Chapter 1203 – Unhindered


This sword strike of Chen Xi’s carried a fierce and swift impetus as it overlapped the Sword of Water and Sword of Fire. Its might had increased explosively by over two times, and it instantly shot towards the center of Liu Zefeng’s forehead.

Liu Zefeng was horrified. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to grasp the profundity of overlapping the Laws while at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and even his ultimate move, Yin Yang Cross, was unable to obstruct it at all!

“Darkness Slash!” Even though thoughts flashed within his mind, Liu Zefeng’s movements weren’t slow at all, and the Yin and Yang swords crisscrossed before him before he slashed down with them.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The heavens and the earth seemed to have been slashed into two at this moment. Half was like pitch black night while the other was bright like the day, and as the strikes intersected each other, the Laws of Yin and Yang rumbled.


The sword qi collided with each other and transformed into a terrifying fluctuation that swept towards the surroundings and drowned the entire Dao Development Grounds. It caused all the restrictions in the surroundings to tremble violently and ripple without end.

This obviously showed how terrifying the collision from before was.

Everyone present here was shocked when they saw this scene. It was understandable that Liu Zefeng had grasped the method of overlapping the Laws. After all, he was a Golden Immortal. But Chen Xi had actually grasped this method as well, and this beyond their expectations.

Normally, one could start comprehending the method of overlapping the Laws once one had attained perfection in at least two types of Grand Dao Laws.

Unfortunately, not to mention comprehending the method of overlapping the Laws, most experts found it difficult to even attain perfection in a Grand Dao Law.

They were the Laws after all, and was from the Heaven Dao. Even though everyone present here was a genius disciple that had experienced numerous tests to enter Dao Emperor Academy, it was extremely difficult to accomplish this.

Under normal circumstances, most experts only had the ability to accomplish this after they advanced into the Golden immortal Realm, whereas it was very rare for one to be able to grasp the method of overlapping the Laws while still at the Mysterious Immortal Realm like Chen Xi, and it was even rare within Dao Emperor Academy.

“No wonder Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of Liu Zefeng. So it turns out that he has grasped such ability…” 

Many people exclaimed with admiration in their hearts. They finally understood that Chen Xi wasn’t as simple as they’d imagined. Conversely, his display had repeatedly exceeded their expectations, and it caused all of them to be unable to figure out exactly how many trump cards he possessed.

“Dammit! How could this fellow be strong to such an extent!?” In the crowd, Zuoqiu Jun’s expression was gloomy while an indescribable feeling that the situation was bad arose in his heart. After developing to such an extent, the situation had already completely exceeded his control. Now, he could only pray in his heart that Liu Zefeng would be able to control the situation of the battle…


On the Dao Development Grounds, Liu Zefeng’s expression was heavy. Even though he’d stopped Chen Xi’s strike from before, Chen Xi combat strength that rose steady caused him to feel a trace of danger.

He didn’t dare let his mind run wild and tried his best to maintain his calm. Similarly, he didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

Chen Xi who stood before him had already become a great opponent in his heart!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Meanwhile, Chen Xi charged over once more from afar.



No matter if it was the discussions in the surroundings or the changes in the expression of his opponent, Liu Zefeng, Chen Xi was indifferent to it all. Or perhaps, he was still in a state of ‘comprehension’ at this moment.

Facing an opponent like Liu Zefeng had completely stimulated Chen Xi’s potential, and he’d discarded all distracting thoughts while only the sword remained in his heart!

My heart is like the sword! The heaven and earth are mine to control!

Numerous comprehensions of the Sword Dao surged throughout Chen Xi.

His eyes became bright like a sword while every single pore on his body surged with pure and fierce sword insight. His entire body seemed as if it had transformed into a sword!


The Starclasp in his hand was suffused with starlight, and it was like a vast and flowing river of stars. It emanated sword howls that surged like tidewater and resounded through the heavens and the earth.

In the next moment, numerous strands of brilliant sword qi soared into the sky!

The Sword of Fire and Water!

The Sword of Earth and Wood! 

The Sword of Fire and Metal!

The Sword of Water and Earth!

The inheritances of the swords of the five elements from the Infinite Divine Talisman had been successfully overlapped by Chen Xi. The Laws intersected and transformed into numerous completely new techniques.

Moreover, their might multiplied and rose explosively as well.



Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Liu Zefeng dodged as he resisted Chen Xi’s attacks with all his might. His eyes had suddenly dilated while he sensed heavy pressure.

Moreover, this sort of pressure was growing as time passed, and it faintly showed signs of completely suppressing him. This caused his expression to become even heavier while his heart even couldn’t help from surging with tempestuous waves.

How could this be possible?

How could this fellow’s combat strength possibly increase during battle?

Could it be that a Golden Immortal like me is going to lose at the hands of a new student that has just entered the academy?

This won’t do! 

I can’t lose!

Liu Zefeng gritted his teeth, and his heart was filled with madness while under this pressure that gradually increased. 


Chen Xi’s sword moves tore through the sky and swept through the entire grounds while becoming sharper and sharper. It was even to the extent that the distant spectators noticed that the might of Chen Xi’s sword qi was obviously growing at a gradual pace.

Moreover, the glow of his sword seemed to become ‘sharper and sharper,’ and it was even to the extent that it gradually had a life of its own.

It was constantly strengthening!

The might of his sword moves was improving constantly as well!

“He’s actually tempering and comprehending the Sword Dao in battle. Chen Xi’s potential is truly terrifying!” Many people were extremely shocked in their hearts. “If he isn’t stopped, then Liu Zefeng will probably lose.” 


