Chapter 1237 – There’s Great Terror In The Moment Between Life and Death

Even though they were amidst an intense battle, that voice still drew the attention of many people.

Thus, in the next moment, all the students of Vastsky Academy including Le Qianchuan noticed Chen Xi.

“It’s actually this fellow.”

“It’s Chen Xi! The students that took the first position amongst the new students that were just recruited into Dao Emperor Academy!”

“So, it’s him!”

The expressions of Le Qianchuan and the others turned icy cold while their gazes flickered, and they revealed undisguised hostility.

Since Yun Fusheng had gone to Vastsky Academy by himself all those years ago and made a clean sweep of everyone from the same generation, it caused Vastsky Academy to always think of this incident as a humiliation, whereas the students of the academy took the students of Dao Emperor Academy to be their enemies as well. This sort of hostility had never weakened over the years.

Conversely, after so many years had passed, conflicts frequently erupted between the students of these two academies, but most of the conflict came to an end with the defeat of Vastsky Academy.

This caused the hatred between the students of the two academies to grow. Since these students entered Vastsky Academy, they were influenced by this atmosphere of hatred and took the students of Dao Emperor Academy to be targets that they must defeat.

They were carrying the mission to cleanse the humiliation of Vastsky Academy on their shoulders, so even if there was no enmity between them and Chen Xi, they instantly aroused boundless killing intent in their hearts upon confirming that Chen Xi was a student of Dao Emperor Academy, and they seemed as if their eyes blazed with hatred from seeing an enemy.

Could it be that these fellows want to fight me at a time like this? Chen Xi glanced at them, and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly in his heart when he saw the undisguised hatred they revealed. If they really were to act in this way, then he didn’t mind giving them a painful lesson.

After he heard what Ji Xuanbing said, he was very clearly aware that Vastsky Academy had always taken Dao Emperor Academy to be their enemy, whereas Dao Emperor Academy had never taken them seriously. In other words, all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy felt that Vastsky Academy didn’t even have the qualifications to be their opponent!

Screech! Screech!

The Undying Bats’ sharp cries that were ear piercing like the scream of an infant resounded by their ears while various attacks that contained the energy of Death ceaselessly surged over from all directions. This scene caused Le Qianchuan to suddenly calm down.

“Don’t get distracted. Let’s get through this place first!” Le Qianchuan took a deep breath and moved his gaze away from Chen Xi before he instructed in a low voice.

Even though the others were unwilling to let Chen Xi off, they were clearly aware that they were encircled by a cloud of Undying Bats right now, and if it wasn’t for the assistance of the Skyearth Gourd, they would have probably perished a long time ago. This caused them to be utterly unable to send out anyone amongst them to deal with Chen Xi.

Thus, in the next period of time, these students of Vastsky Academy glared fiercely at Chen Xi before they concentrated on dealing with the Undying Bats.

But in next to no time, they couldn’t maintain their composure any longer because within their fields of vision, the Undying Bats actually didn’t attack Chen Xi, and these Undying Bats solely pursued and assaulted their group!

What the fuck is going on?

Could it be that these animals are blind? There’s clearly a living person moving about there, yet why aren’t they able to notice him!?

“Dammit! Could it be that we’ve drawn the attention of those bats, allowing that kid to benefit from it?” When he saw Chen Xi had actually charged out from the encirclement of the Undying Bats before them, one of them felt extremely disgruntled in his head and instantly spoke furiously.

“It has to be like that! Without us resisting most of the attacks, how could he possibly be able to dodge them so easily?”

“The students of Dao Emperor Academy are truly despicable!”

“Dammit! We absolutely can’t allow him to break free of the encirclement just like that!”

The others spoke successively while filled with righteous indignation, and their eyes seemed to blaze with flames. They’d fought with extreme difficulty, yet Chen Xi had moved through casually as if he was taking an idle stroll. When the two of them were compared, it instantly caused them to be disgruntled.


Right at this moment when they were slightly distracted, a cloud of Undying Bats suddenly transformed into a rumbling jet black whirlwind that swept over, and it seized the opportunity when a young man from Vastsky Academy’s guard was lax to envelop him.

“AH!!!” Even though the young man quickly struggled free, yet the skin on his entire body was covered in a layer of pitch black aura of Death. He let out shrill cries of pain, and in an instant, even his face was covered by a wisp of strange and overbearing aura of Death.

It was clearly visible that his dense and jet black hair had instantly turned white before withering and falling, whereas the skin and flesh on his body shriveled, collapsed, and fell off; only leaving behind a terrifying pitch black skeleton.


The skeleton collapsed inch by inch before transforming into ash that dispersed along with the wind.

All of this occurred in a very short moment of time, and the others weren’t able to assist him in time even if they wanted to. They just watched as their companion instantly transformed into a pile of bones that was obliterated into ashes!

That was a Golden Immortal!

Yet he was gone just like that…

This was the energy of Death within the Laws of Life and Death. It was extremely overbearing, and it was one of the supreme Laws that only Immortal King’s could comprehend!

Chen Xi gasped as well when he saw such a scene. He’d finally witnessed how terrifying the Laws of Life and Death were. It decided life and death in an instant, and it was utterly merciless!

At the same time, a strand of bone piercing coldness couldn’t help but suffuse the bodies of Le Qianchuan and the others, and it felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. Under the stimulation of death, it caused the expressions of every single one of them to be extremely unsightly.

