Chapter 1236 – Undying Bats

The passageway was deep and quiet, and it was suffused with a shapeless pressure that struck the heart.

This was the Immortal King’s tomb that had been here since the primeval times, and it had experienced the passage of countless years. Even with Chen Xi’s cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm, he still felt a wave of indescribable pressure as he stood here.

He didn’t dare be careless. He executed the Eye of Divine Truth, causing a profound talisman marking to surge into appearance on the vertical eye between his brows, and it sparkled brilliantly as he looked towards the depths of the dark passageway.

Suddenly, Chen Xi let out a muffled groan while he felt a piercing pain from the vertical eye between his brows. It was completely crimson red like fire while the image of a sea of blood and lava was reflected within its pupil, and it almost incinerated his Eye of Divine Truth.

At this moment, within his field of vision, this passageway’s appearance had changed completely. It was covered in a sea of blood that roared and surged like dense lava, and it was suffused with terrifying killing intent that caused an extremely sharp pain to come from his Eye of Divine Truth.

Chen Xi’s heart went cold. What a terrifying energy of blood that hasn’t been worn away after a myriad of years. The ancient killing intent contained within it is still so terrifying and horrifying.

Even the Eye of Divine Truth was almost destroyed by this killing intent!

“As expected, many people have coveted this place since the countless years of the past. Unfortunately, none of them had the luck to walk out of this place, and they were finally buried here.” The tiny cauldron sighed with emotion and spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Senior, the terrifying blood that fills this place was left behind by the experts that entered this place?” Chen Xi was surprised.

“Yes, this passageway is called the Impermanent Path. It’s filled with the supreme energy of Life and Death, and it’s set up in the arrangement of providing only a slim chance for survival. If one isn’t able to find the only safe path, then one will fall into a great tribulation of life and death before perishing here.” The tiny cauldron explained in a light voice.

The energy of Life and Death was one of the three supreme Laws that could only be comprehended by Immortal King Realm experts!

When he heard this, Chen Xi was even more confident that the Master of this tomb that the tiny cauldron spoke of was at least at the Immortal King Realm. Otherwise, it would be utterly impossible to control the supreme Law of Life and Death.

“Senior, where’s that one and only safe path?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking this question. The energy of blood that filled this place was too terrifying, and it caused even his Eye of Divine Truth to be unable to perceive the true appearance of this passageway. This was the reason that he’d asked this question.

The tiny cauldron went silent for a short moment before it said, “In the countless years of the past until now, the layout of this place has changed. Coupled with the fact that it has been too long, it’s very difficult for me to give you an accurate answer.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then a slightly bad premonition suddenly arose in his heart.

“However, I suggest that you should make a move immediately. Don’t stay at a single place for too long.” The tiny cauldron said, “The Laws of Life and Death are the most variable. Standing still without moving is the stupidest thing to do.”

Chen Xi was shocked once more in his heart, and he laughed bitterly without end. However, it was precisely because of what the tiny cauldron said that he stopped putting his hope on luck, and he started to carefully deal with the situation before him.


After pondered deeply for a moment, Chen Xi withdrew Starclasp and moved carefully ahead. This passageway only led in two directions, and he naturally wouldn’t choose to turn back.

In next to no time, he saw a corpse that sat at the side of the passageway. The clothes on the entire corpse was in rags, and half the corpse was clear like a precious gem while the other half was pitch black like charcoal.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Since this corpse seems like a precious gem, it absolutely belonged to an extremely formidable existence. Yet in the end, this existence had sat down at the side of this Impermanent Path and perished.

Hmm? In the next moment, he noticed a palm sized ancient jade pendant at the side of the corpse. However, as soon as his fingers touched it, a wave of rustling resounded before it transformed into powder and vanished.

“There’s no need to continue searching. There’s bound to be no treasures within this Impermanent Path. The living leave and the dead remain. Under the corrosion of the energy of Life and Death, treasures are naturally unable to remain intact.” The tiny cauldron guided.

Chen Xi nodded, and his expression became even more serious as he continued forward.

All along the way, he encountered many more corpses, and it was even to the extent that there were numerous bumps, holes, and dense marks of swords and blades on the passageway’s wall. Obviously, it had suffered terrifying attacks.

As he looked at the traces of battle that seemed to have been branded here from the annals of time, Chen Xi’s heart became even heavier. He was able to clearly sense that it contained shocking killing intent, and it was even to the extent that in his daze, he seemed to be able to hear infuriated and disgruntled roars from the countless years of the past.

All of this was definitely left behind by a peerless expert. Since the traces of battle left behind by them were capable of enduring the passage of countless years, it was very difficult to imagine exactly how formidable they were all those years ago.

However, now, they were all buried within this Impermanent Path…

“The might of the Spatial Tide entrance can only support the entrance of Golden Immortal Realm experts. I wonder what sort of ability the owners of these corpses relied on all those years ago to forcefully make their way into here. Unfortunately, they were buried here in the end. If they knew this would happen, would they regret coming here?” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and he stopped thinking and sighing with emotion about all of this. All of this only made him even more careful, and the nerves in his entire body were strained.

However, all along the way, he actually didn’t encounter any danger. Everything was so deathly silent, and only the shapeless pressure suffused the surroundings.

After moving forward for around the time for an incense stick to burn, a wave of rustling and rapid noises suddenly entered Chen Xi’s ears, and then a wave of rumbling fluctuation spread over from the distant passageway.

Chen Xi was able to faintly sense the heavy aura of an immortal treasure being emanated.

