Chapter 1217 – Domineering Counterattack


Space surged like flowing water as Chen Xi’s figure flickered through it. This was teleportation, and it was an ability of the Golden Immortal Realm.

However, to Chen Xi who possessed the Spatial Divine Crest, the layer upon layer of space around him seemed material, and he was able to sense it clearly, allowing him to move freely through it like a fish in water.

When he appeared once more, he’d already arrived at the outer court.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to size up the scenery in the surroundings that seemed like a paradise. His gaze was icy cold like a blaze as it swept through the outer court, and then his figure flashed over explosively.

Liu Zefeng!

If you think I made you utterly lose face at the Dao Development Reserve that day, then this time, I’ll make it so bad you have nothing left to lose! 


Before an ancient building complex at the outer court.

At this moment, there were many figures gathered on the vast square, and they were pointing at one of the ancient buildings as they spoke.

“Senior Brother Liu Zefeng came over in a threatening manner this time. Obviously, he intends to avenge the humiliation he suffered that day.”

“There’s going to be a good show for us now. Chen Xi’s showing off too much and doesn’t know how to restrain himself, so he has naturally caused many seniors to be extremely displeased since a long time ago.”

“Exactly. Since Chen Xi entered into our academy, he caused countless commotions. A tree that stands higher than the rest will definitely be destroyed by the wind. Coupled with the fact that he’s a new student that doesn’t possess the support of any power behind him, yet he actually established this Star Alliance. Isn’t he a bit too arrogant? Perhaps repressing him slightly and allowing him to realize his mistakes isn’t a bad thing.”

“Hmph! One can’t establish a society without any background? New students have to endure being repressed? What sort of logic is this? It looks to me that all of you’re envious of Chen Xi!”

The sounds of discussion rose and fell. Even though they were arguing amongst each other, yet their gazes had never left the ancient building in the distance as if they were deeply afraid of missing any detail.

At this moment, there similarly was a wave of conversation within the grand hall, but these voices were filled with rage that was impossible to suppress.

All of them were members of the Star Alliance. There were around ten plus of them. At this moment, all of them were looking towards the front of the hall with rage because there were numerous figures standing proudly there while smiling at them.

These people had careless expressions while their arms were crossed before their chests, and they seemed as if they considered everyone beneath them. But their bodies surged with a shocking imposing aura, and they were actually all at the Golden Immortal Realm.

The person in the lead was surprisingly the 8th on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, Liu Zefeng.

Such a force was obviously impossible to be resisted by those new students of the Star Alliance.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming stood side by side at the front of all these members of the Star Alliance, and their eyes were filled with rage because these fellows had obstructed the entrance to this building since early in the morning until now.

Even though they could still continue cultivating within this hall, this feeling of others coming to provoke them and showing off on their territory caused Liang Ren and Gu Yueming to be extremely angry. They felt as if they were like criminals that had been imprisoned.

“These bastards are going a bit too far! If it wasn’t for Young Miss A’xiu going out to train and temper herself outside the academy with her master, they wouldn’t dare come looking for trouble with us no matter what!” Liang Ren gnashed his teeth as he cursed.

This was where the Star Alliance resided, and it was rented by A’xiu at the yearly price of 300,000 Starpoints. It was specially provided for the members of the Star Alliance to get together. Yet now, Liu Zefeng and the others had come here to look for trouble with them, so how could they not be furious?

It wasn’t just Liang Ren and Gu Yueming, the expressions of all the other members of the Star Alliance were gloomy. All of them were extraordinary geniuses amongst the new students. Even though they couldn’t compare to Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, and other such freaks, they were first-rate amongst the new students, so when had people like them been humiliated like this?

However, even though Liu Zefeng and the others made them feel extremely great pressure, not a single one of them had left until now. Because if they were to do this, wouldn’t it be telling everyone else that the Star Alliance was afraid of these bastards?

Under such circumstances, their pride was unable to endure it.

It was precisely because of this sort of pressure that they held together tightly as a group, and it shapelessly strengthened the cohesion amongst them. They were curious to exactly what extent these bastards would force them to.

“It’s about to be 45 minutes past noon. If all of you still don’t send out a representative to receive our challenge, then don’t blame us for striking all of you down!” Meanwhile, a fat young man by Liu Zefeng’s side chuckled abruptly with a mocking expression.

“How dare you!?” All the members of the Star Alliance were furious.

“Oh, there’s another 15 minutes left. At that time, all of you will know if I, Huang Tianhu, do as I say.” The fat young man was utterly indifferent towards the threats from the members of the Star Alliance, and he continued smiling as he spoke slowly.

“Big Brother Liang Ren, it was all my fault. I’ve failed everyone. If it wasn’t for me being unable to restrain my anger earlier and agreeing to their challenge, it would be utterly impossible for everyone to have been dragged into this.” A young man with a rugged appearance and a strong figure was ashamed. After that, his expression turned serious as he suddenly took a step forward and said, “Allow me to bear the consequences!”

“Xue Hun! Stop right there! What do you think all of us are?” Liang Ren berated in a stern voice as he dragged Xue Hun back. “Since you’re clearly aware that you’ve made a mistake, then could it be you intend to continue making mistakes? If you lose, no one is able to bear the consequences!”

