Chapter 1218 – Forced Back With A Single Strike

As soon as Chen Xi’s words left his mouth, the expressions of Liu Zefeng and the others turned slightly grim.

No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually attack just like that, and since they were caught off guard, Huang Tianhu had actually been blasted back with a single strike and was endlessly coughing up blood and letting out shrill cries.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, they weren’t even in time to stop Chen Xi’s attack or assist Huang Tianhu.

“Is winning by launching a surprise attack anything worthy of showing off? Your despicable actions are going a bit overboard!” A senior student exploded with rage and shouted with a grim voice, and the Immortal Force within his body rumbled as he struck out with a punch.


This punch actually contained the might of the Fire Lightning Divine Crest. It raged like fire and flashed like lightning, and its impetus was shocking to the extreme.

“Despicable? Do you even have the qualifications to talk about being despicable with me? Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold as he suddenly flicked his sleeve. Shocking Immortal Force surged out like a tempestuous wave, and it carried boundless force as it fiercely collided with the senior student.


The terrifying collision of Immortal Force coupled with an enormous vibrating sound swept...

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