Chapter 1194 – Invitations

“This fellow…really doesn’t have the pride and fighting spirit of a young man.” The smile on Tang Ying’s face instantly vanished when he saw Chen Xi return into the abode, and his expression became gloomy and aloof while he shook his head before leaving.


Within an abode amongst the boundless mountains, Tang Ying’s figure flashed and entered the abode.

“Big Brother Tang Ying!”

“Senior Brother Tang Ying, how was it? Did Chen Xi agree?”

Within the abode was a few men and women gathered there, and they instantly approached Tang Ying and inquired upon noticing his swift return.

“No, that kid wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in my invitation.” Tang Ying shook his head and laughed with self-ridicule.

“What? Big Brother Tang Ying is the most senior amongst all the students in the outer court, yet that Chen Xi actually didn’t even give you face? He’s simply doesn’t respect his seniors!” A young man spoke furiously.

“Most senior?” The self-ridicule on the corners of Tang Ying’s mouth grew deeper as he said, “Seniority doesn’t represent strength. All my peers who entered the academy with me are already existences at the Golden Immortal Realm now!” 

His voice revealed a sense of loss and depression.

The others were at a loss for how to console him when they heard this.

Tang Ying was absolutely the most senior student in the outer court. He’d entered the outer court a thousand years ago, yet his cultivation had always remained at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm.

However, he was tactful and skilled in dealing with people, so no one ridiculed him. Coupled with him having stayed in the outer court for so many years, he’d made friends with many formidable figures. Even though he wasn’t able to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm, the time he had in the outer court wasn’t bad.

“Senior Brother Tang Ying, you don’t have to belittle yourself. If it’s in terms of combat strength, then besides Ning Meng and a few others, no one else can compare with you in terms of combat strength in the Mysterious Immortal Realm.” Meanwhile, the beautiful Liu Yiming spoke with a smile on her face. “Since Chen Xi refused, then we’ll use a different method to invite him to battle.”

“What’s the point in possessing an extremely formidable combat strength in the Mysterious Immortal Realm? I’ve only benefitted from the amount of time I’ve cultivated.” Tang Ying shook his head, yet his expression eased up greatly.

Obviously, Liu Yiming’s consolation comforted him greatly.

“Senior Sister Yiming, what should we do next?” said a black clothed man.

The others shot their gazes towards Liu Yiming.

Liu Yiming felt a wisp of satisfaction when she saw this. She really enjoyed being the center of attention, and for the sake of displaying her wisdom. She pondered deeply for a long time before she spoke of the plan that she’d thought of a long time ago.

“I heard that Chen Xi is from Southbridge Continent, and Liang Ren and Gu Yueming came to the academy along with him. Moreover, the three of them have a good relationship. Since we’re unable to make Chen Xi accept our invitation, then we’ll invite the two of them to the Dao Development Reserve to discuss the Dao.” Liu Yiming spoke slowly while revealing a wisp of confidence. “Once the two of them are defeated and have completely lost face, we’ll tell Chen Xi of this news. If he still values the friendship he has with them, then he definitely won’t remain indifferent.”

As soon these words were spoken, the eyes of the others instantly lit up. This plan isn’t bad.

“But I heard that Chen Xi’s relationship with the Mu Clan and Xuanyuan Clan isn’t bad. Once we do this, if…” One of them spoke hesitantly.

Liu Yiming’s brows knit together imperceptibly, and then she waved her hand and said, “Don’t worry, we’re only discussing the Dao in the Dao Development Reserve, and it isn’t a battle. This is a tacitly permitted rule of the academy. Every single time new students entered the academy, they would be invited to battle by the senior students.”

The others nodded in succession when they heard this.

“Junior Brothers Hu Hai and Yuan Zhen, I’ll trouble the both of you to invite Liang Ren and Gu Yueming to battle. Remember, you must not allow anyone to get wind of this and allow Chen Xi to find out in advance.” Liu Yiming instructed.

“Don’t worry, Senior Sister Yiming.” Two young men immediately stood forward and received their orders before leaving.

Liu Yiming swept her gaze towards Tang Ying and two other students when she saw this, and then she said, “Senior Brothers, if we’re able to successfully invite Chen Xi to battle, then I’ll leave the mission of dealing with him to you.”

Tang Ying nodded.

“Of course, of course.” A tall and thin young man in green clothes nodded in a reserved manner. He was called Xing Yuanhang, and he was one of the top figures in the Mysterious Immortal Realm within the outer court.

“The first amongst the new students. I’d like to find out if he’s worthy of his reputation.” Another young man licked his lips and spoke while chuckling. He was called Gongyang Longfei, and he was a top figure in the Mysterious Immortal Realm just like Xing Yuanhang.

Liu Yiming was assured in her heart when she heard this, and she revealed an extremely beautiful smile that was very seductive.

Tang Ying, Xing Yuanhang, and Gongyang Longfei were precisely the experts that she’d specially invited to deal with Chen Xi. The reason that there were three of them was because Chen Xi’s reputation was too great. Liu Yiming was worried that something unexpected would occur, so she called over three experts at once to assist her. 

If even this isn’t enough, then I can only rely on the Zuoqiu Clan’s contingency plan… It’s only a new student. Tang Ying and the others should be sufficient. Liu Yiming pondered briefly in her heart, and then she completely relaxed when she felt that nothing was wrong with her plan.

Fortunately, Chen Xi was unlike Zuoqiu Jun, and he wasn’t someone that came from a top power, otherwise she wouldn’t dare get involved in this matter no matter how courageous she was.




