Chapter 1225 – Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds

When the date of the inner court exam arrived, the entire outer court of the academy was seething with excitement.

Even if it was the students that didn’t possess the qualifications to participate in the inner court exam, they rushed over to watch the elegant appearance of the top fifty experts on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

To all the students in the outer court, entering the inner court was similarly a target they fought for and were determined to attain. Only by being able to become eminent within the inner court exam would they be able to enter the true inheritance grounds of the academy, the inner court!

Obviously, the competition in this sort of test had never been easy. It could be said that this was the first true competition between students since they entered the academy!

The sky was azure blue and cloudless.

At the central square on the teaching grounds of the outer court, at this moment, it was seething with excitement since early in the morning. Numerous senior students and new students had gathered here successively, and they’d formed a dark mass of figures. Some students that were usually constantly in closed door cultivation had made an appearance at this moment, and it seemed to be extremely bustling.

Chen Xi stood at one side of the square and his dark eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of blazing anticipation as he sensed the seething aura that suffused the square.

“Chen Xi, I’ve waited for this day for a long time. You have to be careful this time!” Meanwhile, Ji Xuanbing’s figure passed by Chen Xi, and when he saw Chen Xi, he instantly laughed loudly as he spoke while the space between his brows faintly surged with battle intent.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “It’s my honor to be taken as an opponent by Brother Ji.”

“You’re such a hypocrite. You probably want to tell me to go ahead and try, right?” Ji Xuanbing roared with laughter, and it was just a short teaser, yet it revealed an amiable aura and shapelessly closed the distance between him and Chen Xi.

Chen Xi burst into laughter as well.

“Chen Xi.” A voice that was piercingly cold like ice resounded from the side as Zhao Mengli that wore a fiery red dress walked over swiftly, and she glanced at Chen Xi before she said with a clear voice, “Remember the agreement between us that day?”

Ji Xuanbing seemed to have thought of something and glanced at Chen Xi when he saw Zhao Mengli make an appearance, and then he smiled as he bid his farewell and left.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he recalled that when he went to the Assignment Mountain that day, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming had made a joke, and they’d said that perhaps he would be able to pursue Zhao Mengli. After that, it was noticed by Zhao Mengli, and she instantly became angry from embarrassment and said that if Chen Xi was able to surpass her in the inner court exam, then she would give Chen Xi a chance to pursue her…

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh when he thought up to here, and he said, “Miss Zhao, that was a joke my friends made that day. Don’t take it to heart.”

Zhao Mengli glanced at him and raised her snow white chin before she said proudly, “My words are never a joke. If you’re afraid, then you can admit defeat right now.”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and sighed. “The exam this time is being held in the Outerealm Battlefield, and it’s a battle with those Xeno-race. I can’t ruthlessly destroy a flower even if I wanted to.”

Ruthlessly destroy a flower…

Zhao Mengli’s peerlessly beautiful face revealed a wisp of embarrassment when she heard this, and then she glared fiercely at Chen Xi before she said, “Hmph! There’ll be a ranking for the exam in the end. You better not be surpassed by me!”

She turned around and left swiftly after she finished speaking.

“Are rankings so important?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh, and then a wisp of lofty sentiments surged out from his heart as he said to himself, Don’t worry, I’ll definitely not allow all of you to catch up to me. Of course, I’m not doing this for the sake of pursuing you…

Along with the passage of time, the figures that gathered on the square grew in number. A’xiu, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and all the members of the Star Alliance had arrived successively to send Chen Xi off and give him encouragement, causing the surroundings to be extremely bustling.

“Big Brother Chen Xi, you must get the first this time and display the might of our Star Alliance!” A member of the Star Alliance spoke excitedly.

“Right, display the might of our Star Alliance!” The others echoed on in his words.

Chen Xi smiled, and he knew that they were cheering him on.

“Hmph! The first? Think of that if you’re even able to return alive from the Outerealm Battlefield!” Suddenly, a blunt and icy cold voice interrupted them.

All of them turned around and saw Zuoqiu Jun laughing coldly without end towards them, and then his figure vanished within the distant crowd.

“Chen Xi, you must be on guard against Zuoqiu Jun. Amongst the fifty students participating in the inner court exam this time, many of them have close relationships with Zuoqiu Jun. Even though everyone will definitely be prohibited from fighting against each other while at the Outerealm Battlefield, but you have to be on guard against them playing some despicable tricks in secret.” A’xiu’s beautiful brows instantly knit together when she heard this, and then she reminded Chen Xi.

“I know what to do.” Chen Xi nodded.

“Alright, you must take care of yourself. If anything happens to you, then I’ll definitely slaughter all these bastards!” A’xiu swung her fists fiercely.

All the members of the Star Alliance were accustomed to this and there was never any need to explain A’xiu’s domineeringness.


At this moment, a glow suddenly appeared at the distant sky, and it seemed to be slow, yet it appeared before the square in an instant as if it had teleported.

The glow retracted to reveal four mighty figures. Amongst them was shockingly the Dean of the outer court, Zhou Zhili, and the head instructor of the inner court, Wang Daolu.

As for the other two, one was an emaciated old man in a grey robe and a wrinkled face. His eyes were always narrowed as if he was half asleep.

