Chapter 1200 – Fierce Whipping


Chen Xi’s fist was like a myriad of waves surging out. The Worldly Green Bell was blasted flying and left Gongyang Longfei’s control while he himself was blasted flying as well, and he bled from all seven apertures.

Slap! Slap!

At the same time, Chen Xi’s left arm swung out like an iron whip that could destroy the sky, and it struck fiercely onto two senior students that weren’t able to dodge in time, causing their chests to sink down while their entire bodies were smashed into the ground like sandbags. Both of them fell unconscious.

In an instant, everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and then only Liu Yiming, Xing Yuanhang, and two more senior students remained standing!

Everyone felt suffocated while their hearts shook violently. They felt that the Chen Xi before their eyes was simply like a completely different person.

On the other hand, Liu Yiming and the others had a wisp of terror on their faces.


Chen Xi moved forward with an even more overbearing imposing aura. Every single step he took caused the heavens and the earth to rumble, and his aura was overwhelming and impossible to resist.

“I’ll fight you to the death!” A senior student shouted loudly as he circulated his strength, and then pushed down a mountain of bones onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi raised his right hand and pressed down. His fingers were like towering peaks that were suffused with the heavy Laws of Earth while his entire body was like a mountain that held up the sky rising up from the ground, and his palm easily pressed down the mountain of bones to the point it was unable to move in the slightest.

The pupils of this senior student constricted while he felt utter terror. This was a treasure that he’d refined after gathering the skeletons of primeval immortals. It was extremely heavy and filled with the energy of the gods. It was simply all powerful and impossible to be resisted when it smashed down.

Yet now, it had actually been easily pressed down by Chen Xi as if he was squashing a moth that didn’t know its limits and flew towards the flames.


Chen Xi swung his right hand, and the senior student and the mountain of bones were swung out together. They smashed onto the restrictions at the borders of the Dao Development Grounds and caused rumbling that shook the heavens.

The hearts of everyone twitched fiercely once more. He’s too strong!

“Attack together!” At this moment, Liu Yiming’s hair was disheveled, and she was in a rather sorry state. Her beautiful face was covered in a ruthless expression because she had no way to back down, and it was too late to regret her actions.


As she spoke, a 300m long whip in her hand tore through the sky while coiled with the Laws of Fire, and this whip carried a fierce and murderous aura.

However, to Liu Yiming’s surprise, not only had Xing Yuanhang not joined forces with her, but he actually admitted defeat while she attacked.

“I quit, I admit defeat!” As soon as he finished speaking, Xing Yuanhang was transported out by the restrictions of the grounds.

“You…” Liu Yiming was shocked and furious, and she didn’t dare believe her eyes and ears.

It wasn’t just her, everyone present here was stunned as well. They seemed to have never imagined that Xing Yuanhang would actually admit defeat at a time like this.

It was right at this moment that the whip Liu Yiming swung was grabbed by Chen Xi. He shook it lightly, and it instantly left her grasp.


Chen Xi held the whip in hand, and it transformed into a 300m long ray of light that tore through the sky, and it directly whipped Liu Yiming’s figure. It caused her clothes to tear apart while her skin split open, and she let out a shrill and miserable cry.

Earlier, Chen Xi had discerned that the senior students faintly showed signs of following this woman’s lead, so how could Chen Xi show mercy to the chief culprit?

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The whip shook as it transformed into images that filled the sky. It was like a furious god was whipping the world to vent the flames of rage in his heart, and it struck Liu Yiming to the point of letting out shrill cries successively while she fled. Every bit of clothing on her body was in rags, while bloody marks covered her entirely, and she was in an extremely sorry and miserable state.

Everyone present was horrified, and some even couldn’t bear to watch. No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually be so ruthless against a woman, and it was simply like a live display of ruthlessly destroying a flower.

“You…you’re courting death! I’ll kill you! Kill you!” Liu Yiming cried out in a shrill voice, and she was on the verge of going mad. She was forced to such an extent under the gazes of everyone present, causing her to completely lose all face, so how could she have any other considerations?

“Senior Sister, this is a spar on the Dao Development Grounds. It’s only a discussion of the Dao, so speaking like this is going a bit too far.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. As he spoke, his hands didn’t stop even for a moment and struck Liu Yiming to the point she wailed and howled.

“That’s enough!”

“You’re only a new student! Don’t go too far!” 

“Senior Sister Yiming, quickly admit defeat. It’s greatly harmful for you if this continues.”  

At this moment, many senior students present here were filled with rage and they shouted furiously as they criticized Chen Xi.

“What do you mean by going too far? Could it be that only senior students like all of you can teach others a lesson, yet others can’t teach all of you senior students a lesson? What nonsense!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, we support you!”

When they heard those senior students criticizing Chen Xi, the new students present here were instantly displeased and cried out successively. Many of them had suffered at the hands of these senior students in the past few days, so a great deal of resentment had been accumulated in their hearts. So Chen Xi’s actions didn’t just win face for all of them new students, it even allowed them to vent their resentment.

Under such circumstances, how could they possible not support Chen Xi?

“This little fellow had a great deal of rage suppressed in his heart.” The distant Zhou Zhili chuckled as he shook his head.

“Hmph! He’s so ruthless against those from his own academy, this is going a bit too far.” Zuoqiu Hong grunted coldly with displeasure instead.

Zhou Zhili glanced at him yet didn’t say anything.

In the end, Liu Yiming was unable to continue persisting and admitted defeat.


The restrictions activated and sent her out of the grounds while the other senior students like Gongyang Longfei had admitted defeat and left a long time ago after being utterly crushed.

At this point, Liu Yiming and the other senior students had been wiped out!

On the other hand, Chen Xi hadn’t utilized an Immortal Artifact from the beginning until the end. His combat strength was so formidable that it shocked everyone.

The new students cheered and seethed with excitement.

Compared to this, the senior students were all silent while their expressions were more or less slightly unsightly. No matter how open-minded a senior student was, they maintained silence at this moment.

A new student had fought seven senior students by himself, and the new student had even obtained the final victory. This was indeed something that was upsetting.

“Senior, how much is it?” Chen Xi didn’t reveal any joy towards all of this. He just asked at the first possible moment about exactly how much Starpoints he’d earned.

“Seven people, 10,000 each, and the academy will deduct 30%. Oh, you earned around 50,000 Starpoints.” The white haired old man exclaimed with admiration as he glanced at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t show any intention to leave the Dao Development Ground. His gaze swept out like a wisp of cold lightning as soon as he raised his head, and it swept past all the senior students present here.

At this moment, as they sensed Chen Xi’s gaze, all the discussions in the surroundings unconsciously reduces before the surroundings quickly became silent.

“I said it earlier, I’ll accompany all of you until the end. Does anyone else desire to spar with me, Chen Xi? Feel free to come forward. Of course, remember to bet with your Starpoints. If you miss it today, then I won’t accompany you in the future.” 

His voice was calm and wasn’t loud, yet it was heard clearly by everyone amidst this perfectly silent atmosphere.

All the new students were stirred and felt extremely excited. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so overbearing. Accompany them until the end? Could it be that he intends to defeat all the senior students in the outer court?

On the other hand, these words had become an extreme provocation in the ears of those senior students. But after they witnessed Chen Xi’s combat strength from before, they didn’t dare rashly go forward and challenge Chen Xi.

It couldn’t be helped, Chen Xi’s combat strength in the Mysterious Immortal Realm was truly too extraordinary.

“Senior Brother Ning Meng!”

“Senior Brother Ning Meng, quickly make a move and teach this kid a lesson!”

“Senior Brother, please make a move.”


In the next moment, the gazes of all the senior students shot towards a single person in unison. It was an extremely handsome young man with a feminine bearing. It was exactly Ning Meng.

At this moment, Chen Xi swept his gaze over as well while revealing a calm expression that caused others to be unable to discern what he was thinking.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Nine Meng grinned instead and said something that exceeded the expectations of all. “Junior Brother Chen Xi’s might is overwhelming. I’m not a match for him, so I won’t make a fool of myself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he left swiftly and paid no attention to the gazes of anticipation from everyone in the surroundings.

Everyone was silent, and their feelings were complicated. Amongst all of these senior students of the outer court, Ning Meng was the strongest at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Now he had actually admitted being inferior to Chen Xi before turning around and leaving, it was utterly impossible for them to accept. 

Chen Xi was slightly stunned, and then he glanced at Ning Meng’s leaving figure before withdrawing his gaze.

Ning Meng’s departure caused an uproar, and it was a great blow to the senior students’ morale.

“That damnable bastard actually dared to refuse the fight!” In the crowd, Zuoqiu Jun’s expression sank slightly while his gaze was icy cold to the limit. Never had he expected that Ning Meng would suddenly do this, and it caught him slightly off guard.

“Big Brother, should we find an opportunity to help him clear his mind?” Zuoqiu Chuan gnashed his teeth. This was something that he’d gone to carry out himself, yet it had failed now, so it caused him to lose face.

“There’s no rush. Let’s deal with this kid first. Right, has that fellow come?” Zuoqiu Jun asked with a frown.

Zuoqiu Chuan was stunned, and then he glanced hesitantly at the surroundings. “It ought to be…soon.”

Zuoqiu Jun’s brows knit together even more tightly.

Right at this moment, a wave of bustling noise resounded, and it drew the attention of all. 

Zuoqiu Jun raised his eyes and looked over. When he saw a familiar figure appear at the Dao Development Grounds, a wisp of a relaxed smile instantly suffused the corners of his mouth. “He really has come. I knew he wouldn’t be able to sit idly by.”

At the same time, far away from the Dao Development Grounds, Zuoqiu Hong said with a displeased expression, “The students of the outer court really have no backbone these days. It was only a spar, yet he actually didn’t dare fight before admitting defeat.”

He was naturally speaking about Ning Meng.

Zhou Zhili frowned and said, “Whether to spar or not is something between the students. Don’t force your will onto others, because that’s the greatest taboo of the academy!”

Zuoqiu Hong was stunned, and he perceived that Zhou Zhili was warning him. However, he didn’t take it seriously while he sneered in his heart. A taboo? Can it be more important than the interests of my clan?

“Hmm? Why has a figure from the Allheaven Golden Rankings made a move?” Zhou Zhili gazed at the grounds, and when he saw that figure that suddenly made an appearance, his reserved and stern face revealed a rare trace of fury.

Zuoqiu Hong’s heart jerked as he hurriedly looked over. Sure enough, he saw that Liu Zefeng who was ranked at the 8th position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings had actually appeared before the grounds!

That kid A’Jun really acted a bit too ruthlessly… Zuoqiu Hong sighed in his heart, yet he said with a smile, “Haha! It’s only a spar between students of the academy, so it should be of no consequence.”

“Hmph!” Zhou Zhili grunted coldly and pondered with a frown for a long time, and he didn’t say anything in the end.

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