Chapter 1218 – Forced Back With A Single Strike

As soon as Chen Xi’s words left his mouth, the expressions of Liu Zefeng and the others turned slightly grim.

No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually attack just like that, and since they were caught off guard, Huang Tianhu had actually been blasted back with a single strike and was endlessly coughing up blood and letting out shrill cries.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, they weren’t even in time to stop Chen Xi’s attack or assist Huang Tianhu.

“Is winning by launching a surprise attack anything worthy of showing off? Your despicable actions are going a bit overboard!” A senior student exploded with rage and shouted with a grim voice, and the Immortal Force within his body rumbled as he struck out with a punch.


This punch actually contained the might of the Fire Lightning Divine Crest. It raged like fire and flashed like lightning, and its impetus was shocking to the extreme.

“Despicable? Do you even have the qualifications to talk about being despicable with me? Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold as he suddenly flicked his sleeve. Shocking Immortal Force surged out like a tempestuous wave, and it carried boundless force as it fiercely collided with the senior student.


The terrifying collision of Immortal Force coupled with an enormous vibrating sound swept out, and then a wisp of paleness and shock surged onto the face of the senior student that attacked Chen Xi. He felt an enormous force sweeping over, and it was like a sledgehammer that smashed onto his palm.

Instantly, the fingers on his palm bent backwards, and every single one of them were distorted. After that, his palm split apart before blood sprayed from within.

Moreover, his entire body was forcefully blasted flying as well before falling outside the hall with a thump, and he rolled into a ball with Huang Tianhu who’d fallen outside of the hall earlier.

After colliding head on with Chen Xi, he’d actually been injured and suffered the same consequences as Huang Tianhu from before!

“How could this be possible!?” All the other senior students present here were astounded. In the blink of an eye, he’d defeated two Golden Immortal Realm experts, and such strength was at the top even amongst some senior students and not many could accomplish it. Not to mention that Chen Xi was only a new student that had just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm.

How did he accomplish that?

At this moment, everyone watching the show from outside the hall were dumbstruck before exploding into a might uproar. They were unable to imagine how Chen Xi, who’d just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, would possibly be able to erupt with such a shocking combat strength.

“We came here for the challenge. If you continue being so rude, then don’t blame us for joining forces against you.” Right amidst this mighty bustling noise from the surroundings, Liu Zefeng’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly at Chen Xi.

“Rude? Is coming to my Star Alliance’s territory and blocking the entrance considered as rude as well?” Chen Xi spoke with an emotionless expression.

Liu Zefeng took a deep breath before he waved his hand and said, “Alright! We’ll wait for your arrival outside the hall!”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

His companions couldn’t help but glance at each other when they saw this, and they followed behind him and left the hall in the end.


“Chen Xi!” Liang Ren and the others hurriedly came over and surrounded Chen Xi when they saw this.

“Are all of you fine?” Chen Xi gazed at all the people around him, and their faces were filled with pleasant surprise and not a shred of discontent or anger.

Besides causing Chen Xi to feel moved, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed. After all, as the leader of the Star Alliance, it was the first time he’d come to the Star Alliance’s hall to meet these members.

Moreover, it could be said that in terms of the matter that occurred today, they’d been dragged into it because of him.

“We’re fine. Even though those bastards are arrogant, they don’t dare to wantonly act against us.” Liang Ren smiled while a wisp of shock still remained in his eyes. Earlier, Chen Xi had utilized two casual attacks to injure two Golden Immortal Realm experts. Compared to a year ago, Chen Xi’s strength had actually undergone a tremendous change, and it couldn’t be compared to Chen Xi’s strength from before.

“I’m sorry. As a part of the Star Alliance, I’ve never done anything for it. All of you were dragged into this matter and received such humiliation because of my lack of consideration.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while he revealed a solemn expression, and he cupped his fists as he apologized to all of them.

“Haha! Big Brother Chen Xi, what’re you talking about? Young Miss A’xiu once said that you’re the backbone of our Star Alliance, the one that controls it. Only by allowing your strength to become formidable would you be able to lead our Star Alliance to become stronger day by day.” 

“Right, Brother Xi, we noticed the situation you’re in, and we joined the Star Alliance after considering it carefully, so you can’t treat us like outsiders.”

“Now that I speak of it, it’s still because our ability is too weak, causing Big Brother Chen Xi to have no choice but to make a move. However, don’t worry Big Brother Chen Xi, we’ve just entered the academy, and so long as we’re given enough time, we’ll definitely be able to become even stronger. Those senior students have only been in the academy longer than us, and it’s nothing great!”

All the members of the Star Alliance spoke successively. Since they were able to pass through the layer upon layer of tests to enter Dao Emperor Academy, they were all first-rate outstanding figures in the world. They were filled with high aspirations and pride. But when facing Chen Xi, all of them restrained the pride in their hearts, and it wasn’t just that, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of fervor and admiration.

Yes, only Chen Xi was able to make them treat him in such a way, and the reason they’d joined the Star Alliance was similarly because of Chen Xi.

Liang Ren smiled when he saw this scene, and then his brows knit together as he said to Chen Xi, “Chen Xi, the challenge outside…”

Before he could finish speaking, Chen Xi interrupted him, and Chen Xi swiftly raised his head and looked at all of them as he said word by word, “Don’t worry everyone, I do not attack unless attacked. Since someone has come and stepped on our Star Alliance, then we’ll be looked down upon if we continue to endure it.”

Liang Ren said anxiously, “I’m not talking about that.”

