Chapter 1202 – Unparalleled

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had already fought intensely with Liu Zefeng and collided with him for more than a few hundred times, causing the hearts and minds of everyone in the surroundings to shake while they were unable to maintain their composure any longer.

This was absolutely an unparalleled battle in the Mysterious Immortal Realm! 

One party to the battle was the first amongst the new students this year. He possessed extraordinary combat strength and was practically invincible amongst his peers. Moreover, he grew stronger as the battle progressed, causing others to be unable to discern exactly where his limits lay.

The other party to the battle was a Golden Immortal ranked at the 8th of the Allheaven Golden Rankings. His cultivation had been suppressed, yet his Immortal Force and combat technique weren’t suppressed.

An intense battle between these two was being carried out at this moment, so how could it not move them all?


Divine radiance sprayed throughout the Dao Development Grounds. Chen Xi’s sword that was formed from his fingers tore through the sky while the swords of the five elements were executed at will. He fought intensely with Liu Zefeng in an overbearing and domineering manner.

In the Mysterious Immortal Realm, Chen Xi was unstoppable and overwhelming indeed. He was extremely outstanding and had surpassed numerous figures from the ancient times, and he seemed to possess an aura of matchlessness.

However, his opponent wasn’t a true Mysterious Immortal Realm expert, but a Golden Immortal whose cultivation had been suppressed to the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Moreover, he was a top existence amongst Golden Immortals. So in the battle with Chen Xi, he dealt with every move struck against him and didn’t fall into a disadvantageous position at all.

In other words, both of them weren’t ordinary Mysterious Immortals, so their battle could naturally be considered as unparalleled. It was very rare for a battle like this to occur even in the ancient times until now.

This caused everyone present in the surroundings to be dazzled by this site. Their minds and hearts were shocked repeatedly, and they practically forgot to breathe.

“Chen Xi already possesses unrivaled might in this cultivation realm.” Zhou Zhili commented from afar.

“Unfortunately, once Liu Zefeng exerts his true strength, he’ll still be unable to escape defeat.” Zuoqiu Hong’s expression was slightly gloomy as he spoke.

Zhou Zhili smiled and didn’t speak any further.

“Is it so difficult for this fellow to defeat someone at the Mysterious Immortal Realm? Why waste so much time bitterly exhausting your strength with him?” On the other side, Zuoqiu Jun couldn’t help but feel slightly restless. Chen Xi was actually fighting Liu Zefeng equally, and Liu Zefeng hadn’t crushed Chen Xi right away. This caused him to be extremely displeased in his heart.

Clang! Clang!

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi and Liu Zefeng who were in battle had withdrawn their respective Immortal Artifacts.

Liu Zefeng held an Immortal Sword that was snow white and seemed like silver. It was over a meter long, two fingers wide, and completely crystalline. As soon as it left its sheath, it was like a scorching sun rising into the sky, and it illuminated the entire surroundings.

“Extreme Yang Dao Sword!” 

“Senior Brother Liu Zefeng is finally going to utilize his full strength?”

“According to rumor, the Extreme Yang Dao Sword and Extreme Yin Dao Swords are a pair of ancient Immortal Artifacts that resonate with both Yin and Yang. Once they’re utilized, they can even rely on the supreme Great Yang Star and Great Yin Star’s quintessence energy.”

The spirits of all the senior students of the outer court was refreshed, and they became excited.


“Clear radiance that soars into the sky with sword qi that’s dazzling like the stars. It’s might is definitely at the Cosmic Grade as well!”

“This is Senior Brother Chen Xi’s Immortal Artifact?”

At this moment, many new students saw the Immortal Sword in Chen Xi’s hands clearly. It was ancient and seemed ordinary like any other immortal sword.

But when this sword was held in Chen Xi’s hand, the body of the sword actually transformed into a vast starry sky that emanated piercingly cold starlight, causing it to be dazzling and resplendent like stars that filled the sky.

Merely based on this alone, it wasn’t inferior to the Extreme Yang Dao Sword at all.



“Isn’t this…Hua Jiankong’s sword?” 

