Chapter 1195 – Accompany To The End

The ridiculing laughter of everyone resounded by his ears, yet Gu Yueming’s heart gradually grew icy cold.

A scheme! This is absolutely a scheme, and even Liang Ren was actually implicated as well…

No, I must stop him from participating in the spar!

When he thought up to here, Gu Yueming couldn’t be bothered about the injuries that covered his entire body nor could he pay any attention to the ridicule from the surroundings as he forcefully gritted his teeth before turning around and leaving hastily.

No one stopped him because Liu Yiming and the others had already attained their objective.

As they gazed at Gu Yueming’s leaving figure, the faces of all these senior students were covered in contempt.

“What’s happening with Chen Xi?” Liu Yiming asked abruptly.

“Early on before the spars even began, Junior Brother Xuan Zhen had already gone to notify him. I presume that he’ll definitely come after he find out about this.” Hu Hai chuckled.

“Good. We have to make proper preparations as well, so that we can give this number one student amongst the new students a very good lesson. It’s best if he’s unable to forget our names.” Liu Yiming smiled delicately as she spoke, and her heart was filled with complacency.


Someone has come to pay me a visit again? Chen Xi frowned and was slightly impatient.

He’d just sent Tang Ying away, and only a few hours had passed since then, yet someone had come to pay him a visit again. If something like this were to occur every single day, then it would be impossible for anyone to cultivate in peace.

Nevermind, I’ll go out and have a look once more. I’ll directly refuse if this person has come to invite me to the Dao Development Reserve, and then I’ll activate all the restrictions of the abode and pay no further attention to this matter. Chen Xi took a deep breath before his expression recovered its calm, and then he stood up and walked out of the world of stars.

Outside the abode, Xuan Zhen stood there in a luxurious golden robe. He had a proud expression while the space between his brows were filled with a wisp of coldness that was impossible to conceal. Obviously, he was an existence that was proud to the bone.

When he saw Chen Xi only walk out of the abode now, Xuan Zhen seemed to feel that he’d been disrespected, and he frowned as he said, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, is this the way you treat your guests?” 

These words instantly caused Chen Xi to frown, and then he turned around with the intention of returning to his abode.

There really are many incomprehensible people in this world. I don’t even know him, yet he’s putting on airs in front of me. I wonder where he gets this sense of superiority from. 

Coupled with the impatience Chen Xi felt towards this sort of visits, he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Xuan Zhen. Chen Xi had decided in his heart that when he entered into closed door cultivation in the future, he would definitely activate the restrictions of the abode that isolated all noise.

“Hmph! Junior Brother, you’re too rude. If I didn’t see those two companions of yours being injured, I couldn’t be bothered to come notify you.” When he saw Chen Xi reveal such an attitude, Xuan Zhen’s face sank while his tone became icy cold.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and he didn’t turn around as he asked. “What did you say?”

“I said your companions have been injured at the Dao Development Reserve. You should go over quickly to bring them back. They were obviously looking for a beating by participating in spars while being so inferior.” The coldness on the corners of Xuan Zhen’s mouth grew deeper as he spoke unhurriedly.

Chen Xi suddenly turned around while his eyes surged with a strand of light that was piercingly cold like the glow of a sword. It directly pierced Xuan Zhen’s eyes. “Gu Yueming and Liang Ren?”

When he encountered Chen Xi’s shocking gaze, a wisp of terror arose in Xuan Zhen’s heart for no rhyme or reason, and he nodded involuntarily.


In the next moment, Xuan Zhen felt something flash before his eyes, and then Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished from his field of vision.

“Hmph!” When he recalled how he’d actually been terrified by Chen Xi’s gaze, a wave of rage and embarrassment arose in Xuan Zhen’s heart. He didn’t waste any more time here before turning around and rushing to the Dao Development Reserve.



The Dao Development Reserve was prepared by the academy for the sake of spars.

