Chapter 1232 – The Heavens Play Tricks On All

Chen Xi’s words caused the tiny cauldron to be momentarily stunned, and then it pondered deeply before it said, “According to my knowledge, that place where fortune resides is hidden within a Spatial Tide. If one isn’t aware of its pattern, then entering it is equivalent to giving one’s life away. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that they’ve grasped a method to enter it.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he heard this. “Senior, then what actually is hidden in that place?”

The tiny cauldron went silent for a long time before it said, “It’s the tomb of a great figure from the primeval times.”

The tiny cauldron’s voice actually carried a slightly complicated tone.

However, Chen Xi didn’t notice it as his attention was completely drawn by the content of the tiny cauldron’s words.

A great figure from the primeval times?


Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine exactly what cultivation realm that existence possessed to be able to be called a great figure by the tiny cauldron, and it was even a figure from the primeval times!

“Come, you’ll understand once you enter the tomb. I only hope that…it hasn’t been taken by another.” The tiny cauldron sighed faintly before falling into silence.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi noticed that the tiny cauldron’s mood was obviously downcast. This caused him to be unable to help but be stunned, and he silently guessed that there was a relationship between the tiny cauldron and this great figure from the primeval times.

Chen Xi shook his head and didn’t think any further because he wouldn’t be able to figure out anything even if he continued.

Subsequently, he didn’t stay here any longer. He cleared up the wealth in Lan Ting’s possession before directly descending onto Damon Star.

Damon Star was unlike the other stars, it was an entire ten or more times bigger than the other stars, and it was comparable to a large world. Moreover, it was filled with an indescribable aura of battle.

No matter if it was the mountains or plains, everywhere was covered in ruins, severed rivers, ground that was split apart, collapsed mountains, and surging seas of lava…

It seemed as if in the countless years of the past, this star that was covered in desolation had experienced numerous wars, and it was even to the extent that expanses of corpses could be seen being exposed in the air.

What a dense aura of slaughter! Chen Xi descended onto a barren mountain peak, and he instantly sensed an aura of slaughter assault his face. It was the aura of war that couldn’t be eliminated by the passage of time, and if it was any other person who’d arrived here, that person would probably be unable to help but feel terrified from this aura before that person’s mind would directly collapse.

However, this little bit of the aura of slaughter was utterly unable to affect Chen Xi.

Eh, that’s… Chen Xi’s gaze inadvertently glanced to the side and suddenly noticed that there was an illusory bridge that connected the heavens and the earth extremely far away in the distance. It was like the most resplendent flowing light, and it illuminated the entire heavens and the earth.

“That’s formed from the might of the Spatial Tide, and it’s the door to enter the tomb. The master of the tomb utilized his supreme ability all those years ago to transform the Spatial Tide into his own. Unfortunately, he only had the time to set up this door in the end, and he used this to defend the place where his bones are buried.” The tiny cauldron sighed.

Chen Xi gasped because a Spatial Tide was no joke. It was converged into form from the most chaotic temporal and spatial energies, and even existences at the Immortal King Realm wouldn’t dare say that they could easily gather such energy. As for experts at the other realms of cultivation, they would absolutely perish upon being swept into a Spatial Tide.

Yet the master of this tomb had actually made use of the might of the Spatial Tide for himself, and it obviously showed exactly how terrifying his strength was at that time.

“Wait, why didn’t he flee and chose this place to bury himself instead? Could it be that he knew he was going to die, so he created a tomb for himself?” After that, Chen Xi realized a problem and exclaimed with shock.

“Yes, he didn’t have the time to flee this place at that time.” The tiny cauldron said, “Even though this Nightmare Battlefield is a medium-sized battlefield now, many great figures had fought intensely with the Xeno-race here during the primeval times. Unfortunately, even though he killed all the Xeno-race experts in the end, the master of the tomb lost all his quintessence energy.”

When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron’s voice was slightly low and seemed to be unwilling to mention the past. It changed the topic and guided Chen Xi. “In the countless years after that, many experts of the three dimensions had once tried to step through that door. However, practically all of them returned empty handed. But I don’t dare confirm that no one has entered into it until now. After all, I haven’t come here for a very long time either.”

Chen Xi instantly realized that the tiny cauldron had come here once in the past!

“Come, let’s go ahead and take a look.” The tiny cauldron instructed.

Chen Xi nodded before his figure flashed towards the distance.

As he flew, Chen Xi observed the surroundings with concentration. To his surprise, he actually noticed that many formidable auras were gathered on Damon Star now.

However, these auras were mostly at the Golden Immortal Realm. This discovery caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink because he faintly felt that they’d probably come for the sake of the tomb of the great figure behind the Spatial Tide.

I never expected that a simple inner court exam would actually become a competition for fortune. Looks like there’s definitely deep meaning behind the reason why the academy arranged for the inner court exam to be held here… Chen Xi pondered deeply before he suddenly realized that he’d underestimated the inner court exam this time. If it wasn’t for the guidance of the tiny cauldron, he would have even missed this struggle to obtain fortune here.

He was very clearly aware that this was because the information he possessed was too little. He wasn’t like the disciples of those top powers that were able to obtain the guidance of the powers behind them no matter where they went.


Right at this moment, a wave of rumbling fluctuations of battle swept over from afar, and it swept towards the surroundings with a mighty impetus.

