Chapter 1213 – The Aura Of The Heaven Dao


A sword that flowed with the Laws shot into the sky. The swords of the five elements were easily overlapped and utilized by Chen Xi at this moment.

Moreover, unlike before, because Chen Xi’s vital energy was undergoing a shocking transformation at this moment, the might of this strike seemed to be increasing explosively.


However, the black clothed figure in the 37th level merely utilized a single strike to easily deal with Chen Xi’s attack while still having some strength to spare, and it blasted Chen Xi flying.

Instantly, Chen Xi’s mind cleared up greatly, and he clearly understood that his opponent’s strength was probably at the true level of a Golden Immortal. Even though the black clothed figure’s combat technique was inferior to Chen Xi, but everything was useless before absolute power. Under the force of such might, it was extremely difficult for him to fully utilize his combat technique.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before Chen Xi could attack once more, the black clothed figure flashed over with sword in hand to instantly arrive before Chen Xi. Sword qi crisscrossed as the black clothed figure instantly executed over a thousand slashes that seemed rain down like a dense thunderstorm.

Every single strand of sword contained a Golden Immortal Law. They were condensed, murderous, and filled with might. It had greatly exceeded the strength of Grand Dao Laws!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Because his opponent had mastered the ability to teleport, Chen Xi had instantly fallen into a passive state, and he could only block repeatedly yet was unable to execute a counterattack.

As they fought, their immortal swords howled and erupted with a myriad of strands of divine radiance while rumbling through the surroundings. Fortunately, this was the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, otherwise merely the aftershock from such a battle would create an unimaginable disaster.

The black clothed figure’s attacks grew in strength while his figure teleported repeatedly in space. He was like a ghost that moved through space while the immortal sword in his hand grew in strength as well. Every single strike was accompanied by Golden Immortal Laws, and it was extremely terrifying.

The feeling of danger suddenly surged into Chen Xi’s heart.

The strength of his opponent had greatly exceeded his expectations. Not only did he feel an indescribable pressure, most importantly, he’d very clearly realized that if this were to continue, then he would definitely be completely suppressed!

Moreover, the worst thing was that he was currently at a state of breaking through, and he was only a step away from completely advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm. If he were to be completely suppressed at this moment, then the consequences would absolutely be unimaginable.


Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he suddenly howled. He circulated the energy in his entire body and fully overlapped the swords of the five elements into one strike, allowing him to forcefully break through the black clothed figure’s attacks and caused the black clothed figure’s movements to reveal a trace of sluggishness.

But in merely an instant, this trace of sluggishness had vanished, and the black clothed figure attacked once more as if he intended to completely suppress Chen Xi in one go.

However, even though this trace of sluggishness had vanished in an instant, Chen Xi had still seized this opportunity to suddenly withdraw a jade bottle and swallow its contents. Numerous translucent and crystalline medicinal pills that were suffused with a vast and clear brilliance poured out and entered into his body.

Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills!

Supreme immortal pills that were refined by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron with over a hundred types of rare immortal materials as secondary ingredients and the peerless immortal herb, Primordial Azurelotus, as the main ingredient.

Only a single one of such medicinal pills had to be consumed when charging into the Golden Immortal Realm, and its medicinal strength would be sufficient to increase the possibility of success by almost 50%. It was absolutely a priceless and precious immortal pill. If it was placed in the outside world, it was sufficient to cause any Mysterious Immortal Realm expert to fight to the death to obtain it.

Yet at this moment, for the sake of breaking through into the Golden Immortal Realm, Chen Xi had swallowed almost eighteen Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills in one go!


Instantly, the powerful medicinal strength of the pills melted before transforming into a torrent that rumbled loudly as it charged through every single inch of Chen Xi’s body.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s entire body was completely ablaze. His entire body flowed with golden light, causing him to seem like a god that had just walked out from a golden sea of flames, and his aura was rising steadily while becoming increasingly terrifying and horrifying…


At this moment, the black clothed figure slashed down once more, yet it was blasted back by a single strike of Chen Xi’s Sword of Water.

Obviously, with the assistance of the Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills, Chen Xi’s strength had increased explosively, and it had resisted a great deal of the pressure he faced.

But the pressure hadn’t vanished completely!

Strictly speaking, this black clothed figure was a projection of Chen Xi himself. But the strange thing was that at this moment, Chen Xi was only in a state of transforming and advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm, and he still wasn’t a true Golden Immortal.

However, his opponent was a true Golden Immortal, and this caused the black clothed figure’s strength to virtually show signs of firmly suppressing Chen Xi.

It was even to the extent that one could say Chen Xi was in between the Mysterious Immortal Realm and Golden Immortal Realm at this moment. But he’d obtained the acknowledgement of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, so he was actually in an unfair situation when he entered the 37th level.

It was precisely because Chen Xi didn’t know this that he didn’t care. Or perhaps, it could be said that he didn’t have the mood to think about the reason at this moment. He only had a single thought, and it was to fight! Then break through! 


Clang! Clang! Clang!