Chen Xi smiled lightly before he turned around and walked out of the hall. “Isn’t it just dissolving the Star Alliance? I’ll let them know that one can’t carelessly say some things.”

His tone seemed to be indifferent. yet it actually surged with a wisp of piercingly cold resolution.

The blood of the members of the Star Alliance couldn’t help but boil when they saw this, and they followed behind Chen Xi with large strides. At this moment, they seemed as if they’d found their backbone, and it was as if there was nothing worthy of making them feel fearful or worried with Chen Xi here. 


The commotion here was rather great, thus it drew the attention of many people, and there were numerous figures swiftly rushing over towards here from all directions in the outer court.

The matter of Liu Zefeng obstructing the entrance to the Star Alliance’s hall since early in the morning had spread throughout the outer court, and it caused most of the new students to be infuriated, yet they didn’t dare say anything so as to avoid drawing trouble to themselves, whereas, the senior students mostly felt pleasure from the Star Alliance’s misfortune and were watching the show.

At this moment, when they heard that the leader of the Star Alliance, Chen Xi, had made an appearance, it naturally drew the attention of numerous people.

At the same time, Zhao Mengli’s beautiful figure stood alone extremely far away, and her clear eyes were looking over here from afar.

It wasn’t just her, if one looked carefully, one would notice that the figures of Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhongli Xun, and the others could be faintly seen extremely far away.

Obviously, they wanted to see how Chen Xi would deal with Liu Zefeng who was at the eighth position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all these gazes, and he seemed as if he didn’t notice them at all. As soon as he walked out of the hall, his gaze swept towards Liu Zefeng and the others who’d been waiting there since a long time ago.

“I never expected that you’re so narrow-minded that it actually exceeded my expectations. No wonder you’ve cultivated for almost a thousand years in the outer court yet you’re still unable to enter the inner court.” In the end, Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto Liu Zefeng, and a wisp of a piercingly cold and ridiculing arc appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Liu Zefeng’s face sank when he heard Chen Xi, and he said indifferently, “Having a sharp tongue isn’t able to change the fate of your Star Alliance. So it’s better for you to not try to provoke me with words.” 

“Don’t worry. Even if you want to make a compromise today, I won’t agree to it.” Chen Xi shook his head and said slowly, “In other words, if anyone dares to provoke my Star Alliance like this in the future, I won’t let the matter go at all.”

Liu Zefeng was stunned, and then he seemed as if he’d heard a joke and couldn’t help but laugh before he said, “You really are arrogant. Could it be that you think it’s like when you were at the Dao Development Reserve last year?”

All his companions started laughing as well. Even though Chen Xi’s attacks from before had injured two of their companions, but with a top expert of the outer court like Liu Zefeng amongst them, they didn’t take Chen Xi seriously at all.

 After all, as far as they were concerned, Chen Xi was only a Golden Immortal that had just advanced a month ago, so how could he possibly be a match for Liu Zefeng who’d cultivated for almost a thousand years?

“You’ll know if it’s the same after we fight.” Chen Xi said with an emotionless expression, “I was able to defeat you while at the Mysterious Immortal Realm and cause you to thoroughly lose face last time. This time, I won’t let you off so easily, so it’s best that all of you join forces. Don’t say that I didn’t give you the chance.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the spectators in the surroundings were astounded in their hearts, and they felt Chen Xi was too arrogant.

Liu Zefeng’s face sank while his gaze swept towards Chen Xi like a blade. Chen Xi’s attitude had utterly infuriated him. He originally thought that under such circumstances, Chen Xi would at least restrain himself and reveal regret towards offending him. Yet never had Liu Zefeng imagined that after not seeing Chen Xi for just a little over a year, this kid would actually become even more unbridled.

“Kid, it’s too late even if you regret it now!” Liu Zefeng suddenly clenched his fists before a terrifying aura surged out from his body. This might that belonged to a Golden Immortal effused out, and it caused the faces of many new students present here to turn slightly pale.

Such an imposing aura was shocking indeed, and it was worthy of Liu Zefeng’s status as an expert ranked at the eighth position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

Some people couldn’t help but look towards Chen Xi, yet they saw his face was still calm as water while his eyes that were dark like an abyss were utterly tranquil. Moreover, he didn’t seem to be moved at all by the terrifying imposing aura Liu Zefeng revealed.


In the next instant, Liu Zefeng moved. His figure flashed before he tore space apart, and in the next moment, he’d arrived before Chen Xi before his fist smashed out. Instantly, the violent might of Golden Immortal Laws swept out like a torrent, and it smashed fiercely down towards Chen Xi’s head.

This strike was unbelievably swift, and it arrived before Chen Xi in an instant. Moreover, the impetus of his fist was extremely terrifying, and it vividly displayed the might of a Golden Immortal.

However, even though he was swift, Chen Xi was swifter. Right at the instant when Liu Zefeng attacked, Chen Xi had formed a sword with his fingers before suddenly executing an explosively stab. An extremely sharp, murderous, and condensed strand of sword qi shot through space like a divine spear of judgment, and it revealed a might that struck directly at the heart.


The sword qi and fist collided fiercely before Immortal Force erupted, and then a terrifying aura swept out.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Right amidst the dispersing dust and dirt, Liu Zefeng’s figure actually retreated repeatedly by a few steps. Moreover, every single step he took smashed a hole open in space, and it seemed as if he was enduring a force that was impossible to resist.

On the other hand, the hearts of all the spectators jerked when they saw such a scene, and their pupils dilated. Liu Zefeng was actually forced back as soon as the battle began?

How…how could this be possible? 

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