Chapter 121 – Battling Tang Xu

Chapter 121 – Battling Tang Xu

The spectating platform was deathly silent!

All the cultivators present were shocked by Chen Xi’s movement technique that was extremely swift like lightning, and some people with sharp sight had even discerned that Chen Xi’s movement technique had already attained the Dao Insight Stage!

Dao Insight was the comprehension and cognition of the Heaven Dao.

In the path of cultivating, no matter how good one’s birth was, no matter how many medicinal pills one possessed, and no matter how devoted one’s teacher or Master was in guiding and passing on knowledge, if one wasn’t able to comprehend a strand of the Heaven Dao’s profundity, then not only would one’s cultivation stagnate, one couldn’t hope of becoming a Heavenly Immortal in their entire lifetime.

Because if one wanted to become a Heavenly Immortal, then one must go through the test of the peerless heavenly tribulation. The higher one’s comprehension of the Dao was, the higher one’s probability of overcoming the heavenly tribulation.

Not mentioning some figures that were monstrous geniuses, ordinarily speaking, the comprehension towards the Heaven Dao of all the cultivators in the world could be seen from certain aspects.

Postnatal Realm cultivators cultivated bitterly and diligently to break through the barriers within themselves and were able to acquire a vague understanding of the Heaven Dao. This was the basic-stage.

Congenital Realm cultivators absorbed the spirit energy in the heaven and earth, then pried into the profundity behind the derivation of spirit energy, and it was the advanced-stage.

Violet Palace Realm cultivators had established their foundation of the Grand Dao, fusing with the world, and the stage they pursued was the unity-stage.

Whereas Dao Insight was instead the stage in the Martial Dao that Golden Hall Realm cultivators sought after!

It was precisely because of this that when they noticed Chen Xi had comprehended Dao Insight at the Violet Palace Realm that the cultivators present would be so shocked.

“Who’s this youth?”

“The future of this kid is surely limitless!”

“Quickly go investigate, investigate all the information about this kid, no matter how important or trivial. A genius like this is worthy of us spending any cost to rope in!”

After a momentary silence, the spectating platform instantly burst into an uproar as they discussed animatedly, and all of them repeatedly focused their attention on Chen Xi who was in the arena, seeming to want to clearly see exactly what kind of person he was.

“Dao Insight Stage! Looks like I’ve done a foolish thing this time…” On the spectating platform, Yan Qingni was out of sorts as she muttered while looking at Chen Xi who was in the arena, and her expression was indeterminate.

“This fellow Chen Xi is too abnormal. I have a feeling like I don’t know him every time I see him. Dammit, how are the rest of us supposed to survive with him being like this?!” Duanmu Ze gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

“He’s indeed extremely abnormal.” Du Qingxi and Song Lin deeply agreed.

Even though the three of them spoke like this, their faces were filled with delighted expressions. Chen Xi’s victory caused them to feel that they’d gained face as well, and this caused them to feel honored.

“Sister! I want to take Big Brother Chen Xi as my Master!” Mu Wenfei suddenly spoke with an extremely firm expression.

“Ah, you don’t want to go to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect?” Mu Yao was stunned, then she seemed to be lost in thought as she said, “If Big Brother Chen Xi is willing to take you as his disciple, then it’s indeed a blessing. Alas, we just don’t know if Big Brother Chen Xi is willing.”

“This idiot! He didn’t even know the actual strength of his opponent, yet he was the first to attack. Isn’t this courting death?” At the other side of the arena, Xie Zhan roared endlessly with a low voice. “Tang Xu, go! That kid just has a slightly swift speed, carefully be on guard against it, and coupled with your body refinement cultivation being at the 3rd level of the Violet Palace Realm, you’ll surely be able to kill him!”

Tang Xu nodded, his ordinary face was still completely calm, seeming to be completely not disturbed by the circumstances in his surroundings.

“I… I admit… Admit defeat!” On the arena, Lin Shaoqi who was held by the neck had gathered sufficient strength, and he emitted a disjointed voice.

“Fuck off! If I see you helping the wicked oppress others again, I’ll surely not let you off.” Chen Xi casually swung his hand, tossing Lin Shaoqi down from the arena like tossing trash.

“Young Master Xie Zhan’s side has lost in the first round.” The beautiful and refined female attendant walked up the arena, the gaze she shot at Chen Xi contained extraordinary splendor that rippled continuously, and she said, “Young Master, congratulations on obtaining the victory in the first round.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Start the second round.”

