Chapter 1190 – Burning Fervor

The hall was deathly silent, and only the melodious and tranquil voice that carried a trace of indolence was drifting through the air.

The expressions of all the seniors here were complicated. It was an expression mostly filled with shock and mixed with some wonder, excitement, wild joy, and various other feelings. On the other hand, the gazes they shot at the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron gradually carried a wisp of fervor.

That voice actually came from the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron!

Doesn’t this mean that after countless years in time, the cauldron’s Artifact Spirit has appeared once more before all of us?

When they thought up to here, even with Chen Haotian’s composure, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Amongst the people present, only Chen Xi was the calmest. Or perhaps, it could be said that long ago when he was restoring the cauldron, he was already clearly aware that the Artifact Spirit of the cauldron had always been there.

The reason was very simple. It was firstly from his understanding of the talisman formation diagrams within the cauldron, and secondly, it was because he was clearly aware that the talisman formation diagrams within the cauldron were related to the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao. If an Artifact Spirit wasn’t present within it to hold down the fort, then the Karmic Luck that had accumulated for countless years within the cauldron would have effused out and vanished a long time ago.

So when he heard the cauldron speak, Chen Xi immediately stood up and carefully took out an extremely verdant Primordial Azurelotus. He walked over to stand before the cauldron, and then he raised both his hands and handed it over.


A misty and ethereal divine ray of light shot out from within the cauldron, and it swept away the Primordial Azurelotus in Chen Xi’s hand and brought it back into the cauldron.

When they saw this scene, all the seniors in the hall were even more certain that the Artifact Spirit of the cauldron had appeared!

Especially the seniors from the Pill Reserve. At this moment, they were unable to restrain the excitement in their hearts any longer, and they stood up swiftly with excited expressions that were filled with boundless fervor.

This was the ultimate treasure of their Pill Reserve, a supreme pill cauldron that the primeval Dao Emperor had refined himself! If they considered it carefully, all of them had to address the cauldron as ‘Ancestor’!


The cauldron shook and emanated boundless divine light. Talisman diagram after talisman diagram appeared from the body of the cauldron and reflected the sun, moon, landscape, plants, animals, and various other grand scenes.

“Jadevein Blood Ginseng, Violetscale Immortal Root, Immaculate Inksoul Dew, the shell of a Six-winged Golden Cicada…” The tranquil voice that revealed a trace of indolence drifted once more through the hall, and it seemed to be talking to itself.

However, when it entered the ears of all the supreme grandmasters in the Dao of Pill like Chen Haotian and Mo Linghai, it caused their entire bodies to shake before they withdrew jade box after jade box without the slightest hesitation. Every single one of these boxes stored various precious immortal materials, and they were the immortal materials that the treasured cauldron’s Artifact Spirit had just named.

There was a total of 127 types!

This amount caused Chen Haotian and the others to be stunned. As far as they knew, refining Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills required an entire 136 types of immortal materials.

But the cauldron had only asked for 127 types. Obviously, it was nine types less!

Had the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron made a mistake?

Of course not!

As a peerless treasured cauldron that had refined countless pills and herbs, it was qualified enough to be the ancestor of the world of pill refinement. So how could it have made a mistake?

Then it was they who were mistaken!

Chen Haotian  and Mo Linghai swiftly glanced at each other, and both of them saw the shock in each other’s eyes. The slightest change to the formula of a pill meant that a tremendous change would occur to the effect of the pill.

Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills of what quality would the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron be able to refine by doing this?

At this moment, all the seniors from the Pill Reserve had extremely solemn expressions while they placed their entire concentration on the cauldron while carefully sensing every single change within it.

At this moment, they’d utterly lost the air of a supreme grandmaster in the Dao of Pills, and they seemed like a group of obedient students who were listening to a respected and venerable senior explain the profundities of the Dao of Pills instead. All of them gave it their full attention and were meticulous.

“Everything in the world has a spirit, and so does a pill. Where does the spirit come from? The Dao! The Dao was shapeless, and the pill explained it. A pill is born from comprehending the secrets of the heavens.”

“The profundities of pill refinement emphasize on the heart, to bear the essence of a myriad of spirits and be refined with a myriad of methods.”

“Cultivating in pill refinement is cultivating the Dao, and the Dao is also the heart.


The treasured cauldron glowed as rumbling tunes of the Dao resounded. The strands of tranquil and melodious sound drifted through the air while carrying a unique aura that caused all the seniors of the Pill Reserve to be infatuated by it and forget themselves. They were sometimes pleasantly surprised, sometimes frowning, sometimes grinning, and sometimes dancing with joy.

As the saying goes, the Dao carried a myriad of profundities, and no two comprehensions were alike.

To explain it in a more mundane manner, this was like preaching. It was the same profound truth, yet when it entered the ears of different people, the profound truth they understood varied.

The cauldron was refining and preaching at the same time. At this moment, the hall seemed like a lecture ground. However, the students had been changed to Chen Haotian and the others instead.

Xuanyuan Pojun and the others stood at the side. They didn’t have many attainments in the Dao of Pills, but when they heard the profound truths of the Dao of Pills explained by the cauldron, they more or less obtained some comprehension.

After all, once one arrived at their cultivations, one could attain the ability to be skilled in all techniques and recognize the whole through observation of a part. Even though this profound truth of the Dao of Pills was extremely obscure, it was one of the 3,000 Grand Daos in the end, and all of them reached the same goal through different means.

Amongst the people present, only Chen Xi seemed to be the most bored.

Compared to the other seniors, his cultivation was bound to cause him to be unable to comprehend even more profound truths from the preaching of the cauldron. This caused him to be unable to help but feel regretful, but he couldn’t be considered to be envious.

