Chapter 1230 – Where Fortune Resides

Five months ago, when Chen Xi had just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm for a single month, he was already capable of going head on with Liu Zefeng and the other ten plus outer court students by himself.

All of them were existences at the Golden Immortal Realm and were elite figures amongst the seniors. Now, five months had passed since then, and Chen Xi had been in closed door cultivation within the world of stars, so his combat strength had improved a step further.

Under such circumstances, it wasn’t difficult at all for Chen Xi to annihilate these eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts. If it was not for him being worried that exposing a strength too formidable would terrify them and allow them to escape, he would have even ended the battle a long time ago.

Of course, it wasn’t that those Xeno-race experts were useless. Since they were able to survive in Nightmare Battlefield, their combat strengths were absolutely not something an ordinary Golden Immortal could compare to. It could only be said that they deserved to suffer misfortune from encountering a freak like Chen Xi.

At this moment, numerous wrecked corpses were floating in the starry sky while scarlet red blood had transformed into a red cloud that floated in space, and it emanated a horrifying stench of blood.

This Xeno-race army was from the Outerealm’s Lightogram World. They had the appearance of humans and the bodies of beasts, and their figures were 27m tall and possessed four arms, causing them to seem extremely bizarre.

According to the tiny cauldron’s guidance, Chen Xi withdrew numerous tiny grains from within the left ears of these Lightogram World experts. These tiny grains were an extremely miraculous organ that they were born with, and it was called an Ear Pocket that could be utilized as a storage immortal treasure.

If one wasn’t familiar with the characteristic of these members of the Lightogram World, probably no one would have imagined that these Ear Pockets actually had such a miraculous use.

Chen Xi tried to open up an Ear Pocket and noticed that the space within it was extremely large, and it was no different from a storage immortal treasure. There were many immortal materials that could only be found in the Outerealm within this Ear Picket, and the value of these materials was impossible to estimate.

After all, these were special products that only existed in the Outerealm, so their value had to be appraised one by one.

In the end, Chen Xi obtained 3,080 Ear Pockets, and the Ear Pockets of the eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts were different from the others. These eight Ear Pockets were completely golden and brilliant. They seemed like golden raindrops, and the treasures stored within them were extremely abundant as well.

Perhaps I can look for a Grand Appraiser to appraise the value of these treasures after I return to the academy. I’ll keep those that are useful to me and I’ll sell off the rest. I ought to be able to exchange them for a huge amount of wealth. A wisp of a satisfied smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

At this moment, Starry had made a move as well. He transformed into a devouring tempest that wiped away the energy of the Laws contained within these Xeno-race experts.

If this little fellow continues to devour like this, then it probably wouldn’t be long before the four Grand Dao Laws he possesses will attain perfection… As he looked at the delighted Starry and sensed the aura of the Laws in Starry’s body that was growing in strength, Chen Xi felt slightly envious in his heart because Starry didn’t have to temper or comprehend the Laws and could directly devour the Laws possessed by another for his own use. How could this not be something worthy of envy?

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the sound of air being torn apart resounded. Chen Xi turned around and saw that those five students from Cloudmist Academy were actually flying towards him.

Especially when he saw the woman with a curvaceous figure, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into a spurious smile. Even though he was in battle earlier, he’d clearly heard the conversation between them, so he was naturally aware that this woman intended to ‘offer timely assistance’ to him.

“So Fellow Daoist’s combat strength was actually so formidable. We can be considered to have been blind earlier.” Senior Brother Chu smiled as he walked forward, and he cupped his hand as he spoke apologetically. Meanwhile, his attitude had faintly undergone a great change, and his tone carried a trace of respect.

“You’re too kind.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Daoist Brother, could it be that you’re the expert from the Dragon Dimension, Ao Zhanbei, that’s ranked at the first on the Allheaven Golden Rankings of Dao Emperor Academy?” A young man couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course not.” Before Chen Xi could speak, one of them refuted this and said, “Based on this Daoist Brother’s combat technique, he’s obviously not someone from the Dragon Dimension. Not to mention that Ao Zhanbei probably doesn’t possess such combat strength.”

“Then could he be Zuoqiu Jun? I heard that he’s ranked at the second position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, right?” The curvaceous Senior Sister Liu spoke abruptly, and her gaze towards Chen Xi carried a wisp of burning anticipation.

Zuoqiu Jun was the young genius of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan. He possessed a deep background and extraordinary strength, so he received the respect of all no matter where he went. Even though Senior Sister Liu was a student of Cloudmist Academy, she’d heard many rumors related to Zuoqiu Jun.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi’s brows instantly knit together when these words were spoken, and then his expression remained the same as he said, “There’s no need for all of you to guess. My name is Chen Xi, and I’m not a member of the Zuoqiu Clan.”

Senior Sister Liu’s expression froze, and she faintly sensed that her words from before seemed to have inadvertently offended Chen Xi, causing her to be unable to help but feel vexed.

She didn’t know that she’d already offended Chen Xi a long time ago, and it was just that Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with her.

“Chen Xi!” Suddenly, one of them exclaimed with shock. “I know you. You’re the first amongst the new students in Dao Emperor Academy, and you even obtained the Praise of the Gods that exceeded the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth.”

When he spoke up to here, he hesitated and said, “But I remember that you just entered Dao Emperor Academy for two years. Could it be that you only utilized two years to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm and ascend into the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Senior Brother Chu and the others came to an understanding. They recalled many rumors related to Chen Xi, and they were extremely surprised in their hearts.

