Chapter 1207 – Obtaining Dao Scriptures

Some people frowned while others took pleasure when they saw Zuoqiu Yin provoking Chen Xi.

But Chen Xi’s answer was very simple instead, and he directly asked Xuanyuan Yun. “Am I allowed to beat people up in the Scripture Pavilions?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zuoqiu Yin’s face turned grim while he looked slightly vigilantly at Chen Xi because he was really worried that Chen Xi would disregard everything and bash him up.

“No. The restrictions will be activated as soon as fluctuations of Immortal Force arises. In that way, even if you were able to beat up your opponent, you’ll be driven out of the Scripture Pavilion, and you won’t be allowed to take a single step in for three years.” Xuanyuan Yun shook his head.

Chen Xi sighed with slight disappointment, and then he looked at Zuoqiu Yin and said, “You can’t decide if the Star Alliance is weak or not. If you’re unconvinced, then you can head to the Dao Development Reserve to challenge me. I can refuse the challenges of the others, but I’ll give you a chance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi turned around and walked towards the bookshelves at the side, and he couldn’t be bothered to spare another glance to Zuoqiu Yin.

Everyone else looked at Zuoqiu Yin with amused expressions.

“Brother, if I were you, I’ll definitely be unable to swallow this.”

“Right, you must issue a challenge if you’re a man!”

“Oh, forget it. I think he doesn’t have the balls to fight Chen Xi, and he only knows how to talk.”

Students from top powers like Xuanyuan Yun weren’t afraid of Zuoqiu Yin, so when they saw this opportunity, they instantly stuck a pin where there was room and tried to fan the flames with a ridiculing tone.

Zuoqiu Yin’s face sank while utter humiliation arose in his heart. But he didn’t dare to challenge Chen Xi at all, so in the end, he grunted coldly and left hastily.

Damnable bastard! You better not participate in the inner court exam one year from now, otherwise, just you wait and see! What the fuck!? Do you really think you’ve attained success? You’re simply tired of living! Zuoqiu Yin roared furiously in his heart. 


“Chen Xi, your Star Alliance isn’t as useless as Zuoqiu Yin made it seem.” After Zuoqiu Yin left, Xuanyuan Yun came over and said to Chen Xi in a low voice, “Presently, everyone in the academy knows of the existence of the Star Alliance, and countless new students are fighting to enter it.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he said with a teasing tone, “Then why are there only ten or so members?”

“That’s because of the threshold.” Xuanyuan Yun smiled. “The requirements of my clan’s little princess towards the establishment of the Star Alliance is very high, and not just anyone can enter it. They must pass numerous tests and obtain her approval.”

“Tests?” Chen Xi was slightly surprised.

“Right, those that register to join the Star Alliance must first have a clean background and are not the spies sent over by some other power. Next, their character would be tested before finally judging their natural talent and strength.” Xuanyuan Yun spoke confidently. “Only in this way can the solidity of the Star Alliance’s foundation be guaranteed. This was also done for the sake of long term development in the future… For example, the Star Alliance has already been praised as one of the student societies with the greatest potential, and it isn’t just renowned in the outer court, it even has a good reputation in the inner court.

“Most importantly, numerous new students are working hard now with the objective of entering the Star Alliance, and it has already formed into a storm now. I believe that the Star Alliance will definitely strengthen swiftly once you enter the inner court, and it’ll become ranked in the top hundred powers within the academy.”

Chen Xi had never imagined that A’xiu had developed the Star Alliance to such an extent within a single year, and besides being shocked he was rather moved.

“I really have to thank A’xiu for this,” said Chen Xi after taking a deep breath. He was very clearly aware that even if he managed it on his own, he would probably be unable to do so outstandingly like A’xiu.

“Right, what’re those top hundred powers?” asked Chen Xi.

“Oh, they’re the top hundred student societies in the academy. Once you enter the inner court, you’ll be able to see a stone stele called the Supremacy Golden Rankings, and it lists the rankings of the top hundred student societies.” Xuanyuan Yun explained. “This is also a form of encouragement from the academy to the students. After all, practically all those students that’re able to graduate from the academy will transform into an overlord within the Immortal Dimension, and command and control of a power is also a form of tempering and fostering towards students.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. This time, he deeply understood exactly how extraordinary the meaning of the Dao Emperor Academy was to the Immortal Dimension. It was simply the cradle for all the top figures in the Immortal Dimension. 


Xuanyuan Yun chatted with Chen Xi for a while before turning around and leaving.

Chen Xi placed his attention onto the bookshelves in the third floor as well, and he started to look through them carefully.

“The secret records of words. Written by the head instructor, Xiao Yu, of the primeval times. It explains in detail the profundities of the Allheaven Level, and it’s an exceptional and only copy of the book.”

“Discussions and thirty six answers of the true essence of the Allheaven Level. Written by the outer court’s Dean Zhou Zhili. It records thirty six techniques to advance into the Allheaven Level.”

“Supreme Dao Seeker Notes…”

“Seven Reflections of Truth…”

“Divine Heaven Illustrated Book…”

The books in the third floor weren’t cultivation techniques, and they were all experiences related to the Golden Immortal Realm. Some described and some discussed, and it was filled with the knowledge and comments of countless predecessors.

Chen Xi still remembered the warning of the black clothed old man, and he didn’t read these books. He just looked at the names and introduction of these books, yet it already caused him to have the feeling of being at a loss for which to choose.

