Chapter 1197 – The Dao Of Sword Control

The restrictions were removed, and the unconscious Xuan Zhen was moved out.

As they looked at the injuries that covered his entire body, the expressions of Liu Yiming and the others changed without end.

The ability of an expert could be determined with a single glance as soon as a move was made.

Chen Xi had merely utilized a single strike to defeat Xuan Zhen, yet it was precisely because of this that it seemed to be even more terrifying. At this moment, all of these senior students were surprised, bewildered, and indeterminate.


Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept over coldly, and he said calmly, “Who else wants to spar with me, please come forward.”

Everyone glanced at each other and were extremely hesitant.

The consequences Xuan Zhen faced caused them to be unable to figure out Chen Xi’s true ability, so they naturally didn’t dare to accept the challenge rashly.

“What? All of you joined forces to bring me over here, yet you don’t have the courage to fight me now?” A wisp of a piercingly cold and ridiculing smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.


At this moment, a trace of strange buzzing was emanated from the Violet Ribbon Starcrest in his possession, and then the amount of Starpoint he possessed suddenly underwent a change. It was increased by 70,000 Starpoints.

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned, and he couldn’t be bothered about inviting the others to battle as he glanced at the white haired old man at the side.

The latter seemed to understand tacitly and explained with a smile. “The academy will deduct 30% from the Starpoint reward obtained by the winning side at the end of every spar.”

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth twitched, yet he didn’t say anything in the end.

“What? Isn’t sparring in the Dao Development Reserve an unspoken rule in the academy, and it was established for the sake of grinding down the pride of new students? I’m standing here right now, so why aren’t all of you making a move?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he saw that there was still no one who accepted his invitation to battle.

This was simply an undisguised provocation that caused the expressions of all these senior students that felt they were higher in seniority to become slightly gloomy. When had a new student dared be so arrogant before them?

“Since it’s like this, then allow me to seek guidance from Junior Brother Chen Xi’s extraordinary skill!” Suddenly, Tang Ying stood out.

“A hundred thousand Starpoints?” asked Chen Xi.

“No, Starpoints are just a bet for fun, so I’ll just bet ten thousand Starpoints.” Tang Ying shook his head and seemed to be rather calm. He wasn’t so impulsive like Xuan Zhen.

“Alright, please go ahead.” Chen Xi nodded.




The restrictions in the surroundings of the grounds were activated once more, whereas, Chen Xi and Tang Ying were already standing in confrontation from afar within the grounds.

“Senior Brother Tang Ying was able to charge into the Golden Immortal Realm a few tens of years ago, and he has always been suppressing his cultivation for the sake of breaking through before the inner court exam and ascending into the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings. With him making a move, it should be sufficient to deal with this kid.” “Exactly. Amongst the Mysterious Immortals in our outer court, Senior Brother Tang Ying’s combat strength can be ranked amongst the top twenty. So dealing with a new student that just entered the academy is naturally nothing difficult.”

“It’s too early to speak like this. I keep having the feeling that Chen Xi has concealed his ability deeply, and perhaps he’s a formidable enemy.”

All the senior students discussed amongst themselves while their tones and expressions had become much more cautious when compared to before. Obviously, they’d started to take Chen Xi seriously after Xuan Zhen’s defeat.

“Win! Win! You must win!” Outside the grounds, Gu Yueming and Liang Ren looked at Chen Xi from afar while their eyes carried burning anticipation. Both of them had been defeated terribly earlier, and their hearts were naturally filled with rage towards these seniors.

Not to mention that they were new students just like Chen Xi was. When they saw the senior students were acting according to ‘tradition’ and were trying to teach all of them new students a lesson, they naturally hoped that Chen Xi would be able to turn the situation around and not only take revenge for them but win honor for all the new students.


The battle erupted abruptly on the grounds.


Tang Ying’s figure flashed and drew out a string of afterimages as he swiftly pulled open the distance between himself and Chen Xi. At the same time, eighty one flying swords suddenly shot out from around his body, and they fluttered and revolved around him while emanating cold light.

