Chapter 1229 – Clean Sweep


Within the boundless starry sky, Chen Xi’s figure flashed before vanishing. At this moment, he’d utilized the Starsky Wings along with teleportation.

This was a Divine Ability inherited from the Master of the Manor, and a single flap of these wings drew upon the might of a myriad of stars, causing it to be suffused with starlight. He simply seemed like a fish in water when utilizing the Starsky Wings within this boundless starry sky.

When looked at from afar, it was like a wisp of flowing starlight that flickered repeatedly in space, and it traversed the distance of over ten stars with every flicker. Its speed was unbelievably swift.

Moreover, because he was moving in between stars, using the Starsky Wings was like a natural form of protection, causing him to be extremely difficult to notice.

I never expected that the Starsky Wings actually possessed such ability. It’s actually absorbing the energy of the stars to strengthen itself… As he flew, Chen Xi noticed to his surprise that every single aperture on his body was actually absorbing the energy of the stars through the Starsky Wings, and then this energy was converted into pure and powerful Immortal Force that surged within the world in his body.

It was precisely under the replenishment from the energy of the stars that not only did the Immortal Force he exhausted recover quickly, it even caused the Immortal Force within his body to constantly accumulate, and it indirectly improved his cultivation by a shred!

The Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Technique was a technique that drew upon the energy of the stars to temper the body, whereas the Starsky Wings carry a supplementing effect to it. Perhaps its normal that it’s able to possess such profound ability now, and it’s only because I never noticed this in the past… Chen Xi pondered briefly before he understood the reason behind it, and then his spirits were refreshed. The inner court exam this time lasted for an entire three months of time, if he was able to absorb the energy of the stars every single day, then perhaps he would be able to charge into the Embody Heaven Level and attain the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm…


Suddenly, a strand of intense fluctuation arose from the distant starry sky, and it was like a thunderclap that swept over and caused a wave of ripples to arise in space.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and didn’t dare continue his train of thought. The vertical eye between his brows swept over from afar, and he noticed that there were a few figures flying over towards him at an extremely swift speed.

Besides that, behind those figures was actually a Xeno-race army that covered the heavens and the earth as they flew in pursuit, and they revealed an extremely vast and mighty impetus.

“Quick! It’s actually a group of three thousand Xeno-race experts. We’ve obviously fallen into an ambush!”

“Dammit! There’re even eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts leading the group. This is absolutely a trap that was planned for a long time…”

“Cut the crap! Flee! Quickly!”

In practically an instant, those figures were about to arrive before Chen Xi.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi finally noticed that they were actually students from Cloudmist Academy. There were three men and two women amongst them, and the pattern of cloudy mist was embroidered on their left shoulder.

“Eh? A Fellow Daoist from Dao Emperor Academy?” At the same moment, they noticed Chen Xi as well, and one of them spoke with surprise. They’d discerned from the Violet Ribbon Starcrest that floated on Chen Xi’s left shoulder that he was from Dao Emperor Academy.

Instantly, their expression turned slightly pale, and they revealed a wisp of fear.

“Fellow Daoist, let me take the liberty to advise you that it’s best to flee for now.” One of the women in an emerald green dress couldn’t help but speak in a light voice.

“Thank you for your guidance, Fellow Daoist. I’ve already noticed the situation behind all of you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. These students of Cloudmist Academy weren’t too bad. At the very least, they’d taken the time to warn him.

“Fellow Daoist, you don’t intend to leave? Even though you’re from Dao Emperor Academy, if you’re encircled by those three thousand Xeno-race experts while by yourself, then you’ll probably be in a bad situation.” A tall and black clothed young man frowned as he spoke.

“Forget it, Senior Brother Chu. There’s no need to continue persuading him. He’s a student of Dao Emperor Academy, so he doesn’t need us to persuade him. If he wants to flaunt his superiority, then let him go ahead. We should leave as soon as possible.” A woman with a plump and curvaceous figure frowned and spoke with displeasure, and she seemed as if she was complaining that her companions were busybodies.

Chen Xi was stunned and glanced at that woman before moving his gaze away, and then he looked towards the distance. At this moment, the vast Xeno-race army could be seen very clearly, and they would catch up in a very short moment.

The impetus of the army was vast and mighty indeed. Especially at the back of the army, there were eight terrifying auras that shot into the sky, and they were probably the eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts that those students from Cloudmist Academy spoke about.

After searching for so long, I’ve finally encountered a target I can annihilate… Oh, I’ll be able to get another huge amount of wealth from killing them. Chen Xi muttered in his heart while his eyes that were dark like an abyss suddenly brightened.

“Fellow Daoist, good luck. Let’s go!” When he saw Chen Xi remained indifferent, the black clothed and tall young man called Senior Brother Chu frowned before waving his hand in the end, and he led the others to leave swiftly.

To all of them, facing an army of three thousand Xeno-race experts led by eight Xeno-race experts at the Golden Immortal Realm was indeed like giving their lives away, so they had no choice but to flee.

