Chapter 1224 – Five Months Later


Zuoqiu Kong went silent when he heard this word, and the space between his brows was filled with a wisp of a sharp expression.

He really didn’t agree with what Zuoqiu Xue had said because his father was a direct line descendant of the Zuoqiu Clan, so how could it be considered as usurping power?

“There’s no need to be infuriated about this, and I have no intention of convincing you.” Zuoqiu Xue glanced at him and said indifferently, “The winner is always right. This is an irrefutable principle since ancient times, and I have nothing to say about being reduced to such a state.”

Zuoqiu Kong glanced at her and deliberated for a long time before he said, “Little Aunt, you should know how to be thankful.”

“You’re saying that I was able to live until now because your father allowed me to?” Zuoqiu Xue smiled lightly, and then she revealed a calm expression as she looked towards the distant verdant mountains and white clouds before she said slowly, “Your father has always wanted to kill me throughout the years, he thinks about it all day and night. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to in the end. Do you know why?”

Zuoqiu Kong frowned. Obviously, he didn’t agree with what Zuoqiu Xue had said.

Zuoqiu Xue saw through what he was thinking with a single glance, and she said, “Do you know the amount of forces possessed by the Zuoqiu Clan? How much do you understand about the elders of the clan?”

Zuoqiu Kong was stunned. He was slightly unable to understand why Zuoqiu Xue would speak in this way, but he said casually, “The forces of my Zuoqiu Clan are distributed throughout the Immortal Dimension. Besides a few ten plus continents, the forces of my Zuoqiu Clan are distributed on all the others. As for the elders of the clan, their numbers aren’t something I’m able to estimate.”

Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t help but sigh when she heard this. “Everything you said is correct, but that’s only the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan on the surface. Looks like your father hasn’t told you about the true resources and reserves of the Zuoqiu Clan. This is normal. After all, you’re still too young, and the more you know, the higher the possibility it is for you to cause disasters for the clan.”


Zuoqiu Kong’s slanted and sharp brows suddenly raised, and he said with displeasure, “Little Aunt, you’re deliberately exaggerating things. Perhaps you’re still unaware but under my father’s control, the Zuoqiu Clan is completely united and becoming increasingly prosperous. Moreover, no rebellions have occurred.”

Zuoqiu Xue glanced with pity at Zuoqiu Kong that was trying his best to argue in support of himself, and she said, “You can leave. When you start to come into contact with the true forces of the Zuoqiu Clan, you’ll understand why your father doesn’t dare to kill me.”

“But…what if I disregard all consequences and kill you now?” Zuoqiu Kong’s expression was indifferent. This was the second time he’d said something like this, and his expression was still calm and serious. The only difference from when he said it before was that his tone was obviously slightly ruthless.

“You can try.” Zuoqiu Xue didn’t spare another glance at him. She casually picked up the bone needle and black boot before starting to sew in concentration, and she was actually completely indifferent towards Zuoqiu Kong’s threats.

Zuoqiu Kong felt as if the persistence and dignity in his heart had suffered an extraordinary trampling and provocation. He suddenly stood up while his gaze was cold and fierce like a blade, and he stared at Zuoqiu Xue while his hands that were hidden beneath his sleeves were gradually clenched tightly.

A strand of seemingly material killing intent suddenly suffused the small courtyard, causing the air to seem as if it had frozen, and it carried a trace of a murderous aura.

One could clearly see that the snow white skin on Zuoqiu Xue’s neck was covered in a layer of fine goosebumps while her slender and fine hand that held the bone needle became stiff, causing her joints to turn white from exerting too much force.

But from the beginning until the end, her expression hadn’t changed at all nor did her wrinkled eyes blink at all. She was still concentrated and serious as before.

“Little Aunt, I admit I’m inferior in strength to you from all those years ago. But that’s something from many years ago after all. During these few hundreds of years since you resided within this Iris Immortal Prison, you were unable to sense the Laws of the Grand Dao or absorb the Immortal Energy of the heavens and the earth. The Immortal Force within your body is only capable of keeping you alive. If I want to kill you at this moment, it’s simply as easy as flipping my palm.” After staring silently at Zuoqiu Xue for a long time, Zuoqiu Kong suddenly laughed in a relaxed manner, and then he withdrew his killing intent and actually turned around to leave.

“Time spares no one. If this continues, then the day will come when you’re unable to persist. At that time, how will you be able to meet cousin brother?” As he spoke, Zuoqiu Kong was already before the bronze door. He stopped once more and said abruptly, “Actually, it’s impossible for you to meet cousin brother because he’ll undoubtedly die this time.”


A wave of muffled grinding resounded as the bronze door opened before closing once more, and Zuoqiu Kong had left.

Zuoqiu Xue remained indifferent towards all of this. She was still sewing up the black boot in her hand, and after she finished one, she continued with the other. Meanwhile, a blood red sunset had appeared in the horizon.

“If Xi’er would die so easily, then why would you come looking for me?” Zuoqiu Xue gazed at the pair of boots that were completed and revealed a satisfied smile, and then she raised her head and stared at the rising sunset in the horizon while a wisp of a gentle and pleasant expression surged onto her face. She muttered. “So long as my precious child is still alive, then so what if I age? Perhaps age will be helpless against me in the end.”

