Chapter 1212 – Only Battle Can Bring Him Success

The situation in the 36th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain couldn’t be seen from the platform below.

It was precisely because of this that they would suspect Chen Xi had advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm and had headed to a higher level when they saw Chen Xi hadn’t emerged after so long.

Amidst this surprise and bewilderment, an instructor from the Dao Development Reserve sighed and confirmed their suspicions. “Based on the current circumstances, Chen Xi has definitely entered the entrance to the 37th level.

Everyone present was shocked and speechless.

It really is true!

This had exceeded the expectations of everyone. No one had imagined that someone could actually advance into the Golden Immortal Realm while challenging the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. All of this was simply like listening to a legend, and it was so unreal.

After all, it was the Golden Immortal Realm!

Moreover, the Golden Immortal Realm had always been taken to be a true difficult threshold in the long path to immortality. Since the ancient times until now, countless extraordinary and peerless geniuses had fallen before this threshold, causing most Mysterious Immortal Realm experts in the Immortal Dimension to fear trying to charge into the Golden Immortal Realm.

Even if it was those who had successfully advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm like Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli, they’d made countless preparations before they advanced and even obtained the guidance and experience of numerous seniors. Moreover, they even had the protection of their seniors when they attempted to advance, and these seniors would protect them at the slightest sign of something going wrong.

Yet Chen Xi had advanced while challenging the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain! 

Comparatively speaking, it was naturally even more shocking.

Many people were astounded, and they felt that advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm for the first amongst the new students this time was simply as easy as eating. It caused them to be speechless, and they couldn’t avoid from exclaiming with admiration.

How could there be such a person in the world?

Everyone present was unable to wrap their heads around this.

“No matter if Chen Xi is capable or not, at the very least he had advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm. Do the two of you have anything else to say?” Right amidst this silence, Xuanyuan Yun laughed loudly as he looked at Ao Wuming and Jiang Canghai with a smile on his face. Along with his voice resounding out, everyone shot their gazes over in succession.

Instantly, the expressions of Ao Wuming and Jiang Canghai sank.

Earlier, they didn’t believe that Chen Xi was able to create a new record, yet Chen Xi had succeeded in the end, and it was even an unprecedented record!

After that, they used the fact that Chen Xi was unable to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm before the inner court exam to console themselves. Yet in the end, Chen Xi had directly advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm while challenging the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and it was similarly unbelievable and aroused shock in everyone present here.

All of this was like a shapeless slap that struck their faces, and it burned and hurt.

It was even to the extent that the two of them were actually unable to refute Xuanyuan Yun’s question.

“Hmph! You can feel complacent when he’s able to participate in the inner court exam!” In the end, Ao Wuming spoke with rage before leaving with Jiang Canghai.

Xuanyuan Yun grunted coldly instead when he heard this. They just had to join forces with the Zuoqiu Clan. Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together.



Similarly, there was a vast platform between the 36th level and the 37th level and corresponding to this was a Passage Stone Stele and a wall of light that was capable of constantly revealing the situation within the 37th level to the 72nd level.

At this moment, many figures were standing here. All of them possessed mighty auras that were shockingly powerful, and all of them were at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Obviously, only existences at the Golden Immortal Realm were able to arrive at this area.


An azure glow swept out to reveal a tall figure. His entire body was bathed in dazzling golden radiance while his aura surged violently like an ocean. As soon as he appeared, his imposing aura instantly caused a mighty uproar.

However, before everyone could see this figure’s appearance clearly, they felt a golden light flash before their eyes, and then that figure had already charged into the entrance of the 37th level and vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Who’s that fellow?”

“It seemed to be… Chen Xi?”

“Chen Xi? How could that be possible? Could it be that he has already advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm?”

After they recovered from the shock they felt from this, all of them erupted into an uproar.

Practically all of them were the Golden Immortal Realm students of the outer court. They’d seen Chen Xi earlier when they were at the Dao Development Reserve, and they’d heard of some of Chen Xi’s achievements and were clearly aware that Chen Xi had just advanced into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal less than two years ago.

So when they saw that golden figure that appeared abruptly earlier, even though they’d faintly recognized Chen Xi, they didn’t dare believe it was him.

After all, this was a place that only Golden Immortals could arrive at, and no matter how they wracked their heads, they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi had actually advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm after less than two years…


Right at this moment, another figure appeared on the platform, and it was a young man in dark clothes.

As soon as he appeared, he quickly yelled. “Everyone! Everyone! Just moments ago, the record of the first 36 levels was broken, and even the record Yun Fusheng made all those years ago was pushed down!”

Everyone was shocked. Yun Fusheng’s record was broken?

