Chapter 1216 – Endless Disturbance

Right amidst this wave of discussion, Chen Xi walked over towards the stone stele.

The entire stone stele was suffused with golden radiance, and it clearly listed the first 500 names on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. These names flowed with a strange glow, and it was an honor that others looked up to.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, outer court students that were able to be ranked in the top 500 of the Allheaven Golden Rankings would obtain a certain amount of Starpoints as a reward every single month.

For example, the first 500 would obtain 10,000 Starpoints every single month.

The first 400 would obtain 50,000.

The first 300 would obtain 100,000.

The first 200 would obtain 200,000.

The top 100 would obtain 400,000.

Moreover, the top 100 were differentiated into five levels according to their rankings, and it was respectively the top 50, top 30, top 10, top 5, and top 3.

These five levels were respectively able to obtain 800,000, 1,000,000, 1,500,000, 2,000,000, and 3,000,000 Starpoints, whereas, the first was able to obtain an extra 2,000,000 Starpoints every single month. So, it was a total reward of 5,000,000 Starpoints!

In other words, if one was able to obtain the first position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, then even without accepting and completing a single assignment in a year, the person would be able to obtain 60,000,000 Starpoints!

Of course, it wasn’t that easy to obtain the first. In the outer court, every single student was charging for the first, so it was practically impossible to occupy the first position for an entire year.

It wasn’t just the first position, even all the first 500 positions on the Allheaven Golden Rankings frequently underwent changes. Names ascended into it every single day, and similarly, the names of some were pushed out of it.

It was practically impossible to occupy a position for a long period of time by relying on a single test before the stone stele.

Simply speaking, the rewards of Starpoints for the Allheaven Golden Rankings was extremely generous, but not anyone could occupy a position on the rankings, and even if one was able to occupy a position, it was impossible to occupy it for a long period of time.

Chen Xi was clearly aware of all of this, but similarly, he was rather moved by the rewards of the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

No matter if it was for the sake of the River Diagram fragment or the Chaos Quintessence Fragment, he urgently needed to earn even more Starpoints. Otherwise, once he missed the chance to obtain those two precious treasures, then he would absolutely regret it for his entire lifetime.

“Zhen Lu really is extraordinary. He ascended to the 35th position in one go when he tested himself last year, and now, only after a single year has passed, his ranking has already ascended to the 10th position!”

“Actually, it isn’t just Zhen Lu. Look at Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli, aren’t they both ranked at the 13th and 15th respectively?”

“I heard that from some seniors of the academy that there’re a large number of geniuses amongst the new students this time, and it’s the most when compared to the recruitments of the past. Now it would seem like they really deserve their reputation.”

When Chen Xi arrived here, there were many students that were discussing the rankings, and they mostly discussed Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing.

After all, amongst the top fifty, only three of them were new students, whereas all the rest were senior students. Thus, they seemed to be rather conspicuous.

When he heard these discussion, Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked at the top fifty names, and then he said in his heart, I suppressed all of you during the recruitment test while at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Now, all of you are Golden Immortal Realm, and I’m a Golden Immortal as well. I’ve already caught up to all of your footsteps in terms of cultivation, and in terms of combat strength, all of you are probably already inferior to me…

While thinking like this, Chen Xi immediately walked forward and took a deep breath. He was just about to determine his ranking when he was stopped by an urgent voice.

“Chen Xi!” A figure in a fiery red dress, with fair skin, a beautiful appearance, and an oppressive, noble, and proud aura drifted over.

“Miss Zhao, so you’re here as well.” Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw it was Zhao Mengli.

“You still have the mood to come here at a time like this?” Zhao Mengli’s beautiful brows knit together as she spoke.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi’s brows knit together. Coming here to determine my ranking doesn’t offend anyone, right?

Zhao Mengli couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she saw Chen Xi’s innocent appearance, “Could it be that you really didn’t get the news?”

“What news? It’s related to me?” Chen Xi was even more puzzled.

At this point, Zhao Mengli finally affirmed that Chen Xi was really clueless, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly speechless as she glanced at him while she said in her heart, I really wonder exactly how this fellow became the leader of the Star Alliance. He actually doesn’t know anything about his Star Alliance…

She took a deep breath and said, “Just moments ago, the Zuoqiu Society’s Liu Zefeng led many of his companions to issue a challenge to your Star Alliance. If your Star Alliance loses, then it has to be dismissed and enter their Zuoqiu Society.”

She paused for a moment and looked at Chen Xi as she said, “You’re probably very well aware that those members of your Star Alliance are all new students, and it’s utterly impossible for them to be a match for the Zuoqiu Society.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his face quickly sank as he said, “The academy allows such challenges?”

“This is a struggle between student societies. If one side issues a challenge and the other side consents, then it’s considered to conform to the rules of the academy. I feel that Liu Zefeng is targeting you. After all, you defeated him at the Dao Development Reserve last year, causing his reputation to sweep the floor and be unable to hold his head high no matter where he went.”

Zhao Mengli seemed to have thought of something as she said, “As for whether someone else put him up to it, I presume you’re clearly aware of the answer.”