The collision of swords resounded through the heavens and the earth. Chen Xi and the black clothed figure locked in fierce battle. Sword qi shot out horizontally and vertically through space, and this entire area had become an utterly chaotic battleground.

The battle was extremely intense.

This won’t do. The pressure is sufficient, but my own potential hasn’t been completely unearthed… Chen Xi observed the changes in his body as he fought. He was very clearly aware that because his foundation was over a hundred times more solid than his peers, it caused his advancement to seem extremely difficult.

Coupled with the fact that he wasn’t breaking through in meditation like everyone else and was breaking through in battle instead, thus the situation he was in became even more dangerous.

If an ordinary person were to be in this situation, then the person would have probably been unable to resist since a long time ago and would have failed the break through.

Even if it was Chen Xi, this sort of situation was similarly extremely difficult and dangerous. But he was at a point of no return now. So he could only advance courageously and fight until the end.




When he thought up to here, Chen Xi didn’t hold back any longer while he stopped thinking about anything. He seemed as if he’d gone mad while his entire body and mind were clear. He was like a demon god that was born for battle and rampaged about.


A bloody hole was pierced through his left shoulder, yet Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all and continued charging towards his opponent.


His chest was blasted apart by a heavy strand of sword qi from the side, and then a clear and resounding sound of bone shattering to resound, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood while his body trembled. However, he gritted his teeth and held his sword while charging forward once more.

In his eyes, battle intent blazed like flames, and it seemed as if it intended to burn the sky!


A terrifying scar appeared from his left shoulder to his stomach, and it almost split his heart apart. But Chen Xi still didn’t stop, and it was even to the extent that his attacks became even fiercer and swifter.



In merely ten minutes of time, Chen Xi was already bathed in blood, and not a single inch of skin was whole on his body. His appearance was extremely horrifying, yet his eyes seemed like a vast starry sky that was on fire and intended to melt the universe!

It was battle intent!It was also the staunch and unyielding feelings he had towards his path towards the Grand Dao!

Allheaven, Allheaven, boundlessly vast, without start not end. Its origins are unknown, so where does one find the path to traverse it…? Amidst this intense battle that could even be considered horrifying, a voice inexplicably arose in Chen Xi’s heart. It was the description within an ancient scripture towards the Golden Immortal Realm, and it didn’t carry any profundities or anything that was difficult to understand.

But at this moment, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d attained sudden enlightenment. His entire soul, vital energy, and even body and Dao Heart suddenly trembled.

At the same time, an enormous bang resounded as something seemed to have been broken within him. After that, his Blackhole World, sea of the four-symbols, barriers of the three mysteries…. All of them were linked together and fused into a whole!

The Immortal Force that roared and seethed like lava and the thick medicinal strength that came from the eighteen Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills fused together perfectly at this moment, and they transformed into an expanse of a golden and brilliant ocean!

It was a pure gold color that was without any impurities. It emanated a divine and grand aura, and it was the Allheaven Immortal Force that Golden Immortals possessed!

Success equaled an eternal gold body!

When he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, the apertures on his entire body linked together and merged into a whole. He himself was a vast world, and this world was called the Allheaven Level.

All of these were the signs that he’d advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm!




At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was clear, his soul was transparent, and the injuries on every single inch of his skin instantly closed up in this instant. His skin became clean, fair, and clear like glass, yet it seemed to be warm like jade.

It was even to the extent the striations on his skin revealed a bright aura, and it emanated a natural aura.

His eyes became deep like an abyss and vast like the starry sky. It seemed as if it was capable of revealing the entire universe and indescribable profundities.

On the other hand, the vital energy in his body rumbled as it rose explosively. Instantly, it was more than ten times stronger than before, and it was still rising continuously!

At this moment, even though Chen Xi’s clothes were tainted with blood and in rags, he seemed like the purest piece of fine jade in the world. Every single move he made revealed the terrifying imposing aura of a Golden Immortal, and he seemed like he was capable of ruling over the world and travelling through the ages!

I’ve succeeded… Chen Xi muttered with an utterly emotionless and composed expression.


The black clothed figure slashed down from behind him. The blade of the sword was boundless like sharp, and it emanated a myriad of strands of the energy of Golden Immortal Laws.

Chen Xi didn’t even turn around when facing this attack. He casually waved his hand, and a wave of sword qi crushed and rumbled through space like an expanse of tidewater before it easily drowned the black clothed figure along with the strand of sword qi.

Instantly, the black clothed figure transformed into a rain of light that dissipated into the surroundings!

In was an extremely simple attack, and compared to the horrifying battle from before, it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. It was incomparable!

“37th level, completed in the time of 15 minutes and 37 breaths!” The indifferent and utterly emotionless voice resounded, and it announced the outcome of Chen Xi’s challenge this time. However, along with this voice resounding through the air, Chen Xi wasn’t teleported to a higher level.

He raised his head, and then he sensed an indescribable aura had suddenly suffused the entire heavens and the earth of these 36 levels, causing the order in the entire Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to fall into stasis.

It was the aura of the… Heaven Dao! 

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