Chapter 1191 – The Tiny Cauldron’s Inheritance

Vastcloud Mountain, the Emperor Grade Abode.

When Chen Xi returned here, he was still thinking about his gains from today.

Firstly, he’d restored the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron successfully and obtained a strand of the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao, and he gained 800,000 Starpoints from this as well. Coupled with the 160,000 Starpoints he possessed, he already possessed 960,000 Starpoints!

After that, he obtained Hua Jiankong’s Starclasp Immortal Sword that was an extreme-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact. Of course, Chen Xi was very well aware that it was extremely difficult for him to bring forth the entire might of this sword with his current cultivation.

But even then, merely based on its might, it was probably even more superior than the Talisman Armament. It just depended on how it was used.

Besides that, he obtained the wings of a Nether Crane, Roc, and Suncrow; and he obtained the Woodsoul Flame, Darkwater Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flames that were top flames in the heavens and the earth.

In other words, he only lacked the wings of a Phoenix to start refining the Flame God Fan.

Unfortunately, according to what those seniors had said, it wasn’t so easy to obtain the wings of a Phoenix. However, Chen Xi wasn’t in a hurry, and he couldn’t afford to be in a hurry.

Obtaining a treasure like this that could only be chanced upon by luck depended entirely upon fate and fortune.

In the end, Chen Xi obtained a bottle of Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills. There was a total of eighteen pills within the bottle, and every single one of them was worth a fortune. They were supreme treasures amongst pills and were extremely rare.

After all, these were pills that were personally refined by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. They were unique in the heavens and the earth, and they were so valuable that it was absolutely unimaginable.

Compared to the gains of those seniors, Chen Xi’s overall gains weren’t much inferior to them, and it might even surpass them.

However, the thing that Chen Xi attached importance to wasn’t all of this. As far as he was concerned, the greatest gains he obtained this time in the Pill Reserve was the friendship formed with all of those seniors.

This was the most precious gain he obtained!

No matter if it was those seniors of the Pill Reserve, the great figures of the Xuanyuan Clan, the Head Enforcer Li Bei and the others, or even Hua Jiankong, all of them were existences with high status and powerful authority in the academy. So the benefits from establishing a friendship with them was absolutely greater than obtaining some treasures.

Chen Xi was very well aware of this because it was absolutely impossible for him to rely on himself to go against the Zuoqiu Clan. He could only accomplish it by establishing a force of his own and drawing in even more assistance! 


I earned almost a million Starpoints within a little over ten days. It seems to be an extremely great amount, but if it continues according to this speed, then I wonder when I’ll be able to gather over a hundred million Starpoints…

If there’s nothing else to do, then my clone should place emphasis on earning Starpoints until the inner court exam begins. As for my main body, with the Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills and the world of stars, two years are sufficient for me to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm.

However, my cultivation has just broken through into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm now, so it’s better for me to temper my foundation and solidify my cultivation in the near future. I can seize this opportunity to head to the world of stars and comprehend another inheritance from the Infinite Divine Talisman…

Within the abode, the tiny cauldron was still absorbing Primeval Chaotic Qi while Chen Xi was swiftly planning his next step in his mind. His objective for doing all of this was naturally for the sake of making the best use of every single second of his time.

After all, he really didn’t have much time left.

After a short period of time, Chen Xi stood up and was about to enter the world of stars when the tiny cauldron suddenly stopped him. “Where did you get the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form that your clone cultivates?”

Chen Xi was stunned and didn’t know why the tiny cauldron asked about this. But he still explained the origins of the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form.

“Cloudray City, a teacher of Four Divinity Academy? Looks like he obtained that damaged jade talisman by chance. Could it be that it’s the will of the heavens for it to fall into your possession?” The tiny cauldron pondered deeply, and its words revealed a strand of hesitation.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Senior, could it be that there’s something wrong with this cultivation technique?”

The tiny cauldron went silent and said after a short while, “You ought to be clearly aware that this cultivation technique was passed down since the primeval times from a Fiendgod that was born from the chaos. But do you know who that Fiendgod was?”

Chen Xi shook his head. How could be aware of this?

“The Fiendgods sought to gain supremacy of the world since the primeval times. In terms of natural talent, Divine Abilities, and might, there was no one in the three dimensions who could compare to them. Amongst the Fiendgods, the most renowned was definitely the Pangu Clan.” The tiny cauldron spoke about some secrets from the primeval times.

“The Pangu Clan split open the world and attained great accomplishments. He transformed the chaotic Heaven Dao into the numerous worlds of the three dimensions, and he was the number one figure in the primeval times. Only he alone was qualified to be named Pangu.

“Later on, twelve Ancestral Shamans attained the Dao and worshipped Pangu as their Ancestor. All of them possessed peerlessly formidable bodies that were capable of devouring the world and controlling the elements. They could move mountains, fill seas, and change the entire landscape. They were the twelve strongest Fiendgods amongst the Fiendgod Clan.”

“The primeval times were filled with desolation. Even though there were numerous gods and extraordinary sages at that time, their overall strength was unable to go against the Fiendgod Clan. So at that time, it was said that the Fiendgods reigned supreme amongst all the myriad of living beings.”