“The insight of the sword, the might of the sword, and the spirit of the sword is constantly increasing, and it faintly shows signs of controlling the world with the sword while the heart and sword are like one. Could it be that he’s going to step into the level of Sword God today?” In the distance, Zhou Zhili stared fixedly at Chen Xi without blinking as he was deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail. “No wonder even Hua Jiankong gave Starclasp to him.”

The Sword Dao! The Grand Dao with the highest lethality amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos, and it was peerlessly swift and powerful.

Sword Immortals were even renowned in the Immortal Dimension for their shocking combat strength, and they were existences that were known for having the greatest destructive force.

But those that were able to attain an Enlightened Sword Heart and attain the level of grandmaster in the Sword Dao were one in a million; those that were able to attain the level of supreme grandmaster where a single strike could destroy all techniques were like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns; and those that were able to attain the level of Sword God where the heart was like the sword were even difficult to find amongst a billion.

Besides willpower and comprehension ability, attaining the level of Sword God stressed upon fortune! 


On the Dao Development Grounds, the battle between Chen Xi and Liu Zefeng grew more and more intense, and it had already arrived at its peak.

Even though Liu Zefeng tried his best to deal with the pressure that increased without end, he was obviously showing signs of being completely suppressed.

“Ah!” A ferocious light flashed in Liu Zefeng’s eyes, and he went completely berserk.

His Yin and Yang swords suddenly stabbed towards the space in front of him, and then two strands of vast energy of the stars suddenly descended from the boundless universe. One strand was of extreme Yin, the other of extreme Yang, and they traversed boundless space to pour into the Yin and Yang Dao Swords!

“Yin Yang Disorder! This move draws upon the energy of the Great Yang and Great Yin stars, and it’s Senior Brother Liu Zefeng’s trump card. I never expected that he would actually utilize it at this moment!” 

The crowd cried out involuntarily in shock.

“Destroy!” At this moment, the Starclasp Immortal Sword moved as well.

A strand of sword qi that contained the Laws of Metal, Water, and Earth condensed into form before moving to meet Liu Zefeng’s attack.

As it was said, metal was used to obtain water, water wet the earth, and the earth contained metal. When these three Laws were overlapped, its might repeatedly rose explosively, and its impetus was vast to the extreme.


The attacks rumbled with a bang as they collided.

The energy of the stars drawn down by the Yin and Yang Dao Swords were directly slashed into two while Chen Xi’s brilliant strand of sword qi swept forward while whistling through the air before blasting the distant Liu Zefeng flying. Liu Zefeng’s figure struck hard onto the restrictions of the grounds while blood sprayed ceaselessly from his mouth and he didn’t have the strength to get up any longer.

Everyone was shocked.

“Chen Xi is victorious!” The white haired old man’s voice instantly resounded. At the same time, he hurriedly withdrew the Formation Disk and activated the restrictions to send Liu Zefeng out. It couldn’t be helped, he was truly worried that Chen Xi would kill Liu Zefeng.

“I’ve actually lost…” The eyes of Liu Zefeng who struggled for a long time and finally stood up were slightly dim. He glanced at the distance Chen Xi before leaving with a bent figure.

The entire Dao Development Grounds were silent, and then various sounds of discussion arose.

“He lost.”

“Even Senior Brother Liu Zefeng whose ranked at the 8th of the Allheaven Golden Rankings has lost. What should we do now?”

“How…how could this be possible? How could that new student be such a freak?”

For a time, the crowd exploded into an uproar, and they were filled with extreme disbelief and shock.


“Senior Brother Chen Xi, nicely done!”

“How amazing! Senior Brother Chen Xi is awesome!”

All the new students were overjoyed while they shouted Chen Xi’s name, and they couldn’t help but reveal fervent adoration.

“Good!” Zhou Zhili clapped as he spoke, and his reserved and stern face actually carried a wisp of undisguised praise at this moment.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Hong’s face twitched fiercely, and then he opened his mouth yet didn’t speak in the end.

What a truly useless idiot. A Golden Immortal ranked at the 8th of the Allheaven Rankings! He was actually unable to even subdue a new student. He has simply thrown the face of all senior students! Zuoqiu Jun roared madly in his heart, and he was unable to restrain his feelings any longer.

Today, he’d first sent out Liu Yiming and the others, and for the sake of avoiding any mishaps from occurring, he sent the news to Liu Zefeng. Originally, all of these arrangements would have been sufficient to deal with any new student, yet never had he imagined that it was actually helpless against Chen Xi.

At this moment, as he listened to the bustling noise in the surroundings and watched the new students cheer together for Chen Xi, even if he wasn’t willing to admit it, Zuoqiu Jun was clearly aware that his operation to repress Chen Xi had helped Chen Xi gain success instead and caused Chen Xi’s reputation to experience an unprecedented increase.

It was even to the extent that it wouldn’t be long before the entire academy would probably know what had happened today, and they would know of Chen Xi’s dazzling display! 


Chen Xi still remained calm towards all of this. He stood there silently for a long time, and he regulated the vital energy in his body while utilizing the Dark Parasol Sapling to replenish the severely consumed Immortal Force in his body.

The battle with Liu Zefeng was extremely difficult, and it caused him to be slightly exhausted. But…he still had the strength to carry out another battle.

“As I said before, I’ll accompany everyone until the end today. Does any other Senior Brother or Senior Sister wish to spar with me?” After a short period of time, Chen Xi’s indifferent voice suddenly resounded, and it was like a gale that caused the bustling noise in the surroundings to stop abruptly wherever it passed.

The atmosphere was perfectly silent.

All the senior students glanced at each other, and no one answered him after a long time.

“Since there’s no one who wishes to spar with me, then Junior Brother will be leaving.” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi turned around and left swiftly while bringing Liang Ren and Gu Yueming along with him.

As they watched the three of them leave, the crowd automatically opened up a path and no one dared to obstruct them! 

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