Chapter 1220 – Confrontation

At the critical moment of the battle, Zuoqiu Jun appeared abruptly in a threatening manner, and he placed the blame on Chen Xi as soon as he spoke, causing him to seem extremely domineering.

What’s he doing fighting in the academy?

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded. It was obviously the Zuoqiu Society’s members that came to provoke the Star Alliance yet were bashed up instead, so how could it be Chen Xi’s fault?

But all of them were clearly aware that even if Zuoqiu Jun was the head student of the Enforcement Hall in name, he was also a member of the Zuoqiu Society. Under such circumstances, he would naturally choose the society over reason.

On the other hand, in Chen Xi’s mind, Zuoqiu Jun had interrupted him on many occasions.

He still remembered that when he’d just entered the academy, he was provoked by the Dragon Dimension’s Ao Tianxing who’d incurred public wrath, and when the situation was on the verge of going out of control, it was similarly Zuoqiu Jun that appeared out of nowhere and intended to bring him to the Enforcement Hall to suffer punishment.

At that time, he was only at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and it was utterly impossible for him to be a match for Zuoqiu Jun. Fortunately, Ji Xuanbing stood up for him at the critical moment, and it resolved the danger he faced at that time.

Yet now, Zuoqiu Jun had actually made an appearance once more with the intention of protecting Liu Zefeng and the others. This caused Chen Xi’s gaze to instantly turn cold and carry a wisp of fierceness.

“I heard you’re a member of the Zuoqiu Society as well, so I presume you’re clearly aware about the whole story of what happened today. Could it be that you, Zuoqiu Jun, intend to make unfounded charges in front of everyone today?” Chen Xi’s face was emotionless while he revealed a composed bearing, and he stood in confrontation with Zuoqiu Jun from afar.

“You’re doubting my judgment?” A cold light flashed in Zuoqiu Jun’s eyes, and it erupted with strands of electric that were sharp like blades as he locked onto Chen Xi. How could he not know what had occurred today? It was even to the extent that everything that happened today had received his tacit consent!

“I’m not doubting your judgment, I’m doubting exactly how you became the head student of the Enforcement Hall. Even if the instructors of the academy were brought over, they would have nothing to say about what happened today. Because…it was your Zuoqiu Society that came looking for trouble!” Chen Xi spoke bluntly and didn’t fear Zuoqiu Jun’s background or authority at all.

“How audacious!” An injured senior by Liu Zefeng’s side was filled with courage when he saw Zuoqiu Jun make an appearance, and he berated Chen Xi with a grim voice.


Everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and they were utterly unable to clearly see exactly how Chen Xi had attacked before the senior that berated Chen Xi was slapped on the face. It struck him to the point his face became swollen and teeth dropped out from his mouth, and he was blasted flying while he let out a shrill cry. His entire body shivered as if he was epileptic, and then he passed out.

How domineering! 

The hearts of everyone present here shook when they saw this. They’d never expected that Chen Xi would still act in such a straightforward manner under the circumstances that Zuoqiu Jun was present here.

Chen Xi on the other hand didn’t care about all of this. All he knew was that the members of his Star Alliance had suffered injustice today, whereas he hadn’t violated the rules of the academy, so he naturally didn’t care about Zuoqiu Jun’s reaction.

“You… Very good!” Zuoqiu Jun’s expression was icy cold and gloomy while he forcefully restrained the rage in his heart, and he lightly spat out a few words.

“I’m naturally good, and it’ll always be the same.” Chen Xi replied in a casual manner. As he spoke, his gaze had already descended onto Liu Zefeng and the others. “If there’s nothing else, then please leave. This is a spar between student societies. Since they haven’t admitted defeat, then I’ll naturally accompany them until the end.”As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the expressions of Liu Zefeng and the others to go slightly pale.

They’d already suffered a great deal of humiliation today, and their reputations could be said to have swept the floor and had lost all face. If Chen Xi still continued to refuse to let them off, then they were really at a loss for what to do.

Thus, in the next moment, all of them shot their gazes at Zuoqiu Jun.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Jun stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly laughed and said, “Since it’s like this, then I’ll have to experience Junior Brother Chen Xi’s extraordinary ability. After all, I’m a member of the Zuoqiu Society as well. Since it’s a fight between student societies, then I’m duty bound as well.”

As he spoke, he rubbed his palms together. His movements seemed to be slow, yet his body effused a terrifying imposing aura that rumbled out.

At this instant, Zuoqiu Jun seemed to have become a completely different person. His entire body emanated a gloomy and murderous aura, and it was filled with oppressive and ghastly might.

Everyone present felt suffocated and terrified because Zuoqiu Jun was an existence with unfathomable strength ranked at the 2nd position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, and he’d cultivated in the outer court for 321 years.

There were rumors that said if he put down the responsibility of the outer court’s Enforcement Hall, he would have been able to easily pass through the inner court exam a long time ago and become an inner court student.

Even though Zuoqiu Jun was only a few positions above Liu Zefeng that was ranked at the 8th position, the gap between them could be described as like the gap between the heavens and the earth!

At this moment, he actually intended to fight Chen Xi. Besides feeling nervous, everyone couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat for Chen Xi and feel extremely worried.

It seems like the matter is growing greater and greater in proportion.

“That’s for the best.” Chen Xi’s reply towards this was very simple, and it was only four words.