On the other hand, the final person was an instructor whose age couldn’t be discerned from his appearance. He wore white clothes, had grey hair, yet his appearance was handsome like a young man. His skin was clear and fair, and he didn’t show any signs of aging. Moreover, he held a smile on the corners of his mouth, and it gave others the feeling as if they were bathed in spring breeze.

As soon as these four made an appearance, the clamorous noise in the surroundings instantly stopped abruptly. Everyone was able to clearly sense that when they appeared, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to be submitting to them. They possessed a supreme imposing aura that seemed as if they could move the world and transform an ocean into a field with a flip of their hands.

“That grey clothed old man is Zuoqiu Taiwu, and he has the most unfathomable strength amongst the four of them. Even my Ancestral Uncle, Xuanyuan Pojun, admits that he’s inferior to Zuoqiu Taiwu.” A’xiu stared at the grey clothed old man in the distance while her expression became serious.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and his eyes narrowed as he sized up Zuoqiu Taiwu. He noticed that Zuoqiu Taiwu’s figure was emaciated and had a drowsy appearance. If Zuoqiu Taiwu wasn’t standing amongst Zhou Zhili and the others, no one would dare believe that this was an ancient senior who was around the same age as the current Dean of the academy.

“Who’s that?” In the next moment, Chen Xi moved his gaze towards the grey haired instructor with a smile on his face and a young appearance.

“The inner court head instructor, Taba Tianxi. The Taba Clan can be considered to be an upstart amongst the top powers of the four great continents. Even though their resources and reserves can’t compare to the seven great ancient clans, their forces are flourishing and prospering day by day,” said A’xiu with confidence.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he heard this. The Immortal Dimension is too vast indeed. There are countless experts and innumerable powers distributed on it. For example, this top power, the Taba Clan, was something Chen Xi had never heard of.

“Students.” In the sky, the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, spoke with a voice that resounded like a bell, and it surged through the heavens and the earth and drew the gazes of all the students present here.

“The inner court exam this time will be presided over by me and the head instructors of the inner court, Wang Daolu, Taba Tianxi, and Zuoqiu Taiwu. The location will be the Nightmare Battlefield in the Outerealm.” When he spoke up to here, Zhou Zhili’s expression became solemn. “I presume all of you are clearly aware that the inner court exam this time is unlike before. It isn’t a battle on the combat arenas, but a battle with Xeno-race experts. So the exam this time is bound to be extremely dangerous! Next, I’ll announce some rules and rewards.”

The spirits of all the students was instantly refreshed when they heard this, and even some students that were unable to participate in the exam perked their ears up and listened attentively.

“The rules are very simple. Firstly, you’re not allowed to fight against each other. Secondly, you’re not allowed to flee during the exam! If anyone violates any one of these two rules, then not only will their qualifications to participate in the exam be cancelled, their Violet Ribbon Starcrest will be reclaimed before being expelled from the academy!”

Along with Zhou Zhili’s voice resounding out, the expressions of everyone in the surroundings became solemn.

“In terms of the rewards, the student that obtains the first in the exam this time will obtain 8,000,000 Starpoints. The second will obtain 7,000,000, and it will be reduced in the same manner until the 10th.

“Most importantly, the academy will make an exception and allow those that obtain the first five positions to enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. If you have enough luck there, then you might be able to obtain a supreme inheritance.”

The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds!

Supreme inheritance?

All the students on the square gasped. In the next instant, their gazes revealed blazing anticipation. The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds was a restricted area in the academy, and the countless supreme inheritance from the primeval times until now were hidden there. According to legend, even the inheritance of the Dao Emperor himself was hidden there!

All of these were dangerously tempting to all the students.

The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds! Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. He was very clearly aware that if he wanted to obtain the River Diagram fragment from the academy, then there was an extra condition, and it was to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

At this moment, even his heartbeat quickened greatly. This was absolutely a rare opportunity because Starpoints could be earned at any time, yet the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds wasn’t a place one could enter at any time.

This time, no matter what, I have to get a position amongst the top five! Chen Xi decided in his heart.

“Of course, even if you’re unable to obtain the top ten positions, if the other students are able to hunt and kill one hundred Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts, then they’ll similarly be able to enter the inner court.” Zhou Zhili’s voice resounded once more. He flicked his sleeve and numerous strands of flowing light tore through the sky, and they respectively descended onto the top fifty students’ hands.

“This is a Message Talisman. Once you encounter danger on the battlefield, then crush it, and the four of us will arrive to assist you at the first possible moment. Remember that if you haven’t annihilated one hundred Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts before crushing the talisman, then it means that you’ll be disqualified from the exam.” As he spoke, Zhou Zhili exchanged glances with the other three instructors before they made a move in unison.


A boundlessly deep passageway that led to the unknown was forcefully torn open in space with a wave of their hands!

When they saw this scene, all the students were extremely shocked. When will we be able to possess such extraordinary ability?

“Students in the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings, come with us now!” Zhou Zhili flicked his sleeve, and a world within his sleeve instantly enveloped all the top fifty students including Chen Xi. After that, he took a step and entered the passageway.

Wang Daolu, Taba Tianxi, and Zuoqiu Taiwu followed closely behind him.


In the next moment, the passageway vanished, and everything returned to calm.

Chen Xi, you must return alive! A’xiu stared blankly into the sky while she muttered endlessly in her heart.

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