Chapter 1196 – Controlling Water In His Palm

Wagers would usually be established before spars on the Dao Development Grounds to add to the fun.

But situations like this were ten thousand Starpoints were waged was rather rare. After all, everyone didn’t want resentment to arise from the spars here, yet Xuan Zhen was obviously being a bully by acting in this way.

New students had paid a great fee when choosing an abode, and besides a few of them, could any one of them produce ten thousand Starpoints?

However, Xuan Zhen was clearly aware that the Starpoints Chen Xi possessed weren’t just ten thousand in number. He’d heard that Chen Xi had swept through sixty assignments in the Dao of Talismans within a day and had earned more than a hundred thousand Starpoints!

This was a new student that had just entered the academy, yet the Starpoints he earned in a single day was even more than the Starpoints he, a senior student, earned in half a year. How could Xuan Zhen not be covetous?

So at this moment, Xuan Zhen had naturally decided to fiercely squeeze out some Starpoints from Chen Xi.

When they heard Xuan Zhen bet ten thousand Starpoints as soon as he spoke, even Liu Yiming and the others were slightly stunned, and then they came to an understanding and revealed a wisp of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune.

This Xuan Zhen is really daring!

They wanted to see if Chen Xi dared to agree.

“Ten thousand Starpoints?” Chen Xi frowned.

“What? You don’t dare?” Xuan Zhen was slightly nervous in his heart because if Chen Xi didn’t agree, then he would miss a great opportunity to earn Starpoints.

“No, I feel that this bet is too small.” Chen Xi shook his head and said, “What about this? I’ll bet a hundred thousand Starpoints. Do you dare bet with me?”

A hundred thousand!

The pupils of everyone constricted, and they were surprised and bewildered for a moment. Where’s this kid getting his confidence from?

Even Xuan Zhen was slightly hesitant when he heard this.

This amount was too great. If he were to lose, then the hard work he’d put in all these years would be wasted. If it was only ten thousand Starpoints, then even though it would hurt, he wouldn’t really care too much.

“Hmph! Senior Brother Xuan, don’t worry. Junior Brother Chen Xi intends to accompany all of us until the end! Don’t be deceived by his bluff.” Liu Yiming instantly grunted coldly when she saw this.

The meaning behind her words was ‘Don’t worry, even if you lose, the others will be able to win it back for you. Not to mention that Chen Xi isn’t necessarily a match for you!’

Xuan Zhen instantly felt relaxed in his heart upon hearing this, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright! I’ll bet with you!”

Chen Xi laughed coldly without end in his heart upon hearing this.



“The bet is a hundred thousand Starpoints.” An aged voice resounded. A white haired old man that had been standing silently at the side had spoken. He was an instructor that looked after this Dao Development Ground. “Since both of you have agreed, then enter the Dao Development Ground.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Xi and sighed lightly. It seemed as if he felt that this new student’s actions were too rash.


The white haired old man moved forward and withdrew a Formation Disk before waving it lightly. The surroundings of the entire Dao Development Ground suddenly surged with strands of shapeless fluctuations of restriction.

“I presume all you are aware of the rules within the grounds. Besides prohibited objects, everything else can be utilized. Once a party to the battle admits defeat, then the restrictions will automatically send the loser out of the grounds.” The white haired old man introduced the rules in a simple manner before withdrawing to the side.


As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Zhen had already leaped up into the grounds. He withdrew a long sword that was over a meter long with a clang, and the body of the sword was jade white and like a mass of bone piercing ice water.

At the same time, his battle intent surged while his clothes fluttered. Coupled with his arrogant expression, his graceful bearing wasn’t bad at all.

“High-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact — Snow Tempered Dao Sword!”

“I never expected that Senior Brother Xuan Zhen would withdraw this treasure as soon as he entered the grounds. Obviously, he intends to utilize his entire strength to defeat Chen Xi in one go.”

“He’s acting in this way to prevent anything unexpected from occurring. It’s a bet of a hundred thousand Starpoints, so Senior Brother Xuan Zhen’s actions are absolutely resolute and wise.”

Amidst the animated discussions from the surroundings, Chen Xi stepped foot into the grounds as well.

Gu Yueming and Liang Ren couldn’t help but become anxious when they saw this because no matter how confident they were towards Chen Xi’s combat strength, they still couldn’t help but feel worried for Chen Xi when he was facing a senior student that had been in the academy for countless years.

On the Dao Development Ground, Chen Xi and Xuan Zhen stood in confrontation from afar.

“Rise!” The white haired old man shouted loudly.


Instantly, restrictions floated into appearance like ripples, and then they formed an enormous restriction that was like a dome that covered half the sky. It completely sealed the grounds within it, and this was done in order to avoid the aftershock of the battle within from spreading out.

“Chen Xi, even though your natural talent isn’t bad, you’re a new student in the end. As your senior, I must make you understand that everything begins anew once you enter Dao Emperor Academy, and you must know your place!” Xuan Zhen held his sword in one hand while revealing a fierce imposing aura, and he was arrogant and haughty as he said, “Remember, I’m the outer court student…”

Chen Xi frowned and interrupted. “You’ll only have the qualifications to make me remember your name after you defeat me.”

This fellow is truly arrogant!

Liu Yiming and the others sneered.

Xuan Zhen’s face sank instead.


He didn’t waste his breath anymore. The Snow Tempered Dao Sword in his hand shook before it transformed into sword qi that covered the sky, and it was like snow that poured down with icy coldness that pierced the bone and covered the entire world!