“It’s that kid! It’s that kid who caused Senior Brother Sun’s death! If it wasn’t because of him, how could Senior Brother Sun have been distracted and suffered such an end?” One of them roared furiously.

The eyes of the others were crimson red as well, and they stared furiously at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was speechless when he saw this. That fellow died from his carelessness, yet all of you push the blame on me? All of you are really blindly making slanderous charges!

He couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with them, and he placed all his attention onto breaking out of the tight encirclement because the tiny cauldron said that it wouldn’t be long before Undying Corpses that were even more terrifying than Undying Bats would appear. If he didn’t make the best use of his time to leave this place, then the consequences would be terrible.

“Bastard! Don’t flee if you have the balls!”

“Just you wait. No matter where you run to, I’ll take your head to avenge Senior Brother Sun!”

All the students of Vastsky Academy were agitated when they saw Chen Xi’s actions, and their furious curses became even more merciless.

Unfortunately, no matter how they cursed, they could only watch as Chen Xi gradually moved further and further…


After a short moment, Chen Xi felt his entire body relax as he’d charged out of the dark mass of Undying Bats, and he’d arrived before an ancient bronze arched door.

The bronze door was mottled and ancient, and its surface was even covered in green moss. But a strand of exuberant energy of Life was contained within it, and the extremely ferocious cloud of Undying Bats were utterly unable to approach an area of 30m around this bronze door.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and he said, This is probably the safe path that the tiny cauldron spoke of.

He turned around and took a glance behind him, and he could faintly see the Skyearth Qi emanated from the Skyearth Gourd within the cloud of Undying Bats that surged like tidewater. Obviously, Le Qianchuan and the others were still struggling bitterly.

They weren’t as fortunate as Chen Xi who had the assistance of the tiny cauldron. As soon as this cloud of Undying Bats were killed, the Undying Bats would be revived in an instant, and it was utterly impossible to annihilate the Undying Bats, causing the situation they were in to become extremely dangerous and arduous.

Chen Xi felt that if they didn’t have the assistance of the ancient immortal treasure, the Skyearth Gourds, they Le Qianchuan and the others would be utterly incapable of holding on until now.

After that, he ceased thinking about this, and he raised his hand before pushing open the arched bronze door.


Right at this moment, an abundant and terrifying shapeless force suddenly crushed down from behind Chen Xi like an enormous mountain.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed before he executed a backhand strike with his sword. The brilliant sword qi emanated from it was coiled with surging energies of the Laws, and he’d already exerted his full strength.

Because this sudden assault’s strength was similarly terrifying, and it caused Chen Xi to feel extremely pressured.


A terrifying airflow from the collision swept towards the surroundings like a gale before sweeping into the passageway. The terrifying force blasted Chen Xi flying, and he smashed down onto the arched bronze door. With the formidable strength Chen Xi possessed at this moment, he felt the vital blood in his entire body roil and seethe, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

They actually launched a surprise attack against me… What force is this? Why is it so terrifying? Chen Xi turned around while his expression had become icy cold and indifferent to the extreme, and then he clearly saw a heavy aura of Skyearth Qi effuse into the sky and was on the verge of vanishing.

This allowed him to instantly understand where this attack came from, and it was definitely Le Qianchuan who’d utilized the might of the Skyearth Gourd to launch a surprise attack against him!

Sure enough, at practically the exact same time, Le Qianchuan’s surprised voice resounded within the passageway. “He actually resisted it? Dammit…”

The space between Chen Xi’s brows were instantly filled with a murderous expression while his heart was covered in rage. His gaze was like an icy cold blade that gradually locked onto the distant Le Qianchuan and the others.

At this moment, Le Qianchuan and the others had still not broken out of the tight encirclement, yet according to Chen Xi’s estimation, it wouldn’t be long before they would be able to arrive here smoothly.

I originally intended to not make such a big fuss about it with all of you, yet you actually came looking for trouble with me and intend to cause harm to me… Even the heavens would probably be unsatisfied if I don’t make all of you pay the price… Chen Xi muttered in his heart while the killing intent in his chest surged like the tide.

“Leave quickly! I can sense the energy of the Undying Blood Corpses is being converged!” However, the tiny cauldrons suddenly spoke a sentence that instantly caused Chen Xi to calm down. He took a deep breath and withdrew his gaze before raising his head to look at the bronze door.

He’d decided that even if Le Qianchuan and the others were to be fortunate enough to survive, he would definitely make them pay a painful price for this incident!

Hmm? Chen Xi was suddenly stunned because he noticed that the thick layer of green moss on the surface of the bronze door had fallen off, and a character for Immortal ‘仙’ that was mottled with blood had appeared there!

The strokes of the character were powerful and unrestrained, and it seemed as if it had been dragged out from an ocean of blood. Every single stroke was covered with dense blood, causing it to be a terrifying sight.

With merely a single glance, Chen Xi felt his soul shiver while strong nausea arose from within his chest. If it wasn’t for the protection of the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness, he suspected that his mind and soul would be collapsed and destroyed at this moment!

“There’s great terror in the moment between Life and Death!” The tiny cauldron’s voice suddenly resounded in the depths of his soul. “This character was written with Quintessence Blood, and it was condensed with the Laws of Life and Death. You must not take another look at it!”

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