“So Young Master is already impatient.” The female attendant smiled sweetly, causing her to seem extremely captivating, then she swept her gaze around the spectating platform that surrounded the arena and said with a clear voice. “The second round begins now.”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Right after the female attendant walked down the arena, a wave of seeming slow yet rapid footsteps that were like a drum stepped with a strange rhythm as it walked step by step onto the arena.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The surroundings of the arena instantly became quiet as everyone felt their hearts jump along with this sounds of footsteps, jumping intensely to the point that their True Essence, vital energy, and blood within their entire bodies surge, and their Dao Hearts almost lost control.

An expression that was a mix of crying and smiling instantly appeared on the faces of some people with comparatively weaker strengths, seeming to be dazed, and it was like they’d fallen into abnormal behavior.

It was amongst this strange sounds of footsteps that the young man in feathered clothes, Tang Xu, walked up to the arena, and the strange sounds of footsteps only vanished when he stopped moving, causing everyone who was spectating to be unable to refrain from heaving a sigh of relief.

Subsequently, the gazes of everyone shot onto Tang Xu as countless questions surged into their hearts. Who is this fellow? Where did he come from? What cultivation technique has he cultivated? Only the sounds of his footsteps was able to cause others to lose control of themselves?


The Profound Balance Grand Formation of the arena was activated once again, and it formed a screen of light that enveloped Chen Xi and Tang Xu within it.

“I cultivate the Tenthwater Profoundbody Technique. I meditated for nine years in the dark and cold lands at the northernmost lands when I was eight, using the Nine-Darkness Profoundwater to temper my body to advance to the 3rd level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement. The flesh in my entire body is soft like water, yet like steel when it’s hard. So no matter how swift your speed is, if your strength isn’t sufficient, then it would be useless towards me.” Tang Xu’s ordinary face didn’t have the slightest fluctuation as he said slowly, “Moreover, I’ve also cultivated the Divine Ability Heavenly Transformation and Nine-Yin Godsword. When the two are combined, it’s able to…”

Chen Xi waved his hand as he interrupted. “Did you come to chat with me?”

He naturally knew that Tang Xu wanted to use this opportunity to cause the intent to retreat to emerge in his heart, and the thoughts of fear would be like an inner demon that affected the exertion of his strength.

Unfortunately, Tang Xu didn’t know that Chen Xi visualized the Fuxi Divine Status day and night and had experienced numerous difficult battles. Chen Xi’s Dao Heart had already become extremely tough and firm, so how could his mind possibly be affected by a few words?

Most importantly, Chen Xi was similarly a body refiner, and what he cultivated was even the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts which was a peerless cultivation technique that had been passed down since the primordial era, thus his knowledge of the strength of a body refiner was much deeper than an ordinary cultivator. This caused Tang Xu wanting to use the advantage of a body refiner to deter him to seem slightly laughable and immature.

Tang Xu was obviously stunned. He seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi’s reaction would be so indifferent, and he shook his head and said, “Underestimating your enemy will cause you to lose your life.”

“Are you a man?” Chen Xi suddenly asked.

Tang Xu replied. “Of course.” Then he reacted to it and said with rage, “You’re saying that I’m not a man?”

Chen Xi shrugged. “I think you’re not a woman as well.”

“You’re calling me a eunuch?” Tang Xu’s expression instantly became gloomy.

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Right, a eunuch that has no balls and only knows how to play little tricks and little schemes.”

“You’re courting death! Heavenly Transformation!” Tang Xu shouted out explosively, and roiling water vapor abruptly surged out from his entire body. He seemed to have transformed into a surging river as his aura instantly violently rose to the limit, and he’d already transformed into a giant that was 30m tall.

This giant seemed to be formed by streams of water. Its limbs, head, and body all flowed with black colored streams of water. A strong, cold qi spread out into the air, instantly condensing patches of fine snowflakes that carried along a sharp cold light. Before him, Chen Xi was simply like a little fellow.

This was the Divine Ability, Heavenly Transformation. It was able to allow the body to become over 30m tall and allow the strength of the body to rise explosively and multiply, yet the nimbleness of the body wouldn’t reduce in the slightest, and it was an extremely formidable auxiliary Divine Ability. During the primordial era, practically everyone from the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement would have cultivated this technique so that they were able to exert even greater strength during battle.

It was even to the extent that when Heavenly Transformation was cultivated to the extreme, one was even able to become tall like a 33km tall mountain, and with every movement of the body, their pure strength was sufficient to obliterate mountains and sever rivers, and it was extremely terrifying.

