Chapter 122 – Chen Xi’s Persistence

Chapter 122 – Chen Xi’s Persistence


Due to the protection of the screen of light that covered an area of 300m in the arena, it was like a sealed pool that endlessly rose up explosively. In next to no time, it was almost fully filled by the bone piercingly cold Nine-Darkness Profoundwater.

The 30m tall Tang Xu’s legs were covered by water, yet they remained as firm as if he was ashore. The Nine-Yin Godsword in his hand carried along a surging wave that swept out and struck the surroundings, causing the screen of light around the arena to shake intensely and emit creaking sounds.

Shocking waves surged and fierce waves dashed to the skies.

At this moment, Tang Xu was simply like a god of water, wantonly releasing his boundless destructive force from within his own domain, causing all the spectators on the platform to be dumbstruck.

“Give up resisting, I already said long ago that you weren’t a match for me!” As he looked at Chen Xi who would soon to be drowned and covered by the streams of water, Tang Xu’s exceedingly ordinary face couldn’t resist from revealing a trace of complacency. Wasn’t all his bitter cultivating for over 10 years in the dark and cold lands and enduring the icy cold pain for nine years for the sake of this moment? To display his talent under the attention of everyone?


It was at this moment that Chen Xi’s figure abruptly stopped, then he plunged downwards like a shooting star and bore head first into the water under Tang Xu’s astounded gaze.

“Does this fellow want to die? This Nine-Darkness Profoundwater is the essence of water from 33km below the grounds of the dark and cold lands, and it was bone piercingly icy. So long as any qi refinement cultivator were to be tainted by a bit of it, they would be frozen into ice and lose all ability to battle. Is this fellow courting death?” Tang Xu was dumbstruck, then he smiled coldly as he took a step forward, and the Nine-Yin Godsword fierce flashed towards the water.


Countless fine turbulent flows of water abruptly gushed out from the bottom of the pool of water, and it was like a shapeless hand stirring the water as eight enormous whirlpools surged out with a loud rumble, roaring and colliding as if evil dragons had drilled out from within the water. The suction force and rotational force of the eight enormous whirlpools were interwoven together, forming a sharp penetrative force that caused one’s heart to palpitate and feel terrified.

There was, shockingly, a flying sword at the center of every single whirlpool. They were like the water sprite that controlled the streams of water and the whirlpools, and the sharp energy that surged out from them had simply arrived at a shocking degree.

Suction force!

Rotational force!

Sharp qi!

When combined together, they formed a terrifying force of destruction that was sufficient to mince everything into pieces, and it assaulted Tang Xu from every direction.

Tang Xu noticed to his astonishment that he’d actually lost control of the Nine-Darkness Profoundwater, and they were instead condensed into whirlpools by eight streams of terrifying energy to assault him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the first whirlpool attacked him, the enormous Nine-Yin Godsword seemed as if it had fallen into the hands of the devil, cracking inch by inch before transforming into Nine-Darkness Profoundwater that was completely swallowed up, causing the might of the whirlpool to rise explosively by another 10%.

“Why is this happening?” Tang Xu roared in rage. He circulated the Shaman Energy in his entire body, causing his 30m tall body to seem translucent like a stream of water, and emitted monstrous imposing might. With a rub of his palms, an enormous Nine-Yin Godsword that was 10m long condensed once more, and it chopped towards the whirlpools that assaulted him from all directions.


The Divine Ability Nine-Yin Godsword was shattered and wiped out once again, and before Tang Xu could resist once more, the eight whirlpools swept down like eight bloody mouths that were opened by an ancient fierce beast and swallowed Tang Xu’s 30m tall body from head to toe.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The eight whirlpools collided together, and the friction between two whirlpools was like millstones that revolved in opposite directions as they pressed down on each other. The eight whirlpools weren’t all revolving in opposite directions while rubbing together, and the pressure produced by all of them had instantly crushed Tang Xu’s body into powder that vanished completely.

So long as the head and heart of a cultivator at the Violet Palace Realm in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement wasn’t pierced through, the cultivator would be able to regrow his limbs and completely recover. During the battle earlier, Chen Xi had instead noticed that after the eight Netherezim Flying Swords minced Tang Xu’s head into pieces, this fellow had still recovered to an unharmed state. Although Chen Xi was unable to guess the profundity hidden behind this, Chen Xi was instead constantly thinking of where its weak point was.