Chen Xi instantly stopped moving before the vertical eye between his brows opened up, and then it swiftly swept over. After a short moment, when he saw the situation in the distant battlefield clearly, a wisp of a strange smile instantly suffused the corners of his mouth as he muttered. It really is the will of the gods…


In the next moment, his figure flashed and vanished into thin air.

This was a boundless gorge that was covered densely in ravines, and it was entirely barren.

Yet at this moment, there were a few figures in intense battle with over ten Xeno-race experts. The situation of the battle was extremely intense, and they flattened numerous mountains.

Shockingly, the person in the lead of those figures was Zuoqiu Jun. At this moment, he was commanding the others in battle, and he said in a stern voice, “This group of idiots wishfully desire to ambush and crush us. Kill! Kill all of these bastards!”

His voice reverberated through the nine heavens.

“Kill!” The spirits of Zuoqiu Jun’s companions were refreshed, and they brought forth their entire cultivations and actually utterly suppressed those ten plus Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts.

This obviously showed that Zuoqiu Jun and his companions deserved to be ranked in the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

“Heh! I never expected that we would actually be able to kill a few targets on the way. It can be considered to be an unexpected gain. Bastards, die for your grandad!” A disciple from the Zuoqiu Clan roared with laughter as the sabre in his hand shook, and it transformed into a jet black glow that covered the sky before fiercely smashing onto that Xeno-race expert.

This strike was rather ruthless and overbearing, and it directly sealed off this Xeno-race expert’s path of retreat. It was obvious that when this strike descended, the Xeno-race expert would definitely be slashed apart.

However, right at this moment.


A shapeless strand of sword qi spread out from space, and it was shapeless and traceless as it easily annihilated the Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race expert before the jet black sabre glow descended.


Fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings and onto the entire body of that disciple from the Zuoqiu Clan, yet he seemed like a rabbit that had its tail stomped on. He stomped his feet with rage and roared. “Who is it?! Which bastard stole my prey!?”

This explosive shout instantly drew the attention of Zuoqiu Jun and the others, and they successively swept their gazes throughout the vicinity.

“What is it?”

“Someone is seizing our prey!”

“Dammit! Who is it? Get the fuck out here!”

The expressions of Zuoqiu Jun and the others instantly turned gloomy. Never had they imagined that there would actually be someone who had the courage to seize their prey at this critical moment.

Unfortunately, before they could search for the traces of their enemy, they were entangled once more by those ten plus Xeno-race experts because of this short gap in attacks, and they were unable to struggle free.

“Let’s deal with these bastards first!” Zuoqiu Jun immediately decided and gnashed his teeth as he shouted explosively.

The others could only agree to his decision, and they vented the flames of rage in their hearts onto these Xeno-race experts.


When a disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan was about to kill a Xeno-race expert that had fallen deeply into a hopeless situation, another shapeless strand of sword qi flashed into appearance, and it killed the Xeno-race expert before the disciple from the Zuoqiu Clan.

These sort of attacks that waited for the proper opportunity before they were executed, and this grasp of the perfect time had simply attained a peak state. It wasn’t too early or too late, it was just at the right time, and if this scene was seen by others, they would definitely clap and sigh with praise.

But all of this caused that disciple from the Zuoqiu Clan to be infuriated to the point of almost spitting blood. This prey that he’d worked hard to obtain was about to be annihilated before him when it was seized by another, and that sort of feeling was utterly distressing.

“Dammit! Who exactly is it?”

“Which damnable bastard is causing trouble?”

“Dammit! My fucking prey!”

At this moment, there was actually more than one voice that resounded at the same time, and they reverberated throughout the surroundings.

After that, they glanced at each other and realized that the Xeno-race experts they were dealing with had actually been killed by another at the same time!

Instantly, their expressions became extremely unsightly, and when they glanced once more towards their opponents, they noticed that only a single Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race expert was left…

“Dammit!!!” Zuoqiu Jun’s voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it revealed bone piercing coldness. He was infuriated in his heart, and he suddenly slapped his hand fiercely towards the last Xeno-race expert present here.

However, right at this moment, the shapeless strand of sword qi surged into appearance once more, and it flashed lightly before severing the head of the Xeno-race expert before Zuoqiu Jun’s attack could descend.


Fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings, and the scene was tragic, beautiful, and bloody.

However, Zuoqiu Jun’s entire face had flushed red instead. His nerves had bulged while his entire body was shivering with rage. Those were an entire fourteen Xeno-race experts at the Golden Immortal Realm, yet they’d actually been seized away right under his nose…

The expressions of the others were gloomy to the extreme as well. They gnashed their teeth to the point it emanated cracking sounds, and they almost exploded with rage.

“Sorry, I thought those Xeno-race experts didn’t belong to anyone. See you later. I hope I’ll have the chance to see all of you again.” Right at this moment, a light and indifferent voice slowly resounded.

After that, Zuoqiu Jun and the others noticed that a tall figure was waving at them from extremely far away, and his face even revealed a warm smile.

But when his voice entered into their ears, it was so ear piercing, and when his smile entered into their eyes, it was like the greatest ridicule in the world that caused their eyes to turn red.

“Chen Xi!!!! You damnable bastard! I won’t forgive you! Just you wait!” Zuoqiu Jun suddenly roared towards the sky while he revealed an extremely savage expression.

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