Chapter 1233 – The Tomb Of An Immortal King

Zuoqiu Jun’s roar was still reverberating when Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished a long time ago.

“That damnable bastard! It won’t be long before you’ll be dead!” Zuoqiu Jun gasped heavily for breath while his expression was terrifyingly gloomy. He knew that Chen Xi was taking revenge on them, yet he’d never imagined that being taken advantage of was actually so infuriating.

“Brother Jun, what should we do next?” A young man couldn’t help but ask. “I’m truly unable to swallow this grievance. Why don’t we pursue that kid and taking advantage of him while he’s hunting and killing Xeno-race experts?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly obtained the agreement of everyone else, and they nodded successively without end.

“No.” Zuoqiu Jun was stunned, and then he instantly calmed down and said with a flickering gaze, “Let me ask all of you, did all of you notice how that kid attacked?”

All of them gazed at each other, and then they fell into deep contemplation. As they recalled the scenes from before, they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of shock and extreme terror.

Yes, they actually weren’t able to discern exactly how Chen Xi had attacked!

“Do all of you understand now? That kid is absolutely not a weakling, on the contrary, he’s extremely dangerous. If he was attacking us earlier, then the outcome would probably truly be difficult to determine.” Zuoqiu Jun took a deep breath and sighed with emotion.

“He…wouldn’t have grasped the Spatial Grand Dao, right?” One of them spoke with surprise and bewilderment.

“Absolutely impossible!” As soon as these words were spoken, it suffered the objection of all the others. What a joke! The Spatial Grand Dao was one of the three supreme Laws that only existences at the Immortal King Realm could comprehend, so how could it possible be grasped by a Golden Immortal?

“It’s possible as well. Don’t forget that the Divine Crest bestowed to Yun Fusheng all those years ago was the Shadow of Time, and it was a branch of the Temporal Grand Dao.” Zuoqiu Jun’s brows knit together as he pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Perhaps Chen Xi has grasped a branch of the Spatial Grand Dao. But it’s weird because I clearly remember that he obtained the Five Element Divine Crest when he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm.”

The others were unable to wrap their heads around it no matter how they wracked their heads as well.

“Forget it. Let’s endure this matter for now. It won’t be long before there’ll naturally be someone who’ll deal with that kid. The important matter at hand is to head towards that Immortal King’s tomb as soon as possible.” Zuoqiu Jun waved his hand and directly instructed them.

The Immortal King’s tomb!

When this was mentioned, the gazes of the others shot towards the distance in unison. Over there was an illusory bridge that connected the heavens and the earth, and it was brilliant and radiance while it emanated an extremely enticing glow.


In the sky above a winding and broken river, space shook before a tall figure walked out from within it.

Unfortunately, even though I seized fourteen Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts from them, I wasn’t able to gather the materials in their possession… Chen Xi smacked his lips and thought with slight regret.

He was hidden extremely far in the distance earlier, and he’d utilized the Sword of Space’s Shadow Flash to seize the fourteen Xeno-race experts from Zuoqiu Jun and the others, and it could be considered to have vented the grievance in his heart.

“Move quickly, you must arrive at the Spatial Tide before night arrives. Otherwise, once night arrives, this entire Damon Star will fall into a violent state, and it would be impossible to even approach it by a step.” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly and warned Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and then he looked up into the sky. It was already dusk, and there was less than the time for an incense stick to burn before night descended.

He didn’t dare hesitate any longer and immediately rushed over at full speed.

All along the way, he didn’t encounter any other unexpected events, and coupled with the fact that Chen Xi was teleporting, he approached the Spatial Tide in almost ten minutes.

As he grew closer to the Spatial Tide that connected the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi felt even more shocked in his heart. The Spatial Tide was like an arched bridge that lay across the heavens and the earth, and it was suffused with dazzling radiance.

He was able to clearly notice that the scene around the Spatial Tide was changing swiftly. Winter left and spring arrived, and the four seasons interchanged. The plants grew and withered while the tide rose and fell, and it was actually completed in a short period of time and repeated continuously.

It felt as if he was observing time moving swiftly. In an instant, years had passed, and it caused others to feel a wisp of indescribable shock.

It was the might of time. Because the supreme Laws of time and space were gathered together to form this place, the only difference was that the Spatial Tide’s might was extremely chaotic and violent. Once those below the Immortal King Realm were to come into contact with it, they would instantly transform into ash!

I wonder how many people in the three dimensions are able to grasp the profundities of time and space… After he arrived here, Chen Xi slowed down and observed the surrounding environment as he sighed with emotion in his heart. The stronger one’s strength became, the clearer one would notice that one still had a long way to go.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to sigh with emotion because he noticed to his shock that there were already numerous figures standing before the door formed by the Spatial Tide, and there were actually no less than a hundred people!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi saw to his surprise that Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhen Lu were standing amongst this crowd of people.

Many students from all seven of the great academies seemed to have come… Chen Xi’s gaze swept the crowd and distinguished the identities of these people. Surprisingly, they were the students of the seven great academies that were participating in the exam, but not all of them had come here.

