Chapter 1199 – Crushing His Opponents

Mysterious Immortal Area, Dao Development Grounds.

A huge crowd of people filled the area while the nearby seats had been filled a long time ago. It was mostly senior students from the outer court, and there were many other new students and instructors that formed a dense and bustling mass of figures.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone had descended onto the grounds, and they were staring at Chen Xi, Liu Yiming, and the others with various expressions.

The senior students were surprised and had frowns on their faces.

The new students were excited and elated.

The instructors stood with smiles on their faces instead, and they revealed expressions of surprise and curiosity.

“The first amongst the new students this year, Chen Xi, is really extraordinary. Before he even entered the academy, he drew out all the seniors of the academy with the intention of taking him as a disciple. After he entered the academy, he caused such a great commotion in less than two months of time. Moreover, he possesses a brilliant reputation and has given rise to much discussion. He really is a fellow that’s unwilling to remain out of the limelight.” 

“A tree that’s much taller in the forest will be blown down by wind in the end. Perhaps this young man was too striking, and that is what caused the senior students to be unwilling to accept it, and they intend to teach him a lesson according to the tradition of the academy. But based on the situation before us, it isn’t so easy to defeat him.”

“Do you think he can win in a situation where he has to fight against a group?”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Sounds of animated discussion resounded.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, you must win! Defeat those senior students and bring honor to us new students!” A young woman’s sharp voice resounded and reverberated through the surroundings. It seemed to be rather sudden, yet it drew the resonance of many new students, and all of them cheered for Chen Xi in succession.

On the other hand, the senior students frowned when they saw this, and they grunted coldly without end while feeling rather displeased.

“Heh, looks like this Chen Xi’s prestige amongst the new students is really great.” At the area where the senior students gathered, a group of men and women surrounded a black clothed young man like a host of stars surroundings the moon.

This black clothed young man had a feminine bearing and an extremely beautiful face, while an extremely cold arc appeared on his lips that seemed like blades. He was like a crane standing amongst chickens, and he seemed to be rather striking.

He was Ning Meng, the number one expert amongst the outer court’s senior students at the Mysterious Immortal Realm! 

“No matter how great his prestige is, he’ll have to leave in defeat today. The tradition of the academy can’t be broken at our hands.” A tall young man spoke calmly from the side. He had a lazy expression between his brows and a rather straight nose. His appearance was savage and ferocious, and every move he made or word he spoke carried a powerful aura.

This tall young man was called Wang Wenyuan, and he was also a formidable and rather renowned figure amongst the outer court’s senior students at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

“Let’s wait and see.” Ning Meng glanced at Wang Wenyuam before speaking with a grim, and the aura around his body became even gentler.




The white haired old man moved forward and withdrew the Talisman Disk before activating the restrictions in the surroundings of the grounds.

The sounds of discussion in the surroundings instantly vanished when everyone saw this scene, and it became perfectly silent while their gazes had all descended onto the Dao Development Ground because the battle was about to begin.


At practically the exact same time that the restrictions were activated, Liu Yiming and the others attacked ferociously. They withdrew various different Immortal Artifacts and charged fiercely at Chen Xi.

In an instant, the entire grounds were filled with various rays of divine radiances, the rumbling of Immortal Artifacts, and the reverberation of the sound of the Dao. It caused the nearby space to rumble and shake without end.

Obviously, Liu Yiming and the others had utilized their entire strengths as soon as they attacked, and they intended to completely crush Chen Xi. Otherwise, every single moment more they stayed here under the gazes of everyone present would cause them to be humiliated a little bit more.

The hearts of everyone shook because since they attacked with all their strength as soon as the battle began, this battle would definitely be extremely horrifying and allowed them no time to think it over.


An expanse of star dust enveloped down onto Chen Xi before transforming into a star that rumbled as it revolved. It was like numerous stars were circulating and had surrounded Chen Xi.

Heaven Hatred Stardust!

It was an ancient Immortal Artifact that could form a Nebula Formation that crushed one’s enemies. It was a precious treasure that Xing Yuanhang had exchanged 1,800,000 Starpoints to obtain, yet wasn’t willing to utilize. Now, he’d actually utilized it as soon as the battle began.

Chen Xi was surprised. He sensed an enormous pressure, yet he wasn’t afraid at all. His entire body was suffused with divine radiance while the pair of Wings of Disruption appeared behind him. They immediately shook before erupting with blazing Profound Disruption Divinelight.


A star exploded as soon as the Profound Disruption Divinelight swept out, and then it continued forward. Everywhere it passed, the surrounding space rumbled as it exploded apart, and the numerous revolving stars split apart and were directly crushed.

Everyone was shocked. Profound Disruption Divinelight! That’s a divine treasure that can eliminate the five elements, and it’s extremely difficult to gather. Yet now, it has actually been refined into a pair of wing shaped Immortal Artifacts by Chen Xi!

At the same time, Xing Yuanhang let out a muffled groan. He couldn’t be bothered to feel sad about his treasure before suddenly withdrawing a crimson blade and charging towards Chen Xi once more.


Chen Xi left an afterimage behind and wasn’t struck by Xing Yuanhang’s blade. The Wings of Disruption behind him flashed as he moved through space and escaped their encirclement.

“Escaping? No you don’t!” Gongyang Longfei shouted in a grim voice.


A dark green bell soared into the sky and enveloped down at Chen Xi. The body of the bell erupted with green colored immortal radiance as it rumbled with a sound that could seize the soul, and it emanated a might that could crush everything in the world.

