Chapter 1201 – Peak Battle

Liu Zefeng’s figure was thick. He wore a Daoist robe embroidered with pine trees, and he had an outstanding graceful bearing.

He was a top expert in the outer court, an existence at the 8th on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. As soon as he arrived at the Dao Development Grounds, he instantly caused an expanse of bustling noise.

Presently, there were 8,000 senior students in the outer court, and 60% of them were at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, whereas only the remaining 40% were existences at the Golden Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, only five hundred people were able to be ranked on the Allheaven Golden Rankings.

It was already rather difficult to accomplish this, yet Liu Zefeng hadn’t just ascended onto the Allheaven Golden Rankings, he was even ranked in the top ten. He was a top existence ranked at the 8th position!

Such a figure that was proud as the sun and moon would cause exclaims of admiration no matter where he went.

“He wouldn’t have come to spar with Chen Xi, right?” Someone joked yet noticed that this joke wasn’t funny at all in the end because everyone had perceived that Liu Zefeng had obviously come for Chen Xi.

This was the main reason why everyone exploded into an uproar.

Chen Xi noticed Liu Zefeng as well, and it was even to the extent that he’d heard the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, mention Liu Zefeng on the first day he entered the academy.

Liu Zefeng was only at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm when he entered the outer court, yet he utilized around 400 years of time to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm. After that, he spent almost another 300 years to become ranked in the top fifty. Up until now, he’d already cultivated in the outer court for 916 years, and he possessed the position of 8th!

Perhaps Liu Zefeng’s accomplishments weren’t really extraordinary when compared to others, yet his rankings were sufficient to display exactly how formidable he was.

Stomp! Stomp!

Liu Zefeng’s footsteps were neither fast nor slow as he walked straight towards the Dao Development Ground that Chen Xi was at. His expression was calm, and no emotion could be discerned from it, yet along with his footsteps resounding through the air, the bustling noise actually softened gradually before becoming perfectly silent.

After that, Liu Zefeng stopped outside the grounds and said, “I’ll spar with you.”

His voice was calm and didn’t contain any emotion.

But when these words entered into the ears of everyone else, it instantly caused them to explode into an uproar and were unable to maintain their silence any longer.

“He actually…really came for the sake of sparring with Chen Xi!” 

“How despicable! He’s obviously bullying the young and weak! He’s a Golden Immortal that’s even ranked at the 8th of the Allheaven Golden Rankings, yet he has come to spar with Chen Xi? He’s obviously a bully!”

“It’s not necessarily the case. This is the Mysterious Immortal Area of the Dao Development Reserve. Even if Senior Brother Liu Zefeng participates in the spars, his cultivation will be suppressed to the Mysterious Immortal Realm.”

“Could it be that you haven’t noticed that he came to take revenge for his Dao Companion, Liu Yiming? Earlier, Chen Xi whipped Liu Yiming and caused her to lose all face. As her Dao Companion, how can Liu Zefeng possibly watch indifferently?”

“However, he’s going too far by doing this. So what if his cultivation is suppressed? His Immortal Force and combat technique aren’t affected, and it’s sufficient to crush any Mysterious Immortal.”

Liu Zefeng acted indifferent towards all the discussions, criticism, and contempt from the surroundings. His expression was calm to the extreme, and it revealed how firm and strong his heart was.

He just looked at Chen Xi and awaited Chen Xi’s answer.

It seemed as if that besides Chen Xi, there wasn’t anything in the entire heavens and the earth that could arouse his interest, so it was naturally impossible for anything to disturb his mind.

Chen Xi stared at Liu Zefeng for a long time before he said, “What’s the bet?”

Yes, Chen Xi didn’t answer him directly at all, yet Chen Xi had already given his answer. When it entered into the ears of everyone in the surroundings, besides feeling surprised, a wisp of a complicated feeling arose in their hearts.

It was very difficult for them to imagine how a new student could be so composed and confident, and even so indifferent when facing an expert on the Allheaven Golden Rankings that had made a name for himself a long time ago.

Originally, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming intended to disregard everything and stop Chen Xi from sparring with Liu Zefeng. But Chen Xi had already agreed before they could open their mouths, and it caused them to be stunned on the spot. Besides feeling worried in their hearts, they couldn’t help but have a strange feeling. Perhaps, this is exactly the reason why Chen Xi has obtained his current accomplishments?

He dares to do what others dare not!

It was even to the extent that they didn’t have any doubt that even if Chen Xi were to lose, Chen Xi would be renowned through the academy because of this battle, and Chen Xi would be respected by numerous students.

“Hmph! He’s courting death!” In the crowd, only Zuoqiu Jun and the others laughed coldly and endlessly in their hearts. As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi didn’t have any chance at all and was bound to be crushed!

Even if his failure wouldn’t cause any material harm to his reputation, but Chen Xi had lost in the end and hadn’t left victorious. This was sufficient.

When facing Chen Xi’s question, Liu Zefeng remained calmed and composed as before. “I’ll bet as much as you do.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Alright.”

As he spoke, he turned to the white haired old man and said casually, “One million.”

One million!

The eyeballs of everyone present here almost fell out of their sockets because this wasn’t cabbage that could be found all over the streets, this was the Starpoints of Dao Emperor Academy! How can he casually toss it out like that?

This fellow is definitely mad!

Many people thought like this. What a joke! Even a Golden Immortal would need at least half a year or more to gather one million Starpoints after various expenses and deductions are included.

But now, Chen Xi had still put up high stakes and thrown out a million Starpoints in this situation where he was clearly aware that he had no hope of winning. So wasn’t he mad?

There were also some people that were astounded by how wealthy Chen Xi was. He didn’t seem like a new student that had just entered the academy at all, and he was even more wealthy than some senior students instead, so it caused their eyes to go red with envy.

When he heard this shocking number, Liu Zefeng’s expression that was usually calm had finally changed slightly. He raised his head to glance at Chen Xi before he said, “Alright, I’ll make this bet with you.”

“A bet can’t be taken back once it’s made.” The white haired old man couldn’t help but remind them.

Chen Xi and Liu Zefeng used silence to display that they wouldn’t change their bets or minds.

The white haired old man didn’t advise them any further when he saw this, and he recorded their bets before withdrawing the Formation Disk and activating the restrictions around the Dao Development Ground.


The fluctuations of the restrictions arose and resounded through the surroundings, and it converged the hearts and minds of everyone onto the grounds.

At that place, Chen Xi and Liu Zefeng were already standing in confrontation from afar.



The fluctuations of the restrictions on the grounds seemed to emanate a shapeless pressure.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that Liu Zefeng’s cultivation was suppressed to the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and Liu Zefeng had lost the unique aura that belonged to a Golden Immortal.

It really is like that. Even though his cultivation has been suppressed, his Immortal Force, vital energy, and even the strength of his soul is still maintained at the Golden Immortal Realm. Chen Xi was shocked by this, yet he wasn’t afraid. Conversely, his gaze suddenly lit up while shocking battle intent was accumulating within his eyes.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have any other thoughts in his mind but battle!

He didn’t come here today to spar, and he’d just come to express his grievance from the injustice Liang Ren and Gu Yueming suffered. Moreover, he’d come so that no one would dare recklessly implicate his companions again.

So he had to win this battle!

And he had to win it beautifully!

He had to make everyone present clearly aware and see that even though he, Chen Xi, wasn’t a disciple from a top power, he wasn’t a ‘ripe persimmon’ that anyone could squash.

“Chen Xi’s heart has transformed!” Zhou Zhili spoke abruptly.

The other instructors were stunned as they didn’t understand what Zhou Zhili meant. A change in one’s mental state under such circumstances will probably be unable to turn the situation around, right?


Chen Xi took the initiative to attack. At this moment, the energy, essence, and spirit in his entire body surged like flames. He was bathed beneath dazzling divine radiance as he formed a sword with his fingers, and then a Sword of Water that had attained perfection slashed down.

The sword qi was like a clear ocean that surged and rumbled through the sky. It seemed like Fiendgods were howling while it carried boundlessly powerful might.

Liu Zefeng’s eyes lit up. At this instant, he seemed like a peerless blade that had left its sheathe, and he was unrestrained like a great god of devils.

His cultivation was suppressed, yet it didn’t mean that his ability was suppressed. So he naturally perceived that the young man before him was a formidable enemy, and noticing that there was such a formidable young man at the Mysterious Immortal Realm caused great waves to even arise in his heart.

“Cloudsoar Palm!” Liu Zefeng stretched out his right hand while his slender fingers stroked the air lightly, and it carried dazzling radiance as it destroyed everything as if it was sweeping through dead leaves and completely dispersed Chen Xi’s Sword of Water.

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. His strength really is formidable. Chen Xi’s aura instantly erupted once more and became even more formidable. He’d completely circulated his cultivation that was an entire hundred times deeper than his peers, and his imposing aura was like a sovereign that had descended to the world with might that deterred the heavens and the earth.

This kid really is extraordinary. Liu Zefeng’s eyes narrowed slightly as he slapped out with his palm. Deep Immortal Force surged as it crushed down towards Chen Xi, and it even caused violent wailing and fluctuations to arise in the surrounding space.


The two of them were locked in fierce battle. One of them was like a great god of devil that was unrestrained and arrogant. The other was like a sovereign that patrolled his lands and ruled the world. Both of them caused resplendent radiance to erupt successively, and it shook the entire Dao Development Grounds, causing even the restrictions that enveloped the surroundings to tremble to the point of droning.

“Rise!” Outside the grounds, the white haired old man hurriedly withdrew the Formation Disk and activated another layer of restrictions, and only then did the fluctuations within the grounds finally stabilize.

Everyone exclaimed with admiration in perfect silence. They stared fixedly at the battlefield as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail because a fight of such level was extremely rare.

Originally, most of them felt that Chen Xi would definitely be in a disadvantageous position, yet never had they imagined that Chen Xi wasn’t inferior at all when facing Liu Zefeng.

At this moment, every single move Chen Xi made carried the style of a supreme grandmaster. Even though he had a young appearance, his steady and composed aura caused the hearts of everyone to tremble.

Liu Zefeng felt a trace of pressure as well. This caused him to be surprised, yet he wasn’t in a panic, and he dealt with it and fought Chen Xi in a composed manner.

As a Golden Immortal that had cultivated in the outer court for almost a thousand years, even though his cultivation was suppressed at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, his combat technique wasn’t suppressed at all.


Another violent collision occurred once more. Chen Xi’s fingers that were pressed into a sword spun as his attacks became even more overbearing and domineering. So long as it was within the Mysterious Immortal Realm, then he had absolute confidence and firmly believed that he could crush all opponents, and he was invincible!

This was a type of battle mentality, unyielding pride that was branded within his bones, and it was a form of absolute grasp and understanding of his strength.

Therefore, he attacked with big movements while he advanced courageously. It seemed like the Sword Dao in his palm was sharp to the point it was unstoppable, and he revealed an imposing aura of sweeping through the surroundings to reign supreme.

Liu Zefeng was moved once more. It truly is rare for someone to actually possess such a domineering battle intent at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

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