Chapter 1222 – Impossible To Escape

Vastcloud Mountain.

When Chen Xi returned to his abode, he was still pondering about the news he obtained from A’xiu.

The Outerealm Battlefield?

Presumably, the inner court exam isn’t a spar between students but battle against the Xeno-race. In this way, it’s undoubtedly much more dangerous. No wonder the academy is sending out four Half-step Immortal King Realm instructors to lead the group.

The Xeno-race weren’t new to Chen Xi. Early on when he was still in the Dark Reverie, he’d fought Xeno-race experts on many occasions, and he was very clearly aware that there were extremely terrifying existences amongst the Xeno-race.

For example, the snow white haired Xeno-race Saint Emperor he’d seen behind the Door of Profundity within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Even the joint forces of the tiny cauldron and the ant exalt were unable to kill the Xeno-race Saint Emperor.

Later on, Chen Xi found out that he was called Saint Emperor Xuan Chen. A long time ago during the primeval time, Saint Emperor Xuan Chen had been suppressed behind the Door of Profundity within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

For example, when Chen Xi was at the Ninth Hell, he’d similarly heard of the existence of a Saint Emperor called Chi Yan. Just like Saint Emperor Xuan Chen, he’d been suppressed within the Ninth Hell since the primeval times.

Moreover, during that time when he was on the way to the Bai Clan, Chen Xi had suffered the pursuit of a Saint Emperor called Gui Su because of the Ghostcraft Clan’s Emperor of Control’s Scripture.

At that time, if it wasn’t for the Bai Clan’s Patriarch, Bai Jingchen, lending a hand, all of them would have almost been killed, whereas at that time, Saint Emperor Gui Su had only utilized a projection of himself, so this obviously showed how terrifying his strength was.

No matter if it was Saint Emperor Xuan Chen, Saint Emperor Chi Yan, or Saint Emperor Gui Su, all of them allowed Chen Xi to have an extremely deep understanding of the combat strength of the Xeno-race.

He was very clearly aware that since the Xeno-race were able to be in confrontation with the three dimensions for countless years without being annihilated, they definitely possessed an extremely terrifying force amongst them.

The Outerealm Battlefield was actually chosen to be the venue of the inner court exam. Looks like since the upheaval of the three dimensions is arriving, it isn’t just the Mortal Dimension but even the Immortal Dimension that has suffered the threat of the Xeno-race. Chen Xi pondered silently and obtained a conclusion. Since the academy had changed the rules of the past and were holding the inner court exam within the Outerealm Battlefield, then the academy obviously intended to allow the students of the academy to understand the combat strength of the Xeno-race through this tempering so that they could be prepared when conflict erupted in the future.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t worried about anything. Compared to his time in the Mortal Dimension in the past, he was already a Golden Immortal now. Besides some existences with extremely terrifying strengths, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Not to mention that according to what A’xiu had said, the group of students participating in the inner court exam this time would be led by four Half-step Immortal King Realm instructors. So it was impossible for them to bring the students to the most dangerous areas of the Outerealm Battlefield.

The important matter at hand is to improve my strength. Only less than six months are left before the inner court exam begins. I naturally have to seize this opportunity with the main objective of condensing Golden Immortal Laws.

The Golden Immortal Realm and Mysterious Immortal Realm were entirely different cultivation realms. Once one attained this level of cultivation, one had to start condensing Golden Immortal Laws which were Allheaven Divine Crests.

It was common knowledge that Allheaven Divine Crests were condensed into form from two or more Grand Dao Laws. Moreover, condensing them into form wasn’t a simple matter.

Firstly, one had to attain perfection in two Grand Dao Laws. This was the most basic requirement, and only after that could one start to condense these two types of Grand Dao Laws into an Allheaven Divine Crest.

This was unlike overlapping the laws because Allheaven Divine Crests were the true fusing of two or more Grand Dao Laws, and there would be no distinction between these Grand Dao Laws.

This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of condensing Allheaven Divine Crests. For example, the Grand Dao Laws of water and fire weren’t compatible with each other at all, so it was obviously extremely difficult to completely condense them into a Allheaven Divine Crest.

Moreover, this was only in terms of condensing two types of Grand Dao Laws. If one condensed three, four, or even more Grand Dao Laws, then the difficulty to accomplish this would only multiply.

This was the reason why such a mighty uproar would arise in the academy when Chen Xi obtained a Five Element Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens, and it even drew the attention of many seniors in the academy.

The reason was that this Five Element Divine Crest perfectly fused the Grand Daos of water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. There was utterly no need for Chen Xi to condense it bitterly, and it was like a pie that fell from the skies, so it naturally aroused the admiration of all.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, the Five Element Divine Crest only saved a bit of his time. After all, he’d attained perfection in the Grand Daos of the five elements a long time ago, and he only lacked the process of condensing them into a Allheaven Divine Crest.

It’s probably very difficult to fuse the Grand Daos of wind, lightning, Yin, and Yang into the Five Element Divine Crest within a short period of time. Since it’s like this, they why don’t I fuse wind and lightning together, then fuse Yin and Yang together, and then fuse them together one by one. In this way, I’ll be able to provide myself with many more combat abilities…

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that even though the Five Element Divine Crest was extremely formidable, each of the other various Grand Daos had profound abilities of their own. Especially when dealing with some unique enemies, one even needed a specific Grand Dao Law to counter them.

For example, when dealing with evil things or ghosts, utilizing the Grand Dao Laws of lightning and Yang carried the greatest might.