As students of Cloudmist Academy, they naturally took the students of Dao Emperor Academy to be their rivals at all times, so how could they not be clearly aware of who Chen Xi was?

It was even to the extent that if Chen Xi’s name was mentioned in any of the four great continents, then there would probably be no one that was unaware of it!

After all, he was the first student in the history of Dao Emperor Academy that had become the first amongst the new students while at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and his reputation shook the Immortal Dimension. So it was impossible for others to not be aware of him.

But never had they imagined that after just two years of time, this student of Dao Emperor Academy would actually advance into the Golden Immortal Realm and come to participate in the exam at Nightmare Battlefield.

This was the thing that shocked them the most.

For a time, the atmosphere was rather oppressive, yet Chen Xi felt slightly bored, and he said frankly, “Fellow Daoists, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll be bidding my farewells.”

As he spoke, he intended to leave with Starry.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, please wait a moment!” Senior Brother Chu hurriedly moved forward and said in a straightforward manner, “To tell you the truth, we came here because we want to collaborate with Daoist Brother Chen Xi in a matter.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Oh?”

Senior Brother Chu hurriedly spoke about the reason when he saw this. It turned out that their group had once headed to a star called Bloodink to temper themselves, and they’d inadvertently noticed that there were actually over thirty Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race beasts residing on Bloodink Star. However, after they noticed this, it was utterly impossible for them to go against these Xeno-race beasts with their ability, so they avoided these experts as soon as possible.

But after they witnessed Chen Xi’s formidable and heaven defying combat strength, they wanted to collaborate with Chen Xi and head to Bloodink Star to deal with those thirty plus Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race beasts. In this way, all of them would be able to hunt and kill some Xeno-race required in the exam, and it could be considered as a win-win situation.

After he finished speaking about all of this, Senior Brother Chu and the others looked at Chen Xi with anticipation.

However, Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head directly, “Everyone, I’m afraid I’ll have to let all of you down. I have another matter to deal with, and I’m unable to delay it any longer.”

Senior Brother Chu and the others couldn’t help but be disappointed when they heard this, and they he forced a smile and said, “Since it’s like that, then we won’t continue disturbing Daoist Brother Chen Xi.”

Chen Xi cupped his hands and said, “I hope we’ll have a chance to collaborate in the future.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed, and he started flying towards the depths of the distant starry sky with Starry.

“Hmph! What’s there to be so arrogant about? He’ll suffer misfortune sooner or later.” When she saw Chen Xi leave, the displeasure in Senior Sister Liu’s heart instantly erupted, and she grunted coldly.

“Such a matter isn’t something that can be forced. We can only blame ourselves for possessing insufficient strength, and we can’t blame anyone else.” Senior Brother Chu frowned as he swept Senior Sister Liu with his gaze, and he felt that she was going a bit too far.

Senior Sister Liu pursed her lips and was just about to say something when she noticed the attitude of the others towards her had turned cold as well. She instantly shut her mouth while feeling even more vexed in her heart. What exactly did I do wrong?

“Let’s go. A battle just occurred here, and it’ll probably draw over the attention of many Xeno-race experts. It’s better to leave as soon as possible. Let’s go find other Fellow Daoists and head to Bloodink Star to temper ourselves.” Senior Brother Chu waved his hand and led them off towards the distance.

“Why didn’t you agree to their request?” The tiny cauldron asked on the way.

“I don’t have the confidence to deal with over 30 Xeno-race beasts at the Golden Immortal Realm. Not to mention that I’m afraid an argument might occur when dividing the spoils after the battle if I collaborate with them. So instead of that, isn’t it better to not place myself in that trouble at all?” Chen Xi replied casually, and then he asked as he flew. “Senior, exactly what treasure is there on Damon Star?”

“You ought to be very well aware that this is a battlefield between the Xeno-race in the Outerealm and the three dimensions, and it has existed since the primeval times until now. So countless extraordinary and great figures have been buried here. Before they died, numerous ancient treasures were definitely in their possessions, and they might have even buried their own mantles of inheritance there.”

“Just think about it, in the countless years of the past, how many experts have fallen in this vast battlefield? They’re simply innumerable, so what does it mean? Fortune!” The tiny cauldron didn’t answer Chen Xi’s question direction, and it spoke about the fortune that might exist in this battlefield instead.

“Of course, others noticed this a very long time ago, and it’s even to the extent that numerous fortunes have been obtained by others. However, this doesn’t mean that good things can’t be found here.”

“Could it be that such fortune is present on Damon Star?” Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“I can’t confirm if it has been obtained, so it’s better to make a trip there ourselves.” The tiny cauldron didn’t conceal it from Chen Xi and spoke frankly.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and asked. “Is it dangerous?”

“Fortune is sought for amidst danger. The greater the fortune, the greater the danger. All those years ago, some Half-step Immortal King Realm experts found fortune that allowed them to advance into the Immortal King Realm from this vast battlefield. For example, the current Icesky Immortal King obtained a Saint Rebirth Dao Heart and broke through into the Immortal King Realm in one go.” The tiny cauldron inadvertently revealed a secret that caused Chen Xi’s heart to be unable to help but shake fiercely, and he was astounded in his heart. Never had he imagined that this vast battlefield actually possessed such heaven defying and supreme fortune.

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