Chapter 1193 – Perfection In The Five Elements

When they saw Liu Yiming leave, the conversation in the Enforcement Hall didn’t end.

“Big Brother, it doesn’t seem to be advisable to leave her to do this, right?” said a student of the Enforcement Hall. He wore a high crown, ancient clothes, and had a narrow and long face. He was called Zuoqiu Chuan, and he was Zuoqiu Jun’s actual younger brother.

“Let her go do it first. Even if she fails, it’ll make the other seniors make a move. This is a unspoken rule when new students entered the academy, and so long they participate in it, then it’ll be impossible for them to avoid getting involved.”

“What if, I’m saying what if no one is a match for Chen Xi?” Zuoqiu Chuan hesitated to speak these words. There was always truth behind a reputation, so since Chen Xi was able to obtain the first amongst the new students, then it was absolutely not obtained by luck.

Zuoqiu Jun’s eyes turned cold. “If we can’t find a match for him amongst his peers of the same cultivation realm, then we’ll get an expert at the Golden Immortal Realm to truly discuss the Dao with him!”

Zuoqiu Chuan couldn’t help but speak with embarrassment when he heard this. “Sixty percent of the eight thousand students in the outer court are at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, whereas, practically everyone amongst these sixty percent of students are at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Some have stayed at the same cultivation for a few hundred years, some over stayed for a few tens of years. Their accumulations are deep, and their combat strength are stronger in correspondence to this…”

Zuoqiu Jun directly interrupted him and asked. “Be frank, who amongst the seniors at the Mysterious Immortal Realm possesses the strongest combat strength?”

Zuoqiu Chuan was stunned, and then he said without the slightest hesitation, “It’s naturally Ning Meng!”

When this name was mentioned, an extraordinarily handsome young man with a feminine bearing suddenly flashed into appearance within his mind.

“Ning Meng?” Zuoqiu Jun repeated it once more before he nodded and said, “Is there anyone else besides him?”

Zuoqiu Chuan took a deep breath and pondered before he said, “The others are Xing Yuanhang, Gongyang Longfei, Wang Wenyuan, Li Wencong…”

“Record all their names. I’ll arrange for people to go meet them.” Zuoqiu Jun’s expression remained unchanged, and his eyes were suffused with a wisp of a gloomy sheen instead.


Within the Emperor Grade Abode on Vastcloud Mountain, Chen Xi was completely immersed in the inheritance from the Infinite Divine Talisman.

Presently, the Grand Dao Laws he’d grasped were respectively the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, star, eternal, creation, oblivion, devour, and so on and so forth.

Every single Grand Dao Law was capable of obtaining an inheritance from the Infinite Divine Talisman.

This sort of inheritance fully displayed the supreme profundities of the Law. It was transformed into a talisman marking before condensed into sword qi with extraordinary might.

But up until now, Chen Xi had only comprehended the Sword of Water and the Sword of Fire.

“The Sword of Fire!” Chen Xi suddenly raised his head and shouted in a low voice while his right hand formed into the shape of a sword before he pointed forward.

Strands of flames appeared in midair, yet when they floated up into the air, it seemed like an ocean of lava. Every single strand carried a violent, overbearing, raging, and unrestrained force that incinerated space and revealed numerous black holes and ripples that vanished in the blink of an eye.

This was the inheritance ground within the world of stars after all. The Spatial Laws here were mysterious and solid. If this move of Chen Xi’s was executed in the outside world, then it was sufficient to reveal the terrifying scene of space and the sky being incinerated and melted!

“It’s done!” Chen Xi revealed an expression of delight. “The three moves of Fireflow Incineration, Flaming Rainveil, and Sea of Flames Purgatory have been completely merged into one, and it’s might has revealed become much more formidable.”

Just like the Sword of Water, when the Sword of Fire attained perfection, all the moves it contained would merge into a single move. With a single command of the heart, every single strike one made would reveal the various variations of the Laws of Fire, and there would be no need to be restrained by specific moves.

