Chapter 1227 – Void Hawks

The conversation in the hall ended with the display of a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact and Two Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts.

Early in the morning on the next day, dawn had just arrived when Zhou Zhili led Chen Xi and the others to the central square in Dreamcloud City.

At this moment, there were already many people gathered here. Besides the students of the other six great academies, there were actually numerous experts from other powers. All of them were at the Golden Immortal Realm, and they seemed to intend to go along with them to slaughter Xeno-race experts on the Nightmare Battlefield.

This was extremely normal. Even though Nightmare Battlefield was a medium-sized battlefield, it was filled with countless Xeno-race experts, and it was utterly impossible for them to be completely annihilated by the students of the seven great academies alone.

Not to mention that all these students had come for the sake of an exam, whereas the other experts had come purely to kill Xeno-race experts. Their objective was very simple as well, it was to slaughter Xeno-race experts because doing so would allow them to obtain numerous immortal materials and treasures that couldn’t be found in the Immortal Dimension.

“Remember to always put your safety first. If you encounter a lethal mishap, then utilize the message talisman, and we’ll naturally come to rescue you.” Zhou Zhili instructed all the students before him, and then he waved his hand and said, “Set out.”

Chen Xi and all the other students immediately headed towards the large-scale teleportation formation on the central square.


A wave of rumbling resounded before Chen Xi and the other forty nine students from Dao Emperor Academy vanished.

“All of us have to prepare to set out at any moment. The Nightmare Battlefield is filled with numerous dangers and mishaps occur at all times. We have to go rescue them if they meet with any disaster,” said Zhou Zhili to Wang Daolu, Taba Tianxi, and Zuoqiu Taiwu.

The three of them nodded.


When Chen Xi opened his eyes once more, he’d appeared on an extremely desolate star.

The teleportation formation actually separated me from everyone else. Chen Xi took a deep breath before he swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he noticed there wasn’t any danger before he withdrew a map that was inscribed into a jade talisman. On it was some information related to the layout of Nightmare Battlefield.

Nightmare Battlefield was situated at the edge of the river of stars, and it was an area formed from a few tens of thousands of stars. The geographical layout of the area was extremely complicated, and the space between the stars were filled with spatial tides, spatial rifts, black holes, spatial storms, and various other terrifying disasters of the universe. The environment could be said to be horrible to the extreme.

My current position is probably at the edge of Nightmare Battlefield, a star called Void Star. According to the information on the jade slip, this star is filled with numerous dangers… After a short while, Chen Xi frowned as he put the jade slip away, and his gaze instantly became murderous while the vital energy in his entire body surged. He’d entered into a state of battle.


In the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure transformed into an ethereal shadow that shot towards the distance, and he didn’t utilize teleportation because he worried about suffering a mishap.

Void Stars were filled with numerous Void Hawks, and they frequently hid within the wind of the void to hunt their prey. They were like invisible assassins that were impossible to guard against.

After a short moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and stared blankly ahead. After that, a wisp of guilt arose on his face. Subsequently, he flicked his sleeve, and then an immortal beast that was completely snow white, large like a lion, and emanated an oppressive domineering aura appeared by his side. It was precisely the Starsoul Beast, Starry.

Actually, since Starry had entered Dao Emperor Academy with Chen Xi, it had always been residing within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and if it hadn’t transmitted a strand of intent that alarmed Chen Xi, Chen Xi would have almost forgotten it. So he naturally felt slightly guilty in his heart.


Starry howled as it ran around excitedly. Obviously, it was extremely bored with the Buddha’s Pagoda, and it only returned to Chen Xi’s side after a long time and glared at him resentfully.

Chen Xi felt guilty once more and hurriedly withdrew some immortal dew for Starry. Starry moved forward and gave it a sniff before revealing detest instead, and then it shook its head repeatedly.

Chen Xi was stunned. “…”

“Starsoul Beasts only like to devour the Starcores. What you’re doing now will never be able to make it grow up.” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron spoke slowly. Coming to the Outerealm Battlefield seems to have caused it to be extremely satisfied, and its tone became much warmer. “In my opinion, this little fellow innately possesses the Grand Dao Laws of wind, fire, star, and devour. Especially this Devour Laws are extremely rare, and it makes this Starsoul Beast’s natural talent on par with primeval divine beasts.”

Starry raised its chest proudly when it heard this, and then shook its head complacently as if it knew the tiny cauldron was praising it.

But when it moved its gaze onto Chen Xi, it instantly became disappointed and resentful. It seemed to be blaming Chen Xi for not only leaving it by itself but not even giving it anything to eat. It felt that Chen Xi was simply heartless.

“Senior, what’re Starcores? Where should I find them?” Chen Xi hurriedly rubbed Starry’s fluffy head before he asked the tiny cauldron how he should deal with the problem of allowing Starry to cultivate successfully because it was the first time that he’d heard of Starcores.

After all, the sky of the Immortal Dimension was boundless vast and ordinary immortals were utterly unable to fly up into the sky, let alone pluck a star down.