It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many books related to charging into the Allheaven Level, and it was too comprehensive.

“Hey, I suggest that you first read the Allheaven Quintessence Examination written by the Dao Emperor himself all those years ago and the Profound Views on Breakthrough written casually by that kid, Yun Fusheng, all those years ago.” Suddenly, the 1m tall midget, Benji the Book Demon, appeared out of thin air and stood by Chen Xi’s side as he guided with a grin on his face, and he seemed as if he expected that Chen Xi wouldn’t know which to choose.

“Of course, don’t forget to look through the original manuscript ‘Tracing Back the Dao to Allheaven’ left behind by the Dean. I remember that the Valiant Star Immortal King comprehended this original manuscript to break through to the Golden Immortal Realm in one go.” 

Chen Xi turned around to glance at the surroundings yet noticed that no one had noticed the appearance of Benji, and he was shocked in his heart. He finally understood that the cultivation of this Book Demon was definitely unfathomable, and it might even be an ancient senior of the Scripture Reserve.

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“I didn’t guide you for nothing.” Benji grinned as he spoke.

Chen Xi understood the meaning behind his words and casually handed over the Violet Ribbon Starcrest to Benji.

However, when Chen Xi got his Violet Ribbon Starcrest back once more, he noticed that 50,000 Starpoints had actually been deducted! The corners of his mouth instantly couldn’t help but twitch, and he was slightly surprised and felt slight agony.

The Book Demon Benji couldn’t help but speak angrily when he saw Chen Xi’s reaction. “Kid, you’ve gained a huge benefit. I wouldn’t agree to guide others even if they want to pay me with Starpoints.”

Chen Xi muttered in his heart. Who knows if you’re deceiving me or not? 

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi suspected Benji had used these same words to deceive many students in the academy. After all, this fellow seemed to be too warm towards him and took such initiative to help him. As it was said, everyone has an objective when doing something, and there’s no kindness without reason. Chen Xi didn’t believe that a pie would drop down from the heavens and just happen to fall onto him.

“Alas, looks like I’ve wasted my efforts again. All those years ago, Yun Fusheng cursed me for cheating away his Starpoints, yet I never expected that you would be the same. Why is it so hard to do something good?”

Benji shook his head and sighed as if he was hurt and disappointed. Even though he spoke like this, he vanished swiftly, and he’d instantly vanished into thin air before Chen Xi could even speak.

This fellow has definitely deceived many people in these past few years… Chen Xi felt even more certain that Benji couldn’t be trusted. However, he quickly discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind and started to search through the row after row of bookshelves for the books that Benji mentioned.

He wanted to confirm if those three books, the Allheaven Quintessence Examination, Profound Views on Breakthrough, and Tracing Back the Dao to Allheaven were worth 50,000 Starpoints.

In next to no time, Chen Xi found one of them. It was the Allheaven Quintessence Examination written by the Dao Emperor himself. This book wasn’t actually the work of the Dao Emperor, and it was only commented on and explained by the Dao Emperor.

In other words, the appearance of this book ought to before the primeval Dao Emperor attained the Dao!

The reason was very simple, commenting and explaining was the interpretation and perception of the later generations.

When he saw the name of the true author, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but constrict slightly while his heart shook because it was Fuxi!

It was actually Fuxi! It was as if a rock had been thrown into Chen Xi’s heart, and it caused a thousand of layers of waves to surge.

Why is there a book written by Senior Fuxi within the academy? Could it be that there’s a relationship between the primeval Dao Emperor and Senior Fuxi? Chen Xi took a few deep breaths before he finally felt that even if the Book Demon Benji had tricked him off his 50,000 Starpoints, but it was worth to be able to read a book written by Senior Fuxi.

After all, since he started cultivating until now, practically all the inheritances he cultivated had come from the Manor, and the Manor belonged to Fuxi. It was even to the extent that strictly speaking, Chen Xi was already a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain now!

At this moment, he naturally had a pleasantly surprised feeling as if he’d obtained a precious treasure when he saw a book written by Fuxi.

He flipped open the first page…


8,000 Starpoints were deducted from him!

This caused Chen Xi’s mind to sober up greatly, and he laughed bitterly in his heart. Sure enough, if I want to obtain something from the academy, then I have to pay the price for it.

But right after that, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think about all of this because his mind and soul had been completely occupied by the contents of the book.

“The Dao of a Golden Immortal is subtle yet obvious. It’s formed into Divine Crests that describe the principles behind the traces of the heavens.”

“In this realm, the heart and Dao fuse as one while technique and body do the same. It’s comprehended in the Dao, and it allows one to see a glimpse, yet know its entirety…”

Every single word and even every single stroke of an extraordinary existence like Fuxi contained supreme profundities, and if one tried to figure it out carefully, one would even be able to comprehend a myriad of auras of the Dao within every single word.

Even with Chen Xi’s extraordinary comprehension ability, he had to fathom and digest it for a long time after reading a short passage, and he only started reading the next passage after he completed this, otherwise it would be impossible for him to continue reading.

Yes, Chen Xi didn’t look at the comments and explanation of the Dao Emperor, and directly read the original text. So what he comprehended from it naturally came from his own knowledge of the Grand Dao.

He did this for the sake of completely comprehending this book before slowly verifying what he’d comprehended with the comments and explanations of the Dao Emperor.

In this way, he would be able to obtain even more comprehension.

As it was said, use all resources before drawing an analogy.

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