The Dao Development Grounds here were divided according to cultivation into three great areas, the Mysterious Immortal Area, the Golden Immortal Area, and Saint Immortal Area.

Of course, experts at the Golden Immortal Realm and Saint Immortal Realm could enter the Mysterious Immortal Area’s Dao Development Grounds, and they could even participate in the spars.

However, due to the restrictions of the Dao Development Grounds, Golden Immortals who entered the Mysterious Immortal Area of the grounds would be suppressed to the Mysterious Immortal Realm in cultivation. This was for the sake of guaranteeing fairness in the spars and discussions of the Dao.

After all, this was a place where students sparred against each other and wasn’t a place of life and death battles. It stressed upon fairness, and no one was excepted.

At this moment, one a Dao Development Ground within the Mysterious Immortal Area.

When Gu Yueming who was covered in injuries arrived here, his heart became icy cold because he saw that at this moment, Liang Ren was already lying on the ground while completely covered in blood. Liang Ren’s current state was even slightly more horrifying than his own.

On the other hand, there similarly were numerous senior students of the outer court laughing coldly with their hands crossed before their chests while they stood in front of Liang Ren.

“Junior Brother, you’re this fellow’s friend? I’ll trouble you to take him back to heal his injuries. Oh, this is a bottle of pills, take it as a gift to the two of you.” A senior student noticed Gu Yueming’s arrival and instantly raised his chin before pointing at Liang Ren who lay on the ground, and then he withdrew a bottle of pills and casually tossed it at Liang Ren’s side as if he was giving charity to a beggar.

No matter if it was the senior student’s tone or actions, they were filled with an arrogant and contemptuous aura. It caused Gu Yueming to be unable to help but clench his fists together even more tightly.

He couldn’t be bothered to be angry anymore. He walked forward swiftly and helped Liang Ren up, and he instantly felt relieved when he saw that Liang Ren’s injuries weren’t as severe as they seemed.

“I… I noticed this matter was strange since the beginning, and I originally intended to refuse. But never had I imagined that one of them was a descendant of a Souleater Divine Tree and executed an bewitchment technique that drew me into the Dao Development Ground…” Liang Ren raised eyes and grabbed tightly onto Gu Yueming’s shoulder, and then he gasped rapidly for breath as he said, “Quickly! Don’t bother about me! I suspect that they intend to target Chen Xi, so you must stop Chen Xi from coming!”

Gu Yueming’s heart shook. They intend to target Chen Xi? So it turns out that this really was a plot!

Instantly, Gu Yueming’s entire body turned icy cold. Exactly who intends to deal with us? Could it be the Zuoqiu Clan? Or perhaps it’s the Jiang Clan and Dragon Dimension?


Right at this moment, a tall figure tore through the sky with an extremely swift speed. It was like a bolt of lightning and drew the attention of many gazes in the Dao Development Grounds.

Chen Xi!

When he saw the tall figure, Gu Yueming was shocked in his heart, and he had a deeper feeling that all of this was absolutely a plot!

There were five hundred new students in the outer court, yet it just so happened that only the three of them were invited over today. This was really too fishy.

“Chen Xi, were you invited over for a spar as well?” Gu Yueming asked anxiously.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together. He glanced at Gu Yueming who was covered in injuries before he glanced at Liang Ren who lay on the ground while bathed in blood, and a wisp of a murderous aura appeared between his brows.

“Don’t believe them.” Gu Yueming was anxious and said swiftly, “This is a plot, an operation of theirs that’s intentionally targeted at us. It isn’t simply a loss of some Starpoints, and they even intended to give all of us a heavy blow.”

Gu Yueming was extremely anxious indeed, and he was deeply afraid that Chen Xi would follow in Liang Ren and his footsteps.

Meanwhile, a sound of delicate laughter resounded from afar.

