Chapter 1198 – Imminent Battle

Tang Ying was bound to lose!

If he knew that Chen Xi had utilized less than half his strength when dealing with him, then Tang Ying would probably feel fortunate in his heart that he’d lost so swiftly.

“Beautifully done!” Gu Yueming and Liang Ren shouted excitedly when they saw this. “Let those senior students know that not every single new student can be taught a lesson at will!” 

Chen Xi grinned. But when he saw the injuries on their bodies, his smile was instantly restrained, and he recovered his calm and indifference.

This time, these senior students had implicated Liang Ren and Gu Yueming in order to deal with him, then what about the next time?

So he had to give them a lesson that they were never able to forget. Not only did he want them to understand, he wanted the entire academy to understand that those who offended his companions would suffer a consequence even more horrible than if they offended him!

“Who else will come spar with me?” Chen Xi spoke while he glanced at Liu Yiming, Xing Yuanhang, Gongyang Longfei, and the other senior students. Everywhere his gaze passed, many senior students moved their heads away successively, and they actually didn’t dare meet his gaze.

The expressions of Liu Yiming and the others became even more gloomy, yet none of them dared to answer him.

If Xuan Zhen was said to have lost out of carelessness, then Tang Ying’s loss contained no element of luck.

At this point, all of these senior students were clearly aware that as the number one amongst the new students this year, Chen Xi was absolutely not someone they could casually teach a lesson to.

It was even to the extent that many senior students started to regret listening to Liu Yiming’s instigation and coming to look for trouble with Chen Xi because they would probably be unable to eat and sleep in peace in the future after offending such a peerlessly shocking figure.

Liu Yiming was extremely regretful in her heart as well. She gritted her teeth and felt that she’d been schemed against by Zuoqiu Jun. She originally thought that Chen Xi wasn’t a disciple of a top power like the seven great ancient clans, so she could repress him at will, yet never had she imagined that his combat strength would actually be so extraordinary.

Dammit! If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have taken that Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pill… Liu Yiming was infuriated and upset in her heart, and her beautiful face changed indeterminately.

“This is the tempering of the senior students towards new students?” When he saw that no one replied to him, a wisp of a piercingly cold and ridiculing smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

The expressions of all the senior students changed indeterminately when they heard this, yet no matter how furious they were, they didn’t dare step forward rashly.

“I’ve said it earlier, I’ll accompany all of you until the end. Since it’s like this, then don’t waste my time and come at me altogether.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

As soon as these words were spoken, it was simply like a thunderclap that shocked everyone.


He wants us to fight him in a group?

The senior students opened their eyes wide when they heard this, and they seemed as if they’d heard an absurd joke as they stared fixedly at Chen Xi.

At the same time, a strand of indescribable rage was stirred up in their hearts. They felt that their dignity had been fiercely trampled on. This fellow’s strength is abnormally strong indeed, but could it be that he thinks all of us are ‘ripe persimmons’ that he can squash at will?

Gu Yueming and Liang Ren were stunned on the spot as well as they suddenly felt as if it was the first day that they’d known Chen Xi because the way he acted was always so surprising, overbearing, arrogant, and astounding.

“This fellow is being a bit too careless…” Gu Yueming was filled with worry.

“I think that Chen Xi can do it!” Liang Ren’s face actually revealed a trace of rare fervor. “Since I got to know him, I’ve never seen anything he was unable to accomplish!”

Gu Yueming was stunned. He carefully thought about it and realized that it was indeed so. Who could have imagined that Chen Xi would ascend into the top five of the Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings within a short amount of time? Who could have imagined that he didn’t just pass through the three rounds of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test but even seized the position of first?

No one had expected it! 

This fellow is simply like a freak that can’t be judged by logic. Perhaps this is the reason Chen Xi surprises everyone again and again? Gu Yueming sighed with emotion in his heart, and the worry between his brows withdrew greatly.

“This new student…” The nearby white haired old man’s throat was slightly dry while he was shocked inwardly as well. In his daze, he seemed to see a slightly familiar shadow on this young man, and it was the confidence that was only possessed by a peerless leading figure. Unyielding pride that filled the heart.

At the very least, the white haired old man had looked after the Dao Development Reserve for a very long time yet had only seen a few young people that possessed such spirit. Presently, those few young people had already become pillars that could hold up the sky in the Immortal Dimension, and they ruled over an area!

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice the eyes of the senior students turning red, and he still said indifferently, “What? Are all of you afraid your dignity will be damaged by fighting me in a group?”

A senior student wasn’t able to restrain himself any longer and roared. “How presumptuous! Don’t you dare be arrogant!”

“Since you insist, then we’ll satisfy your request!” Liu Yiming was delighted in her heart instead upon hearing this, and she hurriedly seized the opportunity to speak and boost everyone’s morale.

If it was a one on one fight, then she didn’t dare guarantee that anyone present here would be a match for Chen Xi, but if they were to fight together, then it wouldn’t be the same!

Was Chen Xi a Golden Immortal?


He was only at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. No matter how formidable his combat strength was, how could he resist their joint forces? After all, experts like Xing Yuanhang and Gongyang Longfei who were amongst them hadn’t made a move yet!

