Chapter 1221 – Arriving In A Threatening Manner Yet Leaving With Anxiety

A’xiu’s style of doing things could be said to be utterly resolute, straightforward, and unhesitant. Her words weren’t offensive at all, yet when it entered into the ears of everyone present, it carried a slaughterous aura that directly struck everyone.

Everyone firmly believed that A’xiu would absolutely do as she said.

Because she was the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan, she should be so overbearing and domineering. In this world where everything depended on strength and background, A’xiu’s background was so great that it obviously carried an undoubtable force.

Amidst this deathly silent and tense atmosphere, a figure suddenly flashed over from afar, and said something by Zuoqiu Jun’s ears, causing Zuoqiu Jun’s expression to sink. In the next moment, his gaze descended onto Chen Xi, and it carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

No one knew what news had been passed to Zuoqiu Jun, yet they faintly felt that the changes in his expression ought to be related to Chen Xi.

“Heh. I never expected that after such a short time of less than two years, you’ve already ascended to the position of fifth on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. No wonder you dared to be so fearless today.” Zuoqiu Jun was silent for a long time before he suddenly laughed coldly. His expression was gloomy, his tone was complicated, and it caused others to be unable to guess exactly what he was thinking at this moment.

But as soon as these words were spoken, it caused a mighty uproar in the surroundings, and the gazes of everyone descended onto Chen Xi in succession while they seemed as if they were looking at a freak.

The fifth on the Allheaven Golden Rankings?

When did this happen? 

Why didn’t we know about it?

If…if this is true, then isn’t it too astounding!?

At this moment, the expressions of Liu Zefeng and the others turned grim, and they finally understood their miserable loss to Chen Xi earlier wasn’t by chance at all.

The fifth on the Allheaven Golden Rankings was a height that they could only look up to!

Compared to them, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and all the members of the Star Alliance revealed pleasantly surprised expressions, and every single one of them was extraordinarily excited because they hadn’t imagined that the leader of their Star Alliance was actually already ranked fifth on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

It was also at this moment that everyone recovered from their shock and came to an understanding. They understood why Chen Xi was so domineering when facing the challenge of Liu Zefeng and the others was because he had the ability.

For a time, all of them couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of pity as they looked at Liu Zefeng and the others. How pitiful. They didn’t even inquire about Chen Xi’s strength before coming to look for trouble. Obviously, they came to look for a beating.

Chen Xi maintained silence towards all of this because he was clearly aware that Zuoqiu Jun would absolutely not do something that praised his enemies and insulted himself. 

As expected, Zuoqiu Jun said in an icy cold tone in the next moment, “If it was in the past, you do indeed have the qualifications to enter the inner court with your current ability. Unfortunately, the inner court exam this time is different than the past.”

These words were rather baffling, and everyone was puzzled by it.

However, Zuoqiu Jun didn’t mention this matter again. His gaze swept indifferently at A’xiu before he waved his hand and said, “The battle today ends now. Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

Liu Zefeng and the others were stunned. They seemed to be unwilling, yet seemed to let out sighs of relief as well. They immediately followed behind Zuoqiu Jun because they actually wished for nothing more than to leave this place as soon as possible.

After all, they’d suffered repeated setbacks today and had lost all face while their pride had suffered a heavy blow. So how could they have the face to continue staying here?

However, when they wanted to leave, A’xiu wouldn’t allow it, and she said coldly, “Who allowed all of you to leave when you haven’t admitted defeat and apologized?”


Before his voice finished resounding through the air, the inner court students from the Xuanyuan Society by A’xiu’s side moved out in unison, and they surrounded everyone including Zuoqiu Jun in an instant.

The expressions of Zuoqiu Jun and the others sank when they saw this, and their eyes almost split apart from rage. They were clearly unwilling to continue being entangled in this matter, yet A’xiu had continuously pressured them. Isn’t she going a bit too far!

“Forget it. A’xiu, let them go.” Chen Xi suddenly spoke when he saw this, and he spoke words that exceeded the expectations of everyone.

All the members of the Xuanyuan Clan glanced at Chen Xi with shock, and they wondered what he intended to do.

A’xiu seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts instead. She was both moved and glanced angrily at Chen Xi before she said angrily to those members of the Xuanyuan Society, “What’re all of you standing there for. Let them fuck off successfully!”

Those members of the Xuanyuan Society glanced at each other before smiling bitterly as they moved aside. Even if they were berated in public, they didn’t dare to go against the intentions of this little princess from their clan.

The spectators in the surroundings were astounded when they saw this. Fuck off successfully? Only this little princess from the Xuanyuan Clan would dare speak like this.

“Hmph!” Zuoqiu Jun glanced coldly at Chen Xi before revealing a gloomy expression as he whistled off with the group of Zuoqiu Society members behind him. All of them were dejected and had gloomy expression, and it was a clear contrast when compared to the threatening manner they arrived in.

When this scene entered into the eyes of all the spectators, it was undoubtedly a display of returning with low spirits in failure.


“Looks like there’ll be no need for all of you to do anything. Alright, all of you can leave.” In the distance, Zhao Mengli gazed at the disappearing figures of Zuoqiu Jun and the others before she turned around and spoke casually.

After that, over ten figures suddenly appeared out of thin air, and then they cupped their hands in unison towards Zhao Mengli before dispersing.

