Chapter 1226 – The Shadow Of Immortal Kings

Nightmare Battlefield.

There was a vast river of stars that stretched across like a natural chasm, and it separated the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm. The camp of the Immortal Dimension was on this side, and the camp of the Xeno-race was on the other side.

This river of stars was taken to be a river of stars that belonged to the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm, and it was boundlessly vast and seemed to stretch on without end.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here under Zhou Zhili’s lead, they’d arrived in the starry sky, and they saw this river of stars that wound through the universe.

It was said to be a river of stars, yet it was actually countless stars gathered together. It didn’t flow with water, but numerous enormous stars, so calling it a river of stars was extremely suitable.

“This is the border between the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm. Since the primeval times until now, countless world shaking battles have erupted around this river of stars, and similarly, countless extraordinary figures have been buried there.” Zhou Zhili pointed towards the distant river of stars, and his reserved expression revealed a wisp of emotion. “It can be said that the situation within the three dimensions could be so stable and flourishing because of the blood and lives of countless predecessors in battle. They…are the true existences that provided the greatest service to the three dimensions!”

Everyone aroused deep respect in their hearts, and a wisp of hot blood couldn’t help but surge within them. It was the admiration and respect they had towards the countless predecessors before them.

The Xeno-race were irreconcilably hostile with the three dimensions, and there was a blood feud amongst them. So how could any of them have a good impression of such an enemy?

It was just as the saying went, those that were not of my race definitely had ill intentions!


Right at this moment, a world shocking rumble suddenly arose from the depths of the distant river of stars, and it was so loud that the entire starry sky rumbled.

At the same time, everyone noticed a slender, graceful, and fair finger penetrate the boundless river of stars, and it crushed numerous stars while fiercely pointing towards the depths of the river.


A roar of a beast resounded before an extraordinarily enormous black colored mammoth strode through the starry sky. A wave of its nose was like a whip that tore apart the starry sky, and it collided with the terrifying finger.

At that instant, the entire river of stars was suffused with a string of violent rumbling while the aftershock spread throughout the starry sky. The terrifying aura of destruction emanated by it caused all their expressions to turn slightly pale while they gasped without end.

This scene was too terrifying. It crushed the stars and threw the starry sky into chaos. Obviously, it was extremely far away, yet it was noticed clearly by all of them, and it clearly showed how terrifying such a strike was!

“Shit! That’s a fight between experts at the Immortal King Realm! Let’s go!” Zhou Zhili’s expression suddenly became heavy, and then he flicked his sleeve and carried everyone to flash away with a swish.

When Chen Xi returned once more to his senses, he was already on an extremely desolate star, and there was actually a city to reside in here.

“That scene from before was a collision between Immortal Kings?” Meanwhile, some of them were still extremely horrified. How enormous was a star? However, it was crushed into pieces like a piece of paper by that finger, and that sort of might was too shocking indeed.

“That’s the deepest depths of the river of stars, and it’s a place only Immortal Kings may enter. One of the parties of the battle earlier was probably one of the four great Immortal Kings. As for exactly who it was, I’m unable to determine it.” Zhou Zhili’s expression had returned to normal, and he instructed with a relaxed expression. “Alright, that’s the area where Immortal Kings fight. All of you aren’t going to be asked to go there and give your lives away during the exam this time.”

When they saw that Zhou Zhili who was usually reserved had actually started teasing them, everyone couldn’t help but smile and feel much more relaxed.

“This city is called Dreamcloud City. It’s a stronghold of the three dimensions on the way to the Nightmare Battlefield. All of you will depart from here tomorrow morning and start undergoing the exam.” Zhou Zhili pointed towards the area that was like a kingdom ahead of them, and then he explained before leading them over and entering Dreamcloud City.

“Eh? The group from the Dao Emperor Academy has arrived!”

“It really is them. Amongst the exam groups of the seven great academies, only the Dao Emperor Academy hasn’t arrived.”

“Tsk tsk. I presume those fifty young men and women are the students that’re participating in the exam this time. The students of the seven great academies are going to be tempering themselves together. Perhaps they’ll be able to determine a winner amongst themselves.”

At this moment, there were actually many figures gathered within Dreamcloud City. When they saw Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Taba Tianxi, and Zuoqiu Taiwu leading Chen Xi and the others into the city, it instantly caused a great uproar.

The gazes of many people more or less carried a trace of fear and reverence, and it even carried a trace of hostility.

Zhou Zhili and the other Half-step Immortal King Realm experts paid utterly no attention to all of this, and they led Chen Xi and the others directly towards the depths of the city.

This time, Taba Tianxi spoke with a warm voice that caused others to feel as if they’d been brushed by a summer breeze. “All of you don’t have to care about all of this. The other six great academies have been the competitors of our Dao Emperor Academy for countless years. But unfortunately, after innumerable years, Dao Emperor Academy is still the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, and this status isn’t something any one of them can shake.”

His voice was calm, yet it carried a sense of pride. It was an arrogant attitude, and it came from his sense of belonging and pride as a member of Dao Emperor Academy!

Yes, their Dao Emperor Academy was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension. Moreover, it had been the number one academy for countless years, so they naturally had the ability to be proud and confident.