Liu Zefeng!

Chen Xi’s gaze turned cold while flames of rage rose in his heart. At the Dao Development Reserve last year, Liu Zefeng who was a Golden Immortal Realm expert at the time had challenged him, and it was already going too far. Now, not only did Liu Zefeng not know how to restrain himself, he was even trying to take a yard after given an inch, and he intended to dismiss the Star Alliance through a challenge. How could Chen Xi not be furious?

“He’s ranked at the 8th position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. His cultivation realm was suppressed when he fought you at the Dao Development Reserve last year, and perhaps he feels that he lost unjustly, so he intends to reclaim his honor after he found out that you’ve advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm.” Zhao Mengli frowned as she said, “But the problem is the members of your Star Alliance have already accepted his challenge, so outsiders are unable to interfere at all. Such a situation is very disadvantageous to your Star Alliance, even if it’s you that makes a move against them…”

She went silent as soon as she finished speaking.

But Chen Xi discerned the meaning behind her words, and he knew that Zhao Mengli felt that it was impossible for him to be a match for Liu Zefeng by himself.

After all, Liu Zefeng was an existence ranked at the 8th position of the Allheaven Golden Rankings while this challenge wasn’t at the Dao Development Reserve, so it was impossible for Chen Xi to make Liu Zefeng suppress his cultivation realm like last year.

Chen Xi didn’t feel like giving any reply to this. Presently, he was only concerned about why the Star Alliance which was always under A’xiu’s leadership would accept Liu Zefeng’s challenge under the situation that their forces were clearly inferior to the Zuoqiu Society?

Even though he hadn’t met the members of the Star Alliance yet, he was clearly aware that these members A’xiu had recruited for him were new students that had passed through numerous tests. They had outstanding natural endowment and clean backgrounds, but there were only over ten of them, and it was impossible for them to have advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm.

Under such circumstances, the members of his Star Alliance had actually accepted Liu Zefeng’s challenge, and this wasn’t like something A’xiu would do.

But no matter what, this matter had occurred in the end, so Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to think so much about it.

He was very clearly aware that this challenge towards the Star Alliance was obviously done with ill intent. Not only were they provoking his dignity, they even wanted to crush the Star Alliance to give him a heavy blow!

As Zhao Mengli gazed at Chen Xi who stood before her, she clearly noticed that the rage on his face had gradually calmed down instead, and only his eyes that were deep like an abyss still carried a wisp of piercingly cold and horrifying coldness.

“Miss Zhao, thank you. I lacked consideration in this matter.” Chen Xi raised his head and cupped his hands towards Zhao Mengli as he spoke in a light voice.

Zhao Mengli nodded. “You’ve already obtained my respect by being able to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm before the inner court exam. So warning you is a matter of course. Right, do you need help? Even though outsiders can’t interfere in this matter, you can get others to put pressure on them and caused them to not dare go too far.”

Chen Xi smiled instead when he heard this. “Thank you for you good intentions. But since it’s related to my Star Alliance, then I’ll deal with it myself.”

Zhao Mengli was stunned. As she gazed at Chen Xi’s smile, she felt slight coldness in her heart. This young man of ordinary background seemed to have become truly infuriated.

Chen Xi turned around and was about to leave, but he stopped on the spot instead. He didn’t even turn around when he suddenly stretched out his hand, and then he slapped down towards the stone stele behind him from afar.


A shapeless and powerful force collided with the stone stele, and then a beam of light suddenly shot into the sky, causing everyone in this area to simultaneously raise their heads in astonishment. After that, they saw the beam of light charge towards the Allheaven Golden Rankings that represented glory and honor in the outer court!


At this moment, everyone noticed that there was a dazzling and blazing golden light on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, and it was ascending at a shocking speed.

In a short period of a few breaths of time, it had already arrived amongst the top fifty!

The surroundings exploded with a mighty uproar. Even though the Allheaven Golden Rankings was the lowest rankings in the outer court, but the top fifty couldn’t be easily shaken. Yet now, there was actually a name that wasn’t on the rankings in the past, and it had shot into the top fifty in a short few breaths of time. So, it was naturally extremely shocking.

Under the focus of these shocked gazes, the golden light charged past the top fifty, the top thirty, the top twenty…

Along with the ranking of this golden light rising, the shock in the hearts of all grew gradually while their pupils slowly constricted, and their mouth gradually opened wider and wider….

When they saw that wisp of golden light stop at the fifth position in the end, everyone present here was shocked silent, and the atmosphere in the surroundings was deathly silent and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Because that name was Chen Xi, the first amongst the new students that had caused numerous tempestuous waves and caused numerous stirring incidents since entering the academy for a short period of time of less than two years!

At this moment, Zhao Mengli’s snow white and long neck was raised high as she stared blankly at the name ranked at the fifth position. Her clear eyes were filled with extraordinary splendor, and her smooth and red lips curled into an indescribable arc.

She suddenly had the feeling that Liu Zefeng seemed to have bitten off more than he could chew…

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