Chapter 1211 – Peerless In History


An azure glow flashed, and then Chen Xi’s figure had already appeared at the 36th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

At practically the exact same time, sword qi that surged like a tsunami tore through the sky from all directions, and the sharp howls it emanated almost tore his eardrums apart.

The sword qi was like a thunderstorm that covered the heavens and the earth, and it came from the thirty six black clothed figures.

These black clothed figures were unlike the other levels. They were in groups of six, and they formed a Minor Sixunion Immortal Formation, whereas the six rounds of black clothed figures formed a Major Sixunion Immortal Formation together.

It was a formation over a formation, and it caused their attacks to be dense, murderous, and perfectly in order as if it was executed by a single person!

An indescribable feeling of pressure crushed down onto Chen Xi like a myriad of mountains, and it caused the spirit, energy, and essence within his entire body to seem as if it was on fire and boiling. 

Early on when he was at the 35th level, the pressure he faced had already forced Chen Xi to bring out most of his potential, and his entire body and mind were already deeply immersed in a state of combat.

So at this moment, when he sensed this omnipresent pressure, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Conversely, the space between his brows was filled with a murderous, indifferent, and calm expression. His entire body was like a peerless sword that was hidden within a deep abyss, and it was unsheathed at this moment and revealed its edge!


It was like a chaotic furnace had started to boil and blaze within him.

The comprehensions he’d obtained from the Scripture Reserve recently surged into his heart like tidewater, and they caused even his soul to shudder and arouse an impulse that was impossible to restrain.

This was the critical factor to advance!

It was so strong and so filled with yearning, like a blazing flame that wanted to light Chen Xi’s entire body ablaze. It wanted to blaze his essence, energy, spirit, and even the source of his vitality.

When looked at from afar, his entire body was suffused by a terrifying aura. Every single pore on his body emanated divine radiance and strands of blinding gold light.

I never expected that I would actually be unable to restrain it.

Nevermind, I’ve experienced the baptism of countless battles all along the way, and I endured the tempering of innumerable battles. I’ve passed through rivers of blood that were covered in bones, walked through mountains that were covered in corpses… All my accomplishments now came from battles. Today, I’ll break through in battle as well and step foot into the ranks of Golden Immortals!

It seemed like a thunderous voice was shouting in his heart, and it was like a fuse that lit Chen Xi ablaze.


His imposing aura suddenly changed greatly. His entire body was suffused with an indescribable golden radiance that was sacred, pure, thick, and carried an aura that was clear like glass.

On the other hand, the Blackhole World, seas of the four-symbols, and the Cerebral Palace, Tanzhong acupoint, and Baihui acupoint that represented the barriers of the three mysterious seethed at this moment. They seemed as if they were about to charge through the barriers between them and converge together.

The Blackhole World was the origin of his Dantian, the place where his Dao Foundation resided.

The seas of the four-symbols were the foundation of a Heavenly Immortal and the place where his Immortal Force was stored.

The barriers of the three mysterious were where the three souls of the Mysterious Immortal Realm resided.

At this moment, these three areas actually rumbled and circulated in unison. It was like seething lava was whistling through his entire body, and if this terrifying energy wasn’t completely vented, then it would probably be capable of instantly destroying a vast city of the Immortal Dimension!


Immortal Force seethed, vital energy blazed, and Chen Xi’s entire body started to undergo a shocking transformation at this moment.

All of this took a long time to be put in words, yet it actually occurred in an instant, and it had started as soon as Chen Xi stepped foot into the 36th level.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

At this moment, the sword qi that covered the sky had torn through the sky and arrived before him.


With Starclasp in his hand, Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward like a golden arrow, and he left behind a dazzling and resplendent afterimage in space as he flashed past the rain of sword qi that covered the heavens and the earth.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

In merely an instant, everywhere Chen Xi passed, over ten black clothed figures were easily crushed by the Starclasp Immortal Sword in his hand, and they were paper that transformed into a rain of light that covered the sky before vanishing.


Chen Xi’s battle intent blazed while his will to fight was like a ray light that shot into the sky. He soared through the sky with an extraordinary imposing aura, and everywhere the edge of his sword passed, there were definitely a few black clothed figures that suffered death!

At this moment, Chen Xi was in a strange state. He seemed to be in battle, yet seemed to be breaking through, and as he moved, his movements actually faintly carried the aura of the Heaven Dao.

If this scene were to be seen by the others in the outside world, probably none of them would believe that someone in this world was actually able to breakthrough while in battle and charge into the Golden Immortal Realm! 

After all, to the countless experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm within the Immortal Dimension, the Golden Immortal Realm was so dangerous and difficult to surmount. Those that succeeded would attain an eternal gold body, and those who failed would turn to ash.

Under such circumstances, even supreme figures wouldn’t dare to be careless in the slightest and would even prepare all sorts of resources like inviting numerous seniors of their sect to protect them as they broke through before possessing the courage to break through.

Yet Chen Xi actually chose to break through into the Golden Immortal Realm in battle!

Fortunately, this scene occurred within the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, otherwise if it was seen by others, it wouldn’t be long before the entire academy would be stirred and would take Chen Xi to be a freak.

