Chapter 1235 – Heaven Dance

The Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram!

Besides being slightly shocked from hearing this name, Chen Xi acutely noticed that Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu were stunned as well before their expressions became slightly gloomy.

Could it be that they weren’t aware of the existence of the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram before this?

Chen Xi glanced at the other senior students and noticed most of them had maintained a calm expression, and they weren’t surprised. They seemed as if they knew Ao Zhanbei had it since the beginning.

“Alright,” said Ao Zhanbei. His figure was tall while the muscles on his body seemed as if they were made from gold. He was a direct line descendant of the Dragon Dimension’s Golden True Dragon, and he’d always been silent since the beginning, yet he’d become the center of attention at this moment.

“Wait!” Ji Xuanbing said in a low voice, “The Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram is one of the few precious treasures of the academy. Why is it in your possession?”

“Instructor Taba Tianxi handed it over to me before we entered the Nightmare Battlefield.” Ao Zhanbei seemed to have expected Ji Xuanbing would ask this question since the beginning, and he answered casually.

This answer caused Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu’s faces to turn gloomy, and even Chen Xi frowned.

“Why didn’t we know about this?” Ji Xuanbing questioned with a slightly infuriated voice.

“Only one who’s ranked at the first position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings can safeguard such a precious treasure. Moreover, don’t you already know now?” Ao Zhanbei replied casually.

“Then let me ask you, since Instructor Taba handed this treasure over to you, he definitely intended for you to lead us into the tomb with the help of this treasure so that we can explore it and obtain the fortune within it. Then why didn’t you notify us?” Zhao Mengli spoke abruptly while her clear eyes were completely icy cold.

“That’s because we were worried that news of this would be exposed. After all, this Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram is a precious treasure from the primeval times, so it’s easier to avoid the covetous intentions of others if less people are aware of it.” Zuoqiu Jun interrupted and said, “Alright, now all of you are clearly aware of it. It isn’t really too late.”

“What an excuse!” Ji Xuanbing was infuriated, and he felt as if he’d been deceived. “You actually dared to go against the intentions of the academy. Could it be that you’re unafraid of suffering punishment?”

“Instructor Taba didn’t say that I had to tell this news to all of you.” Ao Zhanbei’s expression remained unchanged as he replied calmly.

“Xuanbing, calm your anger. I was aware of this matter as well. It wasn’t that Brother Ao intentionally concealed this information, it was actually because the Nightmare Battlefield is filled with danger, so it’s naturally better for less people to be aware that he’s carrying such a precious treasure.” Ji Wenlei that was ranked at the 4th position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings spoke as well. He was a senior student, yet was a clansman of the Ji Clan at the same time. However, he was only a branch clan disciple, so his status couldn’t compare to Ji Xuanbing.

Ji Xuanbing grunted coldly as he swept Ji Wenlei with his gaze, yet he didn’t say anything in the end.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was watching coldly from the side, and he’d faintly guessed the course of events.

Taba Tianxi had definitely known of the existence of this tomb since a long time ago, and that was why he’d given the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram to Ao Zhanbei to safeguard. The reason for this was so that Ao Zhanbei could lead the students of Dao Emperor Academy and rely on the treasure to break through the restrictions on the Spatial Tide, thus smoothly entering the Immortal King’s tomb.

However, Ao Zhanbei hadn’t told many people about this. At the very least, Chen Xi, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu were unaware.

Perhaps Ao Zhanbei felt that the safety of the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram would be better guaranteed when less people knew about it, yet obviously, no one would believe this.

The reason behind Ao Zhanbei’s actions were thought provoking. Is he intentionally targeting the new students? Or does he have another objective?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, but at the very least, he’d perceived that Ao Zhanbei and Zuoqiu Jun were obviously in the same gang.

“Now, all of you understanding everything, and I won’t be explaining any further. Let’s set out right now. If we’re delayed and allow the students of the other academies to seize the fortune within the tomb, then none of us will be able to obtain any benefits.” Ao Zhanbei swept everyone with his gaze before he raised his hand and gestured.


An ancient scroll unfolded in midair, and it was completely chaotic within it. It surged with the grand scenes of Yin and Yang fusing together.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi felt a terrifying aura surge throughout his body, and it seemed as if his soul would be swept into it if he took another glance!

Its aura is already so terrifying, then exactly how formidable would its might be? Chen Xi hurriedly withdrew his gaze while his heart palpitated. He had a deeper feeling that the trip to the Nightmare Battlefield this time seemed to be for the inner court exam on the surface, yet it was probably for this Immortal King’s tomb instead. Otherwise, how could the academy possibly give such a precious treasure to a student?

“Chen Xi, do you really not intend to come with us?” Ji Xuanbing turned around and asked Chen Xi’s opinion once more.

Chen Xi shook his head.

Ji Xuanbing didn’t speak any further when he saw this, and then he cupped his hands.

“Heh.” Zuoqiu Jun laughed coldly when he saw this, and then he glanced at Chen Xi as if he was saying ‘Let me see how you enter the tomb without the assistance of the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram!’

“Let’s go!” Ao Zhanbei pointed towards the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram in midair, and then a strange fluctuation buzzed out from it and spread into the surroundings. After that, something flashed before Chen Xi’s eyes, and then only he alone remained here.