“It isn’t just that. That fellow advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm while challenging the domain… Right, where is he? Why don’t I see him?” The dark clothed young man swiftly swept the surroundings with his gaze as he spoke, yet he didn’t notice that figure, and he couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Who exactly are you talking about?”

Everyone started asking successively.

The dark clothed young man said casually, “Who? It’s naturally the first amongst the new students, Chen Xi.”

Chen Xi?

When they heard this extremely familiar name, the expressions of everyone was slightly dumbstruck. So that figure from before really was him!

“He broke Yun Fusheng’s record and advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm while challenging the domain. This…this…this…. Is this fellow still human?” One of them was astounded and filled with disbelief.

The others looked at each other, and their hearts were wrapped in a wisp of shock and bewilderment.

Only the dark clothed young man asked while burning with impatience. “Everyone, did all of you see Chen Xi? I have a matter to discuss with him. I intend to help enroll my cousin brother into his Star Alliance.”

“He has gone to the 37th level.” One of them answered absent-mindedly.

“The…the 37th level?” At this moment, it was the dark clothed young man’s turn to be shocked and spoke with a stutter. “Could it be that he intends to renew the records for the 72nd level?”

This guess was extremely absurd and preposterous. Even if all of them were shocked by Chen Xi’s display, they still couldn’t help but laugh when they heard this guess.

“If the record is so easily broken, then would it still be a record? This isn’t the first 36th levels!”

“There isn’t a single outer court student like us on this Passage Stone Stele here. Moreover, amongst those ten names, only two are inner court students, and the other eight have already become a great figure in the Immortal Dimension!” 

“Exactly. Look at the names of those two inner court students, one of them is the Flaming Rain, Ling Qingwu, and the other is the Iron Abyss, Ye Tang. The others are all seniors from countless years ago. If you say that Chen Xi who has just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm is capable of making a new record in one go, then I wouldn’t believe it even if you bash me to death!”

Amidst their discussion, the shock in their hearts had dispersed greatly.

“No matter what, we have to make the best use of our time to improve our strengths. Presently, amongst the new students in the outer court, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, Zhongli Xun… A total of seven of them have already advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, and three amongst them are already ranked in the top 50 of the Allheaven Golden Rankings. It caused us senior students to lose three spots.” One of them spoke with a frown and was filled with anxiety. “Now, another one more has appeared. Even though less than half a year is left until the inner court exam begins, but can anyone guarantee that this fellow wouldn’t be ranked in the top fifty before the exam begins?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the senior students went silent, and their expressions was extremely heavy.

There were only fifty spots to participate in the inner court exam, and merely in their outer court, there were almost three thousand Golden Immortal Realm senior students!

Three thousand people fighting for fifty spots, the competition amongst them was already extremely brutal. Now, some new students had joined this competition as well, and it undoubtedly caused this competition to become even more intense.

Even if it was merely a single spot, a qualification to participate in the inner court exam, but if it was seized away by someone else, then it would absolutely be worse than death to them.

At this moment, all the senior students deeply sensed the aura of danger. 



At the 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, a strand of golden light flashed before a figure appeared with a bang. It was exactly Chen Xi.

Battle! I can’t stop, otherwise, I’ll definitely fail on the verge of success. Only battle can allow my advancement to obtain the most perfect transformation… In his heart, it seemed like there was a voice shouting and howling, and it was urging Chen Xi on since he left the 36th level. He didn’t have the time to consider anything at all and directly charged into the 37th level.

He was able to sense that his limbs, bones, meridians, and apertures were all filled with strands of golden lava-like Immortal Force. They seemed as if they were seething as they whistled, surged, and flowed throughout his body.

On the other hand, his spirit, energy, essence, and the vital energy within his entire body seemed to be on the verge of blazing amidst this transformation. So if he still didn’t find a place to vent it, then he would probably burn from inside out in the next moment.

This was the danger associated with charging into the Golden Immortal Realm. At the same time that one attained the transformation, the entire process was filled with boundless danger!


It was like countless mountains were colliding with each other within Chen Xi’s body, and they emanated rumbling that sounded like muffled thunder. Moreover, a golden light that was violent, blazing, and resplendent was surging on the surface of his body.

When looked at from afar, he was like a dazzling and blazing sun at this moment, and it was blinding.

“The test of the 37th level. Begin!” The familiar indifferent and emotionless voice resounded.

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed, and it felt like he was listening to the sound of nature. In the next moment, his gaze suddenly shot towards the distance, and there was a figure condensing into form there.

Come! Let me see if an opponent at the Golden Immortal Realm is capable of assisting me in charging through this last step! Chen Xi shouted in his heart while his battle intent surged, and his entire body seemed as if it was about to blaze up.


In the next moment, he actually took the initiative to attack. He stomped the ground and held Starclasp in his hand as he slashed fiercely towards the figure in the distance.

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