“Nine-Yin Godsword!” Tang Xu who’d transformed into a giant that was over 30m tall shouted out explosively, and an enormous sword that was like a wave of water abruptly gushed out. The body of the sword was covered in a layer of dense and profound runes, they were like fine waves, yet even more like nimble tadpoles that swam about on the 3m long blade of the sword, and it undulated circle after circle of translucent ripples.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted, there was no need to mention the Heavenly Transformation as it was able to allow body refiners to possess a strong body and strength that had increased explosively, whereas this Nine-Yin Godsword was condensed from Shaman Energy, yet it actually displayed such a scene, and this caused him to be unable to help from sighing in surprise.

Divine Abilities cover a great area. With Divine Abilities, body refiners have utterly no use of any Magic Treasures, as their attack power was sufficient to kill anyone!

“Die!” Tang Xu held the enormous sword in his hand and slashed down, causing a myriad of waves that emitted countless strange and sharp howls to gush out. It seemed as if it even made the arena to start shaking, and its imposing might was extremely shocking.


Chen Xi executed his Divine Windwing Flight to dodge towards a side of the arena, and at the same time, the eight Netherezim Flying Swords swiftly flew out with speeds that were quick as bolts of lightning as they went straight for Tang Xu’s head.

Splash! Splash!

Tang Xu didn’t dodge, allowing the eight Netherezim Flying Swords to instantly mince his head. However, the flowing water gushed out and condensed, and a head once again appeared on his neck. He was actually unharmed!

“Hmm?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Before he could wrap his head around it, the Nine-Yin Godsword carried along the myriad of waves as it assaulted him with a bang, and it forced him to have no choice but to flash to the side.

“Dodge? Until when can you dodge?” Tang Xu laughed coldly, his figure swayed as his 30m tall body swung about the Nine-Yin Godsword that carried along a surging current to sweep out horizontally.

The arena only had an area of 300m, and when Tang Xu swung out this swipe of the sword, it practically enveloped the entire arena. Waves rolled everywhere as strange howls blasted out, and the space that Chen Xi could dodge with had become extremely narrow.


On the ground, a black colored stream abruptly rose up, increasing explosively with a speed the eye could see, and it quickly transformed the arena into an enormous pool. The dark and cold water vapor effused out an icy cold aura that was like numerous blades that clawed and cut the screen of light that covered the surroundings of the arena to the point it emitted ear piercing scratching sounds.

This is the might of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement?

On the spectating platform, numerous eyes sprang open like saucers as they looked at Tang Xu who, was like a fiendgod that stood in the arena as he let loose his sword and battled. A trace of astonishment that was impossible to restrain had emerged on the faces of everyone.


Amongst those of the same cultivation, the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement crushed all in the School of Qi Refinement. These words really weren’t fake!

“Chen Xi will be fine, right?” Duanmu Ze said with worry. Although he knew Chen Xi had killed Golden Hall Realm cultivators and even Golden Core Realm cultivators, but when he saw Tang Xu who displayed invincible might on the arena, he still couldn’t help but become worried.

“Yes!” Du Qingxi’s expression was anxious and doubtful, yet she spoke with extreme certainty. “Didn’t you see that Chen Xi is searching for his weak point, and is ready to attack at any moment?”

At the other side of the arena, Xie Zhan was in high spirits, and he clapped and praised. “Good! Good! Good! The School of Fiendgod Body Refinement is indeed formidable! HAHAHA!”


Chen Xi’s figure was like a strand of wind that drifted indeterminately in midair on the arena as he repeatedly dodged the attacks of the enormous sword and streams of water from the surroundings. It seemed to be dangerous, yet he was always able to find a trace of survival between small gaps, and he skillfully and easily dodged them all.

Whereas in his heart, he was instead observing the method Tang Xu’s Divine Ability attacked. It was the first time he’d battled a cultivator that possessed Shaman Energy and Divine Abilities, and he had too many things he wanted to learn. How could he let this opportunity he acquired slip by?

“The height that is covered by the screen of light above the arena is only 600m, let me see how long you can continue dodging for!” As he stood in the arena where the streams of water ceaselessly rose explosively, it was as if Tang Xu was standing in his own domain. The Nine-Yin Godsword he swung about caused waves to surge like dashing dragons, and they seemed to roar like tigers as they swept up a myriad of streams of water to chase closely behind Chen Xi’s figure without letting up.

Chen Xi was silent, yet traces of sudden comprehension had emerged within his heart. My Grand Astral Palm already possesses the Fifth-Earthstar’s baleful qi and the Second-Woodstar’s baleful qi, and it implicitly contained the Dao of the movements of the stars. Compared to this Divine Ability, Nine-Yin Godsword that is only condensed from the Nine-Darkness Profoundwater, it’s obviously greatly advanced…    

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