“It’s the aura of Undying Bats. These variant beasts are born within the energy of Life and Death, and unless you destroy this Impermanent Path, otherwise, it’s utterly impossible to kill them. Moreover, once you’re tainted by the energy of Life and Death, it’ll cause your lifespan, Laws, cultivation, and even soul to suffer a heavy injury.” The tiny cauldron spoke swiftly with a voice that didn’t have much emotion, and it seemed as if the tiny cauldron had expected the appearance of such a scene.

As soon as the tiny cauldron finished speaking, Chen Xi noticed numerous palm sized bats that were completely suffused with jet black energy of Death and moved swiftly like bolts of lightning had suddenly appeared extremely far away in the passageway, and they’d formed a cloud of bats.

They whistled through the passageway in a group, and they were like a flowing mist of the jet black energy of Death, and their mouths that were filled with sharp fangs emanated terrifying wails that were shrill like the cries of an infant.

“Senior, do you have a way to deal with these beasts?” Chen Xi frowned while his expression was extremely heavy. He was able to clearly sense that the aura of every single one of those Undying Bats weren’t weaker than the Golden Immortal Realm. This wasn’t the most important point, the most important point was that they were condensed into form from the energy of Death, so it was utterly impossible to kill them. They were extremely troublesome to deal with.

“Go over.” The tiny cauldron’s answer was extremely simple. “Didn’t you notice that there are people fighting and charging in the depths of the cloud of bats since a long time ago? I was wondering why the Undying Bats would be drawn over and become violent when I’ve concealed your aura since a long time ago. Now it would seem like it’s definitely because of those little fellows.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He never expected that the tiny cauldron had actually imperceptibly assisted him.

After that, he couldn’t be bothered about all of this because he’d already noticed that an enormous and ancient dark yellow gourd that was effused with divine radiance was within the dark expanse of Undying Bats, and it was emanating strand after strand of Skyearth Qi while fighting intensely with the Undying Bats.

The Skyearth Gourd!

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed when he saw this treasure. Sure enough, he noticed that all the students from Vastsky Academy were surprisingly standing on the Skyearth Gourd.

The person in the lead was precisely the number one expert in the outer court of Vastsky Academy, Le Qianchuan.

What a coincidence! Chen Xi said with emotion in his heart. Earlier, when they were before the tomb, Ji Xuanbing had once said that Vastsky Academy was just like Grand Desolation Academy and Bitter Silence Academy, and they had always taken Dao Emperor Academy to be their enemies. At that time, he’d even asked Ji Xuanbing about Le Qianchuan, yet he never expected that he would encounter Le Qianchuan as soon as he entered the tomb.

Dammit! If they didn’t draw over these Undying Bats, then I wouldn’t have to encounter any danger before smoothly passing through this place… Chen Xi sighed in his heart.

“These Undying Bats can’t be killed at all. Don’t get entangled with them, let’s charge forward together.” Le Qianchuan’s deep and loud shout resounded from afar.

“Kill!” In the next moment, loud shouts resounded as thick and rumbling Skyearth Qi sprayed out, and it smashed down like a lofty mountain while they pushed forward into the depths of the passageway.

“You must depart quickly as well. After these Undying Bats make an appearance, it won’t be long before even more terrifying Undying Corpses appear. Those are formed from the corpses of the experts that perished here, and once they appear, it’ll be impossible to leave this Impermanent Path.” The tiny cauldron said swiftly, “My current strength has to be utilized when we arrive at the core area of this tomb. So if you encounter any danger now, you have to deal with it yourself.”

“But don’t worry, I’ve already utilized a secret technique to conceal your aura, so those undying monsters won’t be able to notice you at all. You just have to be careful of the energy of Death that suffuses the air.”

Undying Corpses!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Especially when he recalled the meaning behind the tiny cauldron’s words. He didn’t dare dally, and his figure flashed as he utilized the Wings of Disruption and silently flashed towards the depths of the passageway.


At this moment, the Wings of Disruption were suffused with a trace of the energy of the Spatial Laws, so it became even more agile and indistinct when utilized. It was utterly silent, and it didn’t even cause a trace of fluctuation in space.

The scene that occurred next was just as the tiny cauldron had said. Chen Xi’s figure had entered into the cloud of Undying Bats, yet he actually didn’t draw their attention at all, so he naturally didn’t suffer their fearless attacks that covered the heavens and the earth.

It felt as if these Undying Bats had become blind.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless. This passageway seemed to be broad, yet it was actually filled with the dense cloud of Undying Bats, and the space that he could use to move forward was extremely limited.

Coupled with the fact that those Undying Bats were continuously attacking Le Qianchuan’s group, it was unavoidable that the aftershock swept towards Chen Xi, causing him to have no choice but to dodge repeatedly while deeply afraid of being tainted by even a trace of the energy of Death.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi’s figure was like a flickering shadow at this moment. He was flickering and teleporting through space, and he made a string of high difficulty maneuvers that caused others to exclaim with shock while he safely avoided the assault of the various aftershocks from the battle.

It was precisely because he had to dodge at all times and even had to avoid the energy of Death that swept over sometimes that it caused his speed to slow down greatly instead.

However, the tiny cauldron had concealed Chen Xi’s aura, but even though it could deceive the Undying Bats, it was completely useless against Le Qianchuan and the others.

Thus, when Chen Xi’s figure was about to approach the Skyearth Gourd, he was instantly noticed. “Eh! There’s actually someone following us. It’s him! It’s that kid from Dao Emperor Academy!”

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