I’ve completely grasped the inheritances of water and fire but the improvement in my combat strength isn’t evident enough. Chen Xi pondered deeply. After a short moment, he stopped hesitating and immediately started comprehending the Sword of Wood, the Sword of Metal, and the Sword of Earth…

Something worthy of mention was that if one wanted to obtain an inheritance from the Infinite Divine Talisman, then one had to first comprehend an inheritance to perfection before one could comprehend another.

However, with his experience from comprehending the Sword of Water and Sword of Fire, Chen Xi could be said to be extremely familiar towards all of this, and he became even more proficient in its comprehension.

For example, he’d spend an entire few months of time to comprehend the Sword of Water, yet he’d completely grasped the Sword of Fire in a little over a month.

Of course, this was the time in the world of stars, and if it was in the outside world, then this time would be reduced by an entire five times.



After fifteen days passed in the world of stars.


A strand of sword qi that was filled with boundless green and hazy vitality shot into the sky. Everywhere it passed, the aura of the strike rose steadily as if its might grew stronger as time passed…

Perfection in the Sword of Wood, endless growth!

Ten days later in the world of stars.


A sharp rumbling that sounded like the flapping of the wings of a group of bees shook the sky and was filled with a frightening force, and then a wisp of sharp and murderous golden sword qi slashed out. With a swish, space was easily torn into two like a piece of paper!

No matter if it was in terms of speed, strength, or sharpness, this sword strike had attained its limits. It was condensed to the extreme, and it fully displayed the limits of the profundities of the Laws of Metal!

The Grand Dao of Metal was known for being murderous and sharp.

Its speed, force, and sharpness were at the top amongst the five elements. A sword strike executed with the Laws of Metal moved practically as if it was teleporting, and it was rather impossible to defend against before it arrived in a flash!

Perfection in the Sword of Metal, peerless slaughter!

After another five days passed, Chen Xi’s entire body was suffused with a thick aura of the earth. His entire body was like a lofty mountain that had stood for countless years. Suddenly, he moved. The tip of his finger moved like a moving rock.


The entire surrounding space emanated muffled bangs as if it was being rubbed against and crushed. It was pure, thick, heavy, and power energy of the earth element, and it was converged into a single strike, causing it to be like a myriad of mountains moving with the intent of flattening the world and rebuilding the heavens and the earth!

Perfection in the Sword of Earth, boundless weight!

At this point, he’d completely grasped the inheritances of the five elements.



Compared to before, my combat strength has at least risen explosively by over two times after I comprehended the inheritances of the five elements. So long as it isn’t someone at the Golden Immortal Realm, then there’s probably no one amongst my peers who’s a match for me… Chen Xi felt refreshed as he pondered in his heart. Even though I’ve still not attained the Golden Immortal Realm yet, and I’m unable to condense the Laws of the five elements into one. But I can try to overlap the inheritances of the five elements and utilize them like that.

If the Laws of the Grand Dao were overlapped, then their might would definitely overlap and rise explosively. This was an undeniable fact. For example, if the Laws of wood and fire were overlapped, then wood would help improve the might of fire, thus its might would definitely improve.

For example, if earth and wood were overlapped, then the earth would nurture the might of wood while the wood solidified the earth. Thus, their might would overlap and increase. Of course, this wasn’t a fusion of the Laws, and it was related to the profundities of the mutual promotion and restraint of the five elements.

In short, if different Grand Dao Laws were combined, their might would indeed overlap with each other.

All those years ago when Chen Xi was still at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was only able to successively execute sword qi that contained the Grand Dao Laws of the five elements, whereas after he attained the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was instead able to contain the sword qi of the Laws of the five elements within a single sword strike.

It was the same now. At the bottom of it all, the inheritances of the five elements improved five different Grand Dao Laws to perfection, flawlessness, and the extreme. After that, it was completely fused into the Sword Dao through the deduction of the Infinite Divine Talisman.