As soon as Liu Yiming spoke, the other senior students were ready to risk everything, and they burned with eagerness.

“Are you…sure?” The white haired old man couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Xi nodded. “Senior, please bear witness and properly record the Starpoints they bet. Don’t make me work for nothing.”

The white haired old man was flabbergasted. This kid is only concerned about Starpoints. Looks like he possesses strong confidence.

At this point, he didn’t continue giving any advice, and he aroused anticipation in his heart instead. He wanted to see exactly what sort of combat strength Chen Xi would erupt it, and if Chen Xi would really be able to fight all of them by himself.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi’s words entered into the ears of the other senior students, it was simply like a sharp sword that stabbed into their hearts, and it caused all of their eyes to turn red.

“You still want to earn Starpoints? You…better not admit defeat!”

“How arrogant! The new students nowadays are really arrogant!” 

“Attack! We’ll deal with him together!”

All of them shouted explosively in a threatening manner.

Chen Xi remained relaxed and indifferent when facing this, and he said calmly, “If you want to spar, then bet 10,000 Starpoints. Don’t tell me that senior students like all of you aren’t even able to produce 10,000 Starpoints.”

These words were like the final straw that crushed the camel, and it completely lit ablaze the fury in their hearts. Someone immediately stepped forward and withdrew his Violet Ribbon Starcrest to allow the white haired old man to record the bet.

With someone taking the lead, the others naturally didn’t hold back.

In next to no time, besides the unconscious Xuan Zhen and the defeated Tang Ying, Liu Yiming and another six senior students had made their bets.


Sure enough, just as Chen Xi has instructed, the white haired old man recorded it all meticulously before he withdrew the Formation Disk and activated the restrictions once more.

This was the Dao Development Reserve’s Mysterious Immortal Area’s Dao Development Grounds, and it was usually extremely bustling. Today was no exception.

The commotion caused by the battles between Chen Xi and these senior students had drawn the attention of many. Especially when Chen Xi decided to fight against a group of senior students, it even caused an uproar.

“Who’s that new student? He’s actually so arrogant?”

“That’s probably the first amongst the new students this year, Chen Xi. Come, let’s go over and watch. Senior students inviting new students to spar and discuss the Dao has always been a tradition of the academy. Since Chen Xi made such a dazzling display, he’ll probably be unable to walk out of the Dao Development Reserve today.”

“Exactly. No senior student will sit by idly and remain indifferent when it’s related to the provocation of new students!”

“Come, let’s go over and have a look.”

“Should we notify Senior Brothers Ning Meng and Li Wencong?”

“Isn’t that obvious? If this new student is allowed to continue winning, then where would all of us senior students put our faces?”

Bustling noise rose and fell while many figures even rushed over from all directions. Moreover, many students at the other areas of the Dao Development Reserve were alarmed by this movement and rushed over successively.

Everything that occurred here was spreading at an unbelievable speed.

“The matter seems to be growing in scale…” Liang Ren frowned as he looked at the group after group of senior students that rushed over, and a strand of worry arose in his heart.

He wasn’t worried that Chen Xi wouldn’t be able to defeat Liu Yiming and the others. He was worried that even more senior students would join into the ranks of ‘sparring’ with Chen Xi after Chen Xi won the battle.

That would be troublesome! 

“Let’s see what happens first. If worse comes to worse, at that time, we can tell Chen Xi not to accept their invitations to spar.” Gu Yueming took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

Liang Ren nodded.

The scene that had suddenly become bustling put great pressure onto Liu Yiming and the others as well. Besides causing their expressions to become heavy, they were extremely upset in their hearts. 

In the end, they were fighting a single person in a group, and it was an embarrassing scene. Now that many senior students of the academy were staring at them, if they were to lose in this spar, then it would simply cause their reputations to sweep the floor and they would lose all face.

At this moment, they had no way to back down, and it was too late for regret.

So they had to win this battle!

In short, the pressure from being watched by everyone had imperceptibly aroused the ferocity and resolution to do battle within the hearts of Liu Yiming and the others.

“What? He actually intends to fight them in a group?”

At the outer court’s Enforcement Hall, Zuoqiu Jun found out about this as soon as it was possible, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow abruptly. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to wave his hand before he said, “Go, notify Ning Meng and the other top experts in the Mysterious Immortal Realm to quickly head over to the Mysterious Immortal Area of the Dao Development Reserve. No matter what, that kid must be beaten down today!” 

His voice was resolute and beyond question.

He was very clearly aware that if Chen Xi was victorious today and was unable to be subdued, then not only would his repression operation this time end in failure, it would even boost Chen Xi’s reputation and prestige instead.

This was something that he absolutely wouldn’t allow to occur.

“Yes.” As Zuoqiu Jun’s younger brother, Zuoqiu Chuan understood the weight of the situation and immediately received his orders before leaving hastily.

This little bastard is really difficult to deal with. Even this was actually unable to do anything to him… Zuoqiu Jun gritted his teeth while his expression became even more ruthless, cold, and indifferent. He was wondering if he should deploy some Golden Immortals as a contingency.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi was already on the Dao Development Ground and was standing in confrontation with Liu Yiming, Xing Yuanhang, Gongyang Longfei, and the other senior students from afar.

The battle was imminent! 

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