Chapter 1234 – Skyearth Gourd

Even though the students of the other six academies tried hard to maintain calm expressions, the trace of pleasure that was faintly revealed between their brows was still noticed by Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others.

This caused all of them to frown, and they glanced at Zuoqiu Jun’s group with displeasure.

As far as they were concerned, as the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, even if there were numerous issues between the students of their academy, but when they were in the outside world, even if they couldn’t work together, they should protect the reputation of the academy.

On the other hand, the actions of Zuoqiu Jun’s group at this moment was obviously a bit bad.

Zuoqiu Jun’s group remained indifferent towards all of this. All of their gazes locked onto Chen Xi in succession while their expressions were gloomy, and they didn’t conceal their hatred at all.

The scenes from before were still vivid in their minds, so they were blazing with hatred when they saw Chen Xi. If it wasn’t out of consideration for the rule that prohibited fighting amongst students, they would have probably attacked Chen Xi without the slightest hesitation.

Ji Xuanbing and the others were slightly curious when they saw such a scene. Exactly what sort of horrible deed had Chen Xi committed to actually make Zuoqiu Jun’s group hate him to such an extent?

However, even though they were curious in their hearts, Ji Xuanbing still stood by Chen Xi’s side and said in a low voice via voice transmission, “Chen Xi, be a bit more forgiving. We have to be united when exploring the tomb this time. If it’s at an ordinary time, I would definitely choose to stand at your side even if it’s a battle with Zuoqiu Jun.”

Chen Xi was very clearly aware of Ji Xuanbing’s considerations. Amongst the students from Dao Emperor Academy who were present here, only Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, Zhen Lu, and himself were new students, so they naturally had to rely on the strength of these senior students.

Only in this way would they be able to go against the students from the other six academies. Because the situation before them was extremely clear. For the sake of seizing the fortune within the tomb, the students of the other six academies had taken all of them who were students from Dao Emperor Academy to be their greatest rivals, so they’d joined forces a long time ago.

Under such circumstances, for the sake of obtaining the greatest gains within the tomb, the best method was for all of these students from Dao Emperor Academy to form into a united whole.

However, even if he was clearly aware of this, it didn’t mean that Chen Xi would accept it.

Because he was able to arrive at this tomb because of the guidance of the tiny cauldron, and he wasn’t invited here by anyone. In other words, if he didn’t come over here by coincidence, Ji Xuanbing and the others would definitely not find it difficult to make a move without him.

Chen Xi was clearly aware of all of this.

Of course, he still had a very good impression of Ji Xuanbing because it was very difficult for someone that was a direct line descendant of an ancient great clan like Ji Xuanbing to place such importance on his attitude.

“Hmph! What? All of you really intend to collaborate with this kid? If it’s like this, then we won’t agree to it.” When he saw Ji Xuanbing speaking with Chen Xi via voice transmission, Zuoqiu Jun immediately grunted coldly and spoke bluntly.

“What’s the meaning of this?” To the surprise of everyone, the first person to stand out and denounce Zuoqiu Jun was actually Zhao Mengli. Her beautiful brows raised slightly while her noble and peerlessly beautiful face carried a trace of coldness. “It’s already at a time like this, yet you still don’t know how to act? Is this the ability of your Zuoqiu Clan?”

These words were similarly extremely blunt, and it caused the expressions of Zuoqiu Jun and the others to turn gloomy.

“Alright, everyone, stop for a moment. Could it be that all of you want others to laugh at our Dao Emperor Academy?” Ji Xuanbing frowned while his body surged with an imperial aura. It caused his bearing to instantly change and transform into that of an emperor, and he carried a commanding imposing aura.

Everyone present here felt their hearts shake. They knew that Ji Xuanbing was furious. However, every single word he spoke conformed with the attitude and thinking of most of the people present here, so no one interrupted him.

Even Zuoqiu Jun and the others laughed coldly and didn’t speak any further.

All the students from the other six academies were slightly disappointed when they saw this. At the same time, they aroused a trace of vigilance towards Ji Xuanbing because this heir of an ancient imperial clan didn’t have really brilliant ability, yet his words and actions represented the intentions and interests of everyone. This wasn’t something that an ordinary person could accomplish.

“I’m sorry, Brother Ji and Miss Zhao. I intend to act on my own this time.” Chen Xi who’d maintained silence since the beginning raised his head abruptly, and he glanced at Zuoqiu Jun and the others before his gaze finally descended onto Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli.

Everyone was stunned when these words were spoken. They’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually refuse under such circumstances. After all, it was the tomb of an Immortal King, and the secrets within it were unfathomable while the dangers in it were unknown. Could it be that he thinks he can leave it alive by himself?

When he saw Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli still intended to say something, Chen Xi immediately smiled and said before they could speak, “There’s no need to persuade me any further. I’m not acting on impulse.”

Ji Xuanbing frowned, yet he knew that he was unable to persuade Chen Xi when he saw Chen Xi had decided, so he could only shrug helplessly and sigh.

“You have to watch out for the students of Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, and Grand Desolation Academy. All those years ago, when Senior Yun Fusheng was still a student of the inner court, he’d once gone to their academies on his own and defeated all the experts of the same cultivation within their academies. None of them were a match for Senior Yun Fusheng, and it was precisely because of this that Senior Yun Fusheng became renowned throughout the world and stirred the entire Immortal Dimension.” Even though Ji Xuanbing didn’t say anything openly, he still told Chen Xi some secrets via voice transmission. “After this incident occurred, these three academies have always taken it to be a great humiliation, and even their students became extremely hostile towards our Dao Emperor Academy because of this. So you must be on guard against them so as to avoid suffering disaster at their hands.”