Of course, the precondition was that Chen Xi was able to succeed, otherwise others would think his actions at this moment were no different than the actions of a madman.


An extraordinary and enormous strand of sword qi slashed down and swept away the lives of over ten more black clothed figures, and his all-powerful attacks made it simply seem like he was killing a group of helpless chickens.

It was even to the extent that when compared to the battle at the 35th level, Chen Xi was in a state of completely crushing his opponents at this moment. He swept through everything before him and none could bear the edge of his sword!

Even if it was at such a critical moment, Chen Xi hadn’t lost his reason. But at this moment, his entire mind was locked onto the changes in the vital energy within his body, and he didn’t have the time to pay attention to the changes in his surroundings.

The attacks that came from all directions had instead become like insignificant fleas that were unable to be of any threat to him.

“36th level, completed in the time of 27 breaths!” When Chen Xi had practically forgotten everything in the surroundings, the indifferent and utterly emotionless voice resounded by his ears.

He suddenly raised his head and saw that there were no more opponents on this level.

I passed just like that? When this thought flashed within Chen Xi’s mind, his figure was already swept away by the azure glow, and he vanished from the 36th level…

Within a mysterious space at the depths of the academy, a mighty figure sat cross-legged on a rock. Not far away ahead of him was a boundlessly vast river of stars.

Suddenly, the mighty figure swiftly raised his head while his gaze seemed as if it could see through the profundities of the universe. It illuminated the river of stars and actually caused countless stars to shudder in unison.

“Breaking through in battle? Hah, Amazing!” 


Right at the same time that Chen Xi was swept away by the azure glow, the green symbol that represented the 36th level on the wall of light outside the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain had dimmed down.

“Chen Xi has broken the record for the first 36 levels. Results, 45 minutes and two breaths of time. First!”

At the same time, the spatial vortex at the entrance of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain surged violently, and then a voice that was like the ring of a bell swept out and slowly reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

The surroundings erupted in an uproar!

All the students present, no matter senior or new were dumbstruck at this moment.

They’d just seen Chen Xi enter the 36th level and originally thought it would continue for a period of time, yet never had they imagined that the curtains to the battle would be drawn before they could react from their shock!

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s results made them filled with disbelief. He hadn’t just made a new record, he’d even forcefully pushed down Yun Fusheng who’d occupied the position of first for countless years and ascended to the top himself!

The first!It was an entire thirty breaths of time faster than Yun Fusheng’s results from all those years ago!

Who could have imagined this?

“As expected, his name has already floated up onto the Passage Stone Stele…”

Some refused to believe it and shot their gazes towards the Passage Stone Stele, and when they saw Chen Xi’s name replacing the position of first, they were instantly stunned on the spot.

The expressions of Ao Wuming and Jiang Canghai were extremely gloomy. No matter how they’d pondered about it, they’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually be able to make a new record, and it was even a record that had reached a height that Yun Fusheng from all those years ago couldn’t compare to. It was sufficient to be considered unprecedented and peerless in history!

“Brilliant! Awesome! With this result in place, there’ll probably be very few people capable of breaking it!” Xuanyuan Yun spoke excitedly. Even with his cultivation in the Dao Heart, he was unable to restrain the excitement in his heart at this moment, and it obviously showed exactly how great was the shock and pleasant surprise that he felt from this news.

The other students instantly started chatting excitedly after they recovered from their shock while some immediately withdrew transmission jade slips in their possession and sent the news of Chen Xi’s record to their good friends.

“Hmph! So what if he broke the record? Isn’t he still unable to break through into the Golden Immortal Realm in the end?” At this moment, Ao Wuming could only console himself with this reason. It couldn’t be helped, Chen Xi’s results put extreme pressure on him as well, and it caused him to feel depressed and embarrassed in his heart. So, he naturally needed a reason to resolve this.

Even though Jiang Canghai hadn’t spoken, his expression eased up slightly when he heard Ao Wuming. Obviously, his feelings were exactly similar to Ao Wuming at this moment.

“Can both of you have a bit of poise?” Xuanyuan Yun frowned as he spoke with displeasure.

“I’m speaking the truth. Could it be that I said something wrong? If he has the ability, then why doesn’t he advance into the Golden Immortal Realm for all to see?” Ao Wuming sneered.

Meanwhile, someone suddenly exclaimed with surprise and bewilderment. “What’s going on? Why hasn’t Chen Xi been teleported out? Could it be that he has already advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, and he has entered into the entrance area of the 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present realized that Chen Xi actually hadn’t been teleported out at this moment!

When all of them shot their gazes towards the wall of light, they saw that the golden symbol that represented Chen Xi’s name had vanished, yet Chen Xi hadn’t made an appearance.

Thus, there was only a single explanation. He’d entered a higher level after passing through the 36th level, and it was common knowledge that the area above the 36th level and below the 73rd level was an area that only Golden Immortals could step foot into!

“He, he…couldn’t have broken through into the Golden Immortal Realm while he was still in battle, right?” Someone spoke with a trembling voice that carried shock that was impossible to conceal, and the words he spoke caused even he himself to be unable to maintain his calm.

Everyone looked at each other.

On the other hand, the expressions of Ao Wuming and Jiang Canghai were gloomy and unsightly to the extreme instead.

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