Chapter 1238 – The River of Fiery Refinement, The Bridge to the Deep

This ancient ‘仙’ character was actually written with the Quintessence Blood of the Master of this tomb, and every single stroke on it was filled with the Laws of Life and Death!

When he heard what the tiny cauldron said, besides feeling astounded, Chen Xi hurriedly withdrew his gaze and didn’t dare take another glance at it.

After that, the weak, restless, and nauseated feeling he had in his heart eased up greatly while his expression returned to normal.

“Senior, then how should we pass through this door?” Chen Xi frowned. He realized that the situation was slightly severe because the shapeless pressure within the Impermanent Path was growing stronger and stronger. At this moment, even he was able to sense that a force even more terrifying than Undying Bats was about to appear.

Obviously, it was definitely the Undying Blood Corpses.

The tiny cauldron directly took action upon hearing this. Its jade white body soared into the sky and emanated hazy glows of divinity that swiftly enveloped the bronze door, causing the bloody ‘仙’ character to be covered by it.


Under Chen Xi’s shocked gaze, the ancient character written in blood actually flew off from the bronze door and was absorbed into the tiny cauldron!

This… Chen Xi gasped as he never expected that the tiny cauldron would actually take the ‘仙’ character away so easily.

“This character is the core force that maintains this place. Now that it has been taken by me, it won’t be long before this Impermanent Path will be swept away by the Spatial Tide outside. What’re you still standing here for? Leave! Quickly!” The tiny cauldron’s urgent voice resounded by Chen Xi’s ear.


Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate when he heard this, and he swiftly pushed open the door and vanished within it.

Behind the bronze door was a boiling and surging river of lava.

The river was around 300m wide, and crimson red and blazing lava surged within it like roaring flame dragons. The blazing high temperature emanated by it caused space to distort, and numerous white clouds of mist rose into the air.

Above the river was a bridge. The bridge was completely snow white and actually seemed as if it was ground down from the bones of a beast. It lay across the river of lava, and it still remained in a perfect state after experiencing the heat from the river for countless years.

As soon as Chen Xi entered into the bronze door, he appeared at the banks of this river of lava. He stared at the surging lava and was able to clearly notice a strand of pure Laws of Fire enshrouding the heavens and the earth.

“The River of Fiery Refinement, the Bridge to the Deep… I never expected that I would be able to see them again in my lifetime…” The tiny cauldron sighed faintly.

Besides being stunned from hearing this, Chen Xi instantly relaxed greatly. The tiny cauldron knew this place, so that meant that even if he encountered any danger, there would at least be a chance for him to deal with this danger.

The thing that truly aroused surprise in his heart was the tiny cauldron’s tone. It wasn’t just rather familiar with this place, it had even come here in the past.

This caused Chen Xi to be even more certain that the tiny cauldron had a relationship that was beyond ordinary with the Master of the tomb.


A wave of intense vibrations suddenly sounded out from within the bronze door behind him. It seemed as if something was collapsing and being destroyed, and amidst this noise was numerous frenzied sharp cries from Undying Bats and a wave of terrifying shouts…

After that, a bang resounded as the bronze door actually collapsed completely. It was enveloped by a shapeless force and transformed into nothingness, and then all the noise vanished.

Even if Chen Xi searched with the Eye of Divine Truth, he was actually unable to find a single trace of the bronze door.

“The Impermanent Path was destroyed just like that…” Chen Xi was stunned. A passageway that had experienced the passage of countless years, yet still remained, had been completely destroyed today because the tiny cauldron took away a ‘仙’ character. It was truly shocking.

“Destruction and creation have always been the Heaven Dao’s circulation pattern,” said the tiny cauldron.

Chen Xi smiled. “I was just feeling slightly regretful that those fellows from Vastsky Academy vanished along with it.”

The tiny cauldron shook from side to side instead and said, “That might not necessarily be the case. The Impermanent Path is filled with variables, and it’s the path towards this tomb that’s filled with the most variables. They possess the Skyearth Gourd, so perhaps they’ll be able to escape this disaster.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his brows raised as he said, “That’s good as well. I was just feeling worried about how I would make them pay for the incident before this.”

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, an expanse of lava waves arose from the nearby River of Fiery Refinement, and the waves actually contained numerous fishes jumping about in it before instantly vanishing within the river.

But Chen Xi had still clearly noticed that those fishes were completely bright red while the top of their heads were gold. Their tails were covered in a layer of gorgeous and illusory scales that were extraordinary and beautiful, and he actually didn’t know what type of fish these were.

“These are Yin Yang Fish. They’re a form of primeval variant fish. Those with extreme Yin are born within the primordial darkness, and those with extreme Yang are born within the primordial light. According to legend, the rare Grand Dao of Taichi was formed from a trace of the Dao striations within the bodies of these Yin Yang Fish.” The tiny cauldron spoke with a tone that actually revealed blazing desire. “These are top rare treasures in the three dimensions, and it’s very difficult to find them in the outside world. Most importantly, they’re born during the primordial times, so the death of every single one meant there was one less in the world. It’s utterly impossible for them to multiply in number.”

Yin Yang Fish!Primeval variants!

They possess Dao striations related to the Grand Dao of Taichi!

When these extremely enticing words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused his eyes to instantly brighten, and he couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart as he said swiftly, “Senior, what effects do these Yin Yang Fish have?”

