Chapter 1192 – Repression Operation

The world of stars, inheritance grounds.

Chen Xi’s entire body flowed with flames that suffused the heavens and the earth. It was strand after strand of the Laws of Fire that surged in a lively, unrestrained, and violent manner.


The Infinite Divine Talisman circulated and revealed dense talisman markings that covered the heavens. It transformed into strand after strand of fire element sword qi that sometimes raged like waves, sometimes surged like lava, sometimes transformed into sparks that fluttered about…

It was the inheritance of the ‘Sword of Fire.’ It explained the supreme profundities of the Law of Fire, and through the changes in talisman markings, they were contained within strands of completely different sword qi.

With his experience from comprehending the Sword of Water, Chen Xi familiarly comprehended the various profundities revealed by the Infinite Divine Talisman in a calm manner while he formed a sword with his fingers and started to practice the Sword of Fire.


A wisp of sword qi soared into the sky and transformed into rising divine brilliance that swept throughout the surroundings, and it seemed as if it intended the incinerate the world!

“Fireflow Incineration!” This move vividly portrayed the violent and overbearing qualities of the Law of Fire. It carried the imposing aura of incinerating the heavens and boiling the seas with a single strike. It carried the most terrifying might when utilized to crush one’s enemies.


After a long period of time, Chen Xi’s fingers moved, and another strand of sword tore through space as it emerged. It was like a rain of fire covered the sky as it poured down from the sky. Every single strand of flames revealed an accurate, sharp, and extremely blazing imposing aura. As the myriad of strands of flaming rain sprayed down, it was like a myriad of extremely blazing strands of sword light tearing through the sky.

“Flaming Rainveil!” This move revealed the unrestrained and arrogant aura impetus of the Laws of fire. It was like a rain of sword spraying down, and its lethality was the most shocking when utilized in a group battle.

Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi’s comprehension of the Sword of Fire grew more and more numerous. His entire body seemed to have transformed into that of a god of flames, and his entire body emanated the energy of the Laws of fire.


After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi moved once more. He lifted his finger in a slow and serious manner. It was as if he was dragging up the weight of a mountain, and it drew a heavy arc in space.

At this instant, it seemed like a divine thunderclap resounded. With Chen Xi as the center, a myriad of enormous waves of lava surged out from all directions, and they enveloped the heavens and the earth and caused it to seem as if he resided within a kingdom of surging flames.

Every single wave of flame was extraordinarily powerful and heavy. It revealed a terrifying aura of crushing and incinerating everything in the heavens and the earth.  It was like a bladeless heavy sword that carried a hidden sharpness of its own, and it destroyed everything with might!

“Sea of Flames Purgatory!” At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes from his comprehension before sitting down cross-legged, and then he started to absorb and understand the inheritances he’d obtained earlier.

Fireflow Incineration, Flaming Rainveil, and Sea of Flames Purgatory… These three moves were just like the three moves of the Sword of Water, and they formed the complete inheritance of the Sword of Fire.

Compared to the Sword of Water that was all pervasive and accommodated everything, the Sword of Fire was obviously even more violent, overbearing, and unrestrained.

As it was said, sparks can set a prairie ablaze. The existence of fire was one that blazed as soon as it was lit, and it was wild and unrestrained to the extreme. 


Time passed swiftly like a passing shuttle.

Chen Xi remained in closed door cultivation within the world of stars, and over a month had passed without him noticing, whereas around seven days had passed in the outside world.

During this period of time, Chen Xi’s name had spread throughout the academy at shocking speak. It wasn’t just the outer court, even many people within the Pill Reserve, Scripture Reserve, and Dao Development Reserve were constantly talking about him.

“The inner court head instructor, Xuanyuan Pojun, openly declared that he would fully support the first amongst the new students, Chen Xi?”

“Yes, I heard that fellow helped the Xuanyuan Clan greatly. It isn’t just that, even all the seniors of the Pill Reserve greatly favor that kid.”

“I heard that as well. It seems to be related to the assignment on restoring the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. That day, the sound of a cauldron shook the heavens from within the Pill Reserve, and it was heard clearly by many instructors and students.”

“Unfortunately, even until today, I’m unable to determine if the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron was restored by Chen Xi or not. All the seniors of the Pill Reserve refuse to mention this matter. But I think that even if that Chen Xi wasn’t the one that managed the restoration of the cauldron, it’s probably closely related to him.”

“Amazing! The first amongst the new students this year just entered the academy, yet has caused such a commotion. It probably won’t be long before someone will invite him to the Dao Development Reserve to discuss the Dao.”

“The Dao Development Reserve? Oh, Haha! Right, every single new student that enters the academy will be invited to the Dao Development Reserve to receive a test in the discussion of the Dao. Haha!”

Discussions like these continued indefinitely, whereas Chen Xi’s name was known very well by numerous students and instructors through these various discussions.

It couldn’t be said to be like a scorching sun in the midday sky, but at the very least, he was considered a figure with a striking reputation. 


While Chen Xi remained in closed door cultivation, within the hall where the outer court’s Enforcement Hall resided.

“No matter what, we have to repress Chen Xi…” Zuoqiu Jun frowned and muttered while putting down the jade slip in his hand.

The jade slip was sent over by one of the head instructors in the Pill Reserve, Zuoqiu Sheng. It explicitly described what Chen Xi had done in the Pill Reserve.

This kid is really troublesome. He has only entered the academy for less than a month, yet he relied on the opportunity of restoring the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron to obtain the favor of all the seniors in the Pill Reserve and the Xuanyuan Clan in one go. If this is to continue, then he’ll probably grow successfully. At that time, it’ll probably be extremely difficult to deal with him. 