Once he entered into battle, the bearing Xuan Zhen revealed changed immediately. He was ruthless, violent, overbearing, and arrogant. Amongst his peers, he could indeed be considered as a top expert.

The facts were indeed so. How could any of the students who were able to pass through the three rounds of the test and enter Dao Emperor Academy be ordinary? As a senior of the academy’s outer court, Xuan Zhen had already stayed at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm for almost two hundred years. If it was in the outside world, he would be able to reign supreme amongst his peers in a continent.

“What a move, Snow World!”

“Amazing! Senior Brother Xuan Zhen’s cultivation has improved even more in these past few years! He probably has the ability to charge into the Golden Immortal Realm.” 

A wave of sighs of praise resounded.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this. His expression was calm and indifferent, and it was even to the extent that his figure hadn’t moved since the beginning.

When the snow sword qi that covered the sky whistled over and was about to cover Chen Xi, his entire figure still didn’t move at all.

Has this fellow been scared stiff?

Everyone was stunned as they acutely noticed Chen Xi’s unusual state.

On the other hand, a wisp of a ruthless and cold smile appeared on the corners of Xuan Zhen’s mouth when he saw this, and then a wisp of contempt arose in his heart. I thought the number one amongst the new students would be extraordinary, yet it turns out that he’s nothing…


Suddenly, his eyes focused as he noticed to his shock that the myriad of snow sword qi he slashed out had suddenly stopped moving after arriving 30cm before Chen Xi. It was like they’d collided with a shapeless wall.

This wasn’t the main point. The main point was that his sword qi was being gradually melted away. It was transforming from snow into water droplets before transforming into a gurgling stream, and then it transformed into a river…

After that, this sword qi that was like a torrent started to circulate and transform around Chen Xi’s body, and it had completely left Xuan Zhen’s control. In the end, it submitted before Chen Xi instead! 

These changes seemed to occur extremely slowly, yet they were actually completed in an instant.

When Xuan Zhen recovered from his shock, it was already too late to turn the situation around!

How could this be possible? Xuan Zhen was horrified.

It wasn’t just him, the pupils of all the spectators constricted and their eyes were filled with disbelief. That was the technique, Snow World, that carried an extremely lethal force and contained the Laws of Water, why would it suddenly melt, disperse, and be controlled by Chen Xi instead?


Right at this moment, Chen Xi finally made a move. He pointed lightly with the tip of his finger, causing a droplet of water before him to suddenly be lengthened, and it transformed into a fine thread of rain that tore through the sky.

At this instant, a straight rift was easily cut open in space as if it was a piece of cloth, and the end of the rift moved directly towards the distant Xuan Zhen!


It wasn’t just that, the torrents of water that submitted before Chen Xi followed closely behind the fine thread of rain and shot over. It was like a mountain torrent that carried irresistible might.

“Hmph!” Needless to say, Xuan Zhen’s reaction was extremely swift. He instantly recovered his calm and suddenly let out a fierce shout before he flashed forward while the sword in his hand instantly slashed out a myriad of sword images.

Every single sword image was like a glacier pouring down. 

When looked at from afar, it seemed like a myriad of glaciers were pouring down from the sky. They were icy cold, bone piercing, murderous, and merciless, and it won the cheers of many present in the surroundings.

Unfortunately, he’d still underestimate how terrifying Chen Xi’s strike was.

In the next moment, the fine thread of rain carried along the myriad of torrents as it forcefully destroyed the layer upon layer of glaciers, and then it charged fiercely at Xuan Zhen like an enormous dragon that roared above an icy plain!


Xuan Zhen had never imagined that his attack would be completely ineffective. He wasn’t in time to dodge at all before being struck by a shapeless and enormous force.

Crack! Crack!

At this instant, the bones in his chest broke and collapsed while his cheek, nose, and lips suddenly sunk down. His upper lip was like a broken sausage that had split apart at the center, and fresh blood sprayed from within while the teeth in his mouth fell out.

Subsequently, under the numerous exclaims of shock from the surroundings, he was unable to endure this enormous force and was blasted flying. He slid on the ground for 300m before his figure stopped, and he didn’t make another sound as he’d fainted on the spot.

Chen Xi restrained his aura and hadn’t moved a single step as he said indifferently, “You weren’t even able to receive the might of a single point from me. It can only prove that you do indeed have no qualifications to make me remember your name.”

The entire scene was silent, perfectly silent.

No one had expected that the battle would end so quickly. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi had merely stretched out a finger and pointed lightly before Xuan Zhen was defeated, knocked out, and the battle ended!

At this moment, the expressions of Liu Yiming and the other senior students of the outer court finally changed as they realized the strength of this number one student amongst the new students was even more formidable than the rumors said.

On the other hand, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming glanced at each other before they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, and then they cursed in their hearts. This fellow Chen Xi really is a freak!

Not too far away, the white haired old man that looked after the grounds was extremely moved as well. As a Saint Immortal Realm expert, his gaze was extremely discerning, so he naturally discerned that even though Chen Xi’s attack seemed to be executed casually, it actually had attained perfection in the Laws of Water!

The new students this time are really extraordinary! The white haired old man sighed with shock in his heart.

“Senior, the spar has ended. Please announce the outcome.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi’s voice resounded, and it jolted the white haired old man back from his thoughts. He immediately moved forward and opened up the restrictions before he said, “Chen Xi is the winner!” 

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