The pill had the Dao of Pills.

He had his own Dao as well.

As it was said, each and everyone takes their own path on the 3,000 Grand Daos.

Conversely, Chen Xi was concerned about exactly what sort of shocking and miraculous effect the Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pill refined personally by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron would process.

He really looked forward to it. 


After an unknown period of time, the sounds emanated by the cauldron suddenly vanished, and it fell into deathly silence.


After that, a deafening strand of rumbling arose from within the cauldron.


A row of medicinal pills suffused with divine radiance surged out from within like tidewater.

Instantly, the entire hall was suffused with a medicinal fragrance that seeped into the depths of one’s marrow, and it seemed as if it was even capable of intoxicating one’s soul.

These medicinal pills were crystalline and translucent. They were the size of longans with nine apertures on them. Every single aperture seemed as if it was nurturing a living being, and it inhaled an exhaled divine radiance while emanating extremely thick and refreshing medicinal strength.

As soon as it flew into the sky, it started to flutter about as if it possessed intelligence, and it actually intended to leave the hall!

“Retrieve!” When he saw this, the Pill Reserve’s Dean, Chen Haotian’s, expression turned cold, and he withdrew a jade bottle before forming profound seals with his hand. He swiftly sealed up all the medicinal pills before placing them into the jade bottle.

After he finished doing all of this, Chen Haotian held the pill bottle with both hands before bowing towards the cauldron as he said, “Thank you, Senior, for your kindness!”

The other seniors from the Pill Reserve bowed in unison as well, and they had since expressions and seemed to be filled with heartfelt admiration. 

“As is the cycle of karma, all of you have helped me, so I helped all of you. There’s no kindness to speak of here. If all of you want to thank someone, then thank that young man.” The cauldron spoke with a voice that was tranquil and melodious as well, and the indolence within its voice carried a strand of indescribable age. After it finished speaking these words, it didn’t make another sound and seemed to have fallen once more into endless silence.

It took a very long time for everyone to return to their senses after witnessing this, and it was impossible for them to conceal their shock and emotion.

The Artifact Spirit of the treasured cauldron had awoken, helped Chen Xi refine Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills, and explained the profundities of the Dao of Pills at the same time. It caused them to obtain great benefits as well.

All of this was like a fortune that could only be chanced upon by luck, yet it had fallen right onto them, and it caused all of them to have no choice but to sigh endlessly with emotion.

Yes, now that I think of it, it really is this young man, Chen Xi, who should be thanked.

Without him, how could they have possibly restored the cauldron? How could they have obtained the reward of the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao? How could they have seen the Artifact Spirit of the cauldron and even obtained its guidance in the Dao of Pills?

If these fortuitous encounters were like numerous pearls, then Chen Xi was like the string that strung up these pearls, and it was utterly impossible for them to obtain an extraordinary fortune without him.

So in the next moment, the gazes of all these seniors descended onto Chen Xi in unison, and their gazes blazed while their smiles were as amiable as amiable could be.

At this moment, if Chen Xi made any request, then they would probably agree without the slightest hesitation.

Even Xuanyuan Pojun and the other seniors of the Xuanyuan Clan smiled endlessly as well while their opinion of Chen Xi rose even higher. This young man’s actions are always so unexpected.

But in the end, Chen Xi fled with the bottle of Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills.

It couldn’t be helped, these seniors were too fervent, and he suspected that he would be made to stay by force and be cared for like a precious child if he didn’t leave now.

This sort of excessive fervor really caused him to experience being overwhelmed by sudden favor for the first time.



“Tell the clansmen of our Xuanyuan Clan in the academy that they should treat Chen Xi like a member of our clan in the future. No, they should be even more respectful to him.” After Chen Xi left, Xuanyuan Pojun and the other members of the Xuanyuan Clan left successively. But when they left, Xuanyuan Pojun had made an important decision.

Xuanyuan Tong didn’t think anything was wrong with this decision when they heard it, and all of them nodded in support. At such a young age, Chen Xi didn’t just possess extraordinary natural talent, he himself seemed to carry numerous secrets. Moreover, Chen Xi had successively obtained the recognition of Hua Jiankong and all the seniors of the Pill Reserve.

Most importantly, he’d helped the Xuanyuan Clan greatly. So under these circumstances, their Xuanyuan Clan naturally had to make a clear stand and display its good intentions and support to Chen Xi.

In the spacious hall, only the seniors of the Pill Reserve remained. Chen Haotian was silent for a short moment before he let out a heartfelt emotional sign. “This Chen Xi… is extraordinary.”

“Earlier, I was still wondering why the Dean didn’t allow the other old fellows to take Chen Xi as their personal disciples. Now, I finally understand. The Dean’s gaze has never left Chen Xi. Perhaps, the Dean did this because he has other plans for Chen Xi.”

The other seniors of the Pill Reserve deeply agreed.

“But no matter what, we owe Chen Xi a great favor, and he even obtained the acknowledgement of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. If he needs anything from our Pill Reserve in the future, then we can’t remain indifferent.” Chen Haotian had a serious expression as he spoke in a low voice.

“Of course.” The others nodded successively.

Chen Haotian couldn’t help but grin when he saw this, and his gaze was deep as he muttered with emotion. “The upheaval of the three dimensions is imminent. Heroes will come forth in large numbers while crowds of stars will dazzle resplendently in the Immortal Dimension, yet only a small group of people amongst them will be able to lead the powerful current of the times!”

He didn’t mention the name of anyone in his words.

But at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure simultaneously floated into appearance within the minds of all the seniors present here.

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