Chapter 120 – Arena Battle

Chapter 120 – Arena Battle

Another person has come out to mess up the situation!

When they saw this scene, the gazes of almost everyone in the Immortal Assembling Pavilion shot over, and their gazes were of extreme excitement.

Yan Qingni was one of the 36 Elite Disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Duanmu Lin was a disciple of one of the six great clans, the Duanmu Clan. These two people who were top figures in the younger generation and possessed both status and background, yet were helpless against Xie Zhan. Which great figure is the kid that has entered into the scene now? Would he be able to do anything to Xie Zhan?

“Big Brother Chen Xi.” Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei spoke in pleasant surprise.

The person that had arrived was Chen Xi. Since he’d brought the pair of brother and sister into Dragon Lake City, how could he stand idly by at this moment?

“You two stand aside and watch, I’ll take both of you with me later.” Chen Xi smiled to the pair of brother and sister as he spoke with a warm voice.

Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei’s bodies and minds had been tortured to the point it was full of scars as their feelings rose up and down violently. They were alone, helpless, and enraged, and they suffered from extreme injustice. Chen Xi’s appearance and the consoling tone within his voice caused them to feel an inexplicable warmth; they felt at ease, that even if the sky collapsed, they could face it safely.

“You?” Yan Qingni frowned, then she said with an expression of disdain, “This isn’t the time to flaunt your ability or seek to outshine others, watch out or you might lose your life.”

Chen Xi casually tossed a jade bottle to her and said, “Thank you for the warning. Take this 50 kgs of spirit liquid back. I saved Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei and brought them to Dragon Lake City not for the sake of establishing connections with anyone to climb up in the world.”

Yan Qingni was stunned; she held onto the jade bottle and said no more. She couldn’t be bothered to say anything else, as this fellow was obviously a cultivator from outside the city that didn’t know how great the Xie Clan was, yet wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to be in the limelight.

During these past few years, she’d seen too many cultivators from outside the city that didn’t know anything, yet were thinking of how to become famous, how to use any opportunity to seek the limelight, and in the end, make a name for themselves in Dragon Lake City. But regretfully, without exception, the ends of all these people were extremely tragic.

At this moment, Chen Xi had undoubtedly become a person like this in the eyes of Yan Qingni.

“Hey, Brother, are you trying to be a hero?” Duanmu Lin seemed to feel that his limelight had been taken away and he said sarcastically, “Don’t accidentally harm your own life, there’ll be no one to clean up your corpse after you die.”

Chen Xi smiled as he pointed towards the distant bamboo pavilion, then said via voice transmission, “There’s a person there who asked me to tell you to leave quickly, otherwise, he asked me to help him break your fucking legs.”

“Motherfucker, let me see who dares say this!” Duanmu Lin burst into rage, he raised his head to look up yet saw an extremely familiar face flash at the bamboo pavilion window, causing his heart to shake, and his countenance instantly went exceedingly pale. He didn’t say a single word before hastily turning around and leaving in haste.

Everyone looked curiously at the bamboo pavilion when they saw this scene, yet they saw the window was already closed and they couldn’t see the actual situation inside.

Yan Qingni glanced suspiciously at Chen Xi, and her expression was doubtful and indeterminate.

Due to Chen Xi using a voice transmission, she didn’t hear anything, yet she clearly saw that Duanmu Lin, who’d always feared nothing, emitted deep fear!

How can this be possible?

For the sake of chasing after me, Duanmu Lin has stuck to me like a leech during these past few days, so how could he not even say anything and walk away?

Could it be that this youth had an extremely terrifying background as well?

Yan Qingni was unable to make it out, so she planned to stand by and watch. She wanted to see how this fellow would deal with Xie Zhan, who was a little fiend incarnate.


“Fellow Daoist, could it be that you want to go against me?” Xie Zhan slowly spoke out, and his eyes were like a venomous snake as he sized Chen Xi up from top to bottom.

Since Chen Xi had appeared until Duanmu Lin left, Xie Zhan had been looking coldly from the side all along. Although he was arrogant and overbearing, he wasn’t an idiot. He knew that a person that dared come out and go against him at this moment was either a rash youth or someone who thought they had a certain level of strength, and Chen Xi’s behavior was obviously not that of a rash youth.

“That would depend on what you do,” said Chen Xi indifferently.

Xie Zhan’s eyeballs turned, then he sneered. “I can let this pair of brother and sister off if you want. So long as you're able to defeat my people, I’ll instantly let them go and not pursue this matter again. If you’re unable… Then leave your life here. How about it?”