If someone was here, they would definitely be able to recognize to their surprise that these ten plus figures were the inner court students of the Phoenix Alliance!


“Young Master. Looks like there’s no need for us to make an appearance.” At the other side, a handsome and composed young man walked over to Ji Xuanbing’s side in large strides before he spoke.

Ji Xuanbing nodded and said, “Sorry for troubling everyone today.”

“It’s our duty.” The handsome young man spoke respectfully. “If you have no further instructions, then all of us will be leaving.”

“Yes, go ahead. Help me give a gift to all the members of our Ji Clan’s society.” Ji Xuanbing waved his hand as he spoke.

“Thank you, Young Master.” The young man received his orders and left.


“Big Sister Linglong is in closed door cultivation with her master. But we’ll naturally not sit by idly and remain indifferent towards the matters she instructed us with. Unfortunately, the Xuanyuan Society interfered today, and it caused our Mu Battalion to have no chance to make a move.”

 the same time, Mu Yuchong was standing in the distance with a group of people, and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw the curtains to the matter had been drawn. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s go. The Zuoqiu Clan really lost face this time.”


If Zuoqiu Jun knew that even if A’xiu didn’t make an appearance, then other societies would interfere in the matter, it was a mystery what he would feel.

But this obviously displayed that even if there were people in Dao Emperor Academy that wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi’s death, there were almost as many in the shadows that really cared about Chen Xi. All of this was naturally related to Chen Xi’s performance in the academy.

After all, since he entered the academy until now, Chen Xi was like a celebrity that frequently gave the academy unexpected pleasant surprises. Moreover, the speed his strength improved was obvious to all.

Some people loved and some people detested peerless geniuses like him. However, it was impossible for all of them to be hostile towards him or protect him, and this was an extremely normal thing.


After Zuoqiu Jun and the others left, all the spectators in the vicinity of the Star Alliance left successively.

However, when they left this time, their hearts were unable to calm down for a very long time. Some of them were excited and were hastily heading to the Dao Seeker Mountain in order to look at Chen Xi’s position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

There were also some that were shocked by Chen Xi’s display, and they were swiftly spreading what had happened today.

Because all of them were very clearly aware that everything that had happened today was bound to cause a mighty uproar in the academy.

Zuoqiu Jun and the others had come to look for trouble with the Star Alliance, yet they were bashed up instead and lost all face before leaving in failure! 

The little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Xiu, clearly said that she’d become a member of the Star Alliance!

The leader of the Star Alliance made an appearance after advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm a month ago, and he ascended into the fifth position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings in one go!

Every single one of these pieces of news were sufficient to cause a mighty uproar, yet now, it had all occurred on the same day. Under such circumstances, how could anyone maintain their calm?


Within Star Alliance Hall.

All the members of the Star Alliance had excited expressions as they chatted with each other, and they were discussing the string of events that occurred earlier. At this moment, all of them felt filled with pride, and their sense of belonging towards the Star Alliance had risen to an unprecedented height.

On the other hand, at another side of the hall, A’xiu was introducing the structure of the Star Alliance to Chen Xi. “Presently, there’re a total of sixteen members in the Star Alliance. Usually, Gu Yueming and Liang Ren are in-charge of daily matters. I plan matters related to the composition and strengthening of the Star Alliance. When the members of the Star Alliance increase in the future, some specific positions will be set-up like a Guardian, Hall Master, and so on and so forth.”

A’xiu chirped on regarding a pile of things, and all of them were related to the development of the Star Alliance in the future. It obviously showed how diligent she was towards the matters of the Star Alliance, and it caused Chen Xi to feel ashamed as he felt he was leader that left everything to others.

“Right, Zuoqiu Jun was right, the inner court exam this time is really unlike the past.” Suddenly, A’xiu seemed to have thought of something and looked at Chen Xi as she said, “I left the academy to train with my Master a few days ago, and it was actually for the sake of making preparations for the inner court exam.”

When this topic was mentioned, Chen Xi’s expression instantly became serious because he remembered that Zuoqiu Jun had said something incomprehensible before leaving, and it was related to the inner court exam.

“The inner court exam this time isn’t within the academy, and it’s at the Outerealm Battlefield. The specific location will only be announced when the exam begins. However, according to my knowledge, the students ranked at the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings will be led by four Half-step Immortal King Realm instructors. One of them is an instructor from the Zuoqiu Clan.” When she spoke up to here, A’xiu hesitated slightly and pondered for a long time before she said in the end, “This instructor of the Zuoqiu Clan is called Zuoqiu Taiwu. He’s extremely senior in the academy, and he’s an existence that’s the same age as the Dean…”

According to what A’xiu said, Zuoqiu Taiwu had been cultivating in the academy since a few tens of thousands of years ago. He’d always cultivated in seclusion and ignored the matters of the outside world. If it wasn’t for that, then with his seniority, it would be sufficient for him to influence most affairs in the Zuoqiu Clan and obtain monstrous authority.

“If such a figure arouses malicious intent towards you during the test, then it’ll probably be extremely detrimental.” A’xiu’s beautiful brows knit together as she said, “I think that the meaning behind the words Zuoqiu Jun said before he left was about the threat this great figure might pose to you."

Zuoqiu Taiwu?

Chen Xi was speechless. He finally understood why others always said that if it was in terms of the strength of forces in the academy, then amongst the seven great ancient clans, it was undoubtedly the Zuoqiu Clan that was the strongest.

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