The tiny cauldron’s mood seemed to be really not bad when it saw that it could still find Yin Yang Fish within the River of Fiery Refinement, and it said, “It has too many uses, like pill refinement, equipment refinement, comprehending the Grand Dao, tempering the immortal body, strengthening the soul… Oh, in short, it’s enough for you to understand that its entire body is a treasure.”

Chen Xi’s eyes became even brighter when he heard this. He’d just experienced the dangers of the Impermanent Path, so being able to encounter such great fortune really conformed to the saying — where there’s disaster, there’s fortune.

“Senior, since it’s like this, then these Yin Yang Fish are probably very difficult to capture, right?” Chen Xi glanced at the blazing River of Fiery Refinement and calmed down greatly.

“To others, it’s as difficult as ascending the heavens because these fish are extremely intelligent. Once they detect danger, the vitality within their bodies will transform from life to death, and they would rather kill themselves than allow others to have them. So no matter how extraordinary one was, it’s impossible to stop such a thing from occurring.” The tiny cauldron said swiftly, “However, it’s extremely easy to us. Remember the Heaven Dance I asked you to gather. This flower is capable of soundlessly causing the Yin Yang Fish to become dazed for ten minutes, and this period of time is sufficient to capture them.”

When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron seemed to already be slightly impatient.

Heaven Dance flower!

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed. He’d never expected that the tiny cauldron had asked him to gather these flowers before entering the tomb for the sake of dealing with these Yin Yang Fishes.

When he thought about how amongst all the people that had entered the tomb this time, only he had gathered the Heaven Dance flowers, Chen Xi was even more certain that agreeing to bring the tiny cauldron along this time was an extremely right choice.

Having a senior is like having a treasure.


Chen Xi stopped hesitating and flashed onto the bridge.

As he stood here, he was able to clearly sense exactly how terrifying the temperature of the river was. It forced him to the point of having no choice but to circulate his entire cultivation in order to avoid being burned and injured.

Moreover, the river wasn’t calm, and waves of fire that rose up to around 3km frequently appeared. These waves easily incinerated the space around it and caused Chen Xi to shudder with fear.

Fortunately, the Bridge to the Deep was created from the skeleton of a beast that actually innately possesses a shapeless force field, and it completely kept the waves of fire out.

“You just have to throw the Heaven Dance flower into the river, and then prepare to fish up the Yin Yang Fish. Remember that even if you’re unable to obtain the Yin Yang Fish, don’t rashly enter the river, otherwise, even I’ll be unable to save you.” The tiny cauldron warned Chen Xi. It said the River of Fiery Refinement had secrets of its own within it, so once he came into contact with it, unless an expert at the Immortal King Realm came to his rescue, otherwise, he would be instantly refined and die on the spot.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and worked hard to make himself calm down completely before he withdrew the ten plus Heaven Dance flowers and threw them into the river beneath the bridge.

These Heaven Dance flowers were only thumb size and extremely graceful. After they entered into the river, they were like sand that fell into the ocean and were completely inconspicuous.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that an aura which was impossible to conceal effused out on the surface of the river, and it seemed as if it could seep into the depths of one’s soul and bring out the deepest recollections and memories in one’s heart. It caused others to be dazed, lost, and immersed within it before forever being unable to extricate one’s self from it…

How lucky!

Chen Xi knew about the Heaven Dance flower’s ability since a long time ago, so when he noticed this aura effusing out, he instantly sealed up his six senses and entrusted his soul to the River Diagram fragments.

Sure enough, he wasn’t affected at all while like this.

Swish! Swish!

In merely a short moment, a string of waves arose from the river of lava beneath the bridge. Under the focused gaze of the Eye of Divine Truth, Chen Xi was able to clearly notice that numerous bright red, exquisite, and gorgeous fishes were surging over from all directions.

It felt as if they’d been drawn by a shapeless force, and over ten fishes had quickly converged together.

Chen Xi’s eyes grew even brighter when he saw this scene, and he didn’t dare be careless in the slightest. The vital energy in his body accumulated as he awaited the moment to make a move.

Gradually, a group of Yin Yang Fish had gathered beneath the bridge. Their tails that were covered in illusory and gorgeous scales swayed amidst the waves of fire, and they emanated an enticing and misty glow.

“Wait a while longer!” Right when Chen Xi intended to catch them all in one swoop, the tiny cauldron suddenly stopped him via voice transmission and said, “Once the amount of Yin Yang Fish arrives at more than nine, then a Yin Yang Fish King definitely exists amongst them. So it won’t be too late to make a move once it’s drawn out. At that time, I’ll deal with the Yin Yang Fish King, and you only have to fish up those Yin Yang Fish.”

A Yin Yang Fish King!

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart, and he gasped. He finally understood that the tiny cauldron’s target wasn’t these Yin Yang Fish, and it was their king instead!


Before long, a fish tail suddenly stretched out from the distant river of lava. The tail was over 3m long and covered in extremely gorgeous and resplendent scales. With a light swing of the tail, it caused numerous waves of fire to shoot into the sky, and these tempestuous waves surged in the sky with an extremely mighty impetus.

Chen Xi could faintly see that a figure with a brilliantly golden head was swimming over at an extremely shocking speed from beneath the surface of the river, and it smashed through the myriad of waves of fire before it.

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