“Bloodsword Seeks the Heavens!” A flying sword with a baleful aura that shot into the sky tore through space with a swish, and it tainted half the sky in a horrifying blood red color.

“Senior Brother Tang Ying utilized the move Bloodsword Seeks the Heavens as soon as he attacked. Looks like he has taken Chen Xi to be a great enemy, and he utilized a killer move as soon as the battle began!” The senior students spectating the battle in the distance were shocked.

The flying sword tore through the sky. Everywhere it passed, it seemed like an iron-blooded army had crushed through it. The glow of blood soared while killing intent shot into the sky, and the sound of battle faintly resounded along with the sounds of shouting and the drums of war.

It slashed directly at Chen Xi! 

“The Dao of Sword Control…” 

Sword control and sword utilization were two paths in the Sword Dao, and they reached the same goal by different means. The utilization of the sword emphasized on overall combat strength while sword control leaned towards control with the soul, but there was no difference in superiority between the two.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when he saw this. Moreover, he didn’t even withdraw any weapon and just stretched out his fair and slender palm before swinging it lightly.


Sword qi that were suffused with strands of water seemed like embroidery needles, and they transformed into a gurgling stream that tore through the sky.

“Slash!” The center of Tang Ying’s brows revealed a murderous expression as he shouted in a grim voice.

The flying sword that carried a surging and bloody glow didn’t retreat in the slightest as it directly slashed towards Chen Xi’s attack. However, the sword qi that were suffused with strands of water seemed to have been shattered successively, yet they were like fine droplets of water that coiled around the flying sword without letting off.

Trying to severe water with a blade would only cause water to flow more rapidly!

How could water possibly be really severed?

This was an embodiment of the Laws of Water. Water was all pervasive, and no matter how formidable and ferocious one’s attacks were, it would be helpless when it encountered sword qi that flowed like the rain.

“This kid really is difficult to deal with!”

“He hasn’t even utilized an Immortal Artifact, yet was able to block Senior Brother Tang Ying’s attack. Looks like this Chen Xi is obviously different from the other new students.” 

The other senior students’ brows knit together slightly when they saw this, and they had an even stronger feeling that Chen Xi was difficult to deal with.

“It really is the Laws of Water at perfection.” On the other hand, Tang Ying wasn’t surprised when he saw this scene, and he heaved a sigh of relief instead. In the next moment, the imposing aura in his body changed abruptly, and it actually improved once more!

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, receive a move of mine, Myriad Sword Heartstab!” Tang Ying shouted loudly while the eighty one swords around him each carried a surging bloody glow as they covered the sky while shooting over.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

These eighty one swords tore through the sky and left behind numerous afterimages while they surged with a bloody aura, and they actually were like a myriad of swords crushing down upon Chen Xi! Their impetus was extremely shocking.

“Condense!” Chen Xi shouted coldly.

Every single pore on his body suddenly emanated divine radiance that transformed into threads of water element sword qi. There were over a hundred million strands of sword qi that converged and coiled together before condensing into numerous fine vortexes.

Every single sword qi vortex was like the eye of a storm.

Countless sword qi vortexes swarmed over. Instantly, it swallowed all the blood red sword qi that covered the sky before dispersing and collapsing them. Even the eighty one swords were pinned down by the string after string of vortexes, causing them to stop in midair and be unable to struggle free.

This was the complete inheritance of the Sword of Water. Chen Xi was able to execute various utterly profound moves at will, and it was like he possessed divine skill.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! 

The water element sword qi vortexes coiled together and collided with the blood red sword qi that covered the sky, and they erupted with waves of explosions that sounded like muffled thunder. Its boundless might caused space to tremble while the heavens and the earth were cast into a shade.

“Shit!” Tang Ying’s face sank. No matter how he exerted his strength, he was actually unable to control the eighty one swords, so he suddenly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence, causing the aura in his entire body to rise explosively.

