Chapter 1228 – Enemies In The Shadows

Over a thousand Void Hawks were equivalent to over a thousand existences at the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

Such an amount was sufficient to stop Chen Xi in his footsteps when he hadn’t advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, but Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to before now.

As a Golden Immortal, his cultivation realm carried an absolute advantage, and it was utterly not something that Mysterious Immortal Realm experts could go against with numbers. Not to mention Chen Xi wasn’t an ordinary Golden Immortal.

His foundation was extraordinarily solid, over a hundred times that of his peers, and he’d even grasped the Five Element Divine Crest and various supreme inheritances from the Infinite Divine Talisman. In terms of combat strength, he could be said to be a freak that couldn’t be appraised by convention.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had withdrawn Starclasp and slashed down with the Sword of Water. A strand of sword qi that shot into the sky instantly transformed into a boundless ocean that enveloped that area of the heavens and the earth, and it seemed as if it wanted to completely drown it!

Squawk! Squawk!

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

A wave of extremely miserable and sharp cries rose and fell from within the boundless ocean while the over 1,000 Void Hawks hidden within the wind were unable to struggle free from the surging ocean of sword qi no matter how they struggled, and they instead perished faster the more they struggled.

In merely a few breaths of time, the large group of Void Hawks were completely annihilated, and there actually wasn’t a single one that was able to escape!

Starry roared excitedly when he saw this and hastily charged forward while his body surged with the energy of the Laws of Devour, and he was like a tempest that swept through the surroundings.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Corpse after corpse of Void Hawks were swallowed dry by him, and they transformed into powder. Fortunately, Starry knew how to restrain himself and left behind the sharp beaks of all these Void Hawks.

Chen Xi nodded with satisfaction when he saw this scene, and he praised Starry for being obedient and sensible in his heart. After that, he flicked his sleeve and started to gather the spoils.

Presently, he was establishing the Star Alliance, and once the Star Alliance expanded in the future, it could absolutely not do without deep financial support. Chen Xi didn’t want to rely on A’xiu to maintain the development of the Star Alliance because that would only cause him to feel even more embarrassed in his heart. So he intended to seize this opportunity to earn as much wealth as he could.

In next to no time, the man and beast had cleared up the battlefield.

On the other hand, Starry still seemed to be hungry and unsatisfied. His gaze descended onto the short peak at the first possible moment, and then he charged over.

“Another glutton.” Chen Xi derided before following behind.


A shapeless soundwave erupted from Starry’s mouth, and it shook the surrounding space like a tornado. Instantly, the short peak transformed into powder and ash that covered the sky.

After that, a fist sized crystal that was completely suffused with dense silver starlight flew up with a swish and revolved in the air before Starry grabbed it in his mouth.

Obviously, Starry was extremely happy at this moment. He seemed as if he’d obtained a scrumptious buffet, and he started licking it over and over again instead of hastily swallowing it.

Chen Xi walked forward and Starry instantly protected the crystal in a vigilant manner, and he seemed pitiable as if Chen Xi wanted to seize it from him.

“Let me have a look first, then you can eat it.” Chen Xi slapped Starry on the head and forcefully pulled out the crystal from Starry’s mouth.

At this instant, it seemed like there was a star that was rising in his palm. It was suffused with silver starlight that was dazzling and resplendent, and it flowed with exuberant vitality that assaulted the face.

This was a Starcore, the essence of a star, and it could only be formed after a star experienced countless years of growth.

No matter if it was equipment refinement or pill refinement, this treasure carried an unbelievable effect, and it was similarly a precious treasure that couldn’t be found in the Immortal Dimension.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and returned the Starcore to Starry in the end. It couldn’t be helped, he felt he owed it to the little fellow after leaving the little fellow in the Buddha’s Pagoda for too long.

Crack! Crack!

Starry didn’t hesitate again this time, and he started chewing as soon as he opened his mouth to receive it. Starry ate to the point starlight shot out from between his teeth, and the aura in his entire body actually increased greatly in this short period of time. The snow white and fluffy fur on his body even emanated strands of piercingly cold starlight, and it faintly carried a wisp of a pure and mysterious aura.

“The little fellow is on the verge of breaking through. If nothing unexpected happens, then he’ll almost be able to attain the perfection-stage in the Mysterious Immortal Realm with another ten or so Starcores.” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly and guided Chen Xi on to Starry’s cultivation.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “In any case, I still have to slaughter Xeno-race experts in this Nightmare Battlefield, so seizing this opportunity to gather some Starcores isn’t bad either.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi’s gaze suddenly shot towards the northwest and said, “While I was killing those Void Hawks earlier, I sensed a rather formidable aura, and it ought to be a Xeno-race expert that’s equivalent to a Golden Immortal. I should seize this opportunity to deal with him.” Chen Xi immediately brought Starry who’d ate his fill to flash towards the northwest.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi left, a few figures suddenly tore through the sky and arrived here on Void Star. Shockingly, the person in the lead was Zuoqiu Jun.

“Brother Jun, I’ve detected the aura that kid left behind. He ought to have left a little while ago.” A black clothed young man took a deep breath and executed a secret technique to search the surroundings for a long time before his eyes lit up, and then he spoke swiftly.