“Junior Brother Gu, wagers are normal in the Dao Development Grounds. If there’s a loser, then there’s a winner. Could it be that it’s right only if you win, and it’s a plot if others win against you?” Along with this voice, a group of people came over from affair. Surprisingly, the person in the lead was the beautiful Liu Yiming. Tang Ying, Xing Yuanhang, Gongyang Longfei, Hu Hai, Xuan Zhen, and many other senior students of the outer court were following behind her.

All of these senior students revealed a wisp of excitement when they saw Chen Xi, and they burned with eagerness as if they were staring at their prey.

Chen Xi glanced at Liu Yiming and the others, especially when he saw Tang Ying and Xuan Zhen, his gaze inadvertently flashed with a wisp of divine light while his expression became even more calm and indifferent.

If someone who knew Chen Xi well was here, that person would definitely know that beneath Chen Xi’s calm outward appearance was true and utter rage.

“Chen Xi!” Gu Yueming was extremely anxious.

Chen Xi looked seriously at Gu Yueming and said, “I understand all of this. They want to deal with me, and both of you were just implicated by me.”

Yes, he’d discerned that since Tang Ying’s earlier invitation was refused by him, so they targeted Liang Ren and Gu Yueming instead with the objective of forcing him to come here!

All of this was the true reason that Chen Xi was furious.

You want to go against me?


But why implicate my friends?

Such actions had touched on Chen Xi’s ‘reverse scale’!

Chen Xi words caused both Gu Yueming and Liang Ren to be stunned in unison. Never had they imagined that this matter was actually targeted at Chen Xi.

“Since you know it’s a plot, then why did you come!? Let’s go!” Gu Yueming shouted loudly as he carried Liang Ren up on his back, and then he intended to drag Chen Xi away.

Chen Xi felt warm in his heart, yet he still shook his head and said, “Both of you were injured because of me, so how can I remain indifferent? Both of you recuperate at the side for now. Didn’t they want to spar with me? Then I’ll accompany them to the end!” 

His voice was calm, yet it revealed a resolute tone that allowed no refusal.

Gu Yueming still intended to say something when he heard Chen Xi say this, yet he was stopped by Liang Ren. Liang Ren gasped for breath as he said, “Let him do it, otherwise, he’ll definitely be constantly reminded of this in his heart.”

At this point, Gu Yueming stopped persuading Chen Xi, but the worry between his brows was impossible to eliminate.

On the other hand, Liu Yiming and the other senior students were instantly reassured when they saw Chen Xi had finally agreed to the spar, and a wisp of coldness suffused the corners of their mouths.

He’s the first amongst the new students this year. If we’re able to defeat him, then the sense of accomplishment was definitely be unparalleled, right?

“Chen Xi, do you dare to enter the Dao Development Ground to discuss the Dao with me?” Xuan Zhen couldn’t wait any longer, and he directly invited Chen Xi to battle.

Chen Xi swept the nearby Dao Development Grounds by his side. It was a flat platform that covered an area of around 30km. There were some seats around it, and its surroundings were covered in the aura of restrictions.

“Do you dare, or not?” Xuan Zhen’s expression became even more arrogant when he saw Chen Xi remain silent, and he asked in an icy cold voice.

“I’ve already said that I’ll accompany all of you to the end. It isn’t just you, and it includes all of you.” Chen Xi’s gaze was piercingly cold as it swept past Xuan Zhen, Liu Yiming, Tang Ying, Xing Yuanhang, Gongyang Longfei, and the others. In the end, he withdrew his gaze and said, “I only hope that all of you’ll be able to accompany me until the end as well. Don’t flee, otherwise, I, Chen Xi, will bear a grudge forever!”

His voice was calm, yet it seemed to jarring and arrogant when it entered the ears of Liu Yiming and the others. It caused all of them the grunt coldly without end. This kid is really extremely arrogant, he really does need to be taught a lesson!

“Heh, accompany us to the end? That will depend on whether you have the ability!” Xuan Zhen laughed coldly as he withdrew his Violet Ribbon Starcrest. “A spar naturally requires a wager. I’ll bet 10,000 Starpoints. Do you dare?” 

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