The current method of using the whirlpools to annihilate Tang Xu was the method of obliterating the enemy that Chen Xi thought of. First, he used the eight Netherezim Flying Swords to execute the Windflow Divination Sword’s strongest move, Space Shattering Typhoon, and sever Tang Xu’s control towards the streams of water. Then he condensed eight whirlpools that contained Wind Dao Insight to rub and crush down on each other to completely mince Tang Xu’s entire body into powder.

Under these circumstances, if Tang Xu was still able to survive, then Chen Xi would have no choice but to expose his identity as a body refiner and execute the Grand Astral Palm.

Fortunately, everything Chen Xi was worried about didn’t happen.

In the arena, the whirlpools vanished, the streams of water disappeared, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords revolved as they flew back to Chen Xi’s side. Not far from him, a storage pouch had fallen to the ground; Tang Xu’s body had been minced into powder, vanishing without a trace.

“It’s a best of three matches and I’ve already won two rounds. Xie Zhan, shouldn’t you kneel down and apologize?” Chen Xi stretched out his hand to grab and put away the storage pouch on the ground, then turned around and faced Xie Zhan, who was below the arena, as he smiled indifferently. His smile was casual and natural.

Because of Tang Xu’s death, the spectating platform in the surroundings of the arena had fallen into deathly silence. At this moment, although Chen Xi’s voice wasn’t loud, it entered into the ears of everyone present without the slightest omission, and it was like a fuse that instantly exploded the spectating platform into an uproar.

“A cultivator of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement that possessed extremely tenacious vitality actually died?”

“This kid’s sword technique is so formidable! The strength of the final eight whirlpools was too terrifying…”

“Exciting! Truly too exciting! A qi refiner killing a body refiner! A battle like this is rarely seen in a hundred years!”

“Nice!” Duanmu Ze clapped fiercely, he was excited to the point his face went crimson and he roared out, causing the surroundings cultivators to glance over.

“I truly never imagine that this fellow, Chen Xi, had become so formidable. The moment he moves, it’s a killing move.” Du Qingxi’s clear eyes were unusually bright, and the corners of her icy cold mouth curled up into a delighted arc.

“You wouldn’t have fallen for him, right?” Song Lin smiled broadly as he ridiculed.

“Fuck off!” Duanmu Ze and Du Qingxi spoke out at the exact same time. But, one of them had hidden bitterness and was unwilling, the other was shy and uneasy. Song Ling saw with his eyes, understood in his heart, yet didn’t say anything.

“Sister, Big Brother Chen Xi has won!” Mu Wenfei’s little face was red, and he jumped about in excitement.

“Yes, I saw.” Mu Yao’s fist, that was originally clenched tightly, had slowly let go as she completely relaxed and the happiness on her pure and pretty oval face was difficult to conceal.

Dao Insight Stage, top-grade yellow-rank flying swords, a profound sword technique and movement technique. Amongst the younger generation of the various great powers in Dragon Lake City, only a few tens of people are able to compete with him. Formidable! I never imaged that I, Li Kun, would have misjudged as well… On the spectating platform, an old man whose entire body had fallen into a patch of shadows faintly sighed with emotion. If Chen Xi saw him, Chen Xi would surely be able to recognize to his astonishment that this old man was actually that mysterious old man that sat behind the table at the Darchu Soulguard’s great hall.

The screen of light on the arena was rescinded, and that beautiful and refined female attendant ascended the arena once again before saying in a loud voice. “Young Master Xie Zhan’s side has lost in the second round.” She then turned to look at Xie Zhan. “Young Master Xie, do you still want to carry out the third round?”

At this moment, Xie Zhan’s expression was already completely livid and gloomy, his gaze furious and fierce, and it was almost to the point of desiring to kill. He’d originally thought that since it was a best of three, his side was already in an invincible position. How could he have imagined that not only would Chen Xi defeat the 8th star Violet Palace Realm cultivator, Lin Shaoqi, with a single strike, at this moment, Chen Xi had once again killed the 3rd level Violet Palace Realm body refiner, Tang Xu, with overwhelming superiority?

Why is it like this?

Xie Zhan recalled the conditions he’d promised Chen Xi before the battle, and when he thought of how he had to kneel down and apologize to that pair of brother and sister that had no background, unrestrainable rage and ruthlessness emerged within his heart. But, it wasn’t good for him to go back on his words under the gazes of everyone present. If that happened, then the Xie Clan’s face would be completely lost.

What should I do?

Xie Zhan’s expression was indeterminate, and he was at a loss towards what to do.

“Want to go back on your word? Look at the surroundings, there are countless gazes staring at you here, and if you go back on your word, it’s alright as well, but your Xie Clan’s name will probably be destroyed,” Chen Xi said indifferently.

“Dammit! You…” Xie Zhan’s expression was ferocious, he was angered to the point his eyes almost spouted fire, and he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, wishing for nothing more than to hack this detestable kid into thousands of pieces.

“Oh, even Xie Zhan would be driven to such a state. Looks like words shouldn’t be spoken so conceitedly.”

“Exactly. Now that he has no way to back down, I wonder what Xie Zhan will do.”

“Hmph! Xie Zhan ought to receive a slight lesson. He’s always arrogant, overbearing, and has no respect for anyone. If it wasn’t for him having the Xie Clan behind him, he’d probably have been killed long ago.”

Numerous voices entered into his ears and were like numerous blades that cut Xie Zhan’s heart, causing him to be enraged to the point his entire body trembled ceaselessly. Since he was young, when had he ever suffered such grievance?


All of you are damnable!

Xie Zhan’s eyes instantly went red, and he couldn’t care about anything else as he leaped onto the arena with a swish, then looked at Chen Xi who was opposite of him and gnashed his teeth as he said, “I’ll fight the third round. I don’t have to apologize if I die. If you die… Then it couldn’t be better. I’ll surely torture that pair of brother and sister to death!”

At this moment, everyone was able to discern that Xie Zhan had completely gone mad. The words he spoke were resolute and ruthless and had trapped both him and Chen Xi into a situation that would only end when one party died.

“Looks like you still haven’t changed and woken up to reality. Since you’re looking to die, then I’ll fulfill your wish.” Killing intent flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes as the last sentence Xie Zhan spoke had completely aroused the killing intent in his heart.

The battle would break out at any moment, and all the cultivators on the spectating platform shut their mouths as they shot their gazes towards the arena in unison. The Xie Clan’s Young Master might be killed during this battle, and this was an extremely serious matter!

“Xie Zhan, stand down!” It was at this moment that a low and deep voice was like thunder that had descended from the skies, rumbling and exploding in the air around the entire arena. A swish accompanied this voice, and a figure was swift like a bolt of lightning as it descended onto the area.

This person’s figure was tall and stalwart, and he was actually taller by Xie Zhan who had an imposing build by the height of a head. A head full of dense long hair hung down loosely on his shoulder, and his face seemed as if it was cut out by a blade, possessing well defined angles. Moreover, there was a narrow scar from a saber on his left cheek that seemed like a centipede, and it added a savage and vicious aura to him.

“Xie Meng!”“It’s actually Xie Meng. Since the end of the last Hidden Dragon Rankings, he seemed as if he’d evaporated into thin air. Now he’s actually appeared here!”

“Haha, there’s a good show to see now!”

The spectating platform abruptly emitted cries of surprise when they saw this person, and they all had expressions of disbelief.

“Brother!” Xie Zhan called out in a low voice, yet he lowered his head in embarrassment. Being driven to such a state by another and even causing his brother to come out was truly too shameful.

“If you didn’t step up the arena today, I surely wouldn’t have come out and bothered about you.” Xie Meng’s voice carried along a sonorous and forceful feeling of slaughter, and he said with a deep voice, “Fortunately, you didn’t disappoint me. Go down, leave this place to me.”

Xie Zhan nodded, then turned around and left. As he walked, he felt afraid in his heart. If I chose to kneel and apologize earlier, then I’d probably have been expelled by the Xie Clan, right?

“This battle already has no need of being carried out. I’ll represent my younger brother and apologize to you and that pair of brother and sister.” Xie Meng’s gaze swept Chen Xi and he said with an expressionless face, “Moreover, I guarantee that no one within my Xie Clan will look for trouble with all of you again. How about it?”

All the people on the spectating platform couldn’t help but nod to themselves, being able to make Xie Meng declare such a stand was already the greatest compromise of that Xie Clan. It allowed both parties to have room to make a choice, and not continue the life and death situation.

However, unexpected to everyone, Chen Xi actually didn’t agree!

“Earlier, when your little brother drove my friends into a hopeless situation, did he ever think of apologizing and letting them off? If I lost in this arena battle, can you imagine what would have happened to them?” Chen Xi spoke slowly with a calm expression, and his voice was like a lake without ripples, not carrying any feelings.

Xie Meng’s face became gloomy as he asked indifferently. “Then what do you want? Speak your terms and I can compensate you, so long as it isn’t too excessive.”

“I just want to ask you a question.” Chen Xi’s voice slowly became icy cold. Because he recalled the scene from before, he recalled the gazes of Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei that was despaired, helpless, terrified, and worried. Rage leaped up within his chest, and it was smoldering, yearning to be vented. “If it was you, would you agree to let him off just like this?”

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