The spirits of the others were instantly refreshed, and they gazed at Zuoqiu Jun. “Should we pursue him?”

Zuoqiu Jun pondered deeply for a moment before he waved his hand and said, “No. That kid is extremely cunning. A’Yin suffered a terrible loss at his hands during the second round of the recruitment test. Not to mention that according to the rules of the exam this time, we can’t make a move against him, otherwise if any mishap occurs, then we’ll be expelled from the academy, and that wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Then what should we do now?” asked one of them.

Zuoqiu Jun let out ghastly laughter and rubbed his chin before he said slowly, “I’ll naturally notify the people that should know this piece of information, and we don’t have to worry about anything else. Let me see how tragically this bastard will die this time!”

“Come, let’s go hunt some Xeno-race experts and strive to attain the minimum requirements of the inner court exam as soon as possible.” As soon as he finished speaking, Zuoqiu Jun led the group and left swiftly.


A strand of sword qi shot into the sky, and it gave rise to boundless radiance that illuminated the heavens and the earth.

An enormous Void Hawk with a wingspan of over 3km suddenly let out a sharp cry of terror, and it intended to flap its wings and flee.

Unfortunately, it was still a step too late. Its head was mercilessly slashed off by the strand of sword qi, causing fresh blood to spray out and taint the earth.

Starry swiftly pounced forward and started to devour the energy of the Laws within its corpse, whereas Chen Xi skillfully started to clear up the spoils. Their cooperation was extremely good.

At the same time, Chen Xi clearly sensed that an extra piece of information had appeared within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest in his body, and it was called a Combat Exploits Record. Surprisingly, the number one was written behind it. It represented that he’d hunted and killed one Xeno-race expert at the Golden Immortal Realm during the inner court exam this time.

“Strange, this Void Hawk is considered a member of the Xeno-race?” Chen Xi had seen many strange Xeno-race experts, yet it was the first time he’d found out that there were birds amongst the Xeno-race.

“You’ve seen Azure Phoenixes and True Phoenixes, right? So, it’s naturally not strange for this Void Hawk to be a member of the Xeno-race.” The tiny cauldron answered him indifferently. “A very long time ago, the ancestor of the Void Hawks was a god of wind born within the chaos. Unfortunately, he betrayed the three dimensions in the end.”

Chen Xi was aware that even though the Xeno-race were considered another species, yet they were actually various living beings that had been expelled from the three dimensions during the primeval times because of a struggle amongst sects.

Obviously, the tiny cauldron was similarly clearly aware of some ancient history.

In the following period of time, Chen Xi led Starry along to continue finding opponents on Void Star. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find even one more Xeno-race expert at the Golden Immortal Realm.

On the contrary, he encountered numerous Void Hawks, and all of them were killed by Chen Xi and transformed into Starry’s meals.

Six hours later.

“This Void Star is at the edge of the battlefield in the end. If I want to hunt even more Xeno-race experts, then it looks like I can only head to the depths of Nightmare Battlefield.” Chen Xi stopped on the spot and gazed concentratedly at the surroundings. He’d searched this entire star, and he didn’t notice anything further, so he immediately decided to leave.


He glanced at the map within the jade slip and scanned it carefully. Even though Nightmare Battlefield was only a medium-sized battlefield between the three dimensions and the Outerealm, it covered a few tens of thousands of stars and was extremely vast. Moreover, the deeper one went, the more dangerous it became.

Chen Xi looked along the map to find Void Star, and then he started to size up the nearby stars. However, he noticed that there were many stars for him to choose from, and he was instead at a loss for which one to choose.

“Head to Damon Star.” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron gave him a name.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he searched the map for a short while. Sure enough, he saw a star called Damon Star. However, this star was extremely far away from Void Star, and there were almost over a thousand stars in between them. It was already almost at the central area of Nightmare Battlefield.

“Could it be that Senior knows something about the situation on Damon Star?” After a short while, Chen Xi put the map away and couldn’t refrain from asking the tiny cauldron because he’d felt it was slightly strange since the beginning when the tiny cauldron requested to go along with him to Nightmare Battlefield.

Now that the tiny cauldron actually directly spoke the name of a star, it caused Chen Xi to guess in his heart that the tiny cauldron might have come here for a reason.

“You’ll know when you get there. There’ll be no lack of benefit for you.” The tiny cauldron’s reply was ambiguous yet extremely enticing. Because Chen Xi was very well aware that the benefit the tiny cauldron spoke about was definitely an extremely great benefit of extraordinary worth.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi stopped hesitating and shot into the distance with Starry by his side. In a short period of time, he’d left Void Star and arrived in the depths of the starry sky.

Damon Star… At any rate, I have to hunt and kill Xeno-race experts this time. So it naturally can’t be any better if I’m able to seize this opportunity to obtain some benefits. Chen Xi strode through space and took a deep breath as he looked at the stars that covered the sky. He suddenly noticed that the inner court exam this time had actually caused him to feel even more anticipation.

Starcores, Damon Star, the tiny cauldron’s objective… If the threat that might come from the Zuoqiu Clan was included, then it was simply an exciting and risky journey to look for treasures.

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