Chapter 1215 – Spatial Divine Crest


It’s definitely the River Diagram fragments!

The more carefully he thought about it, the more confident he felt that the second Divine Crest bestowed to him by the Heaven Dao was definitely related to the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness.

“You’ve advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm?” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron spoke abruptly.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he seemed to have realized something and asked. “Senior, have you heard of someone comprehending Spatial Laws at the Golden Immortal Realm?”

The tiny cauldron was obviously stunned, and it said after a short while. “During the primeval time, such incidents have occurred occasionally.” When it spoke up to here, it couldn’t help but ask. “Could it be that you’ve grasped the Spatial Laws?”

Chen Xi nodded. “I obtained two Divine Crests bestowed by the heavens earlier. One was the Five Element Divine Crest, and the other is the Spatial Divine Crest. But I don’t dare confirm it with certainty.”

He really didn’t dare, and it was even to the extent that because he was unable to, he’d returned in advance from the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and it was for the sake of studying this Spatial Divine Crest that he’d obtained by chance.

After all, time was exalted and space was king, this was a piece of common knowledge in the Immortal Dimension. No matter if it was time or space, both of them were supreme Laws that stood supreme above all the various Grand Daos.

Most importantly, such a supreme Law was something only those at the Immortal King Realm were able to comprehend and grasp!

Even though a Golden Immortal was able to escape the spatial restraints of the Immortal Dimension’s Laws and teleport freely, but it was only an ability of a Golden Immortal and not true grasp of the profundities of space.

The tiny cauldron was obviously shocked by what Chen Xi said, and it said with a strange tone after a long time, “You really are a freak.”

“…” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was slightly speechless.

“You ought to be very well aware that time, space, and life and death; these three supreme Laws can only be comprehended at the Immortal King Realm, and every single one of these supreme Laws are divided into numerous branches.”

“For example, Time Backtrack, Spatial Lag, Life Manipulation, and so on and so forth.”

The tiny cauldron spoke slowly, and when it spoke up to here, it couldn’t help but ask once more. “Are you sure that you obtained the Spatial Divine Crest and not one of the branches of the Spatial Laws?”

Chen Xi noticed the seriousness in the tiny cauldron’s tone, thus he sensed it solemnly once more before he said, “The Spatial Divine Crest I obtained seems to be able to advance in levels. Its initial state is Spatial Vibration, the second level is Spatial Ripples, the third level is Spatial Tide… As for the highest level, I’m unable to sense it for now.”

When the tiny cauldron finished listening to him this time, it didn’t hesitate before it said, “According to what you said, it’s definitely the Spatial Laws, and it’s the Spatial Laws that’re condensed into a Divine Crest…” When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron was slightly at a loss for words.

The tiny cauldron was entirely able to accept that Chen Xi had advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm within two years because it was clearly aware that Chen Xi possessed a rare treasure like the Star Manor. Moreover, Chen Xi’s natural talent was the very best, so it was impossible for him not to advance in this time.

But the tiny cauldron was slightly unable to imagine that Chen Xi actually had been bestowed with two Divine Crests when he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm. Moreover, one of them was even the complete supreme Law, the Spatial Laws!

This sort of heaven defying good fortune caused the tiny cauldron to be unable to help but feel slight envy towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t feel excited by all of this because he was clearly aware that this was luck, and it was a gift from the River Diagram fragments.

In fact, since he obtained the first River Diagram fragment until now, Chen Xi had obtained countless benefits from the River Diagram fragments. There were times when it helped him deal with the danger he faced, there were times it indirectly helped him get through a difficult situation, and even a supreme Divine Ability like the Eye of Divine Truth had come from the River Diagram fragments.

Since the Spatial Divine Crest has arrived in my possession, then it proves that I can comprehend and utilize it with my current cultivation… Chen Xi pondered briefly before he took a deep breath, and then he pointed forward lightly.


Along with this action, the space in an area of 30m around Chen Xi suddenly started vibrating, and it created a sharp howling sound.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t utilized a shred of Immortal Force.

In other words, this was the might of the Spatial Divine Crest he possessed, and the force it created caused the surrounding space to vibrate.

Let me try my sword qi! 


Chen Xi pressed his fingers together to form the shape of a sword, and then he utilized the Spatial Divine Crest on it before suddenly slashing forward. 

All he heard was a swishing and sharp wave of the sound of space shattering. It was clearly a sword strike executed with his fingers, yet it caused the space in an area of 30m to vibrate, and it caused numerous incorporeal strands of sword qi to shoot out.

When looked at from afar, it was like incorporeal sword qi shot out from every inch of space in an area of 30m, and it covered the entire surroundings. It was utterly impossible to catch a trace of them, and it was extremely mysterious.

“Your grasp of the Spatial Laws is too shallow now. A true existence at the Immortal King Realm is able to cause countless expanse of space to overlap with a wave of the hand. Even if you have the might to destroy the world, if you’re unable to charge through the restraints of space, then it’s utterly impossible to inflict any injury on the Immortal King.” The tiny cauldron couldn’t help but remind him. “Since you’re clearly aware now that the first level of the Spatial Laws is Spatial Vibration, then completely grasp it first and perhaps you’ll be able to bring forth its greatest might.”

