Chapter 1189 – I Must Strive For It!

Chen Xi hadn’t imagined at all that something that felt difficult to the point of being practically impossible to complete was so easy before these seniors.

First Xuanyuan Pojun had produced the Nether Crane wings, then a supreme talisman formation grandmaster of the Xuanyuan Clan produced a pair of Suncrow wings before Xuanyuan Tong gave him a pair of Roc wings.

On the other hand, the Pill Reserve’s Dean Chen Haotian, Vice Dean Mo Linghai, and many other seniors even casually provided him with the Woodsoul Flame, Darkwater Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flames that were top-rate and rare divine flames in the heavens and the earth.

All of these treasures could be considered as existences that could only be chanced upon by luck, yet now, they were right before him to be taken. It caused his face to freeze slightly while he felt it was slightly unreal.

He was too surprised!

The wealth of these seniors was too shocking!

“Heh. Disregarding everything else, the Pill Reserve has no lack of flames.” Mo Linghai chuckled with a proud expression while the other great figures of the Pill Reserve smiled silently while vividly displaying the disposition of an expert. They were all supreme grandmasters in pill refinement, so they naturally didn’t lack flames like the Woodsoul Flame and Darkwater Flame.

After all, besides immortal materials, the most important thing when refining pills was the cauldron and flame.

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi’s stunned appearance, all of these seniors couldn’t help but arouse a feeling of pride in their hearts. The limelight had been taken by Chen Xi since the beginning, and they finally had the chance to see this little fellow subdued, so it was a truly comfortable feeling to them.

“Unfortunately, you still lack a pair of Phoenix wings.” Xuanyuan Pojun spoke with a frown. “That thing is extremely rare, and it’s a precious treasure of the divine beast, Phoenix. Moreover, it’s one of the most important core materials to refine the Flame God Fan.”

“I remember that the Scripture Reserve’s old phoenix possesses this treasure, right?” said Xuanyuan Tong. 

“Heh, don’t dream about it. That proud and ruthless old lady utterly despises others utilizing flying beasts as materials to refine treasures.” Xuanyuan Pojun chuckled coldly while his voice actually carried a trace of displeasure and a shred of indistinct fear.

“That’s a bit troublesome. Since the primeval times, the divine beast, Phoenix, was obliterated from the world. Its descendants are divided into two branches, the male phoenix clan and female phoenix clan. The male phoenix clan resides outside the Immortal Dimensions, and it has been a very long time since they’ve made an appearance in the world, nor have they attempted to make any communication.” Chen Haotian frowned and said, “The female phoenix clan is closely related to the Immortal Dimension instead. Unfortunately, according to my knowledge, only that old phoenix possesses this treasure.”

“Why don’t I go meet with that old phoenix, and I’ll fight her if it doesn’t work. I don’t believe she won’t hand over the Phoenix wings.” Xuanyuan Pojun spoke with a murderous look on his face.

Chen Xi was shocked, and he was extremely moved when he saw all of these seniors were so concerned about this. At this moment, when he heard Xuanyuan Pojun intended to seize the treasure forcefully, he immediately and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Seniors, for your great kindness. There’s no rush, so it’s fine to let me find a pair on my own.”

Chen Xi was rather clearly aware that a divine beast like the Phoenix was a supreme existence in the three dimensions, and long ago during the primeval times, it had vanished along with the numerous other gods.

Presently, the descendants of the Phoenix were divided into clans of males and females. So, it was utterly impossible for him to find a completely new Phoenix.

“That old phoenix is an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm that has lived for over ten thousand years. Can…you really succeed?” Xuanyuan Pojun roared with laughter, and his voice carried a teasing tone.

The others smiled as well.

An existence like a True Phoenix possessed extraordinary natural talent and a peerless bloodline. Its lifespan was extremely long, yet its path to advancement in cultivation was extremely difficult. Merely taking human form required no less than over ten thousand years.

Of course, it was precisely because of this extraordinary natural talent that a True Phoenix possessed that caused their combat strengths to far exceed immortal cultivators with the same cultivation. This was the difference in resources, reserves, and bloodlines.

Chen Xi couldn’t care about all of this, and he said seriously, “I know a woman from the True Phoenix Clan. Perhaps I’ll be able to find out a great deal of information from her.”

He was speaking about Zhao Mengli. Of course, his relationship with Zhao Mengli wasn’t good, and it was even to the extent that it was a relationship where they were competing with each other. The reason he spoke in this way was purely for the sake of giving all these seniors here an explanation so as to prevent them from looking for that old phoenix because of him. If that were to happen, then the kindness he received would be too great, and he was unable to bear such kindness.

“It wouldn’t be that little girl called Zhao Mengli, right?” Xuanyuan Pojun’s brows raised as he said, “That little girl’s natural talent isn’t bad, and she herself is outstanding. The rarest thing is that her bloodline is pure, and she inherited the secret technique that was part of the True Phoenix’s natural talent. Presently, she’s already cultivating at the side of that old phoenix in the Scripture Reserve. If I’m not wrong, then she’ll surely have a place in the inner court exam two years from now.”

Chen Haotian sighed with emotion when Zhao Mengli was mentioned, and he said, “Yes, the new students this year are much more outstanding than those from the previous recruitments. They can be said to be a group studded with stars and filled with talented individuals. It won’t be long before many new faces will be added to the ranks of the six blazing suns in the Immortal Dimension.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly looked at Chen Xi and said with surprise, “I remember that you advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm during the third round of the recruitment test. Only a little over ten days have passed since then, yet you’ve actually broken through once more and advanced into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm?”