“After a star is born and experiences countless years of time, a Starcore of its own would be formed. That’s where the essence of the star resides. Losing it will cause the entire star to become barren while its vitality will dry up.” The tiny cauldron said casually, “If it’s in the Immortal Dimension, then perhaps it’s extremely difficult to obtain a Starcore. But on the battlefield between the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm, obtaining a Starcore isn’t that difficult. For example, you’re currently standing on a star yourself, and you only have to find the hiding place of its Starcore.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he swept the surroundings with his gaze before he said with a frown, “It’ll probably require many years for me to search this entire star with my current Immortal Sense. It’s fine if my luck is good, but if it isn’t, then I would have wasted time for nothing.”

The inner court exam this time had a deadline of three months. Those that didn’t meet the requirements would be directly disqualified, whereas the basic requirements to pass was to kill at least a hundred Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race Experts. So if this was considered, then he didn’t really have much time.

“Stupid. Don’t you have him?” The tiny cauldron spoke in a disappointed tone.


Starry glanced at Chen xi with extreme disdain as well. Starry felt as if this fellow seemed to not have the slightest idea of exactly how formidable it was, and it felt that Chen Xi was extremely stupid.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be ashamed from being looked down upon by a beast and a cauldron.


Right at this moment, a gentle breeze blew over, and it felt like the tender hand of a lover.


Chen Xi seemed as if he was facing a great enemy instead. His eyes suddenly focused while he stretched out his hand and grabbed, and he dragged out a strange bird that had an ugly appearance, scarlet red and bloodthirsty eyes, a sharp beak, and suffused with an icy cold and metallic sheen from within the breeze.

Squawk! Squawk!

The strange bird was caught off guard and was captured by Chen Xi, and it let out a wave of terrified sharp cries that sounded hoarse and jarring.

“A Void Hawk?” Chen Xi sensed the aura of the strange bird in his hand and noticed that it was actually comparable with a cultivator at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and it was extremely shocking. If he was careless earlier and was pierced by this sharp beak, then he would have absolutely suffered a heavy injury.


Chen Xi directly twisted the neck of the strange bird, and then withdrew Starclasp before slashing off its sharp beak. This was a mid-stage immortal material that was extremely rare and utterly impossible to find in the Immortal Dimension, and in terms of value, it was almost on par with a high-stage immortal material.

“This thing was hiding within the wind. It obviously has grasped the Laws of Wind. If I suffer sneak attacks like this, then it will truly be impossible to guard against.” Chen Xi casually tossed away the corpse of the Void Hawk, yet he never expected that Starry actually opened its mouth wide and bit it before chewing it down in large mouthfuls.

Chen Xi was able to clearly notice that the obscure aura of devouring that suffused Starry’s body was actually absorbing the Laws of Wind within the corpse of the Void Hawk!

“This…” Chen Xi was slightly stunned. He’d never imagined that Starry could actually utilize the Laws of Devour to transform the Laws of another into its own, and such ability could be considered as extremely abnormal.

Just think about it, every time he killed an enemy, Starry would be able to absorb some of the Grand Dao Laws within his enemy’s body. If this continued, then Starry didn’t have to cultivate and comprehend the Laws at all while the Grand Dao Laws Starry possessed would rise explosively, so it was rather terrifying.

“Unfortunately, the little fellow is still in his infancy, so he can only absorb and refine less than 10% of the Grand Dao Laws possessed by another. If he attains maturity, then he can even completely seize the Grand Dao Laws possessed by another and transform it into his own.” The tiny cauldron sighed lightly and seemed to feel that Chen Xi was wasting a gift given by god and blamed him for not fostering Starry since the beginning.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but rub his nose when he heard this, and he thought in his heart. I’ve grasped the Laws of Devour now as well. If I absorb the energy of the Laws from my opponents, then would I be able to transform them into my own?

“It’s best if you don’t do that. Unless you’ve condensed the Laws of Devour into an Allheaven Divine Crest, otherwise the Grand Dao Laws you absorb will only be impure, and it’ll affect your cultivation instead.” The tiny cauldron seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and it immediately warned him. “As for this little fellow, he won’t suffer such influence because its bloodline and ability aren’t something you can compare to.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and instantly discarded this thought. No matter how tempting it was, anything that would influence his cultivation negatively was something he would absolutely not do.

Slurp! Slurp!

Starry licked its lips while seeming to be unsatisfied, and his eyes glowed as he gazed at Chen Xi as if he was saying that he wanted to eat more…

“Come, we’ll kill them as we look for the Starcore!” Chen Xi laughed heartily when he saw this, and then he stopped thinking about all this and flew towards the distance.

This time, he executed the Eye of Divine Truth, causing a vertical eye to silently split open between his brows. In this way, he could clearly see through any disguises, causing the tracks of the Void Hawks to be visible to him even if they were hidden within the wind.

On the other hand, Starry dashed by his side while sniffing from time to time, and it was searching for the aura of the Starcore all along the way.

Chen Xi was amused from this scene and felt that Starry was like a snow white and fluffy dog at this moment, and it was extremely silly, yet charming.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, a short and jagged peak appeared ahead. Starry suddenly stopped moving and howled excitedly before intending to charge towards the peak.

“Wait!” Chen Xi stopped Starry while the vertical eye between his brows suddenly swept towards the short peak.

In his field of vision, the surrounding space of the peak was filled with strong winds that whistled by, and numerous Void Hawks were fluttering within it. They formed a dense mass that covered the heavens and the earth, and they tightly enveloped the entire peak. There were at least over a thousand of them!

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