Chapter 1204 – Renowned Throughout The Academy

After he left the Dao Development Reserve, Chen Xi bid his farewells to Liang Ren and Gu Yueming before returning to his own abode.

After the spars that occurred today, those senior students from the outer court will probably not look for trouble with me again. I have to work hard and prepare for the inner court exam two years from now instead. As he sat cross-legged within his abode, Chen Xi thought about everything that had occurred today, and he was able to determine that this string of challenges was definitely instigated by someone from behind the scenes, whereas there was utterly no need to think of the answer. It was definitely the Zuoqiu Clan.

Fortunately, this is Dao Emperor Academy. If it was in the outside world, then I would probably really be unable to resist the repeated attacks of the Zuoqiu Clan like this. 

Senior Sister once said that when I possessed the identity of a student in Dao Emperor Academy, then the Zuoqiu Clan would suffer various restraints when intending to deal with me. So during this period in the academy, I must make the best use of my time and strengthen myself. 

Time! I lack time the most now. No matter if it’s becoming stronger or launching my revenge against the Zuoqiu Clan, I have to make the best use of every single second. When the Zuoqiu Clan feels that I’m showing signs of possessing the strength to threaten then, then they’ll definitely stop at nothing to strike a blow against me…

After pondering for a long time, Chen Xi took a deep breath before his expression returned once more to calm, and then he turned around and entered the world of stars.

The successive battles in the Dao Development Reserve today had allowed him to obtain a great deal of Starpoints, and the most important point was that he’d comprehended the method to overlap the Laws. 

Now, what he had to do was continue comprehending the method of overlapping the laws and strive to improve his combat strength as quickly as possible.



At the same time that Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation, the news about his string of battles at the Dao Development Reserve swiftly spread throughout the academy as if it had grown wings.

“The number one expert amongst the new students of the outer court!”

“Even Senior Brother Liu Zefeng who was the 8th on the Allheaven Golden Rankings wasn’t a match for him during a spar at the Dao Development Reserve. It can be said that he’s an unparalleled existence at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.”

“Who is it?”

“Idiot, it’s naturally Chen Xi!”

Discussions like this didn’t just spread throughout the outer court, even the inner court, Pill Reserve, Scripture Reserve, and other such places resounded with such discussions. It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples, and it caused Chen Xi’s reputation to be like the sun in the midday sky, and it was known to numerous students and instructors.



“Unparalleled amongst his peers? Haha! During the recruitment tests of the academy, he was able to pass the third round of the test while at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. He wouldn’t be worthy to be the first if he was unable to accomplish this.” In an abode, Ji Xuanbing looked at the information that was just sent to him and exploded into laughter. After that, he seemed to have thought of something and muttered after pondering deeply. “I’m only concerned about whether he’ll be able to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm within two years…” 


“It was the Zuoqiu Clan again? Unfortunately, they boosted Chen Xi’s prestige instead. They truly went for wool but came home shorn. How laughable!” In the depths of a luxuriant, elegant, and clean forest within the Scripture Reserve was numerous ancient and towering Parasol Trees. This was the residence of the head instructor of the Scripture Reserve, Zhao Taici.

Zhao Taici was the name of an old phoenix from the Phoenix Clan that had lived for countless years. She possessed unfathomable strength, and she was known to all in the academy.

According to rumor, Zhao Taici was already an instructor of the Scripture Reserve while she was still a student. She was so senior that only the other head instructor of the Scripture Reserve, the Dragon Dimension’s Green Dragon Ancestor, could compare to her.

This area that was covered in ancient Parasol Trees was the residence of Zhao Taici, and it was called the Parasol Forest. Because she had a violent and disagreeable temper, practically no one dared to step foot into this place without obtaining her permission.

But at this moment, Zhao Mengli who wore a fiery red dress was sitting cross-legged beneath a Parasol Tree that seemed to hold up the sky and cover it, and she was looking through a transmission jade slip.

“The Golden Immortal Realm isn’t so easily attained. Will you be able to produce another miracle within a mere two years of time? No matter what, the inner court test will be too boring without you, the first amongst the new students…” Zhao Mengli put down the jade slip in her hands while she focused her gaze towards the distant mountains, and her peerlessly beautiful and proud face revealed a wisp of deep contemplation.

“Start charging into the Golden Immortal Realm three days from now. I just got news that the little monk from the Buddha Dimension has stepped into the Golden Immortal Realm just now, and he has headed to the Allheaven Golden Rankings to determine his ranking.” Suddenly, a chilly and bone piercing voice resounded by her ears. The voice was very pleasing to the ear like a gurgling stream in an empty gorge, yet it carried an indescribably ancient and dignified aura.

Zhao Mengli’s heart shook. Zhen Lu has already stepped into the Golden Immortal Realm?

After that, she took a deep breath before her expression recovered its tranquility, and then she nodded lightly. “Don’t worry, Ancestor. I’ll be able to step into the Golden Immortal Realm three days from now.” 


“An unpolished piece of jade is good for nothing. Come look for me when you enter the inner court.” Within the Scripture Pavilion of the Scripture Reserve, a deep, hoarse, and low voice that revealed supreme dignity resounded.