As for Chen Xi, they’d already warned him, but since he didn’t appreciate their kindness, they wouldn’t continue persuading him. All of them only more or less sighed emotionally in their hearts. The students of Dao Emperor Academy really are arrogant…


However, ‘Senior Brother Chu’ and the others hadn’t left for long when a world shaking and terrifying fluctuation suddenly arose from behind them, and then a wave of miserable sounds of battle shot into the sky.

“They’ve really collided?” Their group swiftly turned around, and then they saw a scene that caused them to be shocked speechless.

In the boundless starry sky, there was a tall figure that stood in midair while a casual swing of the immortal sword in his hand would cause numerous extraordinary and thick strands of sword qi to shoot out. The members of the Xeno-race army at the front were actually forcefully annihilated into a path of blood, and at least over a hundred Xeno-race experts had lost their lives in an instant.

This was merely the might of a single strike!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before they could recover from their shock, they saw numerous strands of brilliant sword qi shooting out violently, and these strands of sword qi crisscrossed together as they filled the entire sky. Instantly, the Xeno-race army was split apart while blood sprayed throughout the starry sky like a tempest.

For a time, the sounds of battle, wailing, and furious howls intersected together and reverberated through the surroundings without end. This was the most common scene on Nightmare Battlefield because it was extremely unusual if there was no battle on a battlefield.

However, the situation before their eyes was rather rare because it was a battle between a single person and a vast army. Moreover, based on the current situation, it was actually the single person that had occupied an absolute advantage!




Fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings while corpses fell.

At this moment, Chen Xi just happened to seem like a peerless and invincible sharp blade, and he forcefully slashed into the Xeno-race army while life after life was reaped mercilessly wherever he passed.

The army of three thousand Xeno-race experts seemed to be small in number, but when one actually looked at them, one would realize that it was such a vast array that it simply covered the heavens and the earth.

But at this moment, this army was utterly routed by Chen Xi alone, and blood flowed into a river and simply seemed as if it would taint this expanse of the starry sky red!

“Isn’t this fellow…a bit too abnormal?” One of them gasped because he’d clearly noticed that the eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts had made a move. They’d encircled the handsome young man, yet they were actually unable to suppress him.

It wasn’t just him, the other students revealed shocked expressions as well. Formidable! Too Formidable! He’s simply a freak!

“Should we…go help him?” The woman with a plump and curvaceous figure hesitated before she asked. “Those are eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts. It’s probably very difficult for him to deal with all of them. If we make a move now, then we’ll be able to help him resolve the danger he’s facing and annihilate some exam objectives. It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.”

The others instantly guessed what she was thinking when they heard this. Obviously, she intended to ‘offer timely assistance’ after noticing that the Xeno-race army had been utterly defeated and those eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts were unable to suppress Chen Xi.

Of course, the timely assistance here can be explained as taking advantage of the situation. However, no one exposed this. After all, they were rather enticed by it at this moment as well.

“Senior Sister Liu, it isn’t really good to do that, right?” One of them licked their lips while speaking hesitantly.

“What’s not good about it? We can be considered to be lending a hand, so not only would that young man not mind, he would probably even be grateful to us.” The curvaceous Senior Sister Liu spoke swiftly, and she became more and more excited as she spoke. She seemed to have completely forgotten that she’d given Chen Xi a cold look earlier and ridiculed him for trying to flaunt his superiority.

“It’s too late.” Meanwhile, Senior Brother Chu who was in the lead spoke abruptly, and it caused all the others to be stunned. After that, when they saw the scene on the distant battlefield clearly, all their expressions instantly changed.

Right at this moment, the figure of Chen Xi who’d originally been encircled by those eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts suddenly flashed, and then his body suddenly erupted with an extremely terrifying imposing aura that was more than two times stronger than before!

After that, he raised his hand and slashed, causing a wisp of sword qi that emanated divine radiance that illuminated the entire sky to sweep towards all directions.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A string of scarlet red and warm blood sprayed into the surroundings as eight heads shot into the sky. Their expressions were still savage, cruel, vicious, and bloodthirsty, and perhaps even until the moment of their death, they hadn’t had the chance to realize what had occurred.

With merely a single sword strike, eight Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts had been annihilated!

When they witnessed this astounding scene, the mouths of all those five students from Cloudmist Academy couldn’t help but gape open whiles their pupils constricted rapidly, and their entire bodies experienced bone piercing coldness as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

None of them had imagined that such a formidable group of Xeno-race experts would actually be completely annihilated by that handsome young man alone within less than ten minutes of time!

Exactly how formidable is this fellow?

Which peerless student of Dao Emperor Academy is he?

At this moment, Senior Brother Chu felt his mind drone while numerous thoughts arose within it.

Especially the curvaceous Senior Sister Liu, her expression was both ashen and livid. She was still intending to ‘offer generous assistance’ to Chen Xi earlier, yet never had she imagined that Chen Xi didn’t need her help at all. This was simply like a silent slap that caused her entire body to feel uncomfortable.


Starclasp returned to its sheath and emanated a clear howl that resounded in the sky, and it jolted awake Senior Brother Chu and all the others from their shock.

In the next moment, they noticed that Chen Xi’s lone figure was cleaning up the horrifying battlefield that was covered in blood and corpses while the boundless and dazzling starry sky lay behind him. This scene was both bloody and magnificent, and it shook the hearts of all.

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