However, Uncle Zuoqiu Hong has already decided to prohibit us from making a move against Chen Xi before the inner court exam. If I want to repress him at this moment, then I’ll probably have to utilize some other methods. Zuoqiu Jun swiftly pondered exactly what move he should make in order to repress Chen Xi.

“Senior Brother Jun, is something weighing down on your mind?” It wasn’t just Zuoqiu Jun who was within the hall, and the other students of the Enforcement Hall were present here as well. The person that spoke was a pretty woman who possessed a hot figure.

She had beautiful eyes and a pink complexion, and she was rather beautiful. Unfortunately, her lips were thin while her cheekbones were rather high, causing her bearing to become slightly gloomy and vicious.

This woman was called Liu Yiming. She was at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm in cultivation, and she was a senior student as well.

Her surname wasn’t originally Liu, and she’d changed her surname to Liu after she became Dao Companions with Liu Zefeng that was the 8th on the Allheaven Golden Rankings. Her actions had once been denounced and regarded as shameful by the students of the outer court. They mocked her for trying to curry favor with the powerful and lacking any backbone whatsoever. But Liu Yiming took pride in it, and she didn’t care about all this gossip at all.

Zuoqiu Jun had a flash of inspiration in his heart when he heard Liu Yiming speak, and he said, “Junior Sister Yiming, you’ve already stayed at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm for almost four hundred years now, right?”

Liu Yiming was stunned, and she had a slightly displeased expression as she said, “Senior Brother Jun, what do you mean by this?”

Zuoqiu Jun smiled and said, “Don’t take it personally. I just suddenly thought of something and want to trouble you with it. If you’re able to accomplish it, then I’ll give you a Nine Profundity Clarity Divine Pill to help you charge into the Golden Immortal Realm.”

He was very well aware of Liu Yiming’s disposition. She was extremely snobbish to the bone and placed the most importance on benefit. So long as there were sufficient benefits, then not to mention making her change her surname, even betraying Liu Zefeng was an extremely easy task for her.

Of course, if was precisely because she was Liu Zefeng’s Dao Companion that Zuoqiu Jun had brought her into the Enforcement Hall in an effort to rope Liu Zefeng in. Otherwise, it was utterly impossible for her to enter Zuoqiu Jun’s gaze with by relying merely on her cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

Sure enough, when she heard the words Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills, Liu Yiming’s eyes instantly lit up while she beamed. She said, “What does Senior Brother Jun require of me? So long as Junior Sister is able to help, then I’ll definitely not hesitate to agree.”

As she spoke, she even secretly gave Zuoqiu Jun a charming glance.

This woman… Zuoqiu Jun sneered in his heart and felt extremely contemptuous. Yet he said instead, “The matter is very simple. I heard that Junior Sister has a vast network of friends, and you know many experts in our outer court. I want to ask you to…”

Before long, Zuoqiu Jun had told her of his plan.

“Invite Chen Xi to the Dao Development Reserve to discuss the Dao?” After she finished listening to him, Liu Yiming obviously started to hesitate. Even though she was snobbish, she wasn’t an idiot. In these past few days, she’d heard many rumors about Chen Xi as well. So, when she heard that Zuoqiu Jun actually wanted to rely on her to deal with Chen Xi, she was slightly hesitant in her heart.

“Exactly. Junior Sister Yiming, you’re clearly aware as well that there’s an unspoken rule in our academy. After the new students entered the academy, they’ll be taught a lesson at the Dao Development Reserve. It’s only a spar and not murder.” Zuoqiu Jun said frankly, “Doing this is also for the sake of rubbing off their pride. After all, all these new students were peerless geniuses in the past, and they’re proud and conceited. The battle at the Dao Development Reserve is also able to clear their minds and allow them to understand that there’s always someone more powerful in the world.”

When he spoke up to here, he smiled as he looked at Liu Yiming and said, “I wonder if Junior Sister Yiming is interested in clearing up the mind of the first amongst the new students and allow him to understand that he’s only ordinary in the entire academy.”

“I’m naturally very interested.” Liu Yiming said hesitantly, “But I want to know why Senior Brother Jun refuses to take action yourself and chose me instead?”

Zuoqiu Jun shrugged and said, “Even you’re aware that the entire academy knows that there’s enmity between that kid and my Zuoqiu Clan. As the head student of the Enforcement Hall, it would be slightly improper for me to go deal with him myself.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Not to mention that if it’s in terms of networking, then amongst the eight thousand students of the outer court, Junior Sister Yiming is the best. So I can be rather at ease with you handling this matter. Of course, no matter if this matter is accomplished successfully or not, I’ll give Junior Sister a Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pill.”

Liu Yiming was obviously moved. She pondered deeply for a long time before she said, “Chen Xi’s the first amongst the new students, and his combat strength during the second round of the test was outstanding as well. Amongst his peers, there are probably very few that can defeat him after inviting him to the Dao Development Reserve, whereas even though I know many students…”

Zuoqiu Jun understood what she meant before she could finish speaking, and he interrupted her with a wave of his hand. “You don’t have to worry about this, Junior Sister. Besides you, I believe that many others will make a move as well.”

The meaning behind his words were that he didn’t arrange for only her to do this, and she didn’t have to worry about the candidates to deal with Chen Xi.

Liu Yiming instantly felt very much at ease when she heard this, and she immediately stood up before smiling charmingly. “Since Senior Brother Jun has planned so well, it would truly be inexcusable if Junior Sister continued to refuse. I’ll go investigate Chen Xi right now, and I’ll think of a way to force him to accept the invitation and head to the Dao Development Reserve to discuss the Dao.”

As she spoke, she’d turned around and left swiftly.

Unfortunately, I’m still not fully free of worry towards your methods… As he watched Liu Yiming leave, Zuoqiu Jun’s smile was gradually restrained, and he once again recovered his gloomy and indifferent appearance.

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