“It could be said that the primeval times belonged to the Fiendgods. Even the ancient clans like the Suiren Clan, Youchao Clan, Nuwa Clan, Shennong Clan were mostly closely related to the Fiendgod Clan.” [1]

“On the other hand, the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form is an inheritance that came from the Fiendgod Clan. Its exact origins can’t be determined, but it was so renowned that it was known to all during the primeval times.”

“Some legends say that this technique came from within the chaos and belonged to Pangu. Some legends say that this technique was jointly created by the twelve Ancestral Shamans. It can be said that there are various different accounts.”

“It was precisely because of its unfathomable origins that the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form became one of the most renowned cultivation techniques in the Fiendgod Clan. Unfortunately, along with the decline and annihilation of the Fiendgod Clan, this technique had been obliterated in the annals of time, and it’s extremely rare to see in the world.”

When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron went silent for a moment before it continued. “In short, the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form isn’t necessarily the strongest of existences that cultivate in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, but it’s the most orthodox and supreme body refinement inheritance.”

Chen Xi was shocked. He’d never imagined that the body refinement technique he obtained by chance would actually possess such a shocking background that involved numerous legends and secrets of the primeval times.

“So, in this way, isn’t the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form extremely difficult to cultivate?” Chen Xi frowned. 

“Indeed, and it isn’t just difficult. However, it isn’t necessarily impossible to cultivate.” The tiny cauldron spoke with a voice that actually carried a strange tone. “Do you know what cultivation technique I cultivate?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and this a wisp of shock suddenly flashed in his eyes as he said with astonishment, “It wouldn’t be the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, right?”

“Exactly.” The tiny cauldron didn’t keep him guessing and answered in an extremely frank manner. “Without the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, it would be absolutely impossible for me to escape the various tribulations I faced in the countless years of the past and survive until now.”

Chen Xi was utterly speechless. He’d already been rather curious towards the tiny cauldron’s background and the path of cultivation it took since a long time ago, yet he never ever expected that he would actually cultivate the same cultivation technique as the tiny cauldron one day.

Moreover, the cultivation technique he cultivated wasn’t obtained from the tiny cauldron!

“This is the will of the heavens, and it’s impossible to figure out. I originally didn’t intend to taint you with my karma, yet never had I expected that it would be impossible to avoid forming a link between us.” The tiny cauldron sighed with a voice that carried a wisp of ridicule. It seemed to be ridiculing itself and laughing at how the will of the heavens played tricks on people.

At this moment, Chen Xi fell in to silence as well. After an unknown period of time, he said, “Senior, perhaps fate is controlled by the will of the heavens, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

His expression became serious, firm, and revealed a wisp of an indescribably sharp and confident aura. “In my opinion, the path of cultivation places emphasis on the heart. Karma, fate, destiny may restrain my footsteps, yet it’s unable to obstruct my heart that seeks the Dao!”

“If the heavens obstruct me, then I’ll break it open!”

“If the earth restrains me, then I’ll destroy it!”

“If the Dao Heart remains strong, then who cares if the will of the heavens plays tricks on others?”

Every single word he spoke was resolute, and it vividly displayed his firm and extraordinary heart that sought the Dao.

All along his path until now, he’d fought the heavens, fought the earth, and fought himself, yet he’d never become dejected, so he naturally wasn’t afraid of karma or fate.

The tiny cauldron went silent for a long time upon hearing this before it said with an extremely complicated tone, “The ignorant are fearless? Or perhaps, the reason I’ve fallen to such a state is because I’ve really been too stubborn towards the matters of karma…”

Chen Xi was silent. He felt he didn’t have the qualification to guide the tiny cauldron and advise it on what it should do. Instead of saying those words he spoke earlier were spoken to the tiny cauldron, it could be said that it was a form of self-conviction towards his own Dao Heart. 


“The Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form isn’t cultivated like that. If you’ve really decided to cultivate this technique with your clone, then I can guide you with my experience.”

“But in this way, our karma will be intertwined. My tribulations will be the cause of your ruin. You must think through it clearly before answering me.”

Even until the moment Chen Xi entered the world of stars, the last words the tiny cauldron spoke to him still reverberated in his mind.

Our karma will be intertwined? A carefully concealed smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he muttered. “Is there any need to consider? If a tribulation descended onto you in the future, then how could I possible watch indifferently from the side?

“If you’re talking about karma being intertwined, then weren’t ours bound together since the moment I met you?”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before he stopped thinking about all of this. He’d decided in his heart that once he passed the inner court exam two years from now, he would make his clone cultivate the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form with the tiny cauldron!

Subsequently, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time and directly entered the world of stars’ inheritance ground. He arrived within the mysterious space and once more saw the Infinite Divine Talisman that emanated a mysterious aura within the darkness.

I’ve already comprehended all the profundities of the Sword of Water now. Next, I’ll start studying the Laws of Fire… Chen Xi stared at the Infinite Divine Talisman while he’d already decided in his heart a long time ago. He would first cultivate the inheritance of the five elements before he comprehended the inheritances of the other laws.

After all, even though the Laws of the five elements seemed to be ordinary, they were the foundation of the three dimensions and maintained the stability and changes in the three dimensions. So he naturally had to cultivate the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman from the foundation before rising step by step. It was a process of advancing steadily from the easiest to the most complicated.


Chen Xi’s entire body surged with strands of the Law of Fire. It was like fireworks erupting beneath the starry sky, and it formed a distant connection with the Infinite Divine Talisman that was in the darkness.

1. All of these clans are named after mythological deities.

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