“Break free!” 


The eighty one swords suddenly erupted with a glow that illuminated the nine heavens, and they struggled free of the restraint of the water element sword qi vortexes before returning back into Tang Ying’s control.

“Go!” Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before when he saw this, and he lightly spat out a single word.


The water element sword qi vortexes that covered the sky suddenly exploded in succession, and then they transformed into countless translucent and crystalline water droplets that charged fiercely at Tang Ying like a dense rainstorm.

Every single droplet of water contained a powerful force capable of shattering a mountain into pieces!

When the water droplets that covered the sky shot over, its impetus was simply capable of crushing the heavens and the earth.

“Shit!” Outside the grounds, Liu Yiming and the other senior students suddenly exclaimed with shock.

In their eyes, every single droplet of water possessed shocking and lethal might.


After a string of successive collisions that seemed as if dry leaves were being swept away, it actually forcefully blasted away the eighty one swords that contained surging baleful auras. 

“How could this be possible!?” Tang Ying’s expression turned grim as he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. His flying swords were connected to his heart and mind, so this strike caused him to suffer backlash.

This was a disadvantage of the Dao of Sword Control. Even though its might was formidable, when it was suppressed, then the backlash onto one’s body, heart, and mind was the most severe as well.

“I admit defeat!” When he saw the water droplets that covered the sky like a rainstorm were about to arrive before him, Tang Ying didn’t dare hesitate and shouted loudly.


The restrictions were activated, and it sent Tang Ying out of the grounds at this critical moment.


At the same time, the water droplets that covered the sky stopped abruptly before vanishing successively as well. This vividly displayed Chen Xi’s control towards the Laws of Water had already attained a state of perfection where he could control it at will.

“Chen Xi is the winner!” The white haired old man didn’t need to be called out to this time, and he’d already loudly announced the outcome.

Outside the grounds, Tang Ying’s countenance was ghastly pale as he stood there dumbstruck like a statue. There was still a wisp of terror that remained between his brows. Obviously, he still felt a slight lingering fear that if he didn’t avoid that attack earlier, the consequences would definitely be horrible.

“He lost, Senior Brother Tang Ying actually lost…” The other senior students were stunned, and they didn’t dare believe their eyes.

A battle between immortals had always been one where life and death were an inch away.

Losing in a single move might end in death.

Fortunately, this was within the Dao Development Grounds, and if it was in the outside world, Tang Ying’s body would have been pierced into a hornet’s nest since a long time ago.

“He’s on the path of a Sword Immortal, and so am I.” Tang Ying was slightly unable to accept this outcome. “The battles within the Dao Development Grounds are extremely fair as well. Could it be that his cultivation in the Sword Dao is actually more formidable than mine?”

How could he know that Chen Xi had attained the level of grandmaster in the sword a long time ago, and Chen Xi had touched upon the threshold to the level of Sword God?

The level of Sword God was a supreme level that was sacred. Those that could attain this level were extremely rare like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns. Of course, all the students in Dao Emperor Academy were peerless geniuses, and there were definitely people that had attained this level, yet it didn’t include Tang Ying.

His current cultivation in the Sword Dao had merely attained the grandmaster level, and he wasn’t even at the supreme grandmaster level.

So in terms of cultivation in the Sword Dao, Chen Xi was superior.

In terms of technique in the sword, Chen Xi’s inheritance that came from the Infinite Divine Talisman, the Sword of Water, had already deduced the Laws of Water to extreme perfection.

In terms of cultivation, Chen Xi was similarly at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Moreover, Chen Xi’s foundation was so solid that it was over a hundred times greater than his peers.

In terms of combat experience, Chen Xi was a ferocious figure that had killed his way through the Mortal Dimension and into the Immortal Dimension. His combat experience was so abundant that it wasn’t something Tang Ying could compare to at all.

Under such circumstances, how could there be any reason for Tang Ying not to lose?

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