After all, each of the seven great academies had sent out fifty students, and they formed a total of three hundred and fifty students, whereas, there were only a little over a hundred students standing here.

This is really going to be slightly troublesome. Chen Xi frowned. The more people were here, the greater the competition would become, whereas even though such a place where fortune resided seemed like everyone had to depend on their own luck to obtain it, none of them would hold back when it truly came to fighting for the treasures.

He wasn’t afraid of the students from Dao Emperor Academy making a move against him, and he was mostly worried about the students from the other six academies instead.

After all, according to the rules that Zhou Zhili announced, they were only ordered not to fight against their peers from the academy, but there were no rules that prohibited them from fighting the students of other academies.

“Eh, Chen Xi. You’ve actually come as well, quickly come over here!” Meanwhile, a voice suddenly sounded out from afar. Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over, and he saw Ji Xuanbing was waving his hand towards him. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be shocked. He’d never imagined that Ji Xuanbing’s senses would be so acute because he’d concealed his tracks yet was still noticed by Ji Xuanbing.

Ji Xuanbing’s voice drew the attention of many people, and they shot their gazes over in succession.

“It really is Chen Xi.”

“I never expected that he would be able to arrive here.”

“Oh, this isn’t bad as well. With Chen Xi joining us, our certainty of being able to head into the Immortal King’s tomb will be slightly greater.”

Amidst the sound of these discussion, Chen Xi walked over there, and he nodded in greeting to all the students from Dao Emperor Academy.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi noticed that a total of sixteen students from Dao Emperor Academy had arrived here, and besides Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu, all the others were senior students.

Amongst those senior students was Ao Zhanbei that was ranked at the first position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, Ji Wenlei that was ranked at the third, Du Xun who was ranked at the fifth… Practically all of them were existences at the top amongst the top fifty on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

It could be said that amongst all of these people, Chen Xi could be said to only be slightly familiar with Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing, and he’d never spoken a single word to all the others. Thus, there was naturally no relationship between them.

However, Chen Xi didn’t care about all of this. He hadn’t come here because he had to rely on their strengths in order to gain a foothold here, and he had no intention to rely on their strengths at all. Thus, he naturally didn’t put on a very reserved display.

On the other hand, those senior students had a variety of expressions when they saw Chen Xi. Some were surprised, some vigilant, some seemed to be lost in thought, and some revealed a wisp of amiableness.

As students of Dao Emperor Academy, they were naturally extremely familiar with everything related to Chen Xi. However, most of them had never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to arrive here.

After all, they’d relied on the guidance from the powers that stood behind them to find out that such a place of fortune resided within the Nightmare Battlefield, whereas, Chen Xi was of ordinary origin yet was able to find this place. So it naturally caused them to feel surprised.

“Chen Xi, I’ve cultivated a secret technique that allows me to sense some hidden things, yet I never expected that I would inadvertently notice you. You won’t blame me for exposing you, right?” Meanwhile, Ji Xuanbing had already come over and smiled apologetically at Chen Xi.

His sincere attitude won a good impression from Chen Xi instead, and the trace of ill feelings in Chen Xi’s heart vanished without a trace. Chen Xi immediately said with a smile, “I intended to come over here in the first place, so how could I blame Brother Ji?”

“Alright, with you joining us, we might be able to obtain some fortune from within the tomb.” Ji Xuanbing smiled.

Chen Xi shook his head. “Brother Ji, you think too highly of me. To be honest, I don’t know anything about this tomb up until now. So I’m probably unable to be of much help and might be a burden for everyone instead.”

He was telling the truth. The tiny cauldron had only told him some vague information like this was the tomb of a great figure during the primeval times, yet the tiny cauldron had never told him the name of this tomb.

“Why’re you so garrulous? If you want to benefit from the tomb, then we have to collaborate, otherwise this fortune will probably be seized by the joint forces of the others.” Zhao Mengli walked over and glanced at Chen Xi. She spoke in a straightforward manner as well and didn’t conceal anything, causing the students of the other six academies to look over successively.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood that Ji Xuanbing and the others were worried that the other six academies would join forces to go against them. So all of them students from Dao Emperor Academy had put down all the grievances between each other and joined forces.

“Hmph! This fellow is someone that acts recklessly and in an unbridled manner. Just moments ago, he seized our prey, so aren’t all of you afraid that he’ll seize the opportunity to go against all of you if you collaborate with him?” Right at this moment, a cold grunt sounded out from afar. Along with this voice, Zuoqiu Jun’s group flew over from afar. All of them had gloomy expressions as they stared at Chen Xi with hostile gazes, and they seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to charge forward and take a few bites out of Chen Xi.

Originally, many students from the other six academies frowned upon noticing the appearance of Zuoqiu Jun and the others, and they revealed a wisp of worry on their faces. However, when they heard what Zuoqiu Jun said, all of them instantly heaved sighs of relief and seemed as if they were waiting to watch a show.

The reason was extremely simple. There was obviously an internal conflict going on between the students of Dao Emperor Academy, and they were only too anxious for a situation like this to appear.

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