The words spoken by this voice seemed very simple, yet every single one of them contained a myriad of variations, thus it was extremely unique and faintly showed signs of being in accordance with the Dao.

This was the language of the dragons. As it was said, every single sound amongst the ‘eight sounds of the dragon’ contained the profundities of the Heaven Dao, and it had become a unique technique of the Dragon Dimension. It allowed them to completely stand supreme above the numerous other clans and living beings and look down upon all others.

“Ancestor!” Outside the Scripture Pavilion, the expression of Ao Wuming who knelt on the ground changed slightly, and he cried out loudly in an anxious tone.

“Go! You’re not allowed to take a single step into this place before you step foot into the inner court.”


Accompanying the heavy aura that revealed supreme dignity was a shapeless force that swept out, and it carried Ao Wuming who was on the ground and caused him to vanish instantaneously. 


Conversations like these didn’t just happen between Zhao Mengli or Ao Wuming, and the others like Zhongli Xun, Jiang Canghai, and Moqi Yan who were ranked in the top ten of the recruitment tests had more or less received the instructions of the seniors from the various powers they belonged to.

After disciples from top powers like them entered the academy, they had a confirmed objective and would enter into closed door cultivation to charge towards it. Because they had the support of the powers behind them, they could cultivate without any worries at all, and they didn’t have to be entangled by numerous miscellaneous matters like ordinary students. 


Dao Seeker Mountain.

This mountain was situated at the outer court of the academy. It was completely formed from the corpse of a colossal Dragon Turtle Immortal Beast, and it was like a vast expanse of land.

A stone stele that shot into the sky stood towering on the mountain. Its surface was suffused with dazzling and resplendent brilliance, and it emanated an indescribable pressure that enveloped the entire mountain.

This was the Allheaven Golden Rankings!

The stone stele flickered with numerous golden lights that were inscribed on it, and it had become a form of supreme glory.

At this moment, a handsome young monk who wore a moon white monks robe and had a tranquil expression was walking over with golden lotuses beneath his feet, and he arrived before the stone stele in an instant.

This person was the Buddha Dimension’s Zhen Lu. His gaze swept the surface of the stone stele and swept past the numerous names on it while his expression remained tranquil, and from the beginning until the end, no change had occurred in his expression.


Zhen Lu walked forward and flicked his sleeve lightly, causing a torrent of divine light to spray out and collide with the stone stele, and it emanated a strange droning.

After that, a golden and brilliant light suddenly charged up from the bottom of the stone stele like a sharp arrow that was charging into the sky. It instantly arrived at the center of the stone stele, and its momentum didn’t show any signs of weakening.

“The 312th.”

“The 235th.”

“The 146th.” 


In the end, the golden light stopped at the position of the 35th, and then golden light erupted with a bang before an ancient sound of the Dao resounded. “Zhen Lu, the 35th, less than a year in the academy!”

This sound seemed as if it came from above the sky, and it was grand and boundless. Its source was known yet it swept towards the surroundings like a gale, and it passed through the numerous mountains and resounded throughout the outer court.

After that, countless sounds of bustling noise resounded from all over.

“What? The 35th on the Allheaven Golden Rankings!”

“Zhen Lu is actually so formidable? He just entered the academy for less than two months of time yet actually advanced to the Golden Immortal Realm in one go. Moreover, he’s even ranked at the 35th position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings!” 

“What a freak! What’s going on today? Earlier, the first amongst the new students, Chen Xi, experienced a string of battles and established his status as being unparalleled amongst his peers. Yet not long after, Zhen Lu actually charged into the 35th position of the Allheaven Golden Rankings?”

The sounds of discussion rose and fell, and it was filled with shock and exclamations of admiration.

On the other hand, at this moment, Zhen Lu stared at his ranking while his expression was tranquil as before. In the end, he shook his head and left.

There are still another two more years. Perhaps when I test myself two years from now, I’ll be able to be ranked in the top ten… Chen Xi, I hope you’ll participate in the inner court exam as well, and I’ll personally reclaim the position of first that should have belonged to me! 


This day was bound to be an extraordinary day for any student in the outer court.

Chen Xi engaged in fierce battle at the Dao Development Reserve and was renowned throughout the academy.

Zhen Lu advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm and was ranked at the 35th of the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

These two incidents were like barrels of gunpowder that caused a mighty uproar.

This created great pressure for all the other senior students of the outer court as well. For example, the existences that were ranked in the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings and the senior students that intended to participate in the inner court exam two years from now didn’t dare slack off after they witnessed the accomplishments of the new students that had joined the academy this year.

Only those at the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings could participate in the inner court exam. The quota was already extremely small, so if they were to miss it, then they would have to wait for another ten years.

It was precisely because of this that from that day onward, all the students who were determined to participate in the inner court exam two years from now seemed to have become completely different people. They had either entered into closed door cultivation or went on a frenzy to temper themselves outside the academy, and their objectives was to improve their strengths as quickly as possible so as to avoid losing the opportunity to enter the inner court two years from now.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this. He was in closed door cultivation, and he was making the best use of every single second he had to cultivate just like he’d planned.

However, he was bound to be unable to cultivate in peace today as well.

Because not long after he returned to his abode, someone had come to pay a visit again, and it was a friend that he was unable to refuse or feel angry towards.

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