Gu Yueming streaked through the air and tore through the sky as he flew towards his abode.

Dammit, Starpoints are really difficult to earn. If it isn’t caring for immortal beasts then it’s planting immortal herbs, I either don’t know how to complete the other assignments or the rewards are too low. Moreover, there isn’t even a single assignment for leaving the academy to hunt something that can be accepted by a student at the Mysterious Immortal Realm like me. What a disappointment… Gu Yueming was rather depressed and was just about to return to his abode when he was stopped.

“Junior Brother Gu.” It was a robust young man that stopped him.

“May I know who Senior Brother is?” asked Gu Yueming.

“I’m Hu Hai, and I came especially for Junior Brother.” The young man roared with laughter as he spoke.

Gu Yueming’s brows raised. “So, it’s Senior Brother Hu Hai. May I know why Senior Brother is looking for me?”

“I come here to invite you to the Dao Development Reserve…” Hu Hai didn’t conceal it at all and spoke frankly.

“The Dao Development Reserve!” Gu Yueming was stunned, and then his eyes instantly lit up.

He’d seen the introduction of the Dao Development Reserve that was within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and he knew that the sparring and discussions of the Dao in the Dao Development Reserve was the hottest activity amongst students to exchange their experiences.

Moreover, there were usually some wagers in these spars like Starpoints, treasures, cultivation techniques, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, earning Starpoints was what Gu Yueming cared about the most at this moment. So when he heard the words Dao Development Reserve, he was instantly moved.

“Exactly. Is Junior Brother willing to spar and discuss the Dao with me?” Hu Hai smiled.

“Sparring with my seniors is my honor. How could there be any reason to refuse?” Gu Yueming felt that this Senior Brother Hu Hai wasn’t bad because Hu Hai had actually come personally to invite him. Besides causing him to feel a sense of enjoyment in his heart, he couldn’t help but feel complacent from this. According to his knowledge, it wasn’t just anyone who could be invited to the Dao Development Reserve to discuss the Dao.

On the other hand, Hu Hai’s actions was obviously a form of acknowledgement of his strength, so Gu Yueming was naturally extremely delighted to accept this invitation.

“Then let’s go,” said Hu Hai with a smile. A wisp of pity flashed past the depths of his eyes before vanishing almost instantaneously.

“Alright.” Gu Yueming’s eyes were filled with battle intent. All geniuses had their own pride. Before he entered Dao Emperor Academy, he was the second ranked existence in Southbridge Continent, so he naturally wouldn’t think that he was inferior to another.

He was naturally clearly aware that the students of Dao Emperor Academy were definitely extraordinary, but the pride and feeling of being recognized in his heart still caused him to burn with eagerness. Even if it wasn’t for the sake of earning Starpoints, it was sufficient just to have a spar.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Hu Hai and Gu Yueming tore through the sky while flying side by side, and they headed towards the Dao Development Reserve.

At the same time, a similar incident occurred at Liang Ren’s abode.

Unlike Gu Yueming, Liang Ren was suspicious, and he rather doubtfully accepted the invitation. He intended to head over and take a look first before deciding if he would participate in this spar and discussion of the Dao.



The Dao Development Reserve.

Unlike the other areas of the academy, the Dao Development Reserve was where the students of the academy sparred and discussed the Dao. Battles frequently occurred here, and it was the most popular place in the academy.

On one of the Dao Development Grounds at this moment, Gu Yueming’s hair was disheveled while his countenance was pale, and rage that wasn’t concealed in the slightest had appeared between his brows.

There were numerous fine injuries on his body, and they flowed with fresh blood, causing him to seem in an extremely sorry and tragic state.

“Huff… huff… huff…” Gu Yueming gasped rapidly for breath. His aura was in chaos while his eyes had almost split apart while he stared fixedly at the ten plus people before him.

Over ten young men and women stood before him. All of them were seniors of the outer court, and many amongst them revealed a wisp of contempt and ridicule as they looked at Gu Yueming’s current state.

“Very good, all of you actually intentionally schemed to deceive me!” Gu Yueming gritted his teeth as he spoke. He’d finally come to a complete understanding. They’d intentionally set all of this up for the sake of repressing a new student like him.

Hu Hai shook his head in the group and said, “Junior Brother Gu, you actually can’t blame all of us. In our Dao Emperor Academy, every single batch of new students would be invited to the Dao Development Reserve, and the senior students would grind away their pride. This had already become a tradition.”

“But why didn’t all of you look for someone else and just happened to choose me?” Gu Yueming’s brows knit together as he questioned in a grim tone.

At this moment, Liu Yiming suddenly laughed lightly and said, “You’re wrong, we didn’t just choose you. Your companion, Liang Ren, is receiving tempering on another Dao Development Grounds at this moment.”

“What?” Gu Yueming was stunned, and he faintly sensed the smell of a plot.

“Alright, there’s no need to talk with trash, Senior Sister Yiming. I originally thoughts that many formidable figures had come from Southbridge Continent, yet now it would seem like they’re nothing great.”

“Right, Junior Brother Gu, you’re still young, and your path is still long. Don’t bear grudges against us, alright? Winning a thousand Starpoints from you can be considered as giving you a good lesson. This is a precious experience that can’t be bought with any amount of Starpoints. Now that I speak of it, you should thank us. After all, not everyone is willing to guide you like this.”

The others mocked him with words that were filled with sarcasm.

Gu Yueming’s face was livid while he clenched his fists together tightly. He gnashed his teeth to the point they emanated cracking noises, and his chest was on the very of exploding with rage.

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