“I agree.”

“Great!” Xie Zhan laughed loudly as he spoke.

“But I have a condition,” said Chen Xi with a calm expression.


“Once I win, you must kneel down and kowtow in apology to them. Not many, just three times.” Chen Xi spoke in a light voice.

“You…” Xie Zhan’s eyes sprang wide open and he said with a gloomy expression, “Kid, do you know that you’re playing with fire?”

“Don’t dare to agree?” Chen Xi remained indifferent and seemed as if he didn’t perceive the dense threatening intention in Xie Zhan’s words.

“Alright! I’ll set the rules of the battle.” Xie Zhen pondered for a long time before saying gloomily. “Best of three. If you win, I’ll do as you said right away. If you lose, then die! Don’t worry, for the sake of proving that I’m not bullying you, all the people that join the battle will have a cultivation below the Golden Hall Realm.”

“This is obviously bullying, Big Brother Chen is only a single person. How can he fight three consecutive battles?” Mu Wenfei cried out loudly.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to restrain Mu Wenfei, then looked at Xie Zhen before speaking slowly. “Alright!”

Xie Zhan laughed savagely, then shouted out explosively. “Attendant! Arrange for an arena that can hold a thousand people. I want to let everyone see how this detestable cultivator from outside the city dies a tragic death!”


The Immortal Assembling Pavilion was called the number one place of indulgence in Dragon Lake City, thus it naturally wouldn’t lack arenas to allow their guests to bet and spar as entertainment.

For the sake of making a name for themselves in Dragon Lake City, many cultivators from outside the city would choose to participate in wagered battles in the arenas here. Those with shocking strength had an extremely high possibility of becoming a great power’s follower, disciple, retainer… They would experience a great leap in social status and standing and enjoy boundless resources.

At this moment, in the arena that was able to allow 1,000 people to spectate, the seats had already been fully seated long ago, and Du Qingxi’s group of three had chosen seats in the corner as well.

The gazes of the three all descended onto Chen Xi who was before the arena.

“This fellow Chen Xi does indeed regard friendship as extremely important. He actually didn’t spare to offend the Xie Clan for the sake of a pair of brother and sister that were neither his relatives nor an old friend. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t have the resolution he possesses.” Duanmu Ze spoke emotionally.

“Is this not good?” Du Qingxi replied with a question.

“Yeah, is it not good?” Song Li asked as well.

Duanmu Ze said in irritation and embarrassment, “Did I say it isn’t good? Truthfully speaking, in this world, I, Duanmu Ze, would only entrust my life without the slightest worries to a friend like Chen Xi. Other people? Don’t even dream about it!”

Du Qingxi and Song Lin looked at each other and smiled, then they nodded in deep agreement. Chen Xi was such a person. He didn’t have many words and fine promises, yet for the sake of a friend he’d affirmed, he’d lend a hand without the slightest hesitation.

In this current ruthless reality that was cultivation world where everyone tried to deceive each other, a person like this was truly too rare. To Du Qingxi’s group of three, the friendship they’d established with Chen Xi became even more extremely precious.

Before the arena, two more people had appeared by Xie Zhan’s side. One was a young man in golden violet colored robes. His brows were pitch black and his eyes were like two dazzling black gems that took one’s breath away. Another was a youth in clothing made of feathers, his appearance ordinary, yet his bearing was soft like water and he was extremely unique.

These two people were shockingly Lin Shaoqi and Tang Xu that Chen Xi had seen in the Darchu Soulguard’s great hall.

“For the sake of safety, Brother Lin will be the first to take the arena in this battle, Brother Tan will be the second. How about it?” Xie Zhan spoke slowly.

Lin Shaoqi smiled in a carefree manner. “We’ll do as Young Master says. But I think Brother Tang will probably not have the chance to take the arena. Haha!” The meaning of his words was that he was able to kill Chen Xi in the first round.

“That’s naturally the best.” Tang Xu nodded with a calm expression, and it caused others to be unable to discern what exactly he was thinking.

“Alright, after this matter this time is accomplished, the two of you’ll receive considerable benefits!” Xie Zhan laughed slyly, then his gaze shot towards Chen Xi who was at the other side of the arena, and a trace of savage killing intent appeared on the corners of his lips.

It was at this moment that a beautiful and refined female attendant walked up the arena at a slow pace, then she smiled happily as she swept the surroundings with her gaze, and said, “The wagered battle this time is initiated by the Xie Clan’s Young Master Xie Zhan, and the other side is a cultivator from outside the city. Oh, forgive me for not knowing his name, but, I presume that a person that can make Young Master Xie initiate a challenge against is a formidable figure.”

