Chapter 1219 – Like Crushing Dry Leaves

It was common knowledge that Chen Xi had just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm one month ago, whereas Liu Zefeng had cultivated in the outer court for almost a thousand years.

So at the beginning of the battle, everyone felt that no matter how outstanding Chen Xi, if he were to collide head on with Liu Zefeng, the Chen Xi would definitely be in a disadvantageous position. No one had imagined that as soon as they fought, Liu Zefeng would be forced back by Chen Xi’s first strike!


While everyone was surprised and bewildered, a blurry afterimage suddenly appeared above Liu Zefeng like a ghost, and then a dazzling strand of sword qi slashed down.

It was the inheritances of the sword from the Infinite Divine Talisman, and it was the might of the swords of the five elements overlapped together. As soon as it was executed, space was instantly torn into pieces like a piece of paper, and it emanated a terrifying imposing aura of slaughter and destruction.

This strand of sword qi caused Liu Zefeng’s brows to knit together while he revealed a trace of a heavy expression. So it turns out that this kid was so arrogant because he has some ability.

Earlier, as soon as they fought, he’d only utilized 50% of his strength, and even though he’d been shaken by Chen Xi’s strength to the point of moving back a few steps, he was still confident in being able to easily defeat Chen Xi. But when he sensed the terrifying aura contained within this sword strike, he finally noticed that the kid before him couldn’t be compared to ordinary Golden Immortals at all.

It has only been a year, yet how could this kid’s combat strength have increased so quickly? Even if he has advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, how could his combat strength possibly become so terrifying in such a short period of time?

“Dark Asura King Fist!” Liu Zefeng didn’t dare think any further. His figure didn’t move at all while his fist charged through the sky. Golden light swept out from within it, and it seemed like an erupting volcano that smashed through space before heavily blasting onto the sword qi that was flashing down from above.


The two of them collided once more. Divine radiance erupted and covered an area of 500km in the surroundings, and it caused everyone in the surroundings to dodge while feeling astounded in their hearts. Fortunately, it was within the academy, and the academy was covered in restrictions, causing such a terrifying aftershock to be unable to damage the nearby buildings.

Otherwise, if these restrictions weren’t there to resist the aftershock, then the collision of two Golden Immortals was sufficient to destroy the entire outer court in the blink of an eye!

Stomp! Stomp!

Even if Liu Zefeng had already made sufficient preparations, but when he really collided head on with Chen Xi, he was still forcefully blasted to the point his body swayed while he uncontrollably took another two steps back in the air.

This scene caused his expression to be extremely gloomy, and his eyes blazed with the flames of rage. Actually, he was slightly surprised and bewildered in his heart because the combat strength displayed by the young man before him truly exceeded his expectations.

On the other hand, all the others in the surroundings were shocked to the point their jaws almost hit the floor.

If the first collision between Liu Zefeng and Chen Xi from before could be considered as Liu Zefeng being careless, then the scene before their eyes obviously proved that Chen Xi’s combat strength was at least on par with Liu Zefeng, and it might even surpass Liu Zefeng!

“I’ve said it before, you alone aren’t enough. It’s better for all of you to join forces.” Chen Xi’s figure flashed like a wisp of flowing light that moved through space, and he’d returned to where he stood earlier in the blink of an eyes. In the next moment, his gaze swept coldly towards Liu Zefeng and Liu Zefeng’s companions.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was shocked once more. But compared with the disbelief from before, they were slightly doubtful now.

To Liu Zefeng, these words were like a poison needle that pierced deeply into his heart, and it caused his expression to become extremely gloomy.

At the same time, his companions gnashed their teeth as they felt their pride had suffered an extraordinary humiliation and insult.

“What? All of you’re afraid that you’ll be beaten down by a new student like me and you’ll be unable to hold your heads high in the outer court. Then allow me.” A wisp of a piercingly cold smile suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

In the next instant, an extraordinary golden glow suddenly surged from within him and shot into the sky. The terrifying might of Golden Immortal Laws coiled around Chen Xi’s entire body, causing him to seem like an overlord that controlled the world, and his imposing aura shook the clouds and wind in all directions.


Starclasp left its sheath, and then Chen Xi’s figure flashed before turning blurry and indistinct. He transformed into numerous afterimages that moved through the surrounding space.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like a few hundred Chen Xi figures were flashing in different parts of space, and this scene was astounding.

It wasn’t just that, at this instant, along with Chen Xi going into action was over a thousand strands of sword qi. Every single strand of sword was entirely different, some were like a monstrous azure ocean, some were like a purgatory of lava, some were like mountains that towered into the sky, some were like a forest…

They were all various different inheritances of the sword, and they fully displayed the supreme profundities of various Grand Dao Laws. While contained within these strands of sword qi, these Grand Dao Laws displayed a might that was sufficient to cause the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.


Numerous peerless strands of sword qi shot out like a wave. Instantly, they exploded all over and caused the heavens, earth, and space to be shattered and crushed while numerous horrifying spatial rifts were torn open.

In the distance, everyone that saw this shocking scene felt suffocated while boundless shock arose in their hearts. It was truly difficult to imagine that such a terrifying combat strength would appear on Chen Xi who’d just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm for a single month.

“Perfect Grand Dao Laws that’re overlapped onto each other before transforming into strands of sword qi that contain various different elements. I never expected that his knowledge of the Grand Dao would have actually attained such a state. If he completely condenses all of them into Allheaven Divine Crests, then their might will only be even more formidable…” At somewhere in the distance, Zhao Mengli’s eyes were clear and beautiful as she muttered. 