“Xue Hun, listen to Liang Ren and stand back for now. Since it has already come to this, then we naturally have to stand by each other through thick and thin. Isn’t it just a challenge? Since our Star Alliance has been established, then we can’t avoid some tempering sooner or later. At this moment, you must not act on impulse.” Gu Yueming advised from the side.

Xue Hun was stunned, and he seemed to be even more ashamed. But in the end, he listened to Gu Yueming and Liang Ren in the end, and he silently returned to where he stood before. However, his fists were silently clenched together tightly while he swore in his heart. If a battle really breaks out today, then I can’t allow the Star Alliance’s reputation to be disgraced even if I have to put my life on the line!

“Alas, I never expected that all of you are rather loyal. Unfortunately, since all of you have agreed to the challenge, then your Star Alliance has to be dissolved if you can’t endure the challenge, whereas all of you have to obediently join my Zuoqiu Society. Haha! Of course, don’t worry, I really admire all of your loyalty, so I’ll treat all of you well once you join the Zuoqiu Society.” Huang Tianhu roared with laughter while his chubby face was filled with complacency.

“You’re going too far!”

“Big Brother Liang Ren, let’s fight we everything we have!”

“Fucking Zuoqiu Society, all they know is to bully the weak. Once I fucking enter the inner court, I’ll slowly challenge every single member of your Zuoqiu Society and return ten times the humiliation I suffered today!”

All the members of the Star Alliance were furious while their eyes almost split apart from rage, and the situation faintly showed signs of going out of control.

Liu Zefeng and the others sneered when they saw this, and their eyes revealed a wisp of anticipation as if they eagerly looked forward to them being unable to restrain themselves and charging into battle.

Everyone… Liang Ren muttered in his heart and was just about to stop them when his expression changed, and he suddenly raised his head to look outside the hall. Space flashed there before a familiar figure appeared, and then the figure shot swiftly towards the hall.

“It’s Chen Xi! Chen Xi has arrived!” Liang Ren yelled with a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Chen Xi has arrived?” At this moment, no matter if it was all the people watching the show from outside the hall or the others within the hall, all of their gazes swept successively towards the figure that appeared out of thin air.

“Chen Xi!” Liu Zefeng and the others turned around and saw that figure as well. Huang Tianhu immediately laughed coldly. “This kid is finally willing to make an appearance.”

On the other hand, Liu Zefeng that had always remained silent since the beginning swiftly raised his head at this moment, and then an expanse of ghastly coldness flashed within his eyes.

These bastards are really here! 

Chen Xi’s figure entered the hall with a swish and saw Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and the others, and when he saw Liu Zefeng and a large group of people were blocking the entrance of the hall, his deep eyes instantly surged with a wisp of piercing coldness.

“Chen Xi…” Liang Ren hurriedly moved forward to greet Chen Xi and was just about to explain.

Chen Xi interrupted him with a wave of the hand and said, “I already know what happened. Now that I think about it, it’s still the first time that I’ve entered the territory of our Star Alliance. But I’m curious who these people are? Why have they come to our territory?”

As he spoke, Chen Xi’s gaze had already turned icy cold as it descended onto Liu Zefeng and the others.

“Hmph! Who are we? We’re members of the Zuoqiu Society, and we’ve come this time to challenge your Star Alliance!” Huang Tianhu immediately grunted coldly when he saw Chen Xi speak so bluntly.

“So in this way, all of you aren’t members of my Star Alliance?” Chen Xi spoke with an emotionless expression.

“Heh! Star Alliance? It’s going to be destroyed after today!” Huang Tianhu roared with cold laughter.

“Now, I’ll give all of you a chance. Immediately get the fuck out of here, otherwise it wouldn’t be just as simple as leaving.” Chen Xi spoke word by word with a calm voice, yet it revealed an indisputable tone.

The spirits of the members of the Star Alliance was instantly refreshed when they heard this, and they rubbed their palms together.

On the other hand, the faces of Liu Zefeng and the others sank as they glanced at Chen Xi with hostile expression.

“You want us to get the fuck off? Haha, aren’t you a bit too arrogant, kid? Could it be that you think that you can look down on us seniors after you advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm…?”


He hadn’t finished speaking when a violent force that came from the swing of Chen Xi’s palm whistled over, and it was like a gale that tore through space as it charged towards Huang Tianhu.

This strike contained surging Golden Immortal Laws, and it seemed as if it was capable of enveloping the surroundings and suppressing the world. It caused others to have the feeling that it was impossible to avoid, and its speed was unbelievably swift.

In the next instant, the savage smile on Huang Tianhu’s face froze while the cheekbone on the right side of his face and the bridge of his nose sunk down abruptly. After that, his lips split apart while a row of teeth flew out.

Subsequently, his entire body wasn’t able to endure the strength within this palm, and his fat figure rolled out of the hall like a large meatball.

After that, a miserable and shrill cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered resounded, and it shocked everyone outside the hall to the point of dodging successively in panic.

Chen Xi patted his hands together before he said emotionlessly, “I asked you to fuck off, yet you still continued running your mouth, so I could only send you out myself.”

As he spoke, his gaze descended onto Liu Zefeng and the others once more. “Now, will all of you get the fuck out yourselves, or should I send all of you rolling out?”

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