This was the perfect utilization of the Laws and the Sword Dao!

When one’s cultivation was unable to improve in a short period of time, the improvement of one’s combat techniques would similarly be able to cause a change in one’s combat strength.

Should I comprehend the inheritance of a new Law, or should I start practicing in overlapping the inheritances of the five elements? Chen Xi pondered deeply. Comprehending the inheritance of a new law meant that he would start comprehending the inheritances of the Grand Dao Laws of Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, practicing in overlapping the inheritances of the five elements meant that he would practice overlapping the inheritances of the five elements in proper order. For example, combining two together, then combining pairs together… In the end, the sword qi of the five elements would be completely overlapped, and this was similarly a method to improve his combat strength.

In short, no matter if it was comprehending the inheritance of a new Law or overlapping the Laws that he’d already grasped, both of them were a path towards improving his combat strength.

Comparatively speaking, the latter’s improvement towards his combat strength was a bit more obvious.

For example, there was no different in superiority between the inheritances of the Sword of Water and Sword of Fire, and it only allowed Chen Xi to grasp another technique in combat.

On the other hand, if he overlapped the two of them and utilized them together, their might would naturally improve greatly!

Looks like overlapping the sword of the five elements isn’t a bad choice… Chen Xi pondered for a long time before he decided in the end.

However, right when he was about to put this decision into action, his clone suddenly sent a thought to him.

“Someone has come to pay me a visit?” Chen Xi was stunned. He immediately stood up and left the world of stars.



When Chen Xi walked out of his abode, he noticed from afar that a green clothed man was standing in midair with his hands behind his back while revealing a smile on the corners of his mouth. The man had a rather warm appearance.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi.” When he saw Chen Xi make an appearance, the green clothed man instantly revealed a wisp of a pleasantly warm smile.

“May I know who Senior Brother is?” Chen Xi knew that this person was a senior student with a single look because this person wasn’t amongst those five hundred new students at all.

“I’m Tang Ying.” The green clothed man smiled as he replied in a rather direct manner.

“So, it’s Senior Brother Tang Ying, may I know why you’ve come looking for me?” Chen Xi was even more puzzled in his heart. 

The green clothed man, Tang Ying, laughed as he said, “I’ve heard of Junior Brother Chen Xi for a long time. Not only did you obtain first place amongst the new students this time, you’re even renowned throughout the academy. Now that I’ve met you, you really do deserve your reputation.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and smiled because he knew that the green clothed man was engaging in small talk.

Sure enough, Tang Ying immediately spoke frankly when he saw Chen Xi act like this. “To tell you the truth, because Junior Brother made such an extraordinary display, some other brothers of the outer court wish to spar with Junior Brother and discuss the Dao together.”

Spar? Chen Xi thought in his heart and said, “Discussing the Dao in the Dao Development Reserve?”

“Right, the Dao Development Reserve.” Tang Ying said with a smile, “It can be considered to be a noble event in the academy because only those amongst the new students who make extraordinary displays would be invited.”

Chen Xi pondered briefly before he shook his head and smiled. “I’m very grateful for your kindness, Senior Brother. Unfortunately, I’m very busy, and I’m truly unable to find time to make it for this event. I hope you can forgive me.”

When he spoke up to here, it was already equivalent to a refusal.

Tang Ying was stunned as he never expected Chen Xi to refuse so quickly, and he hurriedly said, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, will you not reconsider? So long as you obtain victory during the discussion of the Dao, you’ll be able to obtain a generous reward of Starpoints.”

Chen Xi shook his head and refused politely.

He was preparing for the inner court exam that would occur two years from now, so how could he have the time to participate in this sort of spar? Not to mention that his clone could earn Starpoints by just accepting assignments while staying within his abode. So, it was impossible for him to be convinced by Tang Ying.

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