He went to the three academies by himself and made a clean sweep of all of them!

When he found out about this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart. Exactly how dazzling was Yun Fusheng all those years ago?

“I know you don’t like to associate with the Zuoqiu Clan’s disciples. Nevermind, after we enter the tomb, we’ll still be able to meet each other in the end.” Meanwhile, Zhao Mengli spoke as well. She’d very directly perceived the reason for Chen Xi’s refusal as the fault of Zuoqiu Jun’s group.

However, she wasn’t wrong, so Chen Xi just smiled and didn’t give any explanation.

“Night is descending, the restrictions on the Spatial Tide are about to be activated!” Right at this moment, someone spoke in a low voice.


In the next moment, the gazes of everyone shot in succession towards the Spatial Tide that connected the heavens and the earth, and their expressions more or less carried a wisp of burning anticipation.

This was a tomb of an Immortal King that had been left here for countless years. In the countless years of the past, extraordinary figures had come here to seek fortune, yet practically all of them returned empty handed in the end.

The reason was that the energy of this Spatial Tide was extremely strange. It was filled with a natural restriction that caused those below the Golden Immortal Realm to be unable to endure the pressure emanated by it at all, whereas those above the Golden Immortal Realm would cause the restrictions to be unable to endure their might, so it would collapse and be destroyed in the end. So they were similarly unable to enter it.

In other words, this Spatial Tide that protected the tomb could only be entered by experts at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Of course, this merely meant that one had a slight chance, and one had to have a certain amount of ability and strength to enter it smoothly. It was even to the extent that one even needed a certain amount of…luck.

At this moment, the veil of night assaulted the world and covered the sky. Within this darkness, the Spatial Tide that was in the shape of an arched bridge seemed to be even more brilliant, blazing, and suffused with a dazzling and illusory glow.

They were able to clearly sense that the might of the Spatial Tide’s violent state was gradually reducing, and it was going silent.

In practically a short amount of time, everyone present here was able to sense that the lethal and terrifying pressure the Spatial Tide gave them had practically weakened by half.


Right at this moment, a young man who wore green feathered clothes and a star shaped crown in the direction of the other six academies swung his hand casually, and a yellow skinned gourd flew up into the sky.

This gourd was suffused with divine radiance as it expanded, and it transformed into a size of over 30m in radius within an instant. It was like a small hill that emanated a terrifying and heavy aura of chaos.

“Skyearth Gourd!” Someone exclaimed with surprise as he’d recognize this ancient immortal treasure that had been passed down for countless years. This gourd was grown from the Chaotic Divine Plant, Skyearth Vine. It bloomed every 8,000 years, formed a fruit every 9,000 years, and there wasn’t any need to refine it at all. It was innately capable of being utilized as an immortal treasure, and it was precious and rare to the extreme.

“This is the treasure of Vastsky Academy, and only Vastsky Academy still has a Skyearth Vine planted within its grounds. Moreover, there’s only a single Chaotic Divine Plant in existence within the Immortal Dimension, and it has always been taken to be the ultimate treasure of the academy.” Ji Xuanbing frowned as he explained to Chen Xi in a light voice. “I never imagined that Vastsky Academy would actually take such a risk and give this precious treasure to their students to utilize. Looks like they’re determined to obtain the fortune within this tomb.”

“Who’s that?” Chen Xi instantly paid attention when he heard it was a treasure of Vastsky Academy. According to what Ji Xuanbing said, the students of Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, and Grand Desolation Academy had always taken the students of Dao Emperor Academy as their enemies.

“Le Qianchuan, the direct line heir of one of the top powers in Profound Path Continent, the Le Clan. At the same time, he’s the number one expert in Vastsky Academy’s outer court, and his cultivation is at the Brahma Heaven level or the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.” Ji Xuanbing spoke casually and with great familiarity. “According to my knowledge, this fellow seems to be gentle and polite, yet he’s actually someone that kills resolutely. You have to be careful if you encounter him after entering the tomb.”

Chen Xi nodded imperceptibly.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Meanwhile, Le Qianchuan formed numerous profound divine seals, and then a strand of Skyearth Chaotic Qi surged out abruptly from the opening of the gourd. It rumbled as it surged into the Spatial Tide, and then it actually forcefully opened up a passageway.

“Fellow Daoists, my Vastsky Academy will be heading in first!” Le Qianchuan spoke loudly in a clear voice before flying onto the Skyearth Gourd with the students from Vastsky Academy. After that, they transformed into a ray of light that charged into the Spatial Tide.

“Let’s set out as well!” In the next moment, the experts of the other five academies withdrew ancient immortal treasures in succession, and every single one of them possessed obscure and terrifying auras that were actually on par with the Skyearth Gourd.

For a time, the glow of treasures flowed through the sky and illuminated the heavens and the earth brilliantly.

Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart when he saw this. This is what is called as resources and reserves. Normally, it’s rare to see a single ancient immortal treasure, yet they can be seen casually now. This obviously shows that these six great academies live up to their reputations of being able to coexist with Dao Emperor Academy.

“Brother Ao, it’s time to utilize the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram!” Zuoqiu Jun spoke abruptly to Ao Zhanbei that was ranked at the first position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

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