cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth while a cold light flashed in his eyes. He suddenly raised his leg and stomped fiercely onto the young man’s body before his slap could fully descend.


This young man arrived quickly and left quickly as well. He was stomped on to the point his chest collapsed inch by inch while fresh blood sprayed from his mouth, and his figure drew out a long arc of afterimages in the sky before falling where he stood earlier.

Everyone present was shocked and felt slight disbelief because all of this had occurred too quickly, and it caused some of them to be unable to realize what had happened before they saw that young man from Bitter Silence Academy had fallen back onto the ground while heavily injured.

“Attack together and kill this kid!” All the students from Bitter Silence Academy had gloomy expressions as they shouted explosively in succession.

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