The veil of the night was dark like ink, and the Spatial Tide was suffused with blazing light.

Chen Xi stood all alone before the door and pondered silently for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t help but sigh as he felt the current situation was truly a bit complicated.

However, when he thought about it carefully, the forces that had entered the tomb this time weren’t complicated. They were roughly divided into two great groups, the Dao Emperor Academy and the other six academies.

The reason Chen Xi felt it was complicated was because there was friction and enmity between these students from Dao Emperor Academy. Each of them had their own intentions, so even if they really found a fortuitous encounter, they would probably not cooperate sincerely.

Coupled with the students of the other six academies eyeing them with hostility and the unknown dangers that existed within the tomb, Chen Xi was really extremely worried for Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli.

However, even though they seem to have joined forces, if those six great academies encounter a great fortuitous encounter, then it would probably be impossible to prevent some friction between them. So their situation isn’t much different from the situation Ji Xuanbing and the others are in.

Fortunately, I didn’t participate in it. I seem to be all alone, but with the help of the tiny cauldron, I’ll at least be able to avoid a great deal of danger…

Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind before thinking no further.

“Senior, should we set out?” asked Chen Xi.

“Wait a while longer.” The tiny cauldron seemed to have thought of something and suddenly guided him. “Search carefully if there’s an indigo blue flower with nine leaves and shaped like a shuttle in the surroundings of this Spatial Tide entrance.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Even though he didn’t know what the tiny cauldron intended to do, he still acted according to the tiny cauldron’s instructions and released his Immortal Sense to search for it.

With the current strength of his soul, he’d practically instantly searched an area of 5,000km in the surroundings, yet he didn’t notice the flower that the tiny cauldron mentioned.

“Don’t use your Immortal Sense. This flower is called Heaven Dance. It’s a rare and precious flower from the primeval times that only blooms in the vicinity of a Spatial Tide. It’s extremely intelligent, allowing it to be able to avoid the detection of any Immortal Sense. Even the will of an Immortal King is unable to detect it.” The tiny cauldron explained swiftly.

Heaven Dance…

Chen Xi had never imagined that such a strange flower would exist in the world. He immediately withdrew his Immortal Sense, and then the Eye of Divine Truth silently surged out into appearance between his brows before it swiftly swept the surroundings.

Sure enough, he noticed a Heaven Dance flower after a short moment. It was growing nearby the Spatial Tide entrance, and it was thumb sized, completely translucent, and suffused with an indigo blue glow.

Because the glow emanated by the Spatial Tide was too dazzling and blazing, it had been completely concealed, and if it wasn’t for the detection of the Eye of Divine Truth, it would truly be difficult to notice this flower.

“Senior, what effects does this flower possess?” Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed.

“You’ll know once you enter the tomb.” The tiny cauldron said, “Remember, utilize the Cage Etching technique I taught you when gathering it because only in this way will you be able to capture it. If you execute any other technique, then it will perish instantly. That would make it completely useless.”

Chen Xi nodded. He immediately walked forward and waved his hand casually, and he formed a profound and unfathomable technique that directly enveloped the Heaven Dance flower before it descended into his palm.

In practically an instant, a wispy fragrance that gladdened the soul entered into Chen Xi’s nose. Even with his cultivation in the Dao Heart, he wasn’t able to restrain his heart from swaying. It felt as if he was floating amongst the clouds, and he truly wished for nothing more than to fall asleep and never wake up.

After that, Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses and said in his heart, Amazing! Even though I don’t know the exact use of this flower, merely this hypnotizing fragrance is sufficient to arouse fear in the hearts of all.

Unfortunately, this flower must be confined with the Cage Etching technique. If it wasn’t for this, I can utilize it to launch sneak attacks on my enemies… Chen Xi looked at it for a short moment before he put the flower away.

Subsequently, he successively gathered over ten Heaven Dance flowers from the vicinity of the Spatial Tide, and he only stopped after this because he couldn’t find any more.

“Over ten of them… It’s more or less sufficient. Get ready, I’ll take you in right now.” The tiny cauldron pondered deeply before it suddenly soared into the sky, and its round and clear surface emanated a strand of grey and hazy Primeval Qi that directly enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.


In the next moment, the tiny cauldron transformed into a wisp of lightning that swiftly bore its way into the Spatial Tide.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, from the beginning until the end, the restrictions of the Spatial Tide weren’t activated at all, and it even moved aside like tidewater to open up a path for the tiny cauldron!

This… Chen Xi hadn’t figured out how the tiny cauldron accomplished this when he felt the scene before his eyes flash, and then his field of vision was covered in chaos and darkness before he was unable to see anything clearly.

After an unknown period of time, when Chen Xi’s vision recovered its clarity, he noticed that he had actually appeared within a dark and quiet passageway.

This place was covered in deathly silence and was utterly devoid of vitality. The walls were mottled, and it was suffused with an ancient aura that assaulted the face.

As he stood here, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense a shapeless force that pressed down onto his heart, yet he didn’t know where it came from. Thus, it seemed to be mysterious and terrifying.

Could it be that this is the Immortal King’s tomb of legend where extraordinary fortune is buried? Chen Xi glanced at the surroundings while a wisp of anticipation couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

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