Earlier, all of their minds were preoccupied by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, and they’d actually overlooked Chen Xi’s cultivation. Now when they sized him up carefully, they really noticed that Chen Xi was already at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

In a little over ten days of time, he’d advanced from the intermediate-stage to the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own two eyes, they would be unable to believe it.

Instantly, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi had become slightly strange. They’d seen others that advanced swiftly, yet they’d never seen one that advanced so swiftly!

Chen Xi laughed bitterly in his heart. I’ve been taken to be a freak again…

“However, great haste doesn’t always bring success. Your foundation is probably not solid from advancing so quickly. The path of cultivation has to be taken step by step because only then would it be steady. Don’t rush things because of your desire for achievement so as to avoid causing your future path towards the Grand Dao to become more and more narrower.” Xuanyuan Pojun frowned and warned Chen Xi.

Chen Xi said solemnly, “Senior is correct.”

Of course, he was unable to tell Xuanyuan Pojun that his foundation was so solid and deep that it was an entire hundred plus times greater than his peers. If this was still unsteady, then there was really no justice in the world.

“You wouldn’t have sped up your cultivation because you desire to participate in the inner court exam two years from now, right?” asked Chen Haotian.

Chen Xi nodded. “Time waits for no one, I must strive for it!”

Even though he spoke these words calmly, they revealed a firm and stubborn feeling. Obviously, he’d decided that he would absolutely not change his decision.

Everyone perceived this as well.

“The Golden Immortal Realm isn’t so easily attained. As it stands, you’ve already obtained the energy of the Praise of the Gods. No matter if it’s your natural talent or combat strength, they’ve already obtained the acknowledgement of the third round of the recruitment test. However, breaking through to the Golden Immortal Realm within two years of time still seems to be too hasty.” At this moment, Xuanyuan Pojun seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be a junior of his own, so everything he said revealed concern. “The path of cultivation emphasizes on stability, so I recommend that you don’t act so hastily.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he said with a smile, “When I met Senior Hua Jiankong earlier, he told me instead that if I desired to break through to the Golden Immortal Realm, I could seek help from the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the seniors present here were shocked in their hearts.

Earlier, all of them were guessing exactly why Hua Jiankong, the Dean’s personal disciple, would come looking for Chen Xi, yet they never imagined that Hua Jiankong would actually guide Chen Xi in advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm.

This caused all of them to have an even deeper belief that the Dean’s gaze seemed to have never left Chen Xi since the end of the recruitment test…

This little fellow is really filled with mystery… All of the others sighed with emotion in their hearts.

“The Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron?” The Pill Reserve’s Dean, Chen Haotian, paid close attention to the main point. Obviously, unlike the others, when he found out that Hua Jiankong actually asked Chen Xi to seek help from the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, he was slightly shocked and puzzled.

“Yes, the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. I happened to obtain a Primordial Azurelotus during the second round of the test…” Chen Xi explained patiently.

However, when they heard the words Primordial Azurelotus, all of their hearts shook once more while numerous thoughts filled their minds, and it caused them to pay utterly no attention to everything else Chen Xi said.

After quite a long period of time, they stared at Chen Xi with strange gazes as if it was the first time that they’d met him.

Chen Xi was slightly speechless. Isn’t it just a Primordial Azurelotus, why do they have such expressions?

After that, a thought flashed in his mind, and he said, “Seniors, this Primordial Azurelotus was given to me by a senior called Meng Xinghe… He wouldn’t be the Dean of our academy, right?”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and then they shook their heads and went silent in unison. They seemed as if they wouldn’t utter a single word about it.

Even Xuanyuan Pojun whose style of doing things was the most straightforward had opened his mouth before shutting it tightly in the end.

Looks like Meng Xinghe is either the Dean or another extraordinary existence in the academy… Chen Xi felt that it was slightly regrettable. However, he’d still perceived many things from all of their reactions.

“With the Primordial Azurelotus as the main ingredient, it can be refined into Nine Aperture Clarity Divine Pills. After consumption, one’s chances of advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm can be improved by 50%.” Chen Haotian pondered deeply before he spoke. “However, refining this pill is slightly wasteful of such a precious treasure like the Primordial Azurelotus. This treasure is extremely important at the Saint Immortal Realm, and it’s indescribably extraordinary. In my opinion, you should keep it for now, and it’s better to use it when you advance into the Saint Immortal Realm.”

He was the Dean of the Pill Reserve, and he himself was a supreme grandmaster that possessed extraordinary ability in pill refinement. So everything he said naturally carried enormous weight. If it was another person, that person could only dream of obtaining his guidance.

Chen Xi naturally understood the pros and cons, and he went silent for a long time before he said in the end, “The Saint Immortal Realm is too far away from me. Right now, my only desire is to smoothly advance into the Golden Immortal Realm.”

He really couldn’t wait any longer. Just as Zhou Zhili had said, the upheaval of the three dimensions was imminent. A single mistake would cause a string of mistakes that ultimately caused an enormous gap!

The struggle to attain the Grand Dao emphasized on striving!

No matter if it was for the sake of obtaining strength swiftly or for the sake of completing the responsibilities that he carried on his shoulders, Chen Xi would absolutely not allow himself to slow down in the slightest.

“Give me the Primordial Azurelotus.” Right at this moment, a melodious and tranquil voice drifted through the hall. The voice faintly carried a wisp of age and a trace of indolence.

It seemed as if the owner of this voice had just awoken from countless years of slumber.

The bodies of all the people present in the hall shook in unison while their gazes simultaneously shot over towards the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron that stood at the center of the hall! 

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