There were a few senior instructors amongst the people present that recognized the sword in Chen Xi’s hand, and all of their pupils constricted while they felt extremely surprised.

All those years ago, the Dean bestowed Starclasp to Hua Jiankong when his cultivation in the Sword Dao attained the level of Sword God. Now, Hua Jiankong has actually handed this sword to Chen Xi… In the distance, Zhou Zhili’s heart shook as well while his eyes narrowed. He faintly sensed that something he was unaware of seemed to have happened to Chen Xi.

He was clearly aware that Starclasp wasn’t just a treasure with mysterious might, it even carried an unusual meaning because it was a sword bestowed by the Dean!

Zuoqiu Hong acutely noticed that Zhou Zhili’s expression had become slightly strange, and he couldn’t help but be bewildered in his heart. However, he didn’t notice any inkling from the sword in Chen Xi’s hand.

After all, Hua Jiankong followed by the Dean’s side all year long, and he could be considered as another elusive existence within the academy, whereas merely a few people had the chance to see him fight. Therefore, even fewer people were able to recognize Starclasp.

Moreover, with Zuoqiu Hong’s status and seniority, he didn’t have the qualifications to know all of this.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While everyone engaged in animated discussion, Chen Xi and Liu Zefeng entered once more into combat.

Since they entered into battle, the two of them had finally utilized Immortal Artifacts, and the situation of the battle was even more intense than before. Everywhere the eye could see was sword qi that filled the sky, and it seemed as if it was about to penetrate through the sky.

“Evening Blaze!” Liu Zefeng shouted loudly as he finally erupted for real. The Extreme Yang Dao Sword danced about in the sky like a blazing sun, yet it emanated a glow that was like blood instead. It was like the glow of the setting sun, and it revealed an energy that was sorrowful, murderous, and caused everything to return to silence.

“The Sword of Wood!” Chen Xi was calm while the space between his brows was filled with a murderous aura. Starclasp soared through the sky as it emanated surging wood aura that was filled with exuberant vitality that was practically boundless. Every single strand of sword qi seemed to grow in strength along with the passage of time.

This was the Laws of Wood that possessed endless vitality, and its might rose steadily along with the passage of time!


Their attacks collided. Fire originally countered wood, yet now it seemed like the wildfire was unable to incinerate the wood before more grew along with the spring breeze. Chen Xi’s Sword of Wood was extremely tenacious, and it coiled around and spread through the blood red sun that covered the sky before shattering it into powder!

A ferocious glow flashed in Liu Zefeng’s eyes. He was slightly surprised that his opponent actually grew more formidable and courageous as the battle carried out, and it infuriated him.

Originally, if he circulated the Yangfire Allheaven Divine Crest amongst the Laws of a Golden Immortal during that strike from before, then its might could have doubled. Yet now that his cultivation was suppressed, he could only utilize the Laws of Yang, and it caused him to be slightly aggrieved in his heart.

But he never thought about that when compared to Chen Xi, his Immortal Force and combat techniques from the Golden Immortal Realm had already occupied an extremely great advantage…

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Liu Zefeng was infuriated. He swung the Extreme Yang Dao Sword repeatedly, causing its slashes to crisscross horizontally and vertically, and he’d gone all out.

Some of these strands of sword qi were like the gleam of dawn, some were like the scorching sun that hung high above the sky at noon, some were like the setting sun at dusk above the desert…

All of them revealed the profundities of the Laws of Yang, and it seemed to have transformed the Dao Development Grounds into a chaotic furnace.

Unfortunately, these attacks were dispersed by Chen Xi with the Sword of Water, Sword of Wood, Sword of Fire, Sword of Earth, and Sword of Metal, and it was utterly unable to suppress Chen Xi at all.

On the other hand, this string of attacks caused all the spectators of the battle to be shocked.

At this point in the fierce battle, Liu Zefeng’s expression had finally become serious while a murderous expression appeared between his brows, and his heart was filled with rage.


In the next moment, another sword had appeared in Liu Zefeng’s hand. It was a sword that was pitch black like the night sky, and it was suffused with icy coldness.

The Extreme Yin Dao Sword!

