Chapter 1223 – You’re Too Young

The pitch black and silent passageway was dark and damp while a ghastly and cold aura assaulted the face.

When Zuoqiu Kong’s figure appeared before the passageway, an expanse of miserable and fiercely clamorous noise instantly resounded from all around the pitch black passageway.

“Haha! Unfilial bastard! You and Zuoqiu Feng are both the traitors and sinners of the Zuoqiu Clan! I hope both of you suffer eternal damnation!”

“Young Master Kong, please let me off. I was wrong, I was really wrong. I don’t want to continue staying here, I don’t want to.”

“Committing crimes against your clansmen to usurp power. Both you father and son will suffer retribution in the end!”

Some flung abuses at him, some begged, some cursed resentfully, and some howled madly. It was interwoven together, and it was like he’d walked into hell.

Zuoqiu Kong was indifferent towards all of this. He wore snow white clothes while he walked through the dark and seemingly endless passage with a steady pace, and the space between his brows was filled with calmness.

This was the Iris Immortal Prison. In the boundless years of the past, countless people had been imprisoned here. There were those condemned from within the clan and the enemies of the Zuoqiu Clan...

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