Chen Xi nodded. He’d indeed noticed that even though he’d obtained the Spatial Divine Crest, his grasp of it was superficial, and it was even to the extent that it couldn’t even be considered as superficial.

Perhaps I can deduce it through the aid of the Infinite Divine Talisman once I completely grasp the first level, Spatial Vibration. I’ll only be able to completely bring forth its might if I’m able to obtain an inheritance related to space, right? Chen Xi thought in his heart.

“Mmm, I was meaning to ask you how many Starpoints you’ve earned?” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron coughed dryly while its voice was actually slightly bashful.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “I’ve earned around…” He hadn’t finished speaking when his face froze because he suddenly recalled that he seemed to have lavishly spent too many Starpoints today…

320,000… He hurriedly withdrew the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and took a look, and when he saw the number on it, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

After that, he came to a complete understanding, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly without end. Originally, he possessed over seven million Starpoints, but after he entered the Scripture Pavilion, he’d successively read over 100 books and every single one of them were worth 8,000 Starpoints. After that, he’d given the Book Demon, Benji, 51,000 Starpoints in compensation for the guidance provided to him.

Besides that, he’d entered the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain and paid 800,000 Starpoints to enter the first 36 levels before paying an entire 1,800,000 Starpoints to enter the 37th level!

After that… He was only left with 320,000 Starpoints.

No wonder A’xiu said that Starpoints were everything in the academy. Sure enough, one can’t do anything without Starpoints. But isn’t the academy too ruthless in the amount of Starpoints deduction? When Chen Xi thought about how he’d only entered the 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain yet had wasted 1,800,000 Starpoints, he couldn’t help but feel pained while his heart almost started bleeding.

These Starpoints were all accumulated from the hard work of his clone all day and night, and it was obtained with great difficulty after an entire year. Now, it was completely spent away in a single day, so how could he not feel depressed?

When it saw Chen Xi’s expression change repeatedly, the tiny cauldron very sensible refrain from asking him this question a second time, and it just sighed faintly.

“Senior, don’t be anxious. The Chaos Quintessence Fragment is still within the Starpoint Hall and no one has gone to exchange their Starpoints for it, so we still have a chance.” Chen Xi said hurriedly, “Not to mention, I’m already ranked at the first position on the Passage Stone Stele for the first 36 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, so I’ll be able to obtain a reward of one million Starpoints every single month. Once I’ve reinforced my cultivation realm, I’ll go test my strength on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. So long as I’m able to be ranked on the rankings, then I’ll similarly be able to obtain a huge amount of Starpoints every single month…”

The tiny cauldron interrupted angrily. “Why explain so much to me? I was just asking casually earlier, and I’m not angry, so why’re you so nervous?” Even though it spoke in this way, but its tone had obviously turned for the better.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this. As he looked at the tiny cauldron that was completely round and white like jade, an absurd thought flashed in his mind for no reason — Why does the tiny cauldron’s tone seem more and more like a woman’s?

He was shocked by this thought of his, and he hurriedly shook his head before discarding this thought. If it’s really like this, then it’s too terrifying. A woman that has lived from the primeval times until now! Exactly how old would she be?

Afterwards, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time and entered the world of stars to reinforce his cultivation.

Advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm this time could be said to be extremely difficult and dangerous, but his gains were enormous as well. It allowed Chen Xi to perfectly attain the Golden Immortal Realm, and not only had a world been formed within his body, even his Immortal Foundation was over a hundred times greater than his peers.

Only less than half a year is left before the inner court exam. After I reinforce my cultivation, I’ll head over to Dao Seeker Mountain to determine my position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. Only in this way would I be able to confirm if I’m able to be ranked in the top fifty and obtain the qualifications to participate in the inner court exam… Chen Xi took a deep breath before he sat cross-legged within the world of stars, and he fell into deep meditation.


After one month in the outside world.


The tightly closed door of his abode opened before Chen Xi’s figure flashed and vanished into thin air. He’d directly teleported towards Dao Seeker Mountain.

Dao Seeker Mountain was situated in the outer court of Dao Emperor Academy. The mountain was formed from the remains of a primeval Dragon Turtle Immortal Beast. A stone stele that shot into the sky stood towering on this mountain, and the Allheaven Golden Rankings were recorded on it.

Presently, along with the inner court exam coming closer and closer, the popularity of Dao Seeker Mountain was prospering. When Chen Xi arrived here, there were already many students standing there. Some were inspecting the rankings while some were determining their rankings. There were figures moving about all over it, and it seemed to be bustling.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi has arrived as well.”

“Look, that’s Chen Xi. He created a new record in one go for the first 36 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain last month, and he’s ranked at the position of first. Moreover, he even advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm while challenging the domain and was bestowed with the Five Element Divine Crest!”

“So he’s Chen Xi. How extraordinary! Could it be that he came here today to determine his ranking as well?”

“Come, let’s go over and watch.”

When they saw Chen Xi arrive, it instantly drew the attention of many students, and the gazes some new students shot at Chen Xi more or less carried a trace of adoration.

On the other hand, the gazes the senior students shot at Chen Xi were filled with a complicated expression, and it was even to the extent that their gazes were faintly vigilant and solemn. They seemed as if they’d taken him to be formidable opponent.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned as well as he’d never expected that his reputation was on the verge of being known by all…

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