A wisp of a ghastly smile appeared on the corners of Zuoqiu Jun’s mouth. He didn’t speak any further, yet the aura of strands of Golden Immortal Laws rumbled around him and emanated an oppressive force that threw the wind and clouds in the surroundings into chaos.

“Wait!” Right at this critical moment when the battle could break out at any moment, a clear and resounding voice suddenly sounded out from afar. Along with this voice, A’xiu led a group of people to flash over here like bolts of lightning, and they arrived in the blink of an eye.

“My god! Those seem to be students of the inner court!”

“Exactly. They’re members of the Xuanyuan Society. Could it be that they intend to interfere in this matter?”

“Now we’ll have a good show to watch.” When they saw A’xiu’s group arrive, whispered discussions instantly arose in the surroundings.

“Young Miss A’xiu!”

“Young Miss A’xiu has returned!” 

The members of the Star Alliance let out a wave of cheers instead while they revealed undisguised respect towards A’xiu. Obviously, during the contact between them during this past year, A’xiu had established an extremely high status in their hearts.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Jun, Liu Zefeng, and all the other members of the Zuoqiu Society revealed gloomy expressions.

How could they be unable to recognize A’xiu? This was the extremely dazzling little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan who hadn’t passed the tests of the academy at all before entering the academy and becoming the disciple of the inner court’s head instructor, Wang Daolu.

Besides that, even though he was unable to recognize most of the inner court students behind A’xiu, yet merely the identity of being an inner court student was sufficient to make have feel extraordinary pressure.

“Leave it to me.” Chen Xi was just about to speak when he was stopped by A’xiu, whereas when he saw A’xiu resolute attitude, he instantly shrugged helplessly and moved aside. He was clearly aware that A’xiu was normally carefree and careless, yet once she decided on something, then no one could stop her.

“Miss A’xiu, this is a fight between our Zuoqiu Society and the Star Alliance, and it has been permitted by the academy. Moreover, according to the rules, other societies aren’t allowed to interfere.” Zuoqiu Jun took a deep breath and had a gloomy expression. Obviously, he felt that A’xiu’s sudden arrival was slightly troublesome.

“Other societies? No, I’m a member of the Star Alliance as well, whereas all these people behind me are my cousins. I intend to stand up for the Star Alliance, and they intend to stand up for me, so it’s justifiable, right?” Meanwhile, A’xiu was still grinning, but her fair and beautiful oval face didn’t seem happy at all, and it was instead filled with horrifying indifference.

Obviously, A’xiu was utterly infuriated at this moment!

The hearts of everyone shook fiercely when they heard this. Xuanyuan Xiu has joined the Star Alliance as well? This was something that they’d never heard of before!

In the past, they were only aware that Xuanyuan Xiu had always been managing the Star Alliance for Chen Xi, yet they’d never imagined that with her identity, she would abandon the Xuanyuan Society and join the Star Alliance instead. This is too illogical!

“Such irrational logic! Since it’s like this, then according to this rule, can I get the help of some friends and family as well?” Zuoqiu Jun frowned and grunted coldly. He was actually shocked in his heart because he hadn’t imagined that A’xiu would actually admit she’d joined the Star Alliance.

“Do as you please.” A’xiu spoke calmly. “Your Zuoqiu Society can send out experts without end, then could it be our Star Alliance can’t? Not to mention, I never intended to act according to your rules when I came here today.”

When she spoke up to here, she turned around and said to the members of the Xuanyuan Society by her side, “Brothers and Sisters. According to the rules of our academy, 10,000 Starpoints will be deducted for bashing up someone. There are a total of 16 people here, so it’s 160,000 Star points. I’ll pay for it later.” 

These words were spoken with a murderous tone, and it caused the hearts of everyone in the vicinity to trembled. They felt that this little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan was really domineering and unreasonable. 

“Little Princess, there’s no need to say such things. Isn’t it just some Starpoints, we can pay for it ourselves.” A young man from the Xuanyuan Clan grinned.

“After being in the inner court all the time, being able to vent a little today in the outer court isn’t bad as well. Hehe.” A robust young man that was an entire 27m tall laughed slyly. As he spoke, he swept Zuoqiu Jun and the others with a bloodthirsty gaze, and he revealed an excited and battle addicted expression.

“Bullying the friends of the Little Princess is bullying the Little Princess. Those that bully the Little Princess are bullying my Xuanyuan Clan. Motherfucker! What a logical explanation. I wouldn’t be able to rest easy if we don’t fight this battle today, and even logic won’t allow it!” A disciple of the Xuanyuan Clan with a fiery temper even rubbed his palms together and was burning with eagerness.

The expressions of Zuoqiu Jun and the others turned extremely unsightly when they saw and heard this, and they gnashed their teeth because suffering such blunt insult in public caused them to be extremely infuriated.

However, they’d need to think about how they were showing off and seemed as if they were afraid the whole world wouldn’t know when they were obstructing the entrance of the Star Alliance’s hall in public.

“Could it be that Miss A’xiu really intends to cause a fight between my Zuoqiu Society and your Xuanyuan Society? The consequences of that are probably something even you’re unable to bear!” Zuoqiu Jun’s expression was extremely gloomy, and he forcefully gritted his teeth as he endured the fury in his heart while his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth.

“So what? Why would I care about what’ll happen later if I can’t take revenge for this?” A’xiu didn’t care at all, and she said without the slightest hesitation, “Now, let’s deal with the matter before us. One, admit defeat right now and fuck off obediently, or two, we’ll fight. All of you make the choice yourselves.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere instantly turned confrontational and deathly silent.

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