This was obviously a formidable Immortal Artifact which emanated soundwaves that were vast like the ocean and possessed an imposing aura that was heavy like a mountain. Once one was enveloped by it, it caused one to have the feeling that it was impossible to escape.

“The Worldly Green Bell!” Many senior students exclaimed with surprise as they recognized this treasure. It was Gongyang Longfei’s trump card, a high-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact.

Chen Xi didn’t dodge this time, nor did he utilize an Immortal Artifact. He clenched his palm into a fist that seemed like a blade before smashing down with a simple strike.


It was clearly a simple strike, yet it emanated a surging blue ocean and tempestuous waves that swept through the sky. It forcefully blasted the Worldly Green Bell away by over 30m while it droned and trembled without end.

Gongyang Longfei let out a muffled groan as he retreated.

But the attacks towards Chen Xi hadn’t stopped. In the next moment, a mountain of bones, an enormous axe capable of chopping the sky, a sharp sword, and a 300m long whip assaulted him in unison.

It was Liu Yiming and the other senior students that launched these attacks, and they didn’t give Chen Xi any chance to catch his breath or dodge at all.

The surrounding spectators were horrified by this scene. This battle was too violent, and it completely seemed like they were repressing him with all their might. The grounds only covered an area of 30km, so Liu Yiming’s group of seven obviously occupied a great advantage while moving about jointly within it.

However, this indirectly proved that the strength of these senior students was absolutely not ordinary, and this was obvious from their perfect cooperation.

Unfortunately, this string of attacks didn’t cause any trouble to Chen Xi, and they were easily dealt with by him.

Such a scene caused a great deal of clamorous noise and shock. Obviously, it was because Chen Xi’s display had greatly exceeded their expectations.


The fierce battle between these two parties grew more and more intense. The entire Dao Development Ground shook without end while space wailed and divine radiance erupted. 

If a battle of this level was carried out in the outside world, then it would absolutely obliterate the surroundings, cause the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade, and cause the sun and moon to go dim!

“How strong!” Everyone was greatly shocked because up until this point in the battle, Chen Xi had still not fallen into a disadvantageous position, and it allowed everyone present to realize that this number one expert amongst the new students really was extraordinary to the extent that even the joint forces of Liu Yiming and six other senior students was actually unable to suppress him.

“Even if Chen Xi loses this battle, his reputation will still grow instead.” Many new students sighed with praise and felt heartfelt admiration.

“Lose? How laughable! Haven’t you noticed that since the battle began until now, Chen Xi is still barehanded and hasn’t utilized an Immortal Artifact? Obviously, he feels that these senior students aren’t worthy of him utilizing an Immortal Artifact.” Another new student refuted, and his expression was filled with fervent adoration towards Chen Xi.

It wasn’t just these new students, even the instructors and senior students present here had noticed that Chen Xi was clearly in a state of being encircled during this battle, yet from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t utilized any Immortal Artifact, and this was too unusual.

Could it be that he never took these opponents of his seriously?

When they thought up to here, many people present here were horrified because if this was true, then it would be too shocking.

“There’s no suspense to this battle any longer.” Far away from the Dao Development Grounds was a mighty figure standing there. His expression was reserved, stern, and firm. Shockingly, he was the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili!

There were many instructors by his side, and Zuoqiu Hong was naturally amongst them.

“I instead feel that these senior students seem to have a good chance,” said Zuoqiu Hong with a smile. However, his smile was slightly forced. Obviously, he wasn’t sufficiently confident.

“If I told you that little fellow Chen Xi hasn’t utilized his entire strength at all, then would you still think that?” Zhou Zhili glanced at Zuoqiu Hong as he spoke indifferently.

Zuoqiu Hong’s face froze while his entire body stiffened. He hasn’t utilized his entire strength? How could that be possible?


In the grounds, a golden palm that covered the sky slapped down. Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance as he formed a sword with his fingers, and then the glow of fire rose as it instantly incinerated the palm into nothingness.

“AH!!!” A senior student’s figure shook while he shouted miserably and staggered back.

This scene caused the surroundings to explode into a complete uproar. Up until this point in the battle, someone had finally suffered an injury, yet it wasn’t Chen Xi, but a senior student on Liu Yiming’s side!

“He’s finally counterattacking…” On the other hand, at this moment, many discerning instructors had noticed with a single glance that a great change was about to occur in the situation.

“Is that all? Then it’s time to end this!” A calm and indifferent voice resounded like a gale that swept throughout the surroundings, and it caused the hearts of everyone to tremble.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and carried a matchless aura as it whistled through the sky like a bolt of lightning. He’d started to go on the offensive!

Yes, from the beginning of the battle, he was unable to fully discern their strengths. So he’d always been dodging and probing them. In the end, the answer he obtained didn’t just cause him to feel relaxed but made him slightly disappointed.

He was naturally disappointed that their strengths were limited, and he was slightly dissatisfied by it.


In the next moment and under the shocked gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Chen Xi seemed to have instantly become a different person. His entire body was suffused with boundless divine radiance while every single move he made surged with a terrifying aura. He strode through space with a speed so swift that others were even unable to catch a glimpse of his figure.

A sword point!

A sword punch!

A sword slap!

Rumbling rose and fell while divine radiance sprayed down like the rain. He didn’t utilize any Immortal Artifacts, yet he easily defeated their Immortal Artifacts. It was the might of the Laws that were attained to perfection, and it was the might of the supreme inheritance that came from the Infinite Divine Talisman! 

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