As soon as this sword appeared, it actually formed a link with the Extreme Yang Dao Sword, and they seemed to reflect each other and caused resonance of both Yang and Yin to occur.

Instantly, Liu Zefeng’s imposing aura rose explosively once more. He was like a god that held Yin in his left hand and Yang in his right. Black and white reflected each other while their divine light coiled around his body.

“He actually forced Senior Brother Liu Zefeng to utilize the Yin and Yang Dao Swords!”

All the senior students present here were moved and extremely horrified. None of them had expected that in this battle where there was bound to be a great gap in strength, Chen Xi’s display would actually be so formidable and dazzling.

Originally, they felt that Chen Xi would definitely be easily defeated by Liu Zefeng who had the absolute advantage within an extremely short period of time. Yet it just so happened that Chen Xi had persisted until now and fought Liu Zefeng equally.

After that, they felt that Chen Xi would definitely be unable to resist Liu Zefeng’s might once he utilized the Extreme Yang Dao Sword, yet it just so happened that Chen Xi persisted miraculously once more.

All of this had exceeded the expectations of most people. It was like an ant shaking an enormous tree, yet the tree had really been shaken in the end; or a mantis trying to stop a cart, yet had actually not been crushed to death in the end…

When it was unexpected, there would be surprise; when there was surprise, there would be bewilderment; and where there was bewilderment, there would be shock. Because it was the unknown, and the unknown was the source of fear.

Everyone present here couldn’t be considered to be fearful, yet they were surprised by Chen Xi’s display. They were unable to appraise or evaluate him, and it was like a freak that was impossible to figure out had appeared right before their eyes.

“I knew that Chen Xi wouldn’t enter a fight he wasn’t confident in…”

“Win! Win! Win!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, so long as you win, I’ll become Dao Companions with you!”

All the new students present here didn’t care about all of this while they cheered Chen Xi on excitedly, and some young women’s beautiful eyes even flowed with light while they bravely expressed their adoration towards Chen Xi.

A young woman from the Western Barbaric Continent’s Splitcloud Bird Clan’s was even more daring, and she directly shouted in a sharp voice. “All of you better not fight for him with me. I’m going to have children with Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

It caused an uproar and drew numerous strange gazes over, yet the young woman raised her head and chest high while filled with a wild nature, and she didn’t care at all.

Chen Xi was calm as before when facing all of this, whereas Liu Zefeng’s expression became even gloomier.

“Yin Yang Cross!” Liu Zefeng’s black and white swords crisscrossed with each other to tear open a cross in space. Half of it was Yin while the other half was Yang, and it revealed an icy cold and murderous energy of judgment that terrified the soul.

Overlapping the Laws! 

Liu Zefeng has actually attained perfection in two Laws. Unfortunately, his ability in the Sword Dao is far inferior when compared to the Infinite Divine Talisman… These thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s heart. In the next moment, his gaze shot out like two bolts of cold lightning while his entire body blazed with divine radiance, and various comprehensions in the Dao of the Sword surged in his heart within this instant.

Some were from the might of the three points Hua Jiankong struck against him.

Some came from the various profundities related to the inheritances of the swords of the five elements from the Infinite Divine Talisman.

There were even things that Chen Xi learned from his own Sword Dao and Sword Heart.

All of these comprehensions flashed within his heart in this instant.

In the next moment, the Starclasp Immortal Sword in his hand stabbed lightly in space!


As this strike struck out, water and fire fused together. The glow of fire and water danced about together while condensing to the limit, and they were suffused with a gorgeous and dazzling glow. When looked at from afar, it was like an ethereal flowing ray of light from the Outerealm had flashed into appearance.


This sword strike was like an arrow that was accurately shot by a grandmaster in the Dao of Archery, and it pierced towards the absolute center of the cross shaped Yin Yang Cross with great power. It was like an arrow that had hit the bullseye. 

After that, a wave of rumbling erupted as the Yin and Yang sword qi collapsed before transforming into fine flows of air that swept towards the surroundings, whereas Chen Xi’s strike didn’t lose momentum at all as it flew directly towards the center of Liu Zefeng’s forehead!

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