As for the other rare Grand Dao Laws like Star, Eternal, Creation, Paramita, Oblivion, and the others, it wouldn’t be too late to condense them in the future. After all, all of them are existences that are unique in the heavens and the earth, and it’s too difficult to condense. It’s impossible for them to improve my combat strength much in a short period of time.

It was especially so for the Grand Dao Laws of Paramita and Oblivion. Chen Xi still remembered that there was a type of Law that was a taboo in the three dimensions, the Samsara Law! The Samsara Law was condensed into form by the Grand Dao Laws of Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus.

So at this moment, he naturally wouldn’t take the risk to condense such laws.

Without wasting any further time, Chen Xi immediately entered the world of stars and entered into closed door cultivation to condense Allheaven Divine Crests.

“Ancestor, please give us some help during the inner court exam this time.” Within a simple and ancient hall in the inner court, Zuoqiu Jun bowed respectfully.

At the top seat before him was a grey clothed and emaciated old man sitting there.

The old man had white hair, his face was covered in wrinkles that were like ravines that crisscrossed each other while his muddy eyes were slightly narrowed, and he seemed to be drowsy.

His appearance was extremely aged indeed. He was like an aged old man that was about to go six feet under, and his emaciated figure was bent as he sat on the chair, causing him to seem extremely frail.

But Zuoqiu Jun was respectful to the extreme before this old man. His figure was always bent while he didn’t even dare breathe heavily. The reason was extremely simple, it was because this old man was Zuoqiu Taiwu.

A great figure that was one of the most senior within the Zuoqiu Clan. He was always living in seclusion within the academy and paid no attention to the matters of the outside world, so many students had never heard of his name.

This didn’t mean that Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t possess any authority. Conversely, people who knew him were clearly aware that if Zuoqiu Taiwu was willing, then he was able to influence most of the affairs in the Zuoqiu Clan!

The hall was deathly silent. The aged and emaciated Zuoqiu Taiwu seemed as if he’d fallen asleep, and he remained completely indifferent to Zuoqiu Jun.

Zuoqiu Jun couldn’t help but glance to the side at Zuoqiu Hong that stood by his side.

Zuoqiu Hong understood him and took a deep breath before he similarly bowed and said in a respectful tone, “Ancestor, Jun’er is about to participate in the inner court exam. With his strength, there’s naturally no need to worry about him being unable to enter the inner court, but about that bastard child…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Zuoqiu Taiwu that seemed to have been drowsy since the beginning didn’t raise his head, yet a hoarse voice sounded out. “I understood. Both of you can leave.”

Zuoqiu Jun was slightly stunned. He was just about to say something when he was stopped by Zuoqiu Hong, and it caused him to be stunned before he kept quiet in the end.

“Ancestor, then we’ll be taking our leave.” Zuoqiu Hong bowed once more to Zuoqiu Taiwu before leaving with Zuoqiu Jun.

After they left the hall and walked out of the inner court, Zuoqiu Jun was unable to refrain himself from asking. “Uncle Hong, what exactly did Ancestor mean?”

“Some things can’t be spoken too clearly.” Zuoqiu Hong pondered deeply for a moment before he patted Zuoqiu Jun on the shoulder as he smiled. “I heard that about the fight between the Zuoqiu Society and that kid, Chen Xi. It’s only a temporary humiliation, don’t take it to heart.”

Zuoqiu Jun’s expression was covered in gloominess when Chen Xi was mentioned, and then he nodded and said, “Thank you for your consolation, Uncle Hong.”

Zuoqiu Hong glanced at him and said, “The location of the inner court exam has been chosen to be at the Nightmare Battlefield. It’s a medium-sized battlefield created by the Immortal Dimension and Outerealm. All you have to do is participate in the exam with all your might, there’ll naturally be someone else to handle everything else.”

Everything else?

A wisp of a piercingly cold smile couldn’t help but curl up onto the corners of Zuoqiu Jun’s mouth when he heard these vague words, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Uncle Hong, exactly what arrangements have you made?”

Zuoqiu Hong shook his head. “I don’t know either because it was personally arranged by Young Master Kong. You have to work harder. Don’t disappoint Young Master Kong again. After all, Young Master Kong will be taking control of the entire Zuoqiu Clan in the future, and if he’s disappointed in you, then you’re aware of the consequences as well.”

Young Master Kong was naturally Zuoqiu Kong, one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension.

Zuoqiu Jun’s heart shook when he heard this, and a wisp of gloominess appeared between his brows once more. Hatred surged within his heart while his hands within his sleeve couldn’t help but clench together tightly. You bastard, Chen Xi, who shouldn’t have been born into this world. All of this is your fault!

At the same time.

Within a boundlessly vast desert on Iris Continent.


Space was torn apart before a handsome figure appeared from within. His hands were behind his back, his gaze was bright like a gem, and he was shockingly the direct descendant and heir of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Kong.

The scorching sun blazed in the sky and down onto the boundless sand while gales whistled and swept up waves of sand. The weather here was extremely adverse and hot. Most importantly, this desert was completely dead, and there wasn’t even a trace of Immortal Energy in the air.

This was where the Iris Immortal Prison was located. The entire desert was an ancient Immortal Formation that had existed since the primeval times until now. It imprisoned countless traitors and criminals of the Zuoqiu Clan, and not a single person had successfully escaped it until now.

This place was said to be impossible to escape!

His clothes fluttered while his hands remained behind his back, and Zuoqiu Kong silently stared for a long time at the wind and sand that covered the sky. It was unknown what he’d thought about, but he suddenly sighed in the end, and then he muttered. “After so many years have passed, it’s about time to meet you, Little Aunt…”

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