When they heard what Taba Tianxi said, all the students felt proud and filled with glory from this, while their figures that were already ramrod straight had become even straighter. Yes, they were the students of the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, so they should be proud and must be proud!

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion towards this. These were the unique resources and reserves of the Dao Emperor Academy in the Immortal Dimension. Perhaps one couldn’t feel it while within the academy, but while in the outside world, one would be able to deeply understand how shocking it was based on the fearful and respectful gazes revealed by everyone.

Chen Xi was also clearly aware that the other six academies were respectively the Cloudmist Academy, Windstream Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, Dao Secret Academy, and Vastsky Academy.

These six great academies were scattered in the other three great continents. For example, Windstream Academy and Cloudmist Academy were situated within Icesky Continent; Bitter Silence Academy and Grand Desolation Academy were situated in Midnight Continent; and Dao Secret Academy and Vastsky Academy were situated in Profound Path Continent.

Only Dao Emperor Academy occupied Valiant Star Continent which was also one of the four great continents.

As they continued on their way, Chen Xi understood from what Taba Tianxi said subsequently that the exam at the Nightmare Battlefield this time would be participated in by the students of the other six great academies as well.

Every single academy would send out fifty students at the Golden Immortal Realm each. The rules were similar to Dao Emperor Academy, and supposedly, it was the intent of the Central Immortal Court. It was done in this way for the sake of nicely tempering the strength of the younger generation, so that when the war between the three dimensions and the Xeno-race erupted in the future, they would be able to be even stronger.

Before long, everyone arrived before an ancient and grand building at the center of Dreamcloud City.

It was said to be grand, but in truth, it was just considerably intact when compared with the damaged buildings in the vicinity.

After all, Dreamcloud City was situated at the border of the three dimensions and the Outerealm while battles erupted all year round, so it was extremely difficult for the buildings to remain intact.

“Hahaha! Brother Zhou, all of you’ve finally arrived.” Before the building was a robust bald man with pitch black brows that were sharp like blades. He noticed Zhou Zhili and the others from afar, and he instantly let out sonorous laughter as he moved over to greet them with quick strides.

“You’re still the same after so many years.” Zhou Zhili laughed heartily as well.

“This is the person in-charge within Dreamcloud City from the Central Immortal Court, and he’s called Dong Junhou. He’s a Half-step Immortal King Realm expert with ferocious combat strength that has been stationed here for over ten thousand years, and he enters into battle with the Xeno-race all year round. His strength is extremely formidable.” The nearby Taba Tianxi explained in a warm voice and said, “He entered into Dao Emperor Academy during the same year as Brother Zhou did, so they have a rather good relationship. However, since he left the academy, Dong Junhou directly served under the Central Immortal Court, so the two of them haven’t seen each other for over a thousand years.”

Chen Xi and the others came to a sudden understanding, and he sighed with emotion in his heart. A great figure from the Central Immortal Court that has been stationed within Dreamcloud City is actually from Dao Emperor Academy as well.

After engaging in brief small talk, Dong Junhou welcomed their group into the ancient building.

There were many figures already seated within the hall. There were men and women that were both young and old. Every single one of them possessed extraordinary imposing auras, and all of them were instructors and students from the six great academies.

At this moment, when they noticed the arrival of the group from Dao Emperor Academy, the sounds of chatting within the hall instantly vanished, and all of them shot their gazes over.

“Brother Zhou.”

“Haha, Wang Daolu! You’ve come as well.”

“Eh, Geezer Taba. You’re actually becoming younger and younger.”

Many instructors stood up and engaged in small talk with Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the others. Obviously, they were old acquaintances. Many others hadn’t stood up, and their gazes faintly revealed vigilance and hostility.

Chen Xi noticed all of this, and he couldn’t help but be amused in his heart. Sure enough, where there are people, there are relationships. When some show amiableness, others show hostility, and everything in this world is about the same.

In the end, Zhou Zhili and the others sat down at one side of the hall.

Dong Junhou laughed heartily when he saw this, and then he said, “Alright, the forces of the seven great academies have arrived now, so let’s get down to business.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the attention of everyone within the hall.

“The Xeno-race have been deploying forces repeatedly lately, and they’ve deployed a great number of troops into the river of stars with the intention of capturing a stronghold of my Immortal Dimension. Even though the situation isn’t serious, this sort of bad sign should be eliminated!” When he mentioned the situation of the battle, his expression instantly became murderous and vicious, and then he roared with laughter and said, “Of course, all of this isn’t related to all of you little fellows present here. Your assignments are extremely simple. You’ll enter the Nightmare Battlefield tomorrow, and you have to kill as many Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts as you can. That’s all you have to do.”

When he spoke up to here, he flicked his sleeve, and a few treasures that flowing with multicolored glows appeared on the table before him.

“This is a Valiant Grand Immortal Artifact and two Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts. They’re the rewards provided by the Central Immortal Court. The top three students that annihilate the most Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts during the exam will be able to obtain these three rewards according to their rankings!” His voice was like a resounding bell that reverberated through the entire hall, and it caused the gazes of many people present here to be attracted by the Immortal Artifacts of the table while a wisp of burning desire appeared on their faces.

The Immortal Court actually provided a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact as a reward. What extravagance!

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