“That’s Dao Emperor Academy! It isn’t a place that your Zuoqiu Clan can do as it pleases!”

Time flowed swiftly like water.

Unknowingly, five months had passed. During these five months of time, the atmosphere in Dao Emperor Academy’s outer court had become extremely tense because both senior students and new students were cultivating with all their might.

On the other hand, those students that knew they had no chance to participate in the inner court exam were influenced by this atmosphere as well, and they became extremely diligent.

This was the benefits of an academy, it utterly had no need of encouraging its students because they would work hard and cultivate painstakingly through the tests and rewards of the academy.

Moreover, the difference in cultivation and rankings between students would allow them to realize their own inadequacy, causing them to work even harder. If they were cultivating by themselves, then they would be unable to experience this sort of atmosphere that was filled with competition.

During these five months of time, nothing shocking had occurred. The only thing worthy of mention was that the rankings on the Allheaven Golden Rankings had changed repeatedly during these five months of time, and it was practically changing every single moment.

Even if it was amongst the top fifty, numerous changes had occurred during these past five month and many new faces had appeared amongst the top fifty like Zhongli Xun, Jiang Canghai, Ao Wuming, Mu Yuchong… All of them had ascended into the top fifty as new students, and it caused a great uproar in the outer court.

But comparatively speaking, they weren’t as dazzling as Chen Xi was that day. After all, he was the only new student amongst the top five.

“Senior Brother, five months have already passed. Why hasn’t Chen Xi, or even Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and the others come to Dao Seeker Mountain to determine their rankings once more?”

“Do you understand the meaning of hiding their strength? You must learn to hide your strength at all times because if you expose it too early, then it’s easy to arouse unnecessary hostility and people taking you seriously.”

“Hiding their strength? So that’s how it is. But I heard that the inner court exam this time will be held at the Outerealm Battlefield, and they’ll be fighting Xeno-race experts. In this way, there’s no need to continue hiding their strengths, right?”

“Those that stand at the front usually bear the brunt of an attack. Do you think the Xeno-race are idiots? If they find out that the students of our academy have come to the Outerealm Battlefield, then they’ll absolutely target them, whereas the higher the students are ranked, the easier it is for them to suffer the attacks of the Xeno-race.

“It’s the Outerealm Battlefield? The inner court exam this time really is unlike the exams of the past, I wonder who’ll be able to pass through this training and enter smoothly into the inner court.”

“In my opinion, so long as they’re able to come back alive from the Outerealm Battlefield, then it would be sufficient for them to enter the inner court. After all, it’s the extremely dangerous Outerealm Battlefield. Even though there are four Half-step Immortal King Realm instructors leading the group, but the flames of battle are merciless, and the situation can change at any instant. It’s impossible to avoid any mishaps from happening.”

Along with the date of the inner court exam coming closer, discussions like these increased every single day.

Chen Xi was utterly unaware of all of this.

He’d been cultivating within the world of stars throughout these five months of time, and he was condensing Allheaven Divine Crests. It had been five months to others, yet to Chen Xi, it was equivalent to a little bit more than two years.

However, Chen Xi was speechless because even if he possessed almost five times more time that others, he’d actually only condensed the Divine Crest of wind and lightning by around 30%, and he didn’t even have the time to comprehend the Yin and Yang Divine Crest!

This caused Chen Xi to deeply understand how difficult it was to condense an Allheaven Divine Crest.

Reality was indeed so. It was already not bad if an ordinary Golden Immortal was able to condense a single Allheaven Divine Crest in their entire lifetime, whereas those that were able to condense two or more Allheaven Divine Crests could be considered as experts.

However, during this period of time, Chen Xi didn’t remain empty handed. At the very least, he’d already become capable of skillfully controlling the first level of the Spatial Divine Crest, spatial vibration.

It could be said that the existence of the Spatial Divine Crest was entirely unlike other Allheaven Divine Crests because it was condensed into form from a single Grand Dao Law. Moreover, it was one of the three supreme Grand Dao Laws that only Immortal Kings could comprehend. It seemed that it was precisely because of this characteristic that allowed it to be unable to be fused with other Grand Dao Laws.

At the very least, Chen Xi was utterly unable to accomplish it now.

The Spatial Divine Crest was bestowed to him by the heavens. Its essence was still the Spatial Grand Dao Laws, and it was Spatial Grand Dao Laws that had been attained to perfection. It was precisely based on this understanding that allowed Chen Xi to smoothly obtain the inheritance related to the Sword of Space from the Infinite Divine Talisman.

This was an extraordinary profound inheritance with extremely terrifying might. With Chen Xi’s current ability, he was unable to grasp it to perfection, and he could only divide it into two ultimate techniques, and they were respectively Flow Reverse and Shadow Flash.

As for exactly how terrifying its might was, perhaps it could only be truly revealed in battle.


On this day, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation and let out a long breath of foul air.

Unknowingly, there’s actually only a day left before the inner court exam… Chen Xi stood up and thought about it as he walked out of the world of stars.

“I’m going with you.” When Chen Xi told the tiny cauldron that he would be heading to the Outerealm Battlefield tomorrow to participate in the inner court exam, the tiny cauldron didn’t hesitate before it said, “I understand much more about the Xeno-race than you.”

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