After that, she seemed to have thought of something, and her ink black brows suddenly rose as she said, “Wait! He obtained a Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens that day, yet he hasn’t utilized it until now. He’s obviously still holding back!” 

When she thought up to here, a wisp of indescribable shock surged into Zhao Mengli’s heart once more, and she took Chen Xi even more seriously. “Besides the unfathomable Zhen Lu and Ji Xuanbing that keeps a low profile, I’m afraid only you’ll be my strongest opponent during the inner court exam six months from now…”

She didn’t compare herself to the senior students of the outer court. Obviously, she felt that only Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, and Ji Xuanbing were existences at the same height as her.

“I originally thought that I’d taken him seriously enough, yet I never expected that it’s far from enough!” On the other side, Ji Xuanbing stood with his hands behind his back while an expanse of admiration filled the space between his brows, and a strand of pressure surged in his heart as well.

“But it’s fine. I can only improve when there’s pressure. Having such an opponent amongst my peers is my fortune.” After that, Ji Xuanbing laughed lightheartedly, and then when he looked towards the distance once more, his gaze only carried pure admiration.

“The outcome has been decided.” Since he started watching the battle until now, Zhen Lu hadn’t said a single word. But when he saw this scene, his tranquil expression flashed with a wisp of shock.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the battlefield, sword qi shot out both horizontally and vertically like a myriad of torrents that emanated divine radiance were dancing wildly in the sky, and they slashed apart, crushed, and destroyed space, causing it to fall into a state of chaos.

On the other hand, Liu Zefeng and the others seemed as if they were amidst an expanse of tempestuous waves. No matter how they struggled, they were unable to escape being locked onto and crushed by the sword qi that covered the sky.

During this entire process, some of them suffered heavy injuries and blood sprayed violently from their mouths, some were injured by the sword qi and their bodies were covered in bloody scars… All of them showed signs of being unable to continue fighting and were in an extremely sorry state.

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked to the point of gasping while they looked with disbelief at this scene where Chen Xi seemed as if he was crushing dry leaves. Their entire bodies felt cold while they couldn’t help but list Chen Xi as an extremely dangerous existence in their hearts.

Yes, only those that saw it with their own two eyes were able to understand that during this month of time since Chen Xi advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, his strength had undergone a shocking transformation that could be described as capable of shocking the world.

In the past, no one dared to believe that someone in this world could actually bring forth their combat strength to such an extent after just advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm.

In a short period of time, besides Liu Zefeng, everyone else in the battlefield was injured. Shrill cries filled the sky while they were utterly defeated. It was a group of Golden Immortals! In the outside world, they were overlord level existences that could stand proudly above a continent, yet they seemed so miserable and horrifying at this moment.

Most importantly, from the beginning until the end, all their attacks or abilities were actually unable to be of any threat to Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that they were unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s figure that moved through space like a ghost!

At this moment, Liu Zefeng was surprised and bewildered. He similarly didn’t dare believe this scene that occurred before his eyes. All of them were utterly unaware that Chen Xi’s combat strength had risen to such an extent, so it could be said that they brought this upon themselves.

In terms of cultivation, he had indeed advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm countless years before Chen Xi, yet combat strength wasn’t determined by how long one had cultivated. It was determined by one’s foundation, combat technique, combat experience, and grasp of the Grand Dao Laws!

No matter which one of these aspects it was, Chen Xi completely crushed all of them. So, under such circumstances, how could they be a match for Chen Xi?

In short, it wasn’t that they were too weak, and it was Chen Xi who was too strong!


A terrifying strand of sword qi approached him, causing Liu Zefeng to be unable to dodge it. In the end, he had no choice but to resist it head on, yet he was instantly blasted flying while a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

At this point, Liu Zefeng was unable to avoid being injured as well.

At this moment, all of these members of the Zuoqiu Society that had come to cause trouble were looking at Chen Xi with disbelief, and their eyes revealed terrified expressions.

In their field of vision, the handsome young man that stood before them had an indifferent expression. He was like a demon that came from the darkness, and it caused them to instinctively feel fearful towards him.

This fellow is truly too terrifying! He isn’t like a new student at all!

When they recalled how they’d arrogantly asked for the Star Alliance to be dissolved and desired to trample on Chen Xi, yet they’d fallen to such an extent now and had lost all face under the gazes of everyone present here, all these senior students revealed dejected expressions and were utterly regretful in their hearts.

But their dignity as Golden Immortals made them hold on bitterly until now, and they were unwilling to admit defeat.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t stop. His expression was calm as he walked through space at a steady pace, and his body revealed dense killing intent that caused them to feel suffocated.

This sort of imposing aura was tempered through the countless bloody battles he’d gone through since he’d started cultivating until now. It was a true aura of slaughter, and it terrified the soul.

“All of you had the boldness to challenge my Star Alliance with just this little bit of ability?” Chen Xi held his sword in hand and was just about to completely bash up these bastards and utterly destroy their pride. However, right at this moment, a figure appeared out of thin air and obstructed Chen Xi’s path.

“Stay your hand! What’re you doing fighting in the academy?” The person that arrived had a cold expression while the space between his brows were filled with gloominess and ruthlessness. It was the head student of the Enforcement Hall, Zuoqiu Jun.

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