The female attendant paused for a moment before continuing. “The rule of the arena is extremely simple, life or death doesn’t matter. Now, both parties please enter the arena.”


Lin Shaoqi was impatient since long ago. As soon as the female attendant finished speaking, he tapped his leg on the ground before his entire body was like a large bird that lightly descended onto the arena. His movement was rapid and smooth like flowing water, and he’d instantly won the attention of most people.

Why is it this fellow?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Lin Shaoqi. He still remembered that he’d seen this person earlier in the Darchu Soulguard’s great hall. This person was only 23 years old, yet possessed a cultivation at the 8th star of the Violet Palace Realm. During the registration at that time, he was extremely eye catching amongst the numerous Violet Palace Realm cultivators.

As he thought this, Chen Xi’s legs weren’t slow in the slightest, and he walked up the arena step by step, revealing a very ordinary entrance.


Right when Chen Xi stepped onto the arena, a layer of dense and complicated talisman markings abruptly appeared all around the entire arena, and it interwove together like flowing water to swiftly form an enormous screen of light that completely covered the entire 300m area of the arena.

Profound Balance Grand Formation!

It was a high grade defensive formation that was able to withstand the attack of a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

“Kid, we meet again. Unfortunately, it’s the last time we meet.” Lin Shaoqi smiled coldly, then his eyes abruptly exploded out with unprecedented battle intent and bright lights before his figure lightly moved to actually vanish into thin air.

Subsequently, Chen Xi saw that a blade that glowed with a cold light became larger and larger within his eyes amongst the pain he felt in them, and it was sharp and cold.

Lin Shaoqi was obviously a fellow with abundant live combat experience, he attacked decisively without the slightest bit of indecision and without the slightest scruples. Actually, there was no need for any scruples, as in the arena, life and death was decided by fate, and even if his opponent was an extremely influential person, he still wouldn’t be soft on his opponent because of this.

This sword strike was the sword technique he was adept in, Singlestroke Cloudpiercing Sword. It was swift like a bolt of lightning, and the sword light seemed as if it tore open the clouds in the sky as it emitted a buzz as it flashed over.


His sword pierced onto Chen Xi’s head, yet it seemed as if he pierced into the air. Shockingly, it was Chen Xi’s afterimage.

“Shit!” He hurriedly turned around before retreating explosively.

But he was still a step too late, and a voice sounded out in his ears. “Your speed is too slow. I could have killed you more than a hundred times when you struck out with your sword. You aren’t Xie Zhan, I’ll just teach you a lesson this time. Don’t carelessly do someone a favor in the future, so as to avoid dying a graveless death.”

“You’re courting death!” Lin Shaoqi roared in explosive rage, then his figure contracted as he aroused and circulated the True Essence in his entire body. His entire body was like a bullet that swiftly leaped about the arena, leaving behind layer after layer of illusory images, causing no one to be able to figure out where his body was actually at.

“Myriad Shadow Lightconfusion Technique!” This was a rare technique that when executed to the limit was able to produce over 10,000 illusory images. Moreover, every illusory image possessed a shadow, a mixture of true and false where one could replace the illusions, and it was able to confuse the light of the sun and moon.

But how could his speed possibly surpass Chen Xi?

When Chen Xi was at the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, his movement technique had already attained the Dao Insight Realm, and it was even the free and fluttering Wind Dao Insight. His speed was so swift that it had reached an extent that was extremely astonishing. Lin Shaoqi was indeed extremely formidable, yet he was like a child in Chen Xi’s eyes.

When he executed the Myriad Shadow Lightconfusion Technique, Chen Xi had already followed him like a shadow to appear behind him, then his hand grabbed down to instantly choke Lin Shaoqi’s throat from behind, and he only had to lightly exert strength and it would be an end of dying on the spot for Lin Shaoqi.

Kacha! Kacha!

At almost the exact same instant, Chen Xi’s left hand stretched out like a dragon's claw, and with a grab and twist on both of Lin Shaoqi’s shoulder blades, the muscles and bones were instantly torn apart and broken, causing his arms to be crippled.

“Cough… Cough…” Lin Shaoqi was in pain to the point that his face was warped and hideous, but his throat was bound tightly by Chen Xi, so all his cries of pain had transformed into sounds that were like the cry of a rooster.


The thousand plus cultivators that were spectating the battle gasped. They almost didn’t dare